The Blind, Giving Encouragement to Those Less Fortunate

Giving Encouragement

Hey guys, below is a very touching inspirational piece that will surely give you a lift while at the same time... pull heavily on your heart strings. This short story is what we all should be doing for others; realizing there are times to forget about our needs and put someone else's needs first, even if your circumstances are terribly challenging. This is such a beautiful story... "Change Your Thinking:" Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital … [Read more...]

She’s Not Disabled…We Are

She's Not Disabled

I'm always scouring the Internet in search of anything inspirational to keep me somewhat grounded. So many times we can feel a bit...or a lot sorry for our circumstances - experiences we've been through - troubling times etc... Do you realize how many people in this world live day-to-day with disabilities and yet, never admit or consider thinking in terms of being "disabled?" Many people...hundreds...thousands... If you ask me, we are the ones who are disabled at some … [Read more...]

The Secret…Really?

The Secret

Here’s a quickie here for you today... I’d like to know from you what your thoughts are on  “The Secret.” Is this actually something that works if you put forth the effort? Seems like there’s a whole bunch of controversy over this; it’s something, it’s one of the oldest laws given from way back when, it works for me, it doesn’t work for me and so on... I’ve been looking into this for quite sometime now and I simply find it fascinating! I’ve … [Read more...]

Beyond Inspiration…

Beyond Inspiration

If you want a major dose of inspiration, check out this video...I feel it's beyond inspiration. There are no words that can describe what you will take away from it. Whenever you start feeling frustrated, depressed, lonely, overwhelmed or any other negative emotion, remember this video. You CAN get back up when you think you can't...Watch and see. [trafficplayer_skin padding: 29px 0 0 70px; width: 574px; height: 437px; background: … [Read more...]