Earning Money as a Link Builder

By now you must know the importance of websites, articles and their advantages, right?

But while searching something on Google, have you ever thought from where the websites which lists on the first page as a result of your search comes from?

Link BuilderNo? Then let me tell you that’s where the concept of link building comes in and its the role of the link builder to make sure that a website reaches the top of Google’s search pages.

In our further discussion on this page, we will look at how link building is done – how important the role of the link builder is and what kind of earning can a person get from the business of link building.

Role of Link Building

Think about searching something on Internet; let’s say you search about health. The first thing that comes in your mind is to Google it or I would say searching it in Google, right?

Okay…do it, put the word ‘health’ in the Google search box and hit the “Enter” button. Within a few seconds, you will find 10 websites listed on the page in front of you as a result of your search – and you will at least find 10 such other pages with a few more websites.

What are all these? Where did they come from? Why only these sites and not others?

To answer all these questions, let us understand how these websites come to the top of Google’s search engine results.

To understand the same, we will take an example of article or content written on the subject of health. Let’s say, when you write an article and publish it online, it goes out as a webpage across the Internet which can be accessed by all users across the world.

But the thing is that your particular page will only be accessed by people if they know your web URL and out of all Internet users, less than 0.5% of people would be in know of it. So, what about the remaining 99.5%?

Whatever number of visitors come to your site is the result of the Google search engine page rankings – directing them to visit your site as the particular webpage containing the health-related information people are searching.

These visitors or clicks on your webpage are known as Internet traffic and through the process of link building, you can generate this traffic.

This traffic contributes highest towards getting your site to the top of the list. Link Building is one of the most important aspects of generating traffic to your website. So, let us first understand more about link building.

What is link building?

Link building is a process to create inbound web links to a particular website. That can be done via search engines, web directories, and newsletters, listing in Ezine articles or through reciprocal links.

Let us understand a bit more about one of these link building techniques…the reciprocal links.

Reciprocal link is also known as link exchange in which two webmasters or website owners consent mutually to show each other’s website link on their respective website.

Once reciprocal link building is done, a number of websites that link to a website is counted as link popularity, which helps to increase the visibility of a particular website in the search engine results.

Benefits of Link Building

  1. Link Building’s biggest advantage is to get quality traffic towards a website from other relevant websites.
  2. When a website has quality links to it, it will be seen as an important resource of information.
  3. Link building also helps in creating visibility, awareness and credibility for a website.
  4. With the link building towards a website, it gets good exposure towards search engine results.
  5. Link Building also helps websites to get indexed in search engines.

In today’s world, incoming web links have become an important aspect for all the websites and their worth is pretty high. In fact, there are many different online companies that just work on link building as a business.

Moreover, the process of link building is pretty simple as well. To build links to your website, you can write a few simple articles with the subject that describes the basic theme/purpose of your website and at the end of the article; a link to your website is attached.

Visit Ezine.com to understand what I mean. In fact, there are many websites where you can submit articles with as little as 150 words and believe me… such websites too can really generate links for your website.

Career as a Professional Link Builder

If you are inclined towards using your technical learning online and earn in the process, nothing can be as good as working as a professional link builder.

As a link builder, you can take up the profession as a freelancer. It’s not just limited to that; with the business of link building, you can think of having your own organization which can provide link building services for many websites.

To start your career as a professional link builder, you can begin with learning the basics of link building and then you can find freelancing projects available on the Internet.

Another source is to directly apply to companies looking for link building freelancers. Such companies hire the services of link builders on a contractual basis.

Meanwhile, you can also build your own website through free website building tools and then you can build links for your own website as well.

What this will do is give you an experience about link building as well as you will also be able show your experience to new and prospective clients.

This strategy will definitely give you an edge over other providers. Once you start doing projects, you can think of taking it as a professional business and can also think of expanding it with hiring a few more link building aspirants.

Actually, a website has become a trend these days and there are many website owners out there in the market who are looking for link builders capable of creating higher rankings to their websites.

This means that there is nothing to worry for you as a link builder about not getting projects. There are ample opportunities for link builders, you just have to identify and grab them…

Let me show you something…

My lovely – professional partner which we know him by “Casper,” started to offer link building services to offline clients; dentists – lawyers – chiropractors etc., at the end of May 2008… and just in the month of June, he worked his way up to 12 clients and made over $6,000.

Check out his screenshot:

The greatest thing about a link building service is those clients continue to pay him for his service month after month.

By November 2008 – 6 months later, he had 28 clients and more than a few of them have more than one website… now raking in almost $14,000 a month.

He continued to offer his link building service in 2009 and in the those 12 months he made well over $100,000.

He stop offering these services in 2010 because he started other business ventures but still has clients paying him today…

Actually, many of his old clients still contact him for help today with their link building strategies on new sites they have set up.

So after viewing his screenshots, you can see that creating your very own link building service online or offline, is a great way to make some serious money.

Don’t forget to download our totally free guide on “Link Domination” if you’re looking to master the link wheel building skills.

Tip from Casper: If you want to launch your own link building service and don’t want to start with offline clients you can always offer your services on fiverr.com or sites sitepointmarket.com, warriorforum.com, digitalpoint.com etc…