How To SEO Your Articles?

Writers have different writing styles with the intention of getting their articles published and become noticeable. Every writer wishes to build a name, fame, and money through their articles. The best way to present your articles to several readers is to SEO them.

How To SEO Your ArticlesIf you wish, you can learn about all SEO stuff here before you read these tips to SEO your articles. The purpose of preparing your article according to SEO rules is to rank high on the search engines.

Search engines differ in their way of producing the results. Search engines like Bing and Yahoo are different from a search engine like Google. Google gives more importance to links while the other two search engines prefer to give importance to keywords and phrases.

Learn How To SEO Your Articles

These tips will help you in understanding how to SEO your articles and attract more readers.

  1. Right keywords and phrases should be optimized

    This is the first and the most important step to have your articles ranked high in the search engines. You should carefully decide on which keywords are likely to be typed by the users and optimize those keywords with the search engines.

    It is very important that you check that the keywords are matching the title and your entire article. You can use the Google Keywords Suggestion Tool for having a list of keywords that are relevant to produce good searching results.

    Also, check out for the keyword density. It is recommended to have 2-3 keywords for good results and place your keywords accordingly. Most importantly, they should be placed in the title and URLs for good searching results.

  2. Backlinks

    As mentioned earlier, some search engines like Google give importance to links to present accurate search results. Providing backlinks in your article – blog or website that has your article posted will give good search results.

    Therefore, the blogs and the websites that provide a number of backlinks are considered to be very popular and are ranked high in the search engines. However, you should make sure that these links are taken to relevant sites.

    Read about the top 40 ways to build backlinks for your blog or website.

  3. Use Meta tags

    This helps in providing short information about your article to the search engine software. You can provide short Meta tags with keywords and a description of your page. This is one way to get good searching results for your page. If these Meta keywords and descriptions are well written, it will give you a chance to attract a huge amount of readers.

  4. Good content

    Your article should be well written with useful information that interests your readers. This will help in boosting the chances for high rankings of your article in the search engines that would attract a number of links from other websites and therefore increase the amount of readers.

    Now more importance is given to the links and so having numerous links would add an extra chance for attracting more traffic. So, you should be very careful in making your article really outstanding and interesting for getting good searching results with SEO.

  5. Provide visuals

    Articles, blogs, or websites will not look good without visuals. Providing images and animations will only add more chances to attract the readers. Relevant visuals should be included along with the text.

    You can ask the help from a good web designer to make your website look good with appropriate images and animations if you are posting your articles on your websites.

  6. Use static URLs

    There are some special tools that help in rewriting the URLs in a good format. You can use them to get them optimized in the search engines without great effort. The other form is dynamic URLs which are not SEO-friendly. Such pages with dynamic URLs have poor searching results.

  7. Submit to directories

    Search Engine Optimization will help in showing your articles to several readers. But a good ranking depends on how you promote your articles or websites.

    You can submit your articles on high ranked websites like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, or iSnare, where more readers are likely to read your article. You can also create a blog or a website of your own or include your articles to your existing website.

    You can submit the URLs of the newly created pages on the search engines like Google, Yahoo  and MSN.


These tips should help you to get an idea about how to SEO your articles, blogs, or websites and get huge traffic to your sites. You should do it very carefully while increasing your chances to be in the top rankings on all the popular search engines.

You should understand about each search engine you are optimizing your articles with and familiarize yourself with their special features while following them carefully before choosing a search engine to SEO your articles.

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Top 40 Ways to Build Backlinks

Websites like Amazon, Squidoo, Facebook, eBay, MySpace and others have thousands and thousands of backlinks pointing to their site. Amazingly, they don’t have to invest time in getting these backlinks. They are given to them by thousands of affiliates linking to their site.

What are backlinks?

Build BacklinksBacklinks, as defined by Wikipedia, are “incoming links to a website or web page.” They are also known as incoming links, in links, inbound links and inward links.

Why do you need backlinks?

Quite simple. You absolutely need backlinks to rank higher on the search engines and enable people to read your web pages. Have no doubt about the fact that search engines value the quality and quantity of backlinks. Getting backlinks is difficult but it is an important step in your SEO campaign.

High quantity and quality backlinks = online money.

Two nights ago I stumbled upon this great book that had an endless list of getting backlinks; some were quite obvious while others were very innovative and yet some others were entirely unheard of, I’m sure.

What I have done is summarized those backlink building ways and I present to you the 40 most workable backlink building methods.

Read on how to build backlinks for your website or blog

1. Submit your website to more than 250 website directories.

2. Submit original articles and site link to more than 300 article directories.

3. Create a YouTube channel, create videos manually, SEO it and post them.

4. You can use ‘Unique Article Wizard’ to automatically submit different versions of your article to thousands of directories.

5. Write one blog everyday and link it back to your website.

6. Create a ‘Fan’ page on Facebook.

7. Visit other similar communities on Facebook, take part in discussions and leave your link there.

8. Use Facebook ‘Notes’ and tagging option to leverage traffic. Use the ‘Notes’ to post blog teasers along with the real blog link, tag the note and see the backlink building.

9. Twitting is essential. You can create multiple Twitter accounts and continue tweeting. There are automated Tweets services as well that you can use.

10. Create a Forum. Build a forum and ask others for their contribution. They will promote your content and link back to you.

11. Join popular forums and include your site link in your forum signature.

12. Use auto responder service to build a nice list. Use this list to send newsletters and requesting subscribers to link back to your site.

13. Search and bookmark similar blogs related to your niche. Visit them regularly and post comments. Most blogs allow links back to your commentator site.

14. Create RSS feeds and submit them to RSS directories.

15. Use popular social media websites to your advantage. Completely fill out profile pages and include other links as well such as YouTube channel, Twitter links, Facebook links and others.

16. Don’t forget to submit your site to WhoIs database.

17. Use ClickBank products as affiliates with link back to your site. However, once you stop your affiliation with that product, you stop receiving the backlinks. So choose your products wisely.

18. Visit and join ‘The Backlinks Forum’ – an entire site dedicated to generating backlinks, nothing else!

19. Use ‘Google Places’ to show your business listing. Optimize it by adding links, descriptions, reviews, pictures, videos and others.

20. Submit your blog to 300+ blog directories.

21. If you can, create website and/or blog templates. Or outsource it to someone. Your templates will carry your website link and make sure that users of this template are not allowed to change your link…this is a very innovative way to get backlinks.

22. Create a resourceful e-book and sell it on ClickBank, Amazon, eBay and Barnes and Nobles. Don’t forget to place your site link on the e-books and profiles.

23. Do you love to give advice? Yes? Become an active member of answer groups links Yahoo Answers,, Wiki Answers, Ask Ville, Answerology and others.

24. Free classifieds receive millions of traffic daily which comprises of people looking for products and services. Place classified ads periodically and keep updating them.

25. Take out a few minutes and complete your social media profiles. Just don’t forget the blog and website links.

26. Submit press releases with relevant links on hundreds of free press release submission websites.

27. Start regular guest blogging.

28. Customize your content and submit them to RSS Feed Aggregators.

29. Develop ‘How To…’ tutorials. Post them on tutorial sites or on your own website.

30. Develop blog widget and submit to widget directories.

31. Take hold of and build a customized toolbar. Distribute this toolbar to your blog or website visitors. This toolbar allows readers a quick access to their favorite website and allows you to increase backlink as well as boost Alexa rank.

32. List your business details on and

33. Go to and Submit your site. If they randomly select your site as the ‘Cool Site of the Day’, they blast your site to 150,000+ members. Traffic plus backlink, both gained.

34. Review other blogs in exchange for links.

35. If you come across websites that are neglected by their owners but have potential, offer to buy them. Such websites already have the groundwork done for you.

36. Use small marketplaces like and to hire commentators on other blogs and to bookmark them. They can comment on other blogs with a link back to your site or Digg your blog post.

37. Write ‘Top 10 Lists’ about anything that you think is worthwhile for your business.

38. Get your business website listed on the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Local library, Local Government sites and every other possible Local Business Directories.

39. If you have more than one site, don’t forget to interlink content.

40. Make video testimonials about your products and services. You can link back to the client site as well as yours…hitting two targets with one stone!

Are you using link wheel in your link building efforts or what are your backlinks strategies? Share with us…