5 Ways a Website Without Products Makes Money

With the vast increase in population, the requirement of products and services has increased. Similarly, there is also an increase in the number of small businesses. People all over the world are earning money; today we are talking about your standard of living. How does a man achieve a high standard of life?

make money without sellingIt’s by better food, clothing, education, and other services. All these require better services and products, which ultimately means bigger and global business. Today, with the development of mass means of communication and information technology, the world has become a smaller place.

Man is not limited to business within a country. Business is global today; e-commerce is the modern version of business. We are trading over the Internet. Online business has made it possible for people of different countries to make transactions with people residing in other countries…

Today the Internet business is growing by leaps and bounds with an ever increasing number of websites. Thus, one needs to have some products to sell and the Internet is a great source of earning money.

But how can a website that does not sell products make money? Is there anything for them to make money without selling products? Well, There is.

There are millions of websites today which do not have any product to sell; still they are making tremendous amounts of money. They actually provide services and charge those who enjoy the benefits of these services.

Generally these sites are meant to offer some kind of useful service like reverse cell phone look up where one provides the details like the name and address of the numbers a service user pays for… Other services are like booking show tickets, providing subscription services where one enjoys certain benefits and pays some annual or monthly charges.

See these websites don’t have any product to sell but still they make use of the services they offer in order to make money. Another way of doing so is to advertise those who are providing services or selling any kind of products either over the Internet or through the local business bureau.

5 ways to make money without selling any product

  • Blog/Information Site:

A blog/information site generally offers informative content over some definite keywords or topics. Usually these services are free for a limited amount of time. In order to make full use of these websites, you need to be a premium member and therefore, you will be charged to access the full website and its features.

For instance, if you search “business reports” on Google, you will see various websites selling high end business reports for a small amount. Non members can access these sites for, let’s say, one month at no cost or just get a chosen business report preview. Now if you want full access, you either buy those reports or become a permanent member. This is how an information-related service blog/website works.

Some content-based websites also invites bloggers to write paid posts. The posts contain useful information; you may also get expert knowledge over various topics. These services are hugely popular and have been a great way to make money in recent time. Bloggers are hired to submit their posts and make money.

Many websites earn money through providing posts and newsletters to their subscribed members.

  • SEO Websites:

These websites offer search engine optimization (SEO) services and provide articles on various topics. Here also, content writers from all over the world are hired and invited to submit their articles to these websites and are paid when articles are accepted.

SEO service websites work with unique content and other technical marketing skills to help other businesses in improving their website ranking. The working pattern works in tandem with how the search engine works and ranks websites. These websites are extremely useful since it provides an excellent service to business websites and the website content written by these professional and skilled content writers are helpful in increasing the number of visitors’ everyday.

With a better search engine ranking, a business website improves and businesses get better customer leads.

  • AdSense:

This is a comparatively newer way of making money from a website without actually selling any product. These are the websites which allow the networkers to automatically attach rich text, images, videos and other content to create ads. These are generally paid for per click. These advertisements contain a link attached with the website URL.

Hyper linking has become a popular source to earn money as well. It solves the question of how a website that does not sell products make money. There is also AdSense for mobile sites and search that provides advertisements attached with some popular websites. You are paid for showing the Adsense on your websites.

  • Attached Advertisement:

One of the popular and bigger sources of revenue for a website to make money is to advertise. Advertisement over the Internet has been the greatest source of making money ever. Generally these websites offer advertisement services either for other websites offering services or products or for promotional purposes.

Promotion of different products over the Internet has become a tremendous source of attraction and gaining revenues.

  • Text Links:

One way or the other, the most common source of making money over the Internet without selling any product is to make your website visitors aware about current trending topics and you are paid by those whom you are providing information. One of the ways of doing so is Text Links.

Text links are another kind of advertisement that you click and another tab or window will open containing the website address of that text link. It works on the idea of hyper linking with the URL of some other website residing within the text shown.

Though selling products has been and still is the main source of making money and operating business over the Internet, there are other ways to earn money too. How a website that does not sell products make money depends on what tactics it applies. There are many advertising or promotional services where you promote the services of others.

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Earning Money as a Website Developer

What is a Website?

As you are aware, the Internet has provided a really good medium for the world to come together and most importantly, to reach out to anything or any place in the world.

Earning Money as a Website DeveloperBut at the same time, you cannot ignore the contribution of the Internet websites as well because websites function as an interface for stimulating direct and indirect communication between people.

For example, take YouTube.com to see videos or Facebook.com for social networking or Wikipedia.org to get valuable user-generated information about any subject whatsoever.

What are these YouTube.com, Facebook.com and Wikipedia.org? They are different websites which provides you with a medium to find and assimilate information available on the Internet in one place, a singular knowledge repository, which is often used by people to provide valuable content to readers and earn money in return.

So what exactly do you understand about a website? Let me explain. Website, as a term, can be used to define various core software processes that are merged or brought together to create ‘websites’ as we see them.

According to media reports from January this year, there are more than 10 million websites existing in our world and many more must have been added while I was writing this blog.

If you notice, there exists at least one website for every kind of business imaginable on earth, from safety pins to machines, from holy content to adult content, there is a website for each one of them.

Now let us proceed to the most important point of this blog, that is, “Earning Money as a Website Developer.” This blog is useful for two kinds of people:

  1. People who do not even know how to develop a website and want to earn money as website developer.
  2. People who know how to develop a website but do not know how to earn money as website developer.

We will explore how people from both these categories can earn money as a website developer.

First, let us take people from the first category and deal with their basic issue about learning the website development process. Look, it is not really hard to develop a website. There are a few skills which you need to have to become a good website developer.

Moreover, it can easily be instructed as well. But, if I start explaining how websites are developed, it will take me one entire article to explain it. However, to economize the spatial constraint, I can definitely instruct you about what you can do to learn about website development.

Instructions on Learning about Website Development

In order to learn how to develop websites, first thing I would suggest is to just look at a few websites on the Internet. You can look at any website or especially the ones which you like the most. While having a look at them, notice these points:

  • How good they are designed?
  • How easy are they to use even for a new user?
  • What is the flow of the website?
  • What kind of pages do they contain?
  • What special category of websites do they fall under?

These are pretty basic and useful points for any website developer who wants to develop either a simple or a complex website.

So, I would recommend remembering them while learning and negotiating deals with clients. These questions will not only help you in learning but aid you in knowing what kind of website/s the client wants. Best is to bookmark a few chosen sites from which you want to learn designing.

Now, let us look at how you can start developing a website. First of all, read a few tutorials about website development on the Internet.

Some of these tutorials come free of cost while others are paid. Nonetheless, these tutorials provide ample knowledge for newbie learners.

There are few website developers whom you can contact to mentor you through the process. However, such mentoring services are not advertised as much as one would like so I guess, you have to search online.

Finally, there are various professional’s out there that teach website development courses. Locate a reputable one and join it. Most of these professional courses range from 3-months to 1-year courses.

Once you are done with your learning, you need to practice developing a few simple websites before you go out as a professional website developer.

For a simple practice, there are many different websites out there that provides you basic structure and flow of a website and you just need to add content in order to prepare a website.

To start with, you can take help of such websites and can develop a few simple websites that will give you needed professional confidence. Once you gain confidence and experience, you are ready to promote yourself as a professional website developer.

Earn Money as Website Developer

Now that you are promoted to the level of a professional website developer, you fall under the second category of people who already knows how to develop a website; therefore, from here we can discuss the means to earn as a website developer.

Most professional website developers begin to work as an online freelance website developer.

Two – three days back, I was on Yahoo reading an interesting article on how the Internet creates jobs for every job lost by people working 9 to 5. It is the balancing act of our economy. If you are currently unemployed and looking for a means of sustenance, this industry could be your calling!

So where was I…yes, first, you can try your hand at freelancing. There are no set up costs, you need an Internet connection and a good technical mind.

Secondly, you can create freelancer accounts on various freelancing websites like Freelancer.com and Odesk.com where freelancers can bid on projects (mostly outsourced) and the winning bidder is chosen on the basis of experience and price offered.

Most freelancers, disregarding their status from developing or developed countries, make the mistake of charging pennies for their professional service. This, you can say, is the downside of competition.

When you begin to charge much less, you can get many clients but would there be job satisfaction? No. People who are charging $800 for setting up websites with fewer clients are much more satisfied. My point – charge what you deserve! No more, no less!

As you begin to create websites and gain considerable experience, you can ask past clients to write feedbacks or testimonials for you.

You can also get their permission to present their web links in your portfolio. If you work consistently and devotedly for 3-4 years, you can stop freelancing at some point and open your own website developing business, hiring other freelancers to work for you.

Moreover, as an independent freelance website developer, there are ample social marketing opportunities to promote your services. Establishing contacts through social networking sites helps in allowing different people to look at your creative work portfolio.

This way, you will be able to establish yourself as a professional website developer and will get ample amount of projects to work on and finally, fulfill your aim of earning money as a website developer.

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Can You Really Use AdSense in Blogging and Earn Money?

Among many ‘firsts’, the first rule of business is to check out who you’re competing against to establish your business. My question – what is your chance, if any, of making money blogging when there are more than 133 million bloggers (February 2010 data) there already, out of which at least 50% of them are earning money online from blogging? Seems scary, right?

How to make money bloggingWhere do you rank? Search any keyword and Google shows thousands of search engine results of meaningful blogs, which have been optimized with money making models but only a handful of them ever succeed.

Often, people fail to make money from blogging because they ignore the primary rule of business – you need to offer something worthwhile for the customer to purchase.

Everything boils down to basic economics – there is demand, you fill the demand and you earn!!! When you want to earn substantially from blogging, it ceases to be a platform where you can go on ranting about your feelings and personal life…however, you do want your readers to know who you are.

This definition of blogging was still relevant, maybe 5 years ago, but not anymore. Like other businesses conducted online, blogging has become yet another way to make money for the long term.

Nevertheless, our question was – can you really make money blogging?
The answer is both Yes and No.

AdSense and Blogging:

Both were like Siamese twins but not anymore! In the early years of blogging, people earned much by activating Google AdSense on their site. It was the latest fad.

If you are aware, the concept of Google Cash Cow was quite popular with new bloggers and some of them claim to have earned thousands, but does it still hold true now? Let’s see.

The problem with AdSense and Blogging these days is three – dimensional: lack of unique niches, flawed search engine optimization and less amount of traffic.

You will agree with me that competition in niches like blogging for earning money has enormously increased in the last few years. Therefore, we have reached a point of stagnancy because bloggers need to give their readers something new and fresh.

Yes, there are people who like to create blogs based on Google’s “high paying keyword” search but that too fails to materialize because the high paying keywords are not constant, they change according to user’s search criteria and interest.

Secondly, even with so much technological advancements around us, bloggers are still clueless about how to monetize their site or how to place advertisements.

A point to note here is that advertisement no longer falls under a preferred alternative for site monetization because visitors show the least amount of interest.

If a thousand visitors come to your site, perhaps 100-150 will click on those ads and there is no guarantee if anyone is actually going to purchase anything from those advertisements; therefore, if you are trying to promote affiliate products through blogging, there is a slim chance of you making actual commissions.

Blogging advertisement has become redundant. It is more redundant because the blogs are not able to provide any actual benefit to the reader.

Ask yourself – would you prefer visiting a site that actually helps you in some way, let’s say, to help you solve problems or would you prefer visiting a site just for 10 minutes of entertainment daily?

Thirdly, due to the first two factors – lack of niche and flawed search engine optimization – a blog will rarely have any visitors. Even if they do, they will hardly translate into any earning if the blog is solely dependent on AdSense. For many, you can make about $200-$250 monthly…

So, what other alternative do you have?

Well, the idea is to use blogging as a “supporting” platform for your main website. This means that you cannot earn from blogging directly but you can get lots of traffic to your main website, which provides products or services to the buyers.

Suppose you are a designer and you want to provide art copyrighter services to global clients; your website is: artcopyrighter.com, which you create like any other business website highlighting your services and pricing.

Now, as a “supportive” platform, you create: blog.artcopyrighter.com, which you will use to blog about your art, your experiences and other things.

Now, in both the cases, you have to do search engine optimization for promotion but essentially, you are not expecting to “earn” from your blogging but using it as a way to capture the traffic and direct them to the main business website.

The purpose of your blog is to give the visitors a reason to return again and again, implying that your blog content should be interactive enough to catch the reader’s interest. And by blog content, one usually means the writing, but one cannot ignore other factors like presentation, format, images, and easy navigation.

If you follow this alternative, you automatically lessen your competition because then your competition will not be measured by the blog itself but by the number of people actively involved in art copyrighting!!!

Hence, your competition reduces, you are able to provide something of value to the consumer by marketing your service to a select market niche geographically and you are able to make your business grow.

A Final Thought:

You need to think twice before creating a blog solely for the purpose of turning into an income source individually. Of course, if you are happy with $200-$250 per month, we don’t have anything to say but what we suggest is to do blogging as a supportive fraction of your main business site.

If you are planning on earning money online, best is to go the professional way. Show your talent to the world or if you have a great product that you know people will be eager to shell out $$$, then its best to create a business website and use blogging as an additional Internet marketing strategy to draw visitors to your site by perfectly optimizing the blog pages and promoting it.

Turning eBay Marketplace into a Second Income Source

EBay, an auction company started in 1995, is the largest global marketplace for trading goods and services. A diverse community of businesses and individuals form a part of the 90 million active users around the globe. At any given point of time, there are 200 million eBay listings and 6.6 million listings getting added everyday.

Turning eBay Marketplace into a Second Income SourceAn eBay seller has access to 50,000 product categories, excluding alcohol, tobacco, drugs and pornographic products. The eBay is unlike Amazon, another online industry leader – Amazon doesn’t hold auctions or biddings but sells products directly or through affiliates whereas eBay auctions products, services and goods which are sold to the highest bidder.

The bids continue from a few days to a few weeks and the highest bidder is chosen after the auction ends. The company has its foundations in United States and it has grown to serve over thirty countries around the globe.

Buying and Selling on eBay:

The buying and selling process of eBay is a standard process – a user needs to have a merchandise account for both selling and buying. Account creation is free of cost but sellers have to a pay a minimum 2 USD for each product listing. The listing amount increases as the seller adds newer features to the product. The bidding time and start price is both determined by the seller.

On the other hand, buyers have the freedom to bid as many times as they want. Some buyers wait to bid at the last moment, as it increases the chances of winning the product or services.

Once the highest bidder is approved and selected, the seller ships the goods and the buyer pays, mostly by PayPal, after the purchased goods are received in good condition. After the transaction is complete, the buyer and seller leave feedback on each other’s user section.

Becoming a direct seller on eBay is one way of earning money. The other way, of course, is to become an affiliate partner.

Joining the eBay Partner Network (ePN) Affiliate Program:

The ePN Affiliate Program receives thousands of applications daily but only some get accepted because their rules and regulations for accepting new affiliates are very strict. Nevertheless, Internet publishers, online partners and webmasters can apply as an affiliate.

As an affiliate, you are paid commission and expected to promote eBay with text links and banners, and other innovative tools like the Flexible Destination Tool and the Editor’s Kit made available by the ePN network. The affiliates receive commissions for driving traffic to the eBay website or to particular ongoing bids.

If you are an existing eBay seller, you can become an affiliate too and work towards sending targeted traffic to your listings. However, don’t be under the impression that since you are a registered seller, eBay is going to accept you as affiliate automatically – you will have to apply and undergo the same screening process as other new affiliates.

The chances of becoming a successful eBook affiliate is high because you are promoting an already popular and well known website, plus the commission percentage is generous as well. When you sign up as affiliate, don’t forget to check out the Affiliate Guide.

If you want to get accepted as the eBay affiliate, you need to make sure that you meet their standards of acceptance. The website gives more importance to quality rather than quantity; therefore, the stricter rules. Below are the three basic criterias for getting selected in the ePN Affiliate Network:

Criteria One:

Your first step is to assure that the website for which you are applying in the application form should be an authoritative website. Just registering a domain name and posting a few articles does not make the website ‘authoritative.’ What eBay administrators want to see is a website that receives an acceptable amount of traffic daily and the published content engages the readers / websites.

Building an authoritative website is not the work of a day. You have to put in months of hard work to get the site search engine optimized and show a decent Google page ranking. Moreover, the category you want to promote on your website for eBay should match with the existing website content.

For instance, just because you want to sell antique pieces for a higher profit margin will not hold any importance with eBay when they see that your authority website is about fashion and anything else completely unrelated to antique pieces!

If you are in the process of setting up a website and wanting to become an eBay affiliate later on, the best way is to target a category on an eBay listing and begin to create your website along the same lines.

However, please make sure that your website is not a clone or copy of eBay. In other words, the addition of ePN affiliate network should be ‘complimentary’ and not influence its formation.

You can increase income opportunity if you select a product category that is in high demand because it will help to become affiliates for other authority websites like Amazon.

Criteria Two:

Once your have an authority website, the next step is to fill the ePN affiliate network application. The eBay affiliate administrators are often impressed with websites that have a great story to tell. No, it does not mean your website should have fictional stories!

It means that the administrators are interested in learning, “Why do you think eBay should add your website to their network?” For an affiliate, the eBay is a prospective advertiser and therefore, they would want to know the USP(Unique Selling Proposition) of your website.

In other words, how would eBay benefit by advertising on your website? If you can get across your intention (reason) loud and clear, you can hope getting your application approved.

Furthermore, you have to clearly mention the estimated traffic the authority website receives daily and monthly, the number of subscribers, the number of target visitors and other such details. You have to explain the search engine optimization model followed to gain better Google page rankings.

Criteria Three:

Believe it or not, a large number of ePN partnership applications get rejected because the contact information provided is not authentic or true. It is important that you give valid contact information in your application.

You may think that giving accurate contact information will take away your privacy but eBay assures you that all the contact details are protected and never leaked to third parties for financial gain. Among the first things an application screening process checks is the contact information.

Make sure that you give verified or valid email id, telephone number, and office address and payment details. If you are eBay seller as well, fill up your user profile with accurate details beforehand because the management will collate the user profile details and application details closely.

Affiliate Promotion:

After your application is through and you are a verified eBay affiliate, you have to begin with promotions. Of course, the first way would be to place eBay links and banner ads on your website.

Your affiliate membership account gives access to JavaScript banners, links, live auction feeds, HTML banners which you can strategically place on the site.

Here you have to make sure that the website readers are informed about the newly published links. What we mean is that the readers should be made aware or educated about the links and the banner should clearly show where the reader will be redirected if they happen to click on those links.

It will be against eBay policies if they come to know that you are not displaying eBay information on your advertisements and misguiding visitors. If you do so, the affiliate partnership will be terminated.

Anyways, eBay affiliates make commissions in two circumstances:

Firstly when a visitor becomes an eBay member through your affiliate links and places a bid within 30 days of registration.

Secondly when the visitor to your website is already an eBay member but follows your affiliate link to bid on a live auction and the affiliate earns the commission. Again, you can use several Internet marketing methods online not only to increase visitors to your website but also increase eBay affiliate profits.

Word of Caution – The internal team of eBay keeps on monitoring the registered websites of affiliate partners. Therefore, you have to make sure that your website does not lose its traffic or its ‘authoritative’ status because it will lead to the loss of  your eBay affiliate membership.

Final Thoughts:

It is possible to create a second source of income from eBay as a direct seller and as an affiliate.

If you are directly selling products and services, you must sell those products that are high in demand and does not cost you too much in shipping charges.

Moreover, eBay gives you multiple options to create custom made product deals, like the “buy one get one free” or “buy two of X product at Y% discount” types. You need to figure out your own business model or strategy as a direct seller.

If you want to become an eBay affiliate, you can only be one from your country of residence. Depending on your affiliate goals, prioritize your business plan and move accordingly. An authority website with good quality content attracting huge traffic on a daily basis is the prime criteria for eBay to select an affiliate.

If you work hard with affiliate promotions, it is not difficult to earn anywhere between 1000 USD and 5000 USD in affiliate commission. If you need more assurance, know that the topmost 25 super affiliates in eBay average around 100,000 USD in commissions.

Need we say more?

The Pandora Box – Making Money On The Internet

If people continue to use the internet like we do now, the day is not far off when it will become the sole earning source of millions if it hasn’t already. In the last two decades, the internet has turned into a huge Pandora box, waiting to be explored.  Truly, pause a bit and think how your life revolves around the internet and the multiple earning scopes it offers.

Making Money On The InternetFrom affiliate marketing to content writing, the internet connects millions of people everyday and creates multiple streams of income opportunities for so many. The internet in itself is a booming ‘economy’ and everyday people out there are cashing in! There are tons of options available for making money on internet.

Few Ways Of Making Money On The Internet:

Google AdWords and AdSense

One of the most trusted and preferred ways of earning money online by website owners and bloggers is using Google AdSense and Google AdWords.

It is perhaps the oldest successfully running online money making strategy. When you create blogs or a website, you choose to publish Google sponsored ads and you get paid on PPC and CPM reports. PPC or “Pay per Click” program pays you when unique visitors click on the ads published on your site. CPM or “Cost per Millennium” program pays for every thousand visitors on the site.

However, you must focus on getting huge amounts of traffic to your site if you want to make money with AdSense and AdWords. Earnings depends on the traffic visiting the website or blog. Therefore, one needs to market the site exceptionally well to make it popular.

Content Writing

There are two ways how a content writing business works online – either you write and publish yourself or you sign up with memberships sites where you can find freelance writing work.

About.com, Hubpages.com, Squidoo.com, eHow.com, ReviewMe.com, MashableWriters.com, Yahoo! Publishers Networks, AssociatedContent.com and ReviewStream.com are just a few examples of sites where you can sign up as online writer, publish your works, and get paid on a revenue sharing basis. Some of the sites like About.com and AssociatedContent.com pay upfront for articles and product reviews.

Elance.com, Freelancer.com, oDesk.com, Guru.com, ProBlogger.com and iFreelance.com are popular websites where you need to sign up as writer, display your skills, bid on projects, get hired, complete the projects and get paid.

Of course in bidding, you will experience some competition but if you are confident in your writing skills and what you can bring to the table, it’s easy to earn online this way.

In both ways above, you need to have a PayPal account to collect revenues and payments. Other payment options are MoneyBookers and Wire Transfer. There is no limit to the amount of money one can earn. An experienced freelance writer can earn more than $3000 USD every month.

Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is a business practice where you become an affiliate for a company aiding them in selling their products and services. You earn when customers buy their product through your reference. The affiliate marketing industry has four core participants – the merchant (brand / product), the network (social networking and other promotional media), the publisher (affiliate) and the customer (the buyer).

William J. Tobin patented affiliate marketing way back in 1989. It’s a fact that in the last two decades, affiliate marketing has progressed but has become stagnant too in a way since advertisers choose to ignore it these days.

However, the fact remains that affiliate marketing methods like email campaign, search engine optimization and display advertising remains one of the most trusted forms of online promotion.

Websites like CommissionJunction.com, MoreNiche.com, Clickbank.com, Bidvertiser.com, WickedFire.com, Amazon Affiliates, Alertpay Affiliates and Pageflakes Affiliates are some of the most popular affiliate websites. To become an affiliate, you need to sign up with the merchant company, learn about their products and services then promote them online.

If you want to earn substantial money online by becoming an affiliate, you need to definitely stress promotion. Without promotion, an affiliate marketing business cannot flourish.

An establish affiliate marketer can earn anywhere between $5000-$10,000 or more every month. The sky is the limit depending on how much effort you are willing to put into it.

Conclusion – Will The Pandora Box Survive?

Seeing the current economical trend, the internet Pandora box will definitely continue…a no-brainer. Technological advancements and Web developments are making it easier for people to find and maintain a sustainable income source online. If nothing else, earning money online provides a decent additional income over your full time job. Hit the iron while it’s hot – start making money online now!