My Wish For You…

Guys, you know how much I love inspiration and motivational literature, videos and trainings. Well, this My Wish For You is one of those videos I wanted to share with you and I hope you’ll share it with others as well.

Always feel good about yourself, others, what you’re trying to accomplish in this life, and how you can make a difference whether it large or small if you’ll only believe…

Try making it a daily practice to take a couple of minutes and ask the universe how you can be a blessing to someone’s life.

It will change you, the person you’re blessing and the entire world will be a more peaceful place.

This short video is my wish for you today and everyday…

May you always be Blessed…
Love you guys!

Leave a comment on how this touched you…

She’s Not Disabled…We Are

I’m always scouring the Internet in search of anything inspirational to keep me somewhat grounded.

So many times we can feel a bit…or a lot sorry for our circumstances – experiences we’ve been through – troubling times etc…

She's Not DisabledDo you realize how many people in this world live day-to-day with disabilities and yet, never admit or consider thinking in terms of being “disabled?”

Many people…hundreds…thousands…

If you ask me, we are the ones who are disabled at some point. We make excuses for not being able to accomplish our dreams and goals; not enough money – not enough time – I don’t know enough – I’m not smart enough…

So let me say this. While we are coming up with a hundred and one reasons why we CAN’T do something, people with apparent disabilities come up with thousands of reasons why they CAN. And they DO!

They don’t make excuses. They go for all they can get. They live life to the fullest.

They don’t understand the “able” people not taking their God given talents without restrictions and making something of themselves or going for that dream they so desire.

For example in this short video clip…

What could Jessica do more of if she had arms? She’s already living as though she does. She has 2 black belts in Karate, she’s an awesome motivational speaker who loves to get up in front of the crowd and too boot…she’s licensed to fly a plane! She drives a car…She dances.

Boy, what a lesson for me and all of us to learn.

Excuses vs. action…Hmm. Think about it.

This video honestly puts things into perspective for me…what say you?

What Cup Would You Choose?

It’s simple human nature that we all want the best for ourselves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in wanting that.

What can be wrong is if we walk over everything and everybody to get there and being envious of what others have.

This short video clip uses the analogy of “Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee.” The cup being the tool to hold the coffee, but us not seeing what is really important…the coffee.

Seems like we are always striving for the best but unfortunately in doing so, we miss the “enjoying it” part.

Hope you get a little insight out of this video…and the music is really uplifting as well!

Kicking – Off Income Insiders…

Casper and I are really pumped up to kick-off our new blog assisting you with information on the “small stuff” that many of the “big” online money makers forget to let us in on.Kicking - Off Income Insiders

You know, the stuff average entrepreneurs get hung-up on, frustrated over or paralyzed about when trying to make it in the online world.

So to kick off Income Insiders, we want to share something that is so fundamental yet most of us for one reason or another simply ignore. I don’t know if we think it’s all B.S. or what. But the fact stands… it’s not B.S.

When this concept is whole-heartedly applied, it can literally turn you around 180 degrees both professionally and personally.

Please take the time to watch this short video…it’s as simple as you can get. But the meaning behind it is phenomenal, one to think on long and hard. You might even see yourself playing the major part in this video…

So let’s kick it off with getting you in the spirit of things…yes I can – yes I’ll fail – yes I’ll get back up and yes… I will succeed.


When you watch this short inspirational movie, take it for all it’s worth…We all have this undeniable fear of failing, the belief that others can accomplish so much more than we can.
Now that is what I call B.S.

We all have extreme talents we were born with to use for the good of mankind, including you. The difference being, many people get out there and use them while others simply don’t because of the fear of not making it. Who wants to be labeled a loser?

Go ahead. Ask any of the “gurus”out there how many times they have failed before it all started going their way…the answer is ALL of them.

Of course we want to be winners without experiencing the bumps and bruises along the way. It really is easier to stay negative, blame others or make excuses of why we can’t do something or why things don’t work out for us.

Just quit it. You’re here for a reason…maybe to start an online business, polish the business you’ve already started or to find the diamond that’s been holding you back from “making it.”

After viewing this video, take a look at yourself and evaluate if you’re one to stay down when things go wrong or will you get back up and finish what you’ve started…

Make an oath to yourself right here, right now…Strive to become more positive and not self defeat when the going gets tough or when you make mistakes…which are inevitable by the way.

If you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn and grow. When you don’t grow, you are simply inactive, dormant…dead.

Give yourself permission to screw up. This is so liberating. But, learn from it and move on.

I hope you take a moment out of your busy schedule to watch this. Show it to your kids, your spouse or anyone who needs a little kick in the tail…including you.

You won’t be sorry…