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Are you a freelancer and would like to take your skill online to make some money?

If you want to work online or you want to get some jobs done from other people, you will find several opportunities on these websites.

freelancer or elanceThere are workers who are ready to take up any of the jobs that you have to give them and there are individuals who are ready to make work available for those who want to work online.

All you need to do is to get yourself registered on any of the sites and you are good to go. Before long, you will make money online.

The truth still remains anyway that there are several differences among the various freelance sites online.

While some of them are able to offer you excellent services, there are some other ones that may not be able to live up to their claims.

In this article, a comparison will be made between two of the prominent freelance sites that are used today.

In case you have been working on them, you will be aware of some of the facts that are mentioned about them here.

In case you have not been involved with any of them, you will do well to make use of the facts revealed here to finally make up your mind about the two of them.

Freelancer vs Elance

The below info may be the master info that you need to choose the one you would choose to work with.

The two freelance sites that will be reviewed here are and

This article is not intended to tell you the specific one to choose between the two. It will only lay out the facts and we expect you to make your choice on the one you will choose to use in your bid to make money online.

Background about is a freelance site that has been around for sometime now. It was formerly called before it finally changed its name to the present

It offers several freelance services ranging from article writing to website designing and all sorts of programming services.

You can even get graphic design jobs and data entry jobs on it. It is a site that links those who are looking for jobs with those who are willing to give them the job online.

Background on too has been around for quite a while now. In fact, it had been around since 1999. It is a site that many individuals have found to be very reliable. It does almost exactly the same thing as mentioned above about

You can come by several online jobs and several buyers are also available to give jobs to online professionals who are seeking work. All you need to have is the necessary qualifications and you will be able to acquire work on either of these sites.

Registration on either site

The registration procedure on either or is actually not to difficult. You are asked to supply simple info to open your account.

Neither of the sites gives you any restraints when you want to set up account. You will also be able to set up your account free of charges.

While freelancer gives you complete freedom to set up an account, elance, offers the option of either setting up a standard account or a premium account.

The standard account is completely free to set up while the premium account may cost you some money.

This has really reduced the number of people seeking jobs on elance. Because of this, people would rather flock to freelancer to get a free account.

Effect of free or paid account on elance

There have been several rumors that those who make use of the free account on elance do not usually get any work at all.

However, those who set up a premium account have been able to land several mouth watering jobs on elance.

This may not be true everywhere. It is possible for some other guys to be able to get jobs with a free account on elance and be able to make money online from there.

It is however advisable for such people to get premium accounts as soon as they are able to gather the money together.

Limit of job bids

Both freelancer and elance have a limited number of jobs that an individual is permitted to bid for.

On freelancer, you are given the grace to bid for up to sixty different jobs per month. Once your 60 bid count had been used up, you won’t be able to bid for any other job until the following month.

On elance, a free account gives you access to only 10 points. This does not mean you will be able to bid for ten jobs. Each of the types of jobs on elance have different points attached to it. You may end up bidding for only four jobs with your 10 points in case each job carries about 3 points.

Strictness of getting job

It is stricter to get jobs on elance than on freelancer.

Elance rarely welcomes anyone that is a new writer. You need to have real experience to show along with your bid.

The case is different with freelancer. Freelancer employers always give equal opportunity to new writers. There are some employers on freelancer that do not even require you to submit samples before they give you a job.

How much per job?

On, the jobs done are almost always cheap. You can have an employer who is only willing to pay a meager $1 for 500 words article on freelancer. This is not the case with elance. A 500 word article can cost as high as $8-$10, depending on the writer’s merit, of course.

Some people may criticize for providing cheap jobs to freelancers and thus lowering the job’s merit, but this should not be reason enough to avoid Employers pay as per their budget allows, whether freelancers take it or not depends on them.

How to get paid?

Several workers will bid for a particular job. The employer will choose any one of them that he thinks will be able to do the job for him. The two of them will agree on price and the outsourcing site will charge them for the job awarded. The employer will give the employee a period of time to get the job done and he will put the money in escrow.

Both and make use of escrow.

Escrow helps to keep the payment for the job on hold until the job is finished. Once the worker finishes the job, the money in escrow is released into the account of the worker.

Escrow works in such a way that the worker and the employer will not be able to get the money out of it. The only access the employer has is to release the money into the account of the worker. It is only the site management that can take any other action with money in escrow.

This makes it hassle free to get paid for any work done on either site as long as the money is in escrow.

The worker can then decide to withdraw his money through any means he deems fit. Each of the sites have different means through which money can be paid from the worker’s online account to his personal account where he can withdraw it in cash. The choice used is completely dependent on the worker.

Charges on work done only charges each worker 5% of the total value of the winning bid and places a predetermined amount as their fees before the deal is finalized.

However, there is a difference: while takes fees from your winning bid, doesn’t take such a share. charges above the price quoted by the freelancer.

Each of these sites makes sure that the charges are removed from your balance immediately after you win a bid. They will remove the charges and release the balance to you. This means that you do not need to spend a dime before you can make money on either site.


Read through the info above and consider all the points so as to know the one that will work well for you in your bid to make money online.

The info here may not contain everything that you need to know about both the freelance sites. You can then check other sources or user feed backs to get more info.

How to Manage Your Clients to Maximize Your Freelance Income

Freelancing, even today, is often misunderstood as a limited stream to earn one’s living.

Freelance IncomeThis is the reason you will see many people pursuing freelancing as a ‘second source of earning’ and continuing with their illusion of a secured job and monthly checks as their ‘primary source of income.’

Did I just say illusion? Absolutely!

Your so-called full-time secured job is an illusion we have created in the last few decades. You never know when you will get the pink slip out of the blue…

A full time ‘secured’ job as an employee does not give you the right to control your earning whereas earning from freelancing is just the opposite.

With freelancing jobs of any kind, you get to choose the sources to earn money, control your money inflow and create multiple sources of income.

How to maximize your freelance income

(This is relevant to any kind of freelancer)

Managing Your Clients

One of the main hindrances to creating multiple online income sources is not having the ability to handle your clients.

You don’t need to have an MBA or attend online seminars to know how to handle clients. But know this; failure to handle clients means doom for your business as in loss of clients.

Now what does client handling mean?

(1) You must know how to communicate with them
(2) You must know how to stick to deadlines
(3) You must be clear about financial matters
(4) You must never be clingy

Again, failure to do so creates lots of problems. So how do you manage? Read my personal experience.

As a freelance writer, last year I had about 23 clients to manage simultaneously. In other words, I had 23 online web contents projects to manage and I didn’t have any clue on how to do that.

I didn’t have a team of writers, a day just had 24 hours, I had to update clients daily and most importantly, submit web content daily…I was going mad!!!

I couldn’t refuse the clients at the 11th hour because the money was good and I didn’t want to come across as unprofessional.

What did I do? (This is something I practice even today)

(1) I communicated clearly

First, I divided the projects into ‘most important,’ ‘important’ and ‘not so important.’

By importance I meant the urgency to complete them. I contacted the ‘important’ and ‘not so important’ project clients and negotiated a different time frame for completion.

Note that before I did this, I was afraid to put this proposal in front of my client because it could have meant losing that client but I had to draw a line somewhere and this seemed to be the best idea…

I sent the clients an email requesting them to reconsider the tight deadlines. Out of 23, 15 received my email, 12 agreed and 3 dropped off. Not bad, I would say! You cannot please everyone…

Now I was better placed in terms of time and client expectations…this is so important!

(2) I kept deadlines

While there are clients who are very flexible with deadlines and don’t mind numerous extensions, a freelancer should never take it for granted.

A website I write for cuts 10% off the fee everyday if any freelancer goes past the deadline. If you are working from home, I would suggest to maintain a time spreadsheet where you note down the number of hours you will spend everyday for each project and obviously, start with the most urgent ones first.

In fact, if you want more value for your services, you can multiply your income by charging higher for urgent services like in the next 24 hours or so…

Clients that are flexible can be charged less.

(3) I was firm on financial matters

See, any kind of job that involves money matters should be communicated clearly. One of my friends is a web designer. Six months back he got a $800 project to build a customized website for the client.

He had 20 days to complete the project but my friend delayed and finished the work in 46 days, taking 26 days extra…

Now I must say that the client didn’t complain or threaten about non-payment.

However, when my friend asked for the project fees, (no advances were paid) the client dilly-dallied, became unresponsive and finally paid $600 (yes, deducted $200) after 26 delayed days.

Well, to me it seemed the client was teaching my friend a lesson here.

My intention to tell this story is to make you aware that if you want to earn money from multiple clients from freelancing, it is important to maintain your professionalism, that is, never take the client for granted.

Once you attain this professionalism, you can negotiate with the client on money matters properly.

For instance, you can draw up a contract stating the amount of advance to be paid, project milestones to be followed and the final payment date.

As a kind of guarantee, you can even write down the amount of money you will waiver off if you delay the project…some clients will readily accept such conditions.

(4) I never cling to clients

In my freelancing career, there were clients with whom I did one-time projects spanning 10 days and there were clients I worked with for more than a year.

The point is a freelancer cannot assume that the client will hire his/her services every time. While it is good to send a follow-up email once or twice to the client, please refrain from using pressurizing tactics.

My friend, the web designer, used to send follow-up emails every 12 hours to those clients who didn’t get back to him offering more projects. This is a very negative and annoying strategy.

By doing so you will dash whatever hopes the client had in giving you a second or third project, thus resulting in your business loss!

It is a general misunderstanding among any kind of freelancing work that the more clients you have, the more you can generate money.

Financially, this is true and if a freelancer has a team then handling more projects becomes relatively easier…

However, when a freelancer is working alone, it is always advisable not to take on more clients at one time if you can’t handle it. Doing so will harm the quality of work done and thus, impact your income negatively.

Learn to manage your project clients and you can easily maximize your freelance income.