Top 10 Google+ Business Pages

Mashable Google+ Business Page

We have heard a lot about Google+, its marketing productivity and how to optimize the Google+ Business page. Now we give you the FIRST ever...list of the top 10 Google + Business Pages. PS: The brands we have written about belong to various industries and they are familiar in their own way. You won’t find any small business brands but that shouldn’t make a difference because one can always learn and emulate the big brands. Top 10 Google+ Business Pages List 1. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips to Create and Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

Top 10 Tips to Create and Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

Around three weeks back, Google+ released its Google+ Business Page allowing any kind of businesses to develop, optimize, and promote a business on Google. Top 10 Google+ Business Page Tips If you are still unaware or still trying to figure out how to optimize your Google+ Business Page, please go through the 10 tips below; 1. Create a separate business account Google+ Shows can show both the Personal and Business page on one platform through a drop-down menu. But I … [Read more...]

Will Google Plus Negatively Impact SEO?

Google Plus SEO

After the launch of Google Plus, SEO experts across the world started predicting the future of SEO with Google Plus. Most of the experts have come to believe that Google Plus will definitely enhance the SEO market with its various functionalities and user friendly features, while some believe that Google Plus, especially the Google Plus button will slow down the SEO market due to its slow processing. SEO experts believe that Google Plus improves web promotion activities. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Google Plus

facebook google plus or is easier to type? Obviously! This is the smallest example that's enough to define how Facebook is a better option than Google Plus. No other brain battle can get more intense than the world war between Google Plus and Facebook. USA Today, the most popular newspaper of the U.S.A.surveyed 20,000 users of social networking sites and found that 84% of these users use Facebook. Even though the survey took into consideration … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Google + is Better Than Facebook?

google plus vs facebook

The Google Plus is the final nail in the coffin for Facebook. Google Plus seems to have fulfilled the only lacking factor for Google Inc. – its own social networking platform that can compete with Facebook. While researching google plus vs facebook for this piece, I came across several user comments hailing Google as the ‘undisputed power’ or ‘undisputed giant’ online. might be true! Come to think of it, Google now owns the largest advertising revenue sharing … [Read more...]