Google’s PANDA 2.2 Update

Google PANDA 2.2 Update

Panda the Present Scenario: Google on June 21, 2011 released the latest update of what happens to be its SEO database Panda’s updated version 2.2. Panda, also acknowledged as ‘Farmer,' made its debut in March, 2011 to shuffle the entire search result pack. It rather brought a storm in the world of website rankings since reportedly the organic traffic damage of nearly 80 had been recorded. Many unsuspicious online business holders, SEO experts and webmasters did not believe … [Read more...]

Google’s Farmer Update – Is It a Nightmare for Internet Marketers?

Google's Farmer Update – Is It a Nightmare for Internet Marketers?

Google just dropped a huge bomb on your head with its Farmer Update 2011. Major news organizations like CNN to small news forums are discussing this Farmer’s Update big time. According to Google’s new algorithm shift, Google is targeting those websites that have poor or low quality content and shifting them way down in Google's Page Rankings. On the other hand, Google is promoting those websites with excellent content (useful content for readers) and raising them up in the … [Read more...]