Project Internet Marketing – Video 3 – Getting Prepared


Hopefully you’ve watched Video 1 and Video 2 so far. These videos build on each other so if you haven't viewed them, please do so. Overview: In this video, I discuss how important doing your market research is. You can get into some of the niche forums, Google groups and Yahoo groups and also use the Google Keyword Tool to gather up all the information you need on your chosen niche. I cover the importance of selling value first before you start to sell your potential … [Read more...]

Project Internet Marketing – Video 2 – Where It Begins

Project Internet Marketing - Video #2 - Where It Begins

Welcome back Guys to Project Internet Marketing, Video #2...Where it begins. Overview: There is nothing better than being prepared before you venture out to start up an online business. It’s really different from just getting up and going to work for 8 hours. You need the correct mindset, the right attitude, the commitment and a place to go when things aren’t going the way you’d like them to... In this video, I discuss how to find your strengths and weaknesses and your … [Read more...]

Project Internet Marketing – Video 1 – 4 Misconceptions


Okay Guys, welcome back to Project Internet Marketing...where you’ll discover all the teeny-tiny pieces not many Guru’s talk about or...even care to talk about. In Video #1, I talk about some of the "garbage" that clouds your way of thinking and what you've probably been "force fed" about starting an online business venture. The Wrong Impression of Internet Marketing and Building an Online Business. In this video, I discuss 4 major elements (I’m sure there are more) that … [Read more...]

Project Internet Marketing – Free Coaching – Intro Video


When people swarm to the Internet thinking that making money online is so very easy, usually what happens is they either quit in a matter of days/weeks or...spend thousands of dollars on all sorts of training materials trying to make their first millions. People don’t realize how many different pieces to Internet marketing there are, which only leaves them frustrated, disappointed and dead broke. Many others invest in an Internet marketing mentor or coach, taking their advice … [Read more...]