6 Do’s of a Freelancing Contract

Freelancing ContractLike any other business, the freelancing business is also full of fraud and scam. So, it is you yourself, who decides whether you make a profit out here with your skills or…just get cheated by the scammers.

It is not difficult to create a good business in this field if you have the right skills and keep your eyes open in spite of the scammers. All you need is to go through these simple guidelines with 6 don’ts of a freelance contract and apply them with the following points below. Be careful to follow each of them and you will do just fine.

6 Do’s of a Freelancing Contract

1. Always be vigilant while signing the freelancing contract

The “what” and the “who” of the project is the most important thing about the project. This means you should be careful while going through the basics of the project. The basics of the contract define the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the project. So, it is necessary to put it in the contract even if everyone involved in the project is familiar with it. The importance of the basics is to draw a framework of the project.

Be strict about your work so that the client doesn’t make you work for those parts you are not concerned with so be specific about your job in the contract.

2. Be sure to include deadlines as a part of the freelancing contract

Many people don’t like deadlines as they feel pressured. They think working without the deadlines will be a profit for them but actually they are at a big loss.

Some clients take major benefits out of it and make you work more and more. They will always come with point of improvement and you can’t refuse… so you keep on working over the same project again and again. The smart move is to fix a time frame for the project and mentioning it in terms and conditions of the contract. This will also let you know when you are moving to the next project.

Be sure to fix the time frame in which the client has to respond back with corrections, doubts and questions and put it in the contract. Also give a fixed time to the client to come back with room for improvement after the project is launched. Also, fix the deadlines so that it gives you enough time to finish the project but never forget to mention it in the contract.

3. Always mention how you will be delivering the final product

Always mention the final product and the way you will deliver it. This saves you from any conflict with the client. The client will also be fine if the product is delivered in the types of files he can access.

It gives you and the client both some peace if this is mentioned as a part of the contract. It also tells you about the client’s knowledge about the project and his area of work. You will also have an idea how he is going to handle the product once you hand it over to him. You will also know the type of assistance he will need further.

The other thing you need to take care of is that once you are done with the projects, just send it in a simple fashion. Don’t attach extra piles of files in order to impress the client. If you want to do good business you need to take a project, finish it within time and send it to the client and move to the next project. Don’t get stuck in a project.

4. Always mention your payment in the freelancing contract

For most of the freelancing jobs the payment is more convenient in terms of project than hours. So, always include the payment in the contract so that the client doesn’t try to negotiate or back off at the time of payment. Mentioning the payment in the contract saves you from being a victim to change the payment or terms of payment by the client.

Agreeing on the initial deposit protects both the parties if either wants to back out. The client should understand that this clause makes you and the client committed to the project. Also include a ‘Cancellation Clause’ in the contract. It states the financial obligation of the parties in case the project gets terminated in between.

5. Alterations and revisions beyond a limit should be charged and make this a point in a freelancing contract

You must include a clause mentioning the number of times the revisions and alterations are allowed within the fees. The client generally abuses the privilege of having the option of requesting changes. To prevent such a situation there should be charges if the request goes beyond the limited number.

Be sure that you don’t use this clause to harass your client, and the time duration and number of times the alternations are allowed should be reasonable.

It is just for those clients who come back again and again unreasonably to distract you. Don’t punish every client for this and see if they are asking for reasonable alterations. This industry works on reputation of your work so never let anything destroy it. Don’t be arrogant to avoid revisions because they pay for your quality and creation. Without them, you can’t afford your creation.

6. Be professional and clear

The freelancing contract should be clear enough for both the parties to understand. Be professional and don’t cheat. Keep every minute detail in your contract to avoid arguments. Define the roles of both the parties clearly. If you don’t work professionally no one is going to care for you or your skills.

If you want to flourish in this industry you need to be smart enough to make profits without causing loss to anybody. Build a reputation by your professional behavior and effective communication with your customers and clients. Be clear enough about your job and profits.

You need to be careful that nobody hampers it. For all this you need to design a smart and fair freelance contract which includes the benefits of both the parties as well as give a glimpse of your smartness and professionalism.

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List of Websites You Can Apply as a Freelance Writer

Companies nowadays advertise for hiring freelance writers and then hire you to come to their office during particular hours. The local newspaper mentions you as a freelance writer if you write more than three articles for them. On the other hand, freelance communities mention only about magazine queries and submissions related to freelance writing.

Freelance Writer WebsitesSo, the freelance writing involves many different kinds of writing forms like marketing writing, business writing or web writing. Some freelancers limit themselves to writing for magazines, anthologies and newspapers. Some serve through proposal development or grant writing.

The word freelance originates from the medieval knight offering his services to any lord willing to pay. Here he was a ‘free lance.’

Similarly, a freelance writer works for a company or individual on a project basis. Generally there are no formal contracts. After the project is complete, he moves to the next project.

The only obligations are a set time frame and clear goals. Once you enter this world of freelance writing, you’ll come to know what you are best at and your talent gets better with every project you complete.

Freelance writers are needed for many different styles of writing. However, not all writers can perform in all styles.

Listed below are different forms of freelance writing…

  • Articles Suitable for Directories
    In this form of writing, freelance writers are generally well experienced. There is a specific word count and keywords followed by other guidelines. The information should be proper and catchy. Sometimes a summary is also required.
  • Blog Posts
    Blog posts are generally written in a casual tone but can be written in any tone and on thousands of topics. Freelance writers tackle this task on a daily basis. The quality of the post is very important and the main purpose of a blog is to interest readers.
  • Informational Articles
    Some websites are purely educational and they don’t sell products. The sole purpose of these websites is to educate people by providing knowledge and correct information. The freelance writer can work on topics depending on their knowledge, skills and research.
  • Press Releases
    This department of freelance writing needs a lot of skill and experience and press release writing is done only by professionals.
  • Core Website Content
    The website content writing is done by writers if they are provided with enough information about the purpose of the website. The information includes the keywords, topics, word count and tone to be used.
  • Promotional Material
    Sales and marketing is a difficult job to write for. This area needs skill, experience and imagination. Only experienced professionals take such jobs.
  • Reviews
    The level of reviews varies greatly. Companies pay for false testimonials but many freelancing companies avoid taking such projects.

So, it is very necessary to know the appropriate websites to apply for freelance writing so that your talent doesn’t get wasted.

Best Freelance Writer Websites List

Elance (elance.com)

It is a great place for talented professionals to get decent jobs. It provides writers as well as designers with opportunities. Its membership fee ranges from free to $39.95/month for big businesses. It charges a service fee of 6.75% to 8.75% for paid jobs.

Guru (guru.com)

It provides all kind of services and has a very prominent bulletin. It offers free as well as paid membership which ranges from $29.95 to $99.95 per quarter. Once you get paid for a job, it takes 5-10% commission.

Script Lance (scriptlance.com)

It is probably the most known website all around the world for freelancers. It is where the most freelancers get their jobs. The freelancers sell their work really cheap here and damage the whole industry. It is free and takes 5 % when you get paid.

oZLance (ozlance.com)

It is a freelance website with more connections to Australian and New Zealand professionals. The site is new and is open for registration. The membership fee ranges from FREE to a small fee for better exposure. The traffic is still not huge but it is a good place to start with.

Freelance Writing (freelancewriting.com)

It is one of those websites where you get lost and keep browsing for hours.

Journalism Jobs (journalismjobs.com)

It is a job website offering house based jobs as well as remote work. The best way to find an apt job is to do keyword research according to experience.

Freelancer formerly Get A Freelancer (freelancer.com)

It is similar to ScriptLance and a good site for beginners but the payout is very bad. There is nothing wrong with writing for $3 an article when you first start out, but once you gain experience it seems ridiculous.

Writer Lance (writerlance.com)

They pay a decent amount. Registration is FREE and they charge 35% fee of your income.

Suite 101 (suite101.com)

It is a freelance site that invites article writers into their network. They claim to have 6 millions viewers every month and will pay you a part of their income. The best thing about this site is you definitely find something to write in their broad article gallery. The sign up is free and you get paid for writing articles right away.

iFreelance (ifreelance.com)

It is one of the best freelancing website because of the large amount of good paying jobs.
Membership fee varies between $ 3.91 – $ 6.58/month but that is all you pay. There is no commission fee.

Helium (helium.com)

The possible income through this site is only if you write a lot. Articles are voted by the active community. It has a huge range of articles to write about.

CraigsList (craigslist.org)

It is a money making website as it has a huge advertising network that spans across the globe and is free to use. The writers must be concerned not to scam the system.

Pro Blogger Job Board (jobs.problogger.net)

It updates all kind of jobs every week. You can find blogging, writing, designing jobs every week. But be careful to choose good ones.

Bukisa (bukisa.com)

Here you submit articles and get paid for each page view. The earning seems to be small but added up over time, it’s a great way of making passive income.

eHow (ehow.com)

It is another big place for passive income. Here writers are earning over $1000 per month for articles they have written. You can even have the option to retain the rights to the articles.

BrightHub (brighthub.com)

If you are a writer interested in technology, you can consider applying. It pays an up front fee for each article. As a bonus, you get to earn passive income for the views of your articles.

Demand Media (demandmedia.com)

It is a good website which hires writers for a variety of websites. They pay around $15 per article.

To be a good freelance writer, you should be careful about your writing style. You need to perfect it. Also, observe the writing patterns of other good writers. Go through the directories, websites and e-books to see high quality pieces. You need to have keen research skills and a habit of completing work within the time limit. A good writing includes features like structure, grammar and materials that flow and the writing should make sense.

To gain Freelance writing experience, you need to hit the target niches you already know well and your main concern should be the demand of client and not the actual information.

Go through the following steps to gain ground in freelance writing…

  • Create Freelance Writing Samples:
    Write 3-5,400-600 word articles and use them as your samples. Nobody cares whether they are published or not. All the clients wants to know is whether you can write or not.
  • Create a Website:
    The site should be informational and not fancy. There are three important pages every freelancing website needs to have;
  • About Me page:
    List your credentials and a professional profile. It shouldn’t be like a resume. Your professional profile can list things such as special interests, memberships and associations, volunteer work etc. The profile should be like you are looking for a partner to do business with.
  • Samples Page:
    This is where you need to put the samples. If you don’t have any, just write some and list them on this page.
  • Service Offering Page:
    This is where you list all the services you are providing. All forms of writing you deal in should be mentioned clearly. You can also mention the rates if you wish. Some freelancers write their rates while others don’t. They fix it according to the type of project. This information makes everything clear for clients and they can make quick decisions.

All you need to know to be a successful freelance writer is correct language, free from grammatical error, the ability to write according to client requirements, the tendency to finish projects by the deadlines and the correct set of websites you are willing to work with.

Any suggestions? Leave them below…

9 Tips to Become a Successful Part-Time Freelancer

Nowadays, it is a major necessity to have more than one job to maintain the same lifestyle which was possible with a single job a few years back.

Successful FreelancerThe economic crisis which the world is facing has made it necessary to have multiple jobs even to get the basic necessities of life.

Everything – including food and clothing, has become so expensive that everyone needs to find a way out.

In the past, the part time jobs were generally in the food service and retail industry. But now things have changed. More and more people are attracted towards freelancing. This industry is gaining popularity because it provides you with the opportunity to use your current abilities to earn the additional income and in some cases, a primary source of income.

Freelancing provides great flexibility because there are no work shifts. You can work on your own schedule. The clients don’t have problems with you until the time their project is due. So… you are your own boss.

Compared to the retail and food service industry which requires you to work the hours they want you to work, freelancing lets you work on your time.

Another advantage of a part time freelancing job is that you can work from wherever you want.

  • There is no extra cost of transportation, food and wardrobe.
  • It also allows you to work with people from all parts of world.
  • You are not limited to opportunities available in only one location.

People all over the world want to break into this freelancing industry but it is not that easy to survive. So, to pay your bills you need to have a full time job until you are well-established as a freelancer.

The idea of giving up your job for freelancing is horrible until you are well settled in this business. Don’t leave your current job but work at this part time while learning how to manage your clients and maximize your freelance income.

Here are some well needed tips to be a successful part time freelancer:

  1. Start slow
    You should start slow. First of all you need to work as a part time freelancer and build a portfolio. Then collect a list of clients. You need to gain experience and knowledge. This is when you actually come to realize what a freelancer does. Carefully observe the opportunities of the freelancing business. You also need to learn how to deal with business aspects of freelancing.
  2. Start saving money
    Saving money will help you when you need to switch from a part time freelancing job to a full freelancing business. Start saving money while you still have a full time job. You always need to secure your future before entering into something competitive like this.
  3. Improve your multi-tasking skills
    When you are doing a part time freelancing job, you need to get good at multi-tasking so that you can manage time between your part time and full time jobs. When it comes time to start and develop your business you are good at multi-tasking and manage both your work and time well.
  4. Keep your regular job and your freelancing jobs separate
    Never mix up your full time job and freelancing job. Your full time job is important since it pays your bills. Devote the amount of time it needs and then schedule time for your freelancing projects around that schedule.
  5. Stick to your schedule to meet the deadlines
    Just stick to your schedule to meet the deadlines without any fault. The work should always be completed on time to build a solid reputation. So, your schedule is really important.
  6. Develop a specialty
    There should be an area which you are deeply interested in because you are going to spend a lot of time researching and writing on that area.
  7. Write for the Web
    You need to be specific for the sites you are writing for. Many sites need good content writers and bloggers. So, go and try for them. Don’t waste your talent with the “writing mills” websites which pay minimal and let anybody in. They won’t amount to much. The established sites care about the quality and pay better.
  8. Build a solid reputation before your clients
    In this business, if you want to grow big you need to build a good reputation by meeting the deadlines and providing your clients with quality work. Repeat orders only come if you did your previous job well.

    So, if you want to build a good network of clients from whom you will keep getting the work, you need to meet your deadlines. The better your work, the more work you’ll receive.

  9. Avoid Conflicts of Interest
    Freelancers who work in this industry need to be cautious about the subject of “conflict of interest.” To avoid this problem you need to carefully go through the conflict of interest section of the contracts you sign or the employee handbook. This will avoid any such situation that comes under conflict of interest section.

If you keep these points in mind and avoid common freelancing mistakes you are surely going to be a successful part time freelancer. This also helps you to gain some serious ground in this business so that when you are ready to switch it over as your full time job, you don’t have to start from scratch.

The clients, reputation and experience will already be there. All you will need to do is put in more time and dedication.

Freelancing can be a great part time job where you can work at your own convenience if you are ready to meet deadlines and multi-task. In this job, what mostly matters is your skills – professionalism and the ability to finish projects on time.

Do we have any freelancers out there? Let us know…

6 Don’ts of a Freelance Contract

Freelancing ContractIf you want a lasting freelancing business career, you need to build an awesome and professional reputation through your skill set and by the way you deliver your work.

This freelance industry like any other industry, is full of people who want to benefit from you to get their work done.

You can’t go fighting with clients if they play fraudulent games with you. So, the smart move is to design a fair freelance contract which carries the points to secure profits for both parties. Both you and your client should be able to understand all clauses of the contract before signing it.

There are a few points you need to know before preparing or signing any freelance contract

Don’ts of a Freelance Contract

1. Don’t sign any such contract which you don’t fully understand

The freelancing contract is supposed to be clear enough for both parties to understand. There shouldn’t be any vague points which could be taken as controversial. Your client may try to create a trap for you by keeping a complicated point in the contract so that once you sign the contract you have to do what they wish.

The approach of both parties should be professional so to gain each others trust. If the contract is prepared by you, try to make it as professional as possible so that it creates an impression on the client and the client feels secure working with you. This will help you to get more work and new referrals.

Try to make the role of both the parties clear enough in the project. Never try to cheat your clients because in this industry you’re awarded work for your talent and reputation and once you lose your reputation you’ll start losing work.

2. Don’t forget to limit the number of times an alteration request by the client is allowed

Mention in the freelancing contract the extra charges for such alteration requests that go beyond the described limit.

There must be a point in the contract describing the number of times the client can request revisions and alterations. This is important as the clients may harass you by requesting alterations every time they find something inappropriate.

So, there should be a time limit within which the client should review the submitted project and come up with everything he/she feels needs changed.

You also should mention it in the contract and charge them if they exceed that limit. But be sure not to cause trouble for your clients all because they request alterations. Try to help them if there is a genuine alteration required in the project.

This will add to your reputation in their eyes and they will consult you every time they have a project. Never show a negative attitude if they come up with shortcomings of your work because they pay for your talents and deserve your best.

3. Don’t sign a freelance contract without going through each of the clauses

Never sign any contract without knowing every point of the contract. Be vigilant to know the basics of the project which clarifies the role of both parties. The contract should clearly mention the responsibilities of each party involved.

It will also help you to get an outline of the project and its importance. Your work should be clearly described in the contract so that the client can’t take advantage of you.

4. Don’t sign a freelance contract without a deadline mentioned in it

You may have the feeling that having a deadline is harmful to you as it puts all the pressure to finish a project within a limited period of time… but actually some clients like it without a deadline because it gives them the opportunity to overuse you.

The client makes you work more and comes up with various improvements on a daily basis and you can’t refuse. Why? Because you didn’t sign an ending date of the project.

This traps you and you can’t move on to the next project. So, learn to handle pressure and finish your projects within deadlines so that you can keep moving allowing you to become more experienced and to make more money. This also makes you professional in your approach.

Take care of the fact that you get enough time to finish the project so fix the deadlines which are possible to meet. Fix the deadline of the review time in which clients can come up with the points he is not satisfied with. This is called true professionalism.

5. Don’t forget to mention your payment in the freelancing contract

In freelancing jobs, the payment is according to the project. Never forget to make your payment a part of your contract. Leave no room for the client to back off or negotiate your payment after the work has been performed.

Always get an initial deposit, depending on the project, done between both parties. Always try to make it a point that the client doesn’t use any clause as term of payment. This can be a trap. Include a Cancellation Clause in the contract so that neither party suffers a loss if one of them terminates the project.

6. Don’t forget to mention the type of file in which you will make the delivery

The client always wants the final project to be delivered in the type of file he can access. So, if you make the delivery a point in the contract it will save any conflicts between you and the client. This will also make your client happy to have the product in the way he wants so that he can make the best use of it.

Any comments on freelancing contract? Leave your comment below…

Top 5 Freelancing Mistakes to Avoid at Any Cost

Freelancing MistakesIt is always better to learn from others mistakes than wait to commit to those mistakes yourself and then learn never to do them again.

Freelancing is one such source of income where every newcomer and experienced freelancer is bound to make a mistake – knowingly or unknowingly, at some point in their freelancing career.

There are no formal or institutional systems to teach you the dos and don’ts of freelancing. You have to rely on your own experience, experience of fellow freelancers and above all, have faith in your skills. With this brief introduction, we move on to see the top 5 freelancing mistakes to avoid at any cost.

Mistake 01: Never Remain Underpaid

You will unknowingly fall into a never ending trap if you allow yourself to remain underpaid for your honest efforts.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a native or non-native freelancer; it is evident that you are going to begin freelancing with low earning potential because of one reason: lack of experience.

But even after this lack of experience translates into relevant experience, let’s say, after two years, freelancers begin to fall into the trap of getting underpaid for their work…

Why? 90% of the clients are never ready to pay sufficiently for freelancers efforts; on the other hand, freelancers are often afraid of asking for better pay rates because they fear the client will close the deal. Thus begins the vicious cycle. If you don’t believe us, visit elance.com, freelancer.com and odesk.com, and see the amount clients are paying freelancers.

For instance, you will see clients offering;

  • $1 for 600-700 word blogs
  • $0.50 for 500 word rewrites
  • $50 for creating a 75-page high quality e-book
  • $50-$60 for fully setting up WordPress blogs

Also notice the kind of experienced people applying for those freelance jobs. In fact, there are some freelancers out there who will readily sell you 500 word blog posts for $1 and the sad part is that those posts are often sold or are PLR content made unique through rewrite software; and again, such rewrites come with excessive grammar errors.

Think clearly – both the clients and freelancers are responsible for thousands of freelancers who are being underpaid at the moment.

Therefore, once you have relevant experience and you are sure that your work can justify demanding high freelancing fees, never look back. You may not receive high-paying clients immediately but the wait is worthwhile.

Mistake 02: Mistaking Freelancing as a Full Time Job

The primary reason you are a freelancer in the first place is because you don’t want to constrain yourself to a full-time job. But freelancers often tend to forget this distinction and take freelancing jobs as a full time prospect. Remember that no matter how much the client/s pay you, the client does not own 24 hours of your time.

In your freelancing career, you will undoubtedly get clients who demand that you spend every working hour collaborating with them, replying to every email instantly, that is, basically being on your toes 24/7.

While such clients may pay handsomely and you might feel tempted to give in to those demands, you should never forget the basic reason why you became a freelancer in the first place, that is, to own your time and work as much as you would like and not under unnecessary compulsion.

Therefore, it’s prudent that you clearly tell client/s the freelancing output they can expect in a given week. Also make it clear that a client should not take you for granted.

A word of caution – working on your own time doesn’t mean you become irresponsible and unprofessional with your work. Just try to create a clear line with regards to the expectations a client can have from you and refrain from becoming overworked as a freelancer.

Mistake 03: Turning Into a ‘Yes’ Freelancer

Turning into a ‘Yes’ freelancer is similar to mistake 02 in a number of ways with few additions like the number of freelancing projects you undertake in a period of time and the kind of service you are giving to your clients.

For instance, if you are working on multiple projects for one single client, you need to divide the time given to each project.

Or… if you have regular work from various clients, you need to control your work output to prevent stagnancy and burn out.

Moreover, try not to take work that demands 24-hour submission deadlines every day. Problems like Internet connectivity, computer crash or even sudden sickness can crop up at any time and not every client will understand your problems.

Further, understand what kind of service a client expects from your you. If the client contracts you for writing and uploading tasks, and later asks for directory submissions, proofreading/editing others articles, social media marketing etc. without even talking about paying an additional cost for your time, you should either politely refuse them or ask for additional payment. Chances are that you will not choose the second option.

Well then don’t blame others if you feel underpaid…

Mistake 04: Misleading Clients

Never mislead clients by false promises of service. Deliver what you promise you would. This way you will always stay in the client’s good standings. There are clients who will not mind paying extra to receive high quality work on time.

Another way of misleading a client is to outsource your work to content farms. An individual freelancer does not work under the category of content farming. Often it so happens that a client X commissions an individual freelancer Y to write content and that Y freelancer outsources to Z content farm at a much cheaper cost.

By doing so, a freelancer not only misleads the client and breaks professional ethics but also downgrades the freelancing industry by promoting cheap work ethics, forcing writers to remain underpaid.

Before taking work from a client, you should clearly state whether you are an individual freelancer or working for a company. That way, the client can also decide project deadlines and knows what to expect.

Mistake 05: Don’t Irritate the Client

There are clients who may wish to give you multiple projects one after another and there are clients who are interested in only one time deals.

In both cases, the undeniable fact remains that associating with the client will come to an end at some point of time.

So what is often recommended is to follow up with the client asking without sounding overbearing if there are any additional assignments available.

But what a freelancer should ALWAYS avoid is to repeatedly follow up with the client even when the client does not reply. This behavior is very irritating and closes any chance of receiving any repeat assignments. Follow up once or twice in a month or two, and then consider the business relationship closed for now.

Print out the mistakes above, paste it at your work station and remind yourself of these from time to time.

Please share with us your freelancing mistakes below.

Can You Trust Craigslist.com for Freelance Jobs?

What initially started as a simple email listing service for friends of Craig Newmark in the San Francisco Bay Area has grown into a formidable Internet presence in the last sixteen years in what we all know as Craigslist.

Freelance JobsWikipedia defines Craigslist as a “centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, and personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, resumes, and discussion forums.”

In the last couple of years, craigslist has helped a lot of freelancers find steady work online, especially those freelancers who are into writing and website designing.

However, we know that craigslist is a free online classified advertisement forum; therefore, there is a chance for one encountering bogus freelance jobs posted by fraudulent companies with the purpose of scamming hard working freelancers out of their money.

Finding Freelance Jobs on Craigslist

Let’s see first the positive factors that make craigslist a safe forum to find freelance jobs, and then we’ll move on to the negative factors.

Positive Factors:

[1] There is anonymity. Both the service providers and service seekers are given the option to remain anonymous with their advertisement postings.

This is necessary as it prevents scammers from knowing your email address and other personal details. A freelancer can post an advertisement online without worrying about displaying contact details; the same works for service seekers. People who apply to job / service listings have to apply through the generic reply address given with each advertisement listing.

[2] There is time limitation. Both the service providers and service seekers can decide the amount of time they want the advertisement live. After the stipulated number of days, the advertisement is taken offline until you log in to your account and re-activate it.

[3] Advertisements are geographically defined. Both the service providers and service seekers are given the option to make their advertisement either relevant for a global audience or restricted to any particular geographical area.

For instance, if you are freelancer looking for web designing jobs in the New York area only, you can apply. Similarly, service seekers too can mention the area from where they are seeking applicants.

It has one positive advantage: power of verification. A company in New York looking for web designing applicants from New York can verify the claims of the applicant’s contact addresses and professional experience more easily than verifying authenticity of applicants in some other continents.

Moreover, people who use craigslist for selling products find it better to deal with local customers/buyers than international ones because of payment troubles.

Negative Factors:

[1] There is possible exposure to money scams. Though craigslist warns people against sending any money if you don’t know the person, newcomers to craigslist can often get duped.

Therefore, the advertisers create ads in such a convincing way that by the time you realize it, you are scammed.

For instance, if you reply to an advertisement which is about massage services at home, the advertiser can ask you to pay the service amount in advance. In all instances, never do that.

[2] Craigslist does not verify advertiser’s authenticity. There can be unscrupulous people out there who will post advertisements on Craigslist under a fake company name to attract freelance applicants.

Since you cannot see their email id and some of them do not even disclose their names, it is impossible to verify their credentials online. There are freelancers who have unsuspectingly applied to such advertisements only to come out scammed in the end.


You will get both quality/high paying and sub-standard freelance jobs on craigslist. As a freelancer, your best shot at succeeding with craigslist is to rely on advertisement information. An advertisement having a 2-line job description should be avoided in favor of detailed advertisements.

When applying to craigslist advertisements, do not disclose all your professional and personal information. If the advertisement asks for resumes, cover letters, and samples, never mention more than your email addresses anywhere.

If the service buyer wants you to give a specially written sample, ask for payment for that article. Craigslist ads receive a huge response and if a service buyer asks every applicant for a specially written sample and not pay for it, you can imagine the amount of free content that person will have or any other freelance products.

Clueless About Beginning a Freelance Web Designer Career?

To be a successful freelance web designer or graphics designer, you need to be able to deal with requests of all kind of clients because no two clients are the same.

You will have to face difficulties working with different kinds of clients. If you want to become a freelance web designer you will have to take the challenge and need first of all to find places where you will find your jobs.

freelance web designerStart working with a place like a church or any charitable group. This may not give you money but you will get experience and gain credibility in the community. This will up your reputation and add to your profile. You may think you are wasting your time doing charity work but actually you are making the best beginning by working for a good cause and also gaining experience, reputation and popularity to help you in the future.

You can then move to contacting small business groups. At this stage, your job becomes tough because to make a small business owner understand that a website is a worthy investment and not just an extra show off feature is really tough.

Adding to this, small business owners can be tight with their money. They are also very strict with what they want so to satisfy them you have to use your best skills and still it won’t be a surprise if they ask you to do some ridiculous changes in your design.

Just face the challenge and do it because these are people from which most of the freelance web designers get their first pay check.

Next you should move to the marketing department… businesses don’t mind spending money on websites because all they want is popularity to build up their business.

If you get a marketing client it is a huge success for a freelance web designer. Having marketing clients in your client list secures you of a lot of money and a good position in web designing.

However, the tough part of the game is when you are working with a marketing firm where there can be multiple internal clients having different demands and needs but also because of being an organization the decision maker is always a different person.

Quickly learn these trends and know the demands of the actual boss and work accordingly to his taste instead of others involved in the project. The other major problem with them is budget cuts and you can’t complain so you’d better sign a contract.

Then the best of all is to work with agencies and design firms because they understand the business and don’t make crazy requests. They are also regular and pay off well.

The agencies always face an excess of work which internal designers can’t handle. So, they move to trusted freelance web designers.

The tough part of the job is gaining their trust. You don’t need to worry, just build a good portfolio and keep sending them your best when they assign you a project. Once they trust you… they send you regular work. So, always try to make a network of clients.

Important Tips To Follow To Be A Successful Freelance Web Designer

1. Do not approve of everything the client wants you to do. You just do those projects you are good at and not every job out there.

This may seem like a loss to you but it helps a lot in the long run. In freelance web designing business, your portfolio depends on the perfection of your work so if you do those jobs you are not skilled enough at it will destroy your portfolio and create a bad reputation for you.

2. Do not support the people who think freelancing web designing is cheap by under charging.

As a freelancer you may not need an office and staff but still you need to earn a good living so never undersell your work. Always keep competitive prices. Charge what is reasonable.

A professional never overcharges or undercharges. It may sound easy to you but it takes a lot of experience and time to fix the exact price which satisfies everyone.

3. Try to create a bond with the client by interacting with them as much as possible within professional limits. This builds credibility and they’ll keep coming back again and again with new work.

4. Don’t think an assignment to be too small and ignore it. It may seem foolish to you to spend time on them but often the clients whom you satisfy with your work on the smaller assignments come back to you with bigger ones. In their eyes, you understand the importance of a job however it may look. This is what enhances your reputation.

5. Never begin a job without an initial deposit. Usually it is good to settle the money in two payments. One payment should be done at the beginning of the project and the other before handing over the final project.

You can be a bit liberal with the clients whom you personally trust. It makes your relationship with the client stronger and they become your repeat clients.

6. Keep your portfolio always ready and up to date. It may sound funny but many freelance web designers either don’t have a portfolio or have a bad one. This creates a negative impression on your new clients…they haven’t worked with you. When you get free time, work on making your portfolio the best it can be.

7. Don’t work all the time. Don’t over exploit yourself because then you will get bored with your work and won’t be able to focus and produce your best. Quality is the most important element.

Also, don’t waste your time surfing the net when you are free. Use the time to learn new programs and create some template designs that helps to get more customers.

Follow these easy tips and launch your freelance web designer career with confidence!

EssayWriters.net Review – The Wolf in Sheep’s Skin

EssayWriters.net is the prime academic writing company of the Universal Research Corporation. At some places, the Academic Writing Bureau is mentioned as its owner but the real owner is Universal Corporation.

EssayWriters.net ReviewBefore I review EssayWriters.net, please take 5 minutes and read my review on another similar academic writing company – FreelancerCareers.com.

Both are fraudulent at its best. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them.

Read my full EssayWriters.net review below

The advice works for both the writers and students who hire their services. Students should stay away from them because of plagiarism charges. A student can never be sure if EssayWriters.net pays the writers. Therefore, if the writers are not paid, writers can easily apply plagiarism charges.

I worked with EssayWriters.net for few months in 2009. Giving EssayWriters.net the benefit of doubt, I realize that things might have improved with them so I am basically going to present here my own experiences with a balanced approach of other criticism that I found online from credible sources.


  1. As of 2009, the company did not bother to pay on time. As of 2011, the company does pay but most of them are delayed payments.
  2. They will invariably support the client even if you are right.
  3. Irrespective of what you would read on their site regarding per page payment to be as high as $16/page, most of the writers get only $3-$4 per page, less when there are dissertations to write. Dissertations generally pay $2 per page or less.
  4. Your account can be suddenly discontinued without any explanations.
  5. They block your IP address from accessing their site once you are removed from the ‘team’.


Problem 01: There are no subject restrictions

When you sign up on the site, you come across a ‘professional’ section when you have to fill up the subjects you are willing to write about. Selection of these subjects is entirely at your will, which I feel is not a good policy because one should choose subjects they specialize in.

For instance, if you are a literature major, you can choose linguistics, history and maybe sociology but not definitely engineering and mathematics!!! EssayWriters.net allows anyone and anybody to blatantly choose all the arts; commerce and science subjects and they don’t bother to check whether the applicant is really knowledgeable.

This attitude considerably lowers the quality of paper and there is nothing authentic about it. A student does not know who is doing his/her paper. God forbid, if a history student is writing a mathematics paper, I can only imagine what the outcome will be.

Problem 02: They edit client and writer messages

Essaywriters.net has an internal messaging system where the writers are strictly told not to reveal their names or the time zone they live in.

Often I had experienced that their support system tweaks the messages and then forwards it. I could understand this by judging the client’s response.

Once a client had asked me to make some changes, around 1400 words, to his law paper, which I obviously denied because the client had not read the drafts sent before and at the last moment asked for changes. I told him that if you pay extra for the 1400 words I will change it. The client agreed.

I was waiting for his confirmation mail and other changes to the order when ‘client’ messages me again saying why should he pay more, I have to make changes without any payment. Moreover, he said the bibliography is not correct and I have to revise it.

This was but one of the instances when I felt the support system editing messages. In this particular instance, I felt that the support system was interacting with me as the ‘client’ and not the real client.

Problem 03: They don’t promote writers easily

When you start out, you are a ‘Junior’ writer. After 2 months, you can apply for ‘Intermediate’ position and after another 3-4 months, you can apply for ‘Senior’ position.
The criteria for promotion are:

  • more than 5 positive feedback
  • no more than 2 negative feedback
  • less than 10% plagiarism report
  • more than 2 months of working experience

When I applied, I had:

  • more than 10 positive feedback
  • no neutral feedback
  • no negative feedback
  • no plagiarism report
  • more than 3 months of working experience

They reverted back saying: “Thank you for your request. Our Quality Assurance Department has reviewed your request and we are sorry to say that we cannot promote you to the ‘Intermediate’ position as of now. Please try at a later date”.

I asked for reasons. I didn’t get any.

Problem 04: Rush hour delays

Do not expect to get payment on time when it is the writing season (Oct-Dec; Feb-May). Supposedly their payment department runs into technical glitches and other “unmentionable” problems right at the payment time.

Moreover, if you feel that you have been penalized wrongly, it is mandatory that you contact the support department within 3 days. However, this system is very much flawed.

For instance, if the paper deadline was 15 Sept and the client requests revision on 18 Sept, you complete the revision on 20 Sept and the penalty for whatever reason shows on your account on 21 Sept, you CANNOT contest it because their idiotic system recognizes 15 Sept as the original deadline; hence, you cannot contest.

Even if you do, they will just revert saying ‘we are going to check the paper’ and add more penalties.

Problem 05: Falsification of plagiarism reports

After few months of working with them, I noticed a 2% plagiarism charge on my account. I clicked to see the report. You won’t believe what I saw!!!

I had done a historical paper on US military. In this same paper, the Quality Assurance Department detected 2% plagiarism.

What were those?

Words and phrases like ‘and’, ‘went there’, ‘went into the house’ were marked as plagiarized!!!

By this time, I had already decided to close my account and this instance was a nail in the coffin. I waited until I received all the pending payment and closed the account.


Only positives I could find so far after analyzing my own experience and feedback from others:

1. Flexibility to close your account anytime you want.
2. Flexibility to choose your own projects

If you want to know about other EssayWriters.net problem, I request you to read the FreelancerCareers.com review. Since both websites are run and managed by the same corporation, they have the same flaws as well.

Please share your experiences below about these two sites and other academic websites you have come across.

Chitraparna Sinha founded and runs ‘Writings By Chitra‘ – a web content and academic writing service portal.

Freelancercareers.com: Review From The Writers Perspective

Unlike popular opinion out there that freelancercareers.com does not pay its writer, the truth is that they DO PAY; however, it is an academic writing portal that you should definitely stay away from if you were thinking to make it your primary source of income!

Having worked about five months there, I have realized three things:

  • the motto of this site is to slap unjustified fines on writers;
  • their Quality Assurance Department (QAD) is in serious need of brainy proofreaders;
  • No matter how correct you are, the QAD will support clients and penalize you.

To all the new and experienced academic writers out there, think thrice before signing up on this site. Read our detailed Freelancercareers.com review with evidence below.


Problem 01: Misleading Statistics Info

When you visit their home page, they show you a brief info about their company and on the left side, you are shown a brief info about the number of assignments available, highest cost of those assignments and the number of registered writers…It is easy to fall into their trap seeing those numbers…

Once you see the real number of assignments available, they are not even worth the time, forget about getting any decent pay!

On 20th July evening, the left hand bar on the home page showed this stat:

(click image to enlarge)
Freelancercareers.com Review

Check out the total order cost, available orders, most expensive order…Now see the reality…Below is the insider screen shot of the truth:

Freelancercareers.com Reviews

In reality, there were only 28 orders available and the highest available order was $506.04 as you can see…

Often I have seen that the company misleads its prospective writers this way…And if one compares the number of orders available (28) to the number of active registered writers (7521), tell me honestly, do you think there is much scope of earning any substantial amount of money here?

They are clearly overstaffed at any point of time.

Problem 02: Misleading Affiliations

Before I had signed up on freelancercareers.com, I was working with essaywriters.net but stopped once they didn’t pay me my money. Stupid that I was, I thought freelancercareers.com would be different.

I passed their test and started working with them. After completing about 5 assignments within 5 days, I noticed something…the web layout of both the sites seemed similar!!!

I emailed the support system asking whether freelancercareers.com is associated in any way with essaywriters.net…They denied…kept on denying…while my intuition said something else. I clicked every link on the site to find some evidence and viola! See the screen shot below…

Freelancercareers Review

Check the web browser and what I have marked in red.

Not only essaywriters.net, freelancercareers.com also owns superiorpapers.com, bestessays.com and rushessays.com…at least that’s what I found out when I contacted each of the sites for applying as an academic writer and they directed me to freelancercareers.com.

Moreover, twice I received phone call from freelancercareers.com and their support representative mentioned she was calling from superiorpapers.com regarding an assignment…

Just imagine how much trouble the company takes in hiding its sister sites and such untrained support people bust the bubble…LOL!

Problem 03: They Pay On Time but Their Automated Payment System Sucks!!!

They will not tell you this when you sign up and neither will you see this in their website guide or FAQ. You will know this once you experience this yourself, like I did.

Freelancercareers.com has an inbuilt useless system that keeps track of earnings. The payments are sent every 15 days. For assignment completed between 01-15 of any month are paid on the 16th of next month and for assignments completed between 15-30 of any month are paid on the 01st of next month…There is no problem here once you are regular with assignments but the problem arises when the client request for revision.

For instance, you submit an assignment on 10th July, the client downloads it and the earning is reflected in your account. According to the info above, you will receive payment for this on 16th August. Now, suppose, the client sends back the paper requesting a genuine revision on 15th July with a new deadline of 20th July, what happens? The assignment earning is removed from your balance amount, which means you won’t get paid for this assignment on 16th August but on 01st September.

When I work for freelancercareers.com, I try to ensure that the assignments are not sent back for revision but sometimes you come across irritating clients who are dissatisfied with everything you write…even if you want to shout ‘why the hell don’t you do your paper yourself?’ you have to keep your cool and basically, go with the flow. This is a serious disadvantage here.

Problem 04: They Have Devised Every Reason Possible to Apply Fines

…and they have this automated system that applies these fines. Four or five times, they applied fines on my account citing low quality paper and reference mistakes. I knew they were wrong so I contested and they had to remove all the fines but still they don’t learn…they keep on trying…well, two can play this game!

Below is a screen shot of the various kinds of fines applied, followed by my solutions; always remember that you won’t get to see this while you are applying, the hell breaks loose later!

They define fines as:

Freelancercareers Reviews

They explain fines as:

Freelancer careers Review

How can you deal with them?

[1] Order Deadline Over – if you cannot submit the order on time, ask the clients’ to “update” the time and not “extend” the deadline. If you ask for repeated extensions, fine is applied. If the client does not respond to your messages, message the support system to put the order on HOLD. Even if fine is applied later, you will have evidence of your communication to the client and the support system, and they have to remove the fine.

[2] Revision Deadline Over – usually the revision time is 24 hours, less in some cases. Meeting revision deadlines are sometimes impossible because of two reasons: different time zones and extent of revision (a dissertation can’t be revised in 24 hours!). In this case, follow the same tactic as in [1].

[3] Cancellation – the QAD draws pleasure in applying fines for submitting low quality paper. If you know the paper is not of low quality, bombard them with your reasons. The more reasons you give, they will have no option but to remove the fine. Remember that their proofreader is not worthy of their job. Why?

On one particular assignment, I had copy-pasted three paragraphs written by me at different places in the same assignment…the proofreader didn’t detect it…Amazing! The paper was through and I got paid. My small experiment paid off and proved that their proofreaders are utterly useless and lacks common sense.

This is the reason why writers are often charged with low quality paper. Don’t fall into their trap when you know there is no fault from your side. Other reasons like “writer disappeared” and “writer plagiarized” never applied to me so I didn’t face any issues.

[4] Low Quality – First, read the different definitions of low quality in the screen shot. From the five reasons listed there, I faced problem only with reason one: “inability to follow instructions”.

A paper I completed and got paid for in May was charged a $50 fine few days back. Why? Apparently, the client/student received below pass grades. Politely, I asked the support to send me the teacher’s feedback given to the student. The teacher had written that even though the arguments in the essay were strong and relevant, the student didn’t apply essays/concepts from the term module.

I checked the order page to see if I had missed reading any essays/concepts uploaded by the client/student. I did not. To make a long story short, the client/student had not uploaded all the essays from his term module and therefore, the below pass grades.

Well, guess who suffered? ME!! I couldn’t get this simple explanation pass their dumb minds that it was not my fault…

I can only advise to handle such situations carefully.

[5] Plagiarism – This is one aspect where it is justified to apply fines!!!

[6] Partially Refunded Order & Refund – Read point [4], it’s the same.

[7] Late Reassign Request – Once you accept an order, you are given 15 minutes to refuse it. If you feel the need to request reassignment of order/s, do so before half of the deadline is over and you won’t be penalized. If you request reassignment at the last moment, the whole project fees will be deducted from your account.

[8] Others – Try not violating any of the rules in this section. Whatever the case maybe, never be rude with the client or disappear or ask for repeated extensions. Doing so will be in your favor only.

Problem 05: Non-Disclosure of Company Details

I read online that freelancercareers.com, essaywriters.net and other sister companies are owned by a Russian entrepreneur and this guy has been in this business for the last 15 years. Oh boy, he must be an unnamed millionaire!!!

Also, the company, registered under Universal Research, doesn’t take pride in owning their presence online. This further questions their authenticity. I mean, if you are legitimate, why don’t the owners come forward?

Upon further research, I found various numerous complaints about the company are registered at Better Business Bureau. Further, the Universal Research is a bogus company name that not only indulges in academic work but also TV gadget promotions and pornography.

Problem 06: Payment Receiving Problems

Presently, freelancercareers.com pays through PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay and Wire Transfer. I have used only PayPal and MoneyBookers so far. There were no problems with payment processing in PayPal but the second time I received payment from freelancercareers.com in MoneyBookers, they stopped my withdrawals. They emailed me to re-verify my account by sending an account statement, especially the last transaction sent from freelancercareers.com. See the screen shot:

Freelancer careers Reviews

The transaction marked in ‘red’ is the one from freelancercareers.com. Perhaps, MoneyBookers had some doubts regarding the sender of the payment. If you face a similar situation, its better you submit full verification details and get the account limits withdrawn.

Problem 07: Cost per Page is LOW 95% of the Time

The remaining 5% gives at least a better cost per page (min 275 words, double-spaced per page), ranging between $8 and $14 per page. Further, their inbuilt system is such that they pay more when the deadline is closing near.

Often I have seen 2-3 page assignments paying $40 per page and the deadline is like 2-3 hours. But don’t jump at seeing the page count because the project is so tough that you need 3-4 days to complete them. This kind of system is nothing but a lure. Out of greed, a writer might take them but failure to adhere the deadline results in penalty.

Finally, your chance of getting projects with better per page cost is very slim given the high number of writers available. As a result, you are mostly in the 95% category where you are paid between $2 and $8 per page.

NOTE: When you take higher paying projects, be assured that one day or the other, you are going to receive a low quality paper feedback. That’s their way to scam writers out of their hard earned money.

I will tell you two tricks I devised to turn back the ball into their court. Of course, before applying these, you have to be sure that there are no faults in the paper from your side. The tricks are:

[1] Apply this trick when the QAD is acting smart and there is no problem with the client. Subtly insinuate that you are going to publish the paper online in few hours if the issue is not resolved. Yes, you will risk your earnings on this paper but it’s worth it. Knowing this the QAD has to give in because they know that if you publish the paper online and at the same time, the client/student submits the paper in his school/university and the teacher finds out, the student’s career will be in trouble.

[2] Apply this trick when both the QAD and the client is trying to rub you on the wrong side. But for this trick you need to know where the client/student is studying. How do you find that? Check the assignment instructions! You can clearly state that if the issue is not resolved in few hours, you are going to call the school/university and report the client/student. This will silence both the QAD and the client/student.

I know both the tricks sound like manipulation but what else can we writers do if we are denied our hard earned earnings??? Once again, I will state – apply the above tricks only if you are damn sure there is nothing wrong with the assignment from your side.

Problem 08: Quitting / Account Closing

If you are already a member there and thinking of quitting or closing freelancercareers.com account, do so after there are no pending payments in your account. If there are, they will withhold them for 90 days mandatory period, during which all your assignments will undergo a rechecking (again a way to apply fines!).

You have to be patient here. Make sure you receive all your earnings and while you are waiting, log in occasionally to randomly check orders…they will know you are still ‘active’ in their system.


There is not much to appreciate, except these three:

[1] They pay on time, always. At least, I have never faced any kind of payment delays.
[2] Their plagiarism rules are strict in a good way.
[3] There are no membership fees.

In the end, I can only hope that you will take note of the above review positively and make an informed decision about joining this company. This review may seem negative to those who are still trying to find a legitimate way of making money online but don’t be dissuaded, there are other legitimate companies out there!!!

If you have experienced other issues with freelancercareers.com or any of their sister sites, kindly share your experience below

Chitraparna Sinha founded and run ‘Writings By Chitra’ – a web content and academic writing service portal.

6 Tips – How to Avoid Freelance Scams

In the last few years, freelancing has become a preferred way of earning a second source of income. For some people like writers, web developers, journalists and online designers, freelancing is their primary source of income.

Freelance ScamsOwing to the vast economic problems in both developed and developing countries, people find it lucrative to work online and earn a decent amount of money.

How to Avoid Freelance Scams

As a beginner, you can become a victim of online freelance scams. The scammers are not behind: as numerous freelance opportunities emerge, they find new ways to scam people online.

You won’t find mailer-list scams as you would have five or six years back, but today you will come across more serious scams that really look authentic, erasing the subtle features that distinguished genuine money making online opportunities from scams.

Common Types of Freelance Scams or Work from Home Scams:

[1] Ad Typing Jobs
[2] Home Product Assembly
[3] Envelope Stuffing
[4] Medical Billing
[5] Multi-Level Marketing Affiliations (where no ‘real’ product-selling is not involved)
[6] Email Processing Jobs
[7] Book Typing Jobs

Basically, any advertisement that promises huge earning potential with little time input and no details whatsoever should be completely avoided.

Since scammers are also brainy intelligent people, they too have found ways to make their so-called make money online businesses too lucrative for people to resist. If you have found any freelancing or work from home that falls in the above common types, here are some warning signs you should be looking out for and some steps that you can take to make sure the jobs are genuine.

[1] Avoid any kind of work from home or freelance jobs that requires you to actively participate in seminars, that is, the company asks you to attend seminars to actually know how the work from home option works.

Please note that there are some genuine companies, mostly writing companies, which sometimes organize meetings to train freelancers regarding work profiles.

If you have been contacted by such a company and it’s located in your state, you can take a chance and visit. Otherwise, if it’s a company selling products and requires you to learn about direct selling, it’s best to avoid.

[2] The payment you are supposed to receive is either too good to be true or is based on advertising revenue. These kinds of freelancing offers should be avoided as well.

For instance, if you are a newbie and a freelance writing gig offers you $500 for a 500 word blog post, it’s clearly a scam. Again, freelance writing gigs based on advertising revenue may not be a scam per se but it’s not a beneficial way of earning. Why? Where is the guarantee that your blog or article will lead to advertisement clicks? Is there any? No.

[3] If you find freelance opportunities too good to be true, you need to perform a background search.

For instance, check the Yellow Pages for a record, do a WhoIs online search for website details, search about any complaints against the company in BBB (Better Business Bureau) records, or you can check with the states general’s office and ask for work from home scams (if any) are registered against the company.

[4] Never fall for freelance gigs that ask you to send money either for more information or to get a membership.

For instance, freelance websites like freelancer.com, elance.com, guru.com or odesk.com do not have a mandatory policy to take memberships. If you want or feel that a membership will benefit you, you can purchase monthly memberships, otherwise, these freelance sites are free to use and their genuineness is time proven.

Be careful of individuals who ask for money to send work from home details. They are surely scams.

[5] You should never take any kind of home freelance jobs at face value. Never take them for granted. Perhaps the only disadvantage of freelance work is that there is no sense of permanency or certainty with jobs.

The job you are doing now may continue for 2 months or 2 years, who knows? Therefore, if you are associating yourself with any company that offers a freelance/work from home option, try to get contractual work.

[6] Favor working with those people or companies that have a social media presence like a page on Facebook, a Twitter account, active blogs or active participation in forums. Such people or companies are more genuine than those without any social media presence.

Finally, the best ways to steer clear of work from home scams or freelance scams is to Google the company name or the individual’s name and see what kind of responses you get. In the end, the judgment is yours.

Have you been scammed? Share your story below…