My Wish For You…

Guys, you know how much I love inspiration and motivational literature, videos and trainings. Well, this My Wish For You is one of those videos I wanted to share with you and I hope you’ll share it with others as well.

Always feel good about yourself, others, what you’re trying to accomplish in this life, and how you can make a difference whether it large or small if you’ll only believe…

Try making it a daily practice to take a couple of minutes and ask the universe how you can be a blessing to someone’s life.

It will change you, the person you’re blessing and the entire world will be a more peaceful place.

This short video is my wish for you today and everyday…

May you always be Blessed…
Love you guys!

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7 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From the Twilight Story Series

No, I haven’t gone mad! I firmly believe that marketing, whether online or offline is all about the right attitude and inspiration. So nothing is wrong in finding inspiration from a vampire cult series – Twilight – by Stephanie Meyer.

Lessons Marketers Can Learn From the Twilight Story SeriesIf you haven’t seen or read the story, which is most unlikely, I suggest you head to Wikipedia.

What all can we learn?

1. How to remain persuasive?

Victoria, the cat-like villainess in the story, wants to exact revenge from The Cullen family for killing her mate, James. She is shown as a relentless character – aggressive and single–minded who doggedly pursues her enemy.

We as marketers need to be like her. She is inspiring because she never gives up, despite knowing that the Cullen family is stronger in their unity. Marketers need to pursue their goals like Victoria does, no matter how far fetched the idea seems in the beginning.

2. How to collaborate?

When it comes to protect the protagonist, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, the vampires and the werewolves join hands to fight their common enemy, Victoria. They show uncharacteristic team leading capability, along with a certain determination to protect Bella.

So…imagine your business that needs protection and you have no choice but to collaborate with another, what would you do? If you are sane, you will do what Edward and Jacob did.

Collaboration is the best thing in marketing. Rather than holding the reins in your hands in a rather domineering manner, try to delegate work and build up a good rapport with the team. Online or offline, marketing has a greater chance of success when everyone on the same team is working together.

3. How to maximize power?

A single stick breaks with a light snap but a bunch of sticks takes time to break – this should be your marketing mantra. In the story, the Cullen family, Jacob Black’s werewolf clan and Victoria’s army – all are examples of excellent resourcefulness and the desire to multiple power though groupism.

Forget the intention, see the strategy.

If you have a sellable product but it is not getting enough traction, draw your powers together and multiply. If you consider it further, this is what affiliate marketing is all about. We create affiliate networks, draw the power of the masses, and make sales. Excellent!

4. How to really love your business?

Bella Swan epitomizes undying and unconditional love. She waits for Edward even after he leaves Forks and hopes he would return one day. Such kind of love is everlasting and successful.

Love, hope, everlasting and success – these are the words that apply to marketing business too. It often happens that we are frustrated, depressed, irritated when our businesses do not run successfully. We are evoked to just leave everything undone and crib.

But that is not the right way! If you can really love your marketing business, you will have hope and success, either today or tomorrow. Any marketing business grows with undying determination, with a will to succeed and the desire to emerge successful.

Learn from Bella to do all these things and emerge a wizened individual.

5. How to remain practical and not lose your mind illogically?

Going back to the first lesson, we can also say that Victoria was a little illogical in doing what she ultimately did. After all, it was the fault of James when he tried to attack and kill Bella. Even if Victoria doggedly wanted revenge, there was no purpose in her endeavor.

See, you need to have purpose in anything you do. Just because a handful of Internet marketing gurus say online marketing is a Pandora box of millions of dollars, never decide anything in haste.

Use your logical reasoning. Think if you have the necessary skills to become a marketer, fine if you have but what if you don’t? You can still try provided you are determined to learn a few ropes from experienced marketers.

The point is – logically analyze what you are doing. Victoria did not and she paid for it with her life.

6. How to fight for yourself?

It’s a big bad world out there, where people are ready to rip you apart, where you won’t have a moment’s peace if you don’t know how to take care of yourself.

Take Bella Swan, for instance. Without either Edward or Jacob, she would have been lost and become a completely battered person. Ten years down the line, she would have called herself a failure.

Do you want the same happening with you? Whether you have anyone to support you or not, you need to learn to fight for yourself and survive. This applies not only to the gigantic world of marketing but also to life itself.

In marketing, a bit of miscalculation, a wrong step, an illogical strategy will tear you apart and destroy any future plans.

To save yourself from such happening, seek out your interest first without hurting anyone.

7. How to bounce right back on track if you have fallen on bad times?

The name of the story, Twilight, has a significant meaning. It is about how you can fall on bad times but not lose courage and come out a winner.

I know it is easier said than done. There are businessmen who invest everything they have in a seemingly good venture, only to massively fail and then what?

Should they keep failing and give up every hope or should they become optimistic again and take on life with full force?

I agree with the second option.

In the circle of life, bad times will always lead to good times, yet again.

To conclude…

I hope I haven’t bored you to death. While I was thinking about promoting a new product today, I came across this idea and thought to share it with my readers.

I will be glad if you enjoyed it as much as I loved penning it.

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Top 10 Successful Entrepreneur Stories

There are several young people who are in search of the secrets behind great successful entrepreneurs. They want to follow the footsteps of those people who are shining in the industries with millions of dollars as their bank balance.

Successful Entrepreneur StoriesSome of them are inspired by their own father and continue with their father’s business. Mukesh Ambani is one such successful business man. It is great to join the family business and there have been plenty of such successful business stories.

Bill Gates is the person who comes to a person’s mind who wants to take up the career as an entrepreneur and wants to be successful and rich like him.

However, there are several entrepreneurs who have been successful in their life. What is their secret of success?

Top 10 Successful Entrepreneur Stories

In this blog post, here are a few selected successful entrepreneurs stories:

1. Walt Disney

Disney, a well-known brand recognized by several people from children to elder’s around the world. It was started in Chicago in 1901 by Walt Disney. He started his career by working as an advertising cartoonist in Kansas City, Missouri.

Later, Walt joined his brother, Roy in his business. The two brothers started a studio with borrowed money and made a rabbit cartoon character named Oswald. When the Disney brothers did not get the expected raise, they stopped drawing this character in 1928.

It was at this time that the famous Mickey Mouse cartoon was born. Disney started becoming so popular with the use of new technology for his films.

This helped him in bagging his first Academy Award for the short animated ‘Flowers and Trees’ in the year 1932. Later, Donald Duck, Goofy and many more well known characters were introduced to the world.

Disney also released his first lengthy animated film, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ in 1937. He used Technicolor for which he had to shell out around $1.5 million for the production of this movie.

He then produced several other animated movies. In 1955, the Mickey Mouse Club was released as a TV series which is still fondly remembered by that generation of TV viewers.

2. Bill Gates

Gates was the CEO of the Microsoft Company and presently he is the chairman of this software company, which was founded along with Paul Allen.

Gates holds 6.4 percent as an individual…the largest shareholder. He has been consistently termed as the world’s wealthiest person between the years 1995 and 2009 except in the year 2008 when he fell on to the third position.

While he was in Harvard, he co-wrote Altair BASIC which could have been the first stepping stone to success.

Bill Gates is also an author and the co-author of several books. He has been an inspiration for many budding and successful entrepreneurs around the world.

3. Warren Buffett

This is the lucky person who was able to grab the throne of Bill Gates in 2008 by becoming the world’s richest man with a net personal wealth of $62 billion.

Buffett’s started his entrepreneur life when he was only an 11 year old boy, buying his first shares. He then invested some money in his father’s business when he was still in school. He earned more than $90,000 by the time he was done with his college education.

Warren Buffett, who started his business life as an American investor at his very young age, grew into a successful industrialist and philanthropist.

4. Jeff Bezos

Bezos is the founder of the in 1994. He became the Chairman and CEO of this company. Amazon Company helped him in becoming one of the most popular dot-com entrepreneurs which made him a billionaire.

The interesting and unbelievable part is that he had initially set up this company in his garage. He was earning around $81,840 as the CEO of in the year 2010. Twenty percent of the Amazon’s shares belong to him.

Bezos also founded the Blue Origin, a human spaceflight startup company. In 1999, he was awarded and recognized as the Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year.’ Presently, his net personal wealth is around $18.1 billion.

5. Henry Ford

He is the founder of the Ford Motor Company and also sponsored the assembly line building between the years 1908 and 1915.

Henry Ford has been termed as ‘Fordism’ when he introduced high wages for Ford workers and also developed a mass production of goods that are inexpensive for the middle class users.

Henry Ford was the first person to introduce an affordable car with Ford Model T, which became the world’s most popular car of the 20th century. The subsidiaries of the Ford Motor Company were set up in several other countries which sold Ford cars and trucks.

6. Mukesh Ambani

He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited. This company is noted as India’s largest Private Sector Company that has been listed in the Fortune 500 magazine.

Mukesh Ambani was chosen as the ninth richest man in the world and the second richest one in Asia. His current personal wealth is at US$27 billion.

He has been receiving several honors and awards from different organizations of different countries between the years 2004 and 2010. He has been ranked as the fifth best CEO in the world among the other fifty global CEO’s by Harvard Business Review.

7. Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin

The two of them are American computer scientists and Internet entrepreneurs. They together founded the popular search engine, Google, used by millions of Internet users. Since then, they have become the most well known Internet entrepreneurs and an inspiration for many young Internet users.

Lawrence became the CEO of Google in January 2011. His current personal wealth is around at $16.7 billion. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of the Google brand also owns personal wealth which is estimated to be the same amount as Page’s.

Brin has been often referred to as the ‘Enlightenment Man’ by The Economist magazine.

8. Mark Zuckerberg

He is a well-known Internet entrepreneur who inspired millions of people around the world with his co-creation of Facebook along with friends and classmates at Harvard University. He became the CEO and the co-founder of this popular social site.

Facebook is the social networking site that started as a private company in the year 2004. In August 2008, the active users of Facebook were around 100 million and as of September 2011 the active users have been increased to 800 million.

Zuckerberg became the world’s youngest billionaire around 2008. He has been awarded as the Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ in 2010.  Presently, his net wealth is reaching $17.5 million.

9. Farrhad Acidwalla

Farrhad is a young Indian boy who started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 12 in 2005. He created an aviation website that brought him immediate fame and success. In 2009, he became the founder of a company called Rockstah Media which was noted by media and covered his successful business life in several business magazines and newspapers.

Farrhad became one of the world’s top 25 young entrepreneurs at the age of 17. He was invited to give seminars on entrepreneurship and his experiences as a young businessman at several colleges.

10. Adora Svitak

She was recognized as a writer at the age of 6 and gradually became popular with several books authored by her. She wrote the book ‘Flying Fingers’ in which she tells her love for writing and also has given tips for the budding writers.

When Adora was 7 years old, she started writing for blogs and commented on online journals discussing several subjects that are of personal and international interests. At this young age, she also kept promoting the development of literacy.

When she reached the age 9, she started writing a very lengthy novel, Yang in Disguise. Her present work is her second book named Dancing Fingers. In this book, her elder sister Adrianna helped her in writing.

In 2010, Adora spread awareness about creativity in learning and writing in TED Conference and also to the students and teachers in the Full Sail University.


These are the successful entrepreneurs stories that can inspire anyone irrespective of one’s age. They really inspire many budding entrepreneurs.

People desiring to become an entrepreneur should read the stories of successful entrepreneurs who have developed popularity and wealth within a short time.

If you can dream it, so you too can live it…

Making a Difference…A Two-Sided Gift

If you’ve been tuned into any of the news these past couple of weeks and months, it’s nothing short of discouraging and a somber reminder of what the entire world is becoming…and it’s not pretty.

Making a DifferenceSome days I get so fed-up and emotional that I really should just throw the damn TV and radio out the window and forget about it.

But, I don’t. In a way it inspires me of what NOT to act like and too be a little bit kinder to those around me.

When I get to the point of joining in with the chaotic masses, I look for or read something uplifting to change my attitude.

This short Make a Difference video you’ll find below is one of those inspiring and revealing clips that reminds me of the “good” in the world that we don’t see or hear about too often anymore.

The media feeds us double – sometimes triple doses of garbage that litter our minds, however, that seems to be what most people can’t get enough of these days. The drama – the twisted stories of high profile people and all the pathetic reality shows…like we don’t have enough reality already. Getting a peak into other people’s disturbing lives somehow makes ours not seem so bad? Is that what it is?

Why don’t we want to gravitate to the positive acts of others…you know, the “good things.” Compassion – kindness – encouragement – love – understanding and patience.

Hopefully after viewing this video, “Make a Difference” you too will be reminded of how our actions can actually shape other people’s lives for the better using the above qualities.

In this video, how one teacher’s perception of a child turned into a lifetime of thanks and appreciation, while on the flip side, how one child’s traumatic experience taught his teacher the most important lesson ever…

The relationship these two people formed throughout their lives will definitely remind you of all that is good in our world. Let’s strive to keep it that way.

This is very moving…and it’s a true story.

Watch Make a Difference Video Now

Any thoughts? Leave them below…

Anyway, back to this inspiring video.

The Optimist Creed…Are You under Positivity Illusion?

Between April and September 2011, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) reported that small businesses in the US became less optimistic about future prospects. This was visible in the Small Business Optimism Index that fell 1.8 points from 89.9.

positive illusionsThis lack of optimism was due to small businesses weakening expectations in the coming few months. The chief economist at NIFB, William Dunkelberg said that “with such a dim outlook, owners are not going to do a lot of hiring or expanding”. Not only the NFIB, the Grant Thornton Business Optimism Index also shows a similar result based on three criteria –US economy, business growth and employment.

If you are in the US and a small business entrepreneur, you are perhaps going through a similar situation yourself. With the US credit rating deflated and the debt situation equally worse, small businesses are finding it harder to sustain themselves.

In this situation, when people were asked whether you are optimistic about the future, I think they are primarily asking two questions:

  1. Is there a place for optimism in our present condition?
  1. Where do you stand in the optimism index?

Again, in conditions like this, people often become a victim of “positivity illusion” or “optimism bias”.

Optimism bias is a condition where people measure their chances of experiencing a good outcome or bad outcome against others. By a good outcome, one generally means getting a job, financial security, healthy kids and a successful marriage.

By a bad outcome, one generally means health problems, loss of jobs, marriages breaking apart and other things.

SO, when people ask what you think about the future, they are measuring their own chances of faring either good or bad against the other person’s chances. It is natural human behavior to think like this; however, in the long run, it will create problems.

Whenever there is any problem, a person first thinks of securing themselves and then thinks about the well being of other people.

In an economy that the US is facing now, it is necessary to give up this positivity illusion, that is, worry less about how you as an individual is faring and be more concerned about the community you live in… because if the community is prosperous, you are prosperous.

I know that it is difficult for small businesses to survive in a turbulent economy but one does have to make the best of what they have; however, one should never be overoptimistic. It is good to be optimistic, but you should never be under the illusion that everything is fine nor should you be overoptimistic – either way, you will have a false sense of well being.

Then, let me ask you —

Do you have reasons to be optimistic in the current economic downturn?

There are, according to me. Even though there are many empty glasses strewn around, there are glasses that are half-full, which should be inspiration enough for you. The glasses half-full teach a very important lesson – the possibility of improvement.

The present recession is a major indication of how human folly can be very dangerous for us. Economic projections of the last few years have done us more harm than good.

It is not that today’s economic conditions will have a cataclysmic effect on us and we will change for the better suddenly, but there is always a tiny light of hope. HOPE is what we humans survive on.

We can only learn from our follies and learn to change.

What can we change?

  • We can learn to be positively optimistic, without being under illusions.
  • We can learn to live frugally.
  • We can learn to save money.
  • We can learn to volunteer for the betterment of the community.
  • We can learn to use sustainable goods.
  • We can learn to use natural sources of energy.
  • We can learn to become more financially responsible.
  • We can learn to care for others.

If you think optimistically, it is good for you. Just make sure your optimism does not rub others the wrong way. Don’t be overoptimistic and optimistically illusioned. Keep your thoughts balanced and try to analyze your conditions intelligently.

Know what optimism is and how your perception defines you here.

The Sound of Success: Inspiration to Help You Stick With It

Sometimes the fruits of our labor don’t drop as soon as we’d like, and then when they do drop, it’s in the last place we’d expect. In times like these it is all we can do to just persist and keep doing the best we can. But how are we supposed to continue on without any sign of progress or reward?

inspirational storiesWe’ve all been in a situation that tried our patience, whether it is at work, where you’re just not getting that raise you know you deserve; or at home, where you just aren’t losing the weight you desperately want to.

Staying the course can be difficult, and in these situations a little inspiration goes a long way.

If you are in need of that little bit of inspiration, the following story should be music to your ears.

A sixth grade boy, Jared, showed up on my doorstep for piano lessons. His mother dropped him off without coming inside or introducing herself, so I was left alone with the boy, who sat politely on my piano bench awaiting instruction.

I tried to explain to Jared that I usually did not teach boys as old as him, mostly because they were too rambunctious and resistant to learning. Jared only smiled at me and promised to be on his best behavior, excitedly telling me that he was determined to learn to play for his mother, who dreamed of hearing him play some day.

His willingness and charm convinced me that he would be a moldable student, but his native talent did not match his enthusiasm. In fact, he seemed to have been born with no understanding of tone or rhythm, the two basic building blocks of music.

Normally I would have discouraged a student like this—piano just isn’t for everyone—but I could tell right away that nothing could suppress his zeal. That, and I never met his mother.

I taught Jared for over three months, and never once got the opportunity to speak with his mother. If I had, I probably would have tried to discuss the matter with her.

To my surprise (and I must admit, to my relief) Jared didn’t show up one afternoon, and then never returned. I felt a little guilty about feeling the way I did, but at that point I felt like all my efforts were not getting Jared any closer to his dream.

A few weeks passed and still no word from Jared; but there was a recital coming up, and I thought it would have been insensitive to not at least send him a flyer along with all my other students. A day after I sent out the invitations I got a call from Jared (which surprised me, for obvious reasons) saying that he would be there.

Jared persisted and I caved, against my better judgment. Something inside told me that it would be ok, and I uncharacteristically listened.

The recital went splendidly. All of my students played their pieces flawlessly, and the auditorium was packed.

Then it was Jared’s turn.

In all the hubbub, I hadn’t caught a glimpse of his mother, but assumed she was in the crowd somewhere.

I will admit that when Jared took his seat at the bench, I was a little more than apprehensive. He lightly placed his fingers on the keys, and when he started playing …
It was outstanding!

In all our time together, Jared had never showed this incredible talent that now was impressing both the audience and me. When he concluded his piece, the audience roared with applause and I couldn’t help but run and hug Jared.

On stage, I asked Jared where his mother was, and his response devastated me.

“My mother died of cancer this morning, and even though she was born deaf,
I knew she could hear me tonight. She finally got to hear me perform!”

It was at that moment that I realized the true meaning of persistence, and was so glad I hadn’t given up on Jared.

Even more so, however, I realized how much Jared had taught me. He never gave up, even when his mother was too sick to bring him to practice, and in the end, his hard work paid off.

It was music to my ears.

Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about online colleges and She loves receiving reader feedback.

What a Lion Can Teach Us…

If you’ve never viewed the short video, “Christian The Lion” well, you truly are missing out…and if you have, watch it again. It’s amazing!

What a Lion Can Teach UsThis video is one of my all time favorites and most likely will be one of yours.

I came across this one again looking for an inspirational piece to blog about. Oh…the tears are flowing big time!

This video captures the true essence of how we as humans, have the amazing ability to touch someone or in this case, something… that even an animal will never forget.

Christian the Lion was rescued by two men at an early age who took very good care of him but had to be released into the wild naturally because of his size.

Wait till you see what happens a year later…

This reminded me how just speaking a word of encouragement or a simple hug can actually make someone’s day and even changed them without you ever realizing it.

There have been moments throughout my life where I needed a touch – a hug – a smile or a word to let me know everything is okay…and I remember those times and the people who took the time out to notice.

I might not know their names because some of the people were strangers to me but I’ll never forget their faces and how that little gift of compassion changed me.

So if you see someone on the street – a family member – a friend or co-worker who needs a little of something, why not take the time to stop and give it to them.

This is one of those wonderful blessings God gave us to pass on…

Even animals remember when a person shows compassion as you’ll see with Christian the Lion…

Warning…this is so very emotional. I guess for me because it shows how exceptional humans can be. The tenderness and gratefulness portrayed here by both parties is really overwhelming, genuine and innocent.

Watch Christian The Lion Video Now

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She’s Not Disabled…We Are

I’m always scouring the Internet in search of anything inspirational to keep me somewhat grounded.

So many times we can feel a bit…or a lot sorry for our circumstances – experiences we’ve been through – troubling times etc…

She's Not DisabledDo you realize how many people in this world live day-to-day with disabilities and yet, never admit or consider thinking in terms of being “disabled?”

Many people…hundreds…thousands…

If you ask me, we are the ones who are disabled at some point. We make excuses for not being able to accomplish our dreams and goals; not enough money – not enough time – I don’t know enough – I’m not smart enough…

So let me say this. While we are coming up with a hundred and one reasons why we CAN’T do something, people with apparent disabilities come up with thousands of reasons why they CAN. And they DO!

They don’t make excuses. They go for all they can get. They live life to the fullest.

They don’t understand the “able” people not taking their God given talents without restrictions and making something of themselves or going for that dream they so desire.

For example in this short video clip…

What could Jessica do more of if she had arms? She’s already living as though she does. She has 2 black belts in Karate, she’s an awesome motivational speaker who loves to get up in front of the crowd and too boot…she’s licensed to fly a plane! She drives a car…She dances.

Boy, what a lesson for me and all of us to learn.

Excuses vs. action…Hmm. Think about it.

This video honestly puts things into perspective for me…what say you?

Would You Walk By?

I have always loved inspirational and motivational stories, mottos and quotes. I find them to be filled with timeless lessons for me to learn and share with others.

Below is one of those inspirational – “make me think” kind of stories.

inspirational and motivational storiesAfter reading this short story, I questioned myself…would I walk on by? Hopefully, if I ever encounter a situation such as this, I wouldn’t just walk on without doing or saying something.


Because the appearance of this man could be me someday…you just never know.

Are we so full of ourselves and so much better than everyone else that we can’t even stop and ask someone if they’re in need of something? I certainly hope I wouldn’t…

Let’s try and remember how many people have helped us along this journey called life. I know from my own personal experiences, many, many people have stopped and picked me up when I needed it. I pray I’ll never forget and pass it on whenever the situation arises…

Here’s the story:

Would you walk by?

This will certainly make you stop and think.  You never know what a kind word, a phone call, or an imprompt visit will do for someone else.

It was a cold winter’s day that Sunday.  The parking lot to the church was filling up quickly.  I noticed as I got out of my car that fellow church members were whispering among themselves as they walked to the church. As I got closer I saw a man leaned up against the wall outside the church.

He was almost lying down as if he was asleep.  He had on a long trench coat that was almost in shreds and a hat topped his head, pulled down so you could not see his face.

He wore shoes that looked 30 years old, too small for his feet with holes all over them, his toes stuck out.  I assumed this man was homeless, and asleep, so I walked on by through the doors of the church.

We all fellowship for a few minutes, and someone brought up the man lying outside.  People snickered and gossiped but no one bothered to ask him to come in, including me.

A few moments later church began.  We all waited for the Preacher to take his place and to give us the Word, when the doors to the church opened.

In came the homeless man walking down the aisle with his head down. People gasped and whispered and made faces.  He made his way down the aisle and up onto the pulpit he took off his hat and coat. My heart sank.

There stood our preacher… he was the “homeless man.”  No one said a word.  The preacher took his Bible and laid it on the stand.

“Folks, I don’t think I have to tell you what I am preaching about today.” Then he started singing the words to this song.  “If I can help somebody as I pass along. If I can cheer somebody with a word or song. If I can show somebody that he’s traveling wrong. Then my living shall not be in vain.

Richard D’Andrea Dover

Please leave a comment below on how this affected you in some way…

What Cup Would You Choose?

It’s simple human nature that we all want the best for ourselves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in wanting that.

What can be wrong is if we walk over everything and everybody to get there and being envious of what others have.

This short video clip uses the analogy of “Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee.” The cup being the tool to hold the coffee, but us not seeing what is really important…the coffee.

Seems like we are always striving for the best but unfortunately in doing so, we miss the “enjoying it” part.

Hope you get a little insight out of this video…and the music is really uplifting as well!