Using Facebook Timeline for Business

On March 2012, another new feature rolled out from Facebook’s stable – Timeline. Facebook Timeline feature allows users to customize their profile page, making it more user-friendly and stylish, even though some people do tend to disagree! Lately, the Facebook timeline feature has emerged as the new trend to promote business online.

Facebook TimelineIn this post, we will discuss:

– What is Timeline?
– What are the existing features of Timeline?
– How you can implement Timeline for your business campaign?

Let us discuss them one by one.

What Is Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is a chronological layout or structure given to users’ Facebook profile. It converts an existing Facebook profile into the new layout with a list of recent updates to the overall summary of the user’s activity from the date of joining. This Facebook customization is divided into two columns.

  • First vertical column is for adding user’s cover page.
  • Next column has the user’s recent updates and shared activities.

Timeline can also disable unwanted updates from profile. It works on an integrated platform to customize the user profile and to promote business in an easy format.

Features of Facebook Timeline

Timeline is beneficial not only for personal purposes, but for commercial purposes as well. Before we move on to how you can turn Facebook into an interesting platform for business promotion, let me first discuss what’s new with Facebook Timeline and its various features.

1. Profile Cover Photo:

The most demanding feature of Facebook was the cover photo add-on to the profile. Considering the demand, Facebook Timeline enabled users with the facility to add 851 x 315 pixels photo on profile page.

Adding a cover photo on the profile for the first time is very easy. The user just has to click on “Add cover photo.” The option is placed at the upper-right side of the Timeline page. If the user wants to update an existing cover photo, profile is enabled with “Change Cover” option when hovering mouse over cover photo.

2. Pinning Posts:

Facebook Timeline allows to “pin” a post to its users. The pinned posts are valid for seven days. This means the user can remain abreast of development concerning people, brands and other chosen things.

For example, if you are planning a get-together with your school friends this weekend, you can simply ‘pin’ an informative post regarding the gathering date, place and time. The number of updates from your friends on this page will be easily seen on your profile pin board.

3. Customizing Apps:

Facebook has updated its application tab placed at the middle-left side of the user’s profile page while enabling Timeline. The new timeline enabled profile has a limit of 12 apps on the wall.  However, only 4 apps are visible at a time on the Timeline page.

The first app is by default the same as the earlier Facebook wall. It is reserved for users to add new photos, update them and delete existing photos. The remaining three apps are definable by the users. Some of the common apps users most use are the “Like” buttons, video opt-in applications and email opt-in applications from the applications tab.

One of the best things I like about the application update is the ability to customize the app visibility according to the user’s choice. This helps in controlling who gets to see your apps and its activities.

Business Integration with Facebook Timeline

In an era of fierce online marketing, marketers are eager to find different online marketing innovations to promote their business in as customized format as possible. After the announcement for Timeline, marketers began to speculate the best way to use timeline for marketing. Keeping the online marketing campaign in mind, I sorted out the following promotional activities from Timeline.

  • Business Optimization With Cover Photo:

Cover Photo of Timeline profile is the first step for business promotion. The user can create a profile cover photo banner displaying business details like name, tagline, email id, contact number and location.

Corporate people are highly dedicated towards business logos as it directs the audience towards business and its services. The timeline is the perfect place for business promotion. For the self employed people too, a cover photo of their services enables various opportunities to connect with clients across the globe.

  • Provide Business History To Client Satisfaction:

Hiring an organization to accomplish certain tasks is not an easy matter for any client. Finding the organization’s history, its completed projects and business growth in the past years provide credibility to the client towards business services. Timeline allows highlighting business history and its achievements on its user’s profile. This indirectly promotes business products and services.

  • Easy Campaign Visibility:

Launching new products or services is not successful until they are not promoted globally. If an organization really wants to do so, it needs to use Timeline. The ‘Pin to top’ on the Timeline profile enables people to post promotional activities and position them at the top of their profile page.

As described earlier, validity of this pinning facility is for seven days. The seven days validity is beneficial for those people who constantly add promotional details on their business pages. This keeps their business profile fresh for their regular visitors or customers.

  • Managing Campaign:

Whenever you want to edit or organize your product name and images, Timeline provides an easy but effective campaign management facility.  Businesses can assign images to its products for individual campaigns with the custom tab facility.

  • Effective Image Branding:

Business branding with Facebook Timeline is much easier than other modes of brandings. Individual pages as well as product campaigns can be optimized easily with Timeline. Enabling business videos with the Timeline ‘Video App’ enhances the visual brand image of the business.

  • Timeline Apps Showcase:

Customized tabs and the capacity to add twelve apps with the Timeline business profile has begun to attract corporate people to integrate their business page on Timeline. This integrated version of Facebook provides the facility to put four apps on Timeline profile at a time.

Generally, business profiles customize this facility with email app, video and photo sharing apps, Business logo apps and “pin a post” app.

  • Business Likes At Timeline:

‘Page Likes’ is not new to Facebook users. Timeline has enabled the same feature for business page promotions too.  This is the essential and most demanding feature with every business on Facebook since it directs the audience towards a landing page. When the user clicks or hovers on ‘Like button,’ the user can click ‘Like’ and ‘add to interest List.’

  •  Extended Post Facility:

Business profiles on Facebook can make use of the extended post feature, allowing the webmaster to post about products and services in a more descriptive format.  To activate this facility on Timeline page, the user just has to go to the business post and click the ‘star’ icon. This will enable extra space to post complete the description of the chosen business post.

  • Receive Private Messages From Visitors:

Business profiles customized with Timeline format enables visitors to send private messages to the profile admin without getting associated to the business page. People who don’t want to enable this feature can turn it off through the page setting option.

However, this integrated version is highly in demand amongst business people since it can be utilized in getting customer feedback for their products and services in a comfortable manner.

Essential Business Practices

Besides the above mentioned features, you need to utilize the following measures to make use of Facebook promotions adequately.

1. Micro Blogging:

As Facebook has expanded its post space facility up to 5000 characters, micro-blogging for your business products and services becomes easier now. You may not have a separate blog but turn Facebook into a blogging space.

2. Audience Engagement:

Post your business updates, questions related to your services, polls and business forums to keep engaging your regular visitors, which is a necessity these days for steady brand promotion and brand building.

3. Be a Client Resource:

Do something to make the Facebook business page resourceful towards new and old clients. For instance, uploading business statistics, links and useful facts helps a lot.

4. Request Feedback:

Requesting customer feedback for your business posts or services adds value to your business promotion. Also, it holds the visitors’ attention towards your commercial posts.

These were some essential promotional practices you need to utilize for effective Facebook business promotion. 

Facebook Timeline Summary

Various big organizations are adopting marketing campaigns with Timeline and getting good results. The Timeline features help businesses to keep the users engaged and transparent to audiences. Market research proves that Facebook social media promotion is actually helping small and large businesses to develop long term relations with their consumers.

Facebook Timeline is an integrated platform for both the business people and consumers. I hope that this discussion will help you to jump start business promotion on Facebook timeline. If you are already doing these things, do share your experience with us below.

Good Luck!

10 Tips to Create the Best Facebook Fan Page

Facebook has become one of the most visited sites by several people of different ages. Thanks to the person who invented it – Mark Zuckerberg.

People create fan pages on Facebook for many purposes. It helps in roping more traffic to your website. This is one good way to promote business and sales.

Create Facebook Fan PageIn short, Facebook can be used as a major tool in improving your business and an easy way to communicate with your customers.

If you have just started your business or running a small business and looking forward to making it big, you will need a good marketing plan for Facebook and create an attractive Facebook fan page to have direct contact with your customers and understand their needs.

People will like to share their views and ideas with you and if you respond to them positively, increasing the number of fans on your Facebook fan page will be a breeze.

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

Here are some useful tips for creating a good Facebook fan page that can bring you amazing results.

1. Keep in mind your goal:

It would be great if you are aware about the goal that you want to achieve by creating a Facebook fan page. You can also mention about it to the visitors and fans to be a little personal and create a quick good relationship.

2. Know your audience:

Most people think that Facebook interests only teenagers and young adults. This is not true. According to a report, people who are in the age group between 35 and 55 visit and join Facebook more frequently.

Therefore, your Facebook should include content that interests not only young people but elder people as well.

3. Add present customers on your Facebook to attract more customers:

If you have just created a Facebook fan page and want to increase the number of customers, you can add the customers who are in contact with you at present. This will help in building trust in the new visitors and invite more visitors on your Facebook fan pages.

4. Use good pictures:

Facebook is a better place to share photos with friends and visitors on the web. People will love to see pictures and so you can show more of your company.

If you have some photos that show some of your customers, they can be included on your Facebook Page to build the level of trust in the new visitors and they will be ready to share views and consider your business. Also, if you have any useful YouTube videos you can post them on your Facebook page.

5. Be creative and unique:

The purpose of Facebook is to increase the traffic. Therefore, your Facebook page should have something interesting that can attract a person at the very first visit. This will drive the person to this page more often and also may let others know about your Facebook Page. The design of the Facebook Page is one major part that people consider in deciding whether to visit again or not.

There is nothing wrong in taking a look at other great Facebook fan pages. Only thing you should be careful about is not copying the design or creating something similar. People will not be interested to see the same thing.

6. Give goodies to attract visitors:

You can offer a gift voucher, coupon, eBook, or anything to attract visitors; especially if you have just created your Facebook and want people to know about it.

For example:

Best Facebook Fan Page

You can look what your competitors are offering and what the people are interested in about other competitors. This is just to give an idea and not to follow what your competitors do. What you need to do is to come up with something interesting that is not available anywhere else.

If you are not interested in doing this, you can at least give a quick message saying ‘Thanks!’ for visiting your Facebook Page. Also, a quick response to the comments of your visitors will also attract people.

7. Use contests:

You can include contests on your Facebook Page which will interest most of the people. If you give something in return, it will be an added advantage to increase the visitors. This will also help in promoting your business or brand within a short period.

8. Integrate social networks like Twitter on your Facebook:

You can use a good number of Facebook applications like Flickr or Twitter which are standard settings to make your Facebook fan pages look better and attract more visitors on your Facebook.

9. Keep updating:

Facebook Pages can be used as a good media to post the latest news and events that are going on in your company. Your customers will be interested to know about the upcoming new products or services.

You can also provide some links on your Facebook that are about newly added events and news. You should keep updating with hot news about your company to impress your customers.

You can post photos of recent events on your Facebook. Such photos can attract visitors faster and create a better engagement with the customers. You can add some useful content mentioning about the new approach of your company that would interest your readers. Also, remember to make it look rich and attractive by using creative resources.

10. Create a good landing page:

You can make the landing page as the welcoming page to attract the visitors. You can show your encouragement on their ‘Likes’ on this page. If you add some useful information about your company or brand on the landing page, it would be beneficial for you as well as for your customers.

You should not let your new visitors land on your wall because your visitors will not have any information about your company here and may not show interest in visiting your Facebook Page again. It would be better if they visit this place in the end during their first visit.


These ten tips and how to create a fan page on facebook video can be very useful to create the best Facebook fan page. If you want to have a great number of fans, you need to improve engagement where your fans and subscribers can be built and keep increasing them to have more and more visitors to your Facebook fan page.

If you manage to keep good engagements and have pleasing ‘Likes’ you will succeed in increasing the visitors to your Facebook.

However, make sure that you can easily respond to the views, ideas, and comments of the customers. This is one good way to have a successful business which will help you pay your bills on time and have a wonderful vacation!

Next we will present a top list of Facebook Fan Pages. Keep watching!

How to Use Networked Blogs for Marketing on Facebook?

The popularity of Facebook remains undisputed. With a page rank of 10, its one of the most visited social networking sites in the world.

Networked BlogsThis site can be one of the best places for marketing your products and services. We can do this just by using an application which is offered by Facebook itself. We can create a page for our brands or services then we ask our friends on Facebook to promote it further, which will enhance readership and website traffic.

The application we are talking about is Networked Blogs. Networked Blogs by Ninva is used by millions of bloggers to syndicate their blog/s and create a community of like-minded bloggers to share content.

How to Use Networked Blogs for Marketing?

The first thing to do in using Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook is to create a Facebook page for your product or your business.  To do this, you’ll have to go to an option of creating a page, which is available on the home page of Facebook. This is an impeccable way of promoting your business by putting detailed and relevant information about your products and services.

Creating a page for your business does not require a Facebook user to be your friend to follow your blog. Once the page is created, anyone on Facebook can read it and follow it…

After creating a page, write a blog post about your business. To look more professional on the Internet, buy your own domain from any hosting service. But if you are a small business owner, you can initially start on the Blogger or WordPress platform. Choose the features of the blogger application like templates or you can download a template that suits your business. Choosing the right template is really important to give a professional appearance to your blog visitors.

After a blog is created properly, now it’s time to reach out for audiences who can help you in expanding your business. There are many people who are also writing blogs on Facebook about their business. Reach out to them but don’t go to those users who are dealing with same nature of work as yours.

Search for complimentary bloggers. If you are manufacturing some products, then associate yourself with those bloggers who are interested in your product and is interested in promoting them.

Networked Blogs comes in handy here because its features allow you to search, add, follow and communicate with chosen bloggers. This will help both of you in expanding your business with the Networked Blogs apps on Facebook.

While using Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook, request your friends, family members, and your colleagues, to help you in expanding the readership of your blog.

Ask them to promote it so that it can reach to most of the people on the social network because if your brand is good, many people will become interested. The trick is to get the word out. Some people can also help you in promoting your blog simply by commenting on it.

Be cautious about spamming; don’t spam users with your products. Just be yourself and allow the people to understand your business on their own. Interested people will automatically come to your page and share their views with you.

When using Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook, you should regularly keep posting information about your products to keep people aware about the changes and new additions in your business to get free traffic from facebook. You can post updates like discount offers or contests and others, which can further enhance your chances of getting a business opportunity on Facebook.

But then you also have to be a little careful – don’t show unnecessary information to people because once your image gets stamped as a spammer, it will become very hard to get your page followed.

You can give life to your business page by adding photos, vibrant looks and exclusive information about your product and service.

Use videos to show people how your firm looks and what your business environment is. Your page should look unique and in line with your work; it should not give confusing information about what you do.


Don’t use Networked Blogs on Facebook just for selling your product or services. It’s not meant for that purpose only and it will also not work for you.

Besides this, it’s also not good for your page and blog because if the people start to ignore it, you’ll certainly lose the chance of promoting your product on this social networking site.

Facebook is for interacting with your followers. So interact with them properly and brief them about your product and services; don’t try to sell your products and services forcibly over there.

Also, don’t forget to post links on your page regularly for your followers to visit. Moreover, your blog should be social media optimized for you to know how many people are ‘liking’ or tweeting your content.

The interested users will certainly go through your links and they can also promote it to enhance your chances of being viewed by thousands of new eyes in just few days. You know what popularity means when you are already in the minds of several people and they know what you are up to.

Use a correct number of keywords in your blog; don’t overuse them, as it can become a spammy type of an article or a particularly advertising one. Always remember that while using Networked Blogs on Facebook, we should interact with our customers and clients.


These are some of the most important ways to use Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook. You can customize all these steps as per your requirements.  

Take as much care as you can when posting any information. The social networking sites like Facebook can be a tremendous tool for marketing, only when it is used properly and carefully.

Are you using Networked Blogs? Let us know…

10 Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Google Plus or…which is easier to type? Obviously! This is the smallest example that’s enough to define how Facebook is a better option than Google Plus.

Facebook Google PlusNo other brain battle can get more intense than the world war between Google Plus and Facebook. USA Today, the most popular newspaper of the U.S.A.surveyed 20,000 users of social networking sites and found that 84% of these users use Facebook.

Even though the survey took into consideration Facebook users from the US only, it proves that Facebook is dominating social networking sites on the Internet. Facebook has always covered huge amounts of traffic in the Google plus vs. Facebook war.

Facebook has given new thoughts, games, applications and exciting features to its 750 million users and is constantly moving ahead in the war.

How Facebook is better than Google+?

The one who dominates add its competitors day by day. Considering the fact that Google has tried to attract Internet savvies to join its new social networking hub ‘The Google+’.  However, Google+ is nothing but an advanced version of Orkut.

In the past, Google has tried to cover maximum social networking attention by its products Orkut, Buzz and Wave.  Amongst these three, Wave and Buzz were lackluster. On the other hand, successful marketing campaigns acquired by Facebook has gradually enhanced its ranking and within 3 years, Facebook has emerged as the top social networking hub for Internet users globally.

Let’s sort out a feature-by-feature comparison between these two social networks. You will easily observe such a comparison that Facebook and Google + are offering almost “xeroxed” functionalities of each other.

  1. “Likes” and +1 – Every user is quite familiar with the “likes” option in Facebook. With Facebook likes, users can add a “likes” tag on their choice of snaps, feed comments, etc… The chosen “likes” by the user is highlighted on his/her friend’s profile.  Google plus provides the same functionality as the “+1” option.
  2. Little upgrade to Group sharing – Facebook provides a facility of sharing personal information, snaps, and updates to the choicest of people. For this, users need to create different groups according to the priorities of his friends.

    Facebook provides the feature of information abstractions between groups. Users can easily share his personals to his choice of people by keeping the same information hidden from other people.

    Same approach has been adopted by Google+ in its customized option “Circles.” However, this option is quite user friendly and easy to handle as compared to Facebook.

  3. Chat servicesGoogle Talk is the older and widely used Chat platform of Google. Google+ uses the same Google talk server on “Google Hangout.” This “hangout” chat application is almost the same as Facebook chat and provides the same chat functionality as Facebook.

    Facebook chat improved its chat application 2 months before and introduced group chat functionality on Facebook via Skype. Also its video calling facility is more effective than that of Google talk.

  4. Private Messaging – Like the Facebook messaging system, Google Plus doesn’t provide any sending report. That’s why people prefer to use Facebook as compared to Google+ since its integrated chat and messages system allows the user to get messages even when he/she is offline.
  5. Compatibility to mobile devices – It cannot be denied that Facebook doesn’t provide separate chat applications for mobile devices. Therefore, users have to install an eBuddy application which supports Facebook chat platform for mobiles. On the other hand, Google+ is compatible only with the Android devices. That means, other mobile devices like Nokia, Samsung and other brands which don’t have Android or a similar level of an Operating System cannot access Google+. Facebook can be accessed from any mobile devices, even compatible with those who don’t have an Android operating system.
  6. Add brand value to business via Facebook – This is the most appreciative facility provided by Facebook. Creating a fan page or business page representing a business or organization doesn’t only provide traffic to the business website but also enhances the brand value of the business. People attach themselves to business services and products after seeing associated business pages on Facebook. Google+ doesn’t allow creating any business pages on it YET.
  7. Ask whatever you want to – Facebook provides a user friendly environment and therefore, it has maintained its status as the most popular social networking platform worldwide. People not only share their thoughts and ideas with their friends, but they are also provided with the facility to ask anything to their friends. Facebook provides polls on profile’s Walls where users have the freedom to share anything with his/her friends. Google plus doesn’t provide such an interesting facility to its users YET.
  8. Get friend’s location in clicksFacebook Place is the new and most interesting facility appreciated worldwide. Users can now search their Facebook friend’s location by just using this facility.

    Google+ also offers the same service via “Google Location”, but it is not as effective as the “Facebook Place” feature. However, Google is planning to introduce a new feature which will allow users to add their information and their approx. location on “Google Location” in its next updates.

  9. Fun and Entertainment zone – Facebook is an ocean of interactive games and funny applications to enjoy life by social networking and thus, it is known as the king of online gaming zones. Google+, besides social networking, doesn’t provide any interesting platforms to enjoy with friends.
  10. Better security aspects – Facebook has various beneficial security updates to protect users profiles from being hacked. In Facebook, users cannot manually modify or control private interaction with other Facebook users with the help of any third party application.

    Google+ also has various security controls for every aspect but Google plus Chrome Extension can help hackers to attack users profiles by redefining and adding dangerous functionalities on Google+ profile.

It is very difficult to accept that Google+ will dominate the social networking arena in the near future by keeping the same functionalities as that of Facebook. Consequently, Facebook with its various interesting features is succeeding in the Google+ vs. Facebook battle.

Which do you like better? Let us know below…

10 Reasons Why Google + is Better Than Facebook?

The Google Plus is the final nail in the coffin for Facebook. Google Plus seems to have fulfilled the only lacking factor for Google Inc. – its own social networking platform that can compete with Facebook.

10 Reasons Why Google + is Better Than Facebook?While researching google plus vs facebook for this piece, I came across several user comments hailing Google as the ‘undisputed power’ or ‘undisputed giant’ online. Well…it might be true!

Come to think of it, Google now owns the largest advertising revenue sharing network; the biggest free video sharing network (YouTube), a large blogger network and now it’s on its way to become the biggest social networking site ever.

I am not being biased…simply stating the popular mass mentality about google + vs facebook.

Let’s look at the 10 reasons why Google Plus is better than Facebook

  1. Clears Clutter with Tagging Control – Facebook allows everyone to tag photos and does not inform its users. This interferes with one’s privacy because a person is still tagged even if the person does not want to be tagged. In contrast, Google + allows you to choose people who can tag you and whether they are allowed to mention the location of tagging. When you use Google +, the option to tag is enabled for every user. You can change this setting and choose the circles who can tag you.
  1. Huddle Mobile Application – The mobile application used by Facebook does not match Google + innovative Huddle mobile app. The application gives Google + users better connectivity via mobile phone through an integrated social network platform – Huddle. It is a chat application to communicate with your Circles and it is especially suitable for Android users. For those who are still using a Smartphone like Blackberry and iPhone, they can use the HTML 5 apps of Google +.
  1. Enhanced Privacy Control – While Facebook is a firm believer of making everything public, Google + believes in the privacy of its users. Constant Facebook updates are destroying whatever privacy users enjoyed previously. Even if you delete your account, the status reflects it! Trying desperately to compete with Google +, Facebook has banned exporting your contacts and pictures out of Facebook into Google. To make Google + more user-friendly, it introduced Google Takeout which allows users to export pictures, profile details, stream and contacts to anywhere the user wants.
  1. Geo-Tagging – When Google + was launched, Facebook didn’t have any way of sharing the location of users on the Facebook wall. But again, Facebook wants to beat the competition and thus introduced its own geo-tagging feature. However, the credit for originality goes to Google + that shares the current location of the user with his/her Circles. This feature has to be enabled as it is disabled by default.
  1. Friend List Management – Google has introduced the concept of Circles where users create their own circles, name them and categorize their contacts accordingly. While some many find this feature time consuming, especially those with a large number of friends list, it is nonetheless essential to categorize for privacy reasons. You may not want to share a stream with ‘colleagues’ but you would share with your ‘friends’…. Google + Circles helps allow you to do this. You can use the HTML 5 drag and drop feature to list your friends in Circles. This interface is much better than Facebook, which has also introduced its own ‘listing’ segment but using it is definitely messy.
  1. It’s a Complete Package – Now you don’t need to log in to Facebook and say ‘Hi’ to your office staff or catch up with your friends by logging in separately to any other social media platform. With Google +, you have better business production and social life all concentrated into one place. You have access to calendars, its application market, word processing, GTalk, Gmail and a host of other applications at one place….a complete package!!!
  1. Google + Hangout – Facebook is way behind Google + when it comes to video chatting. True, Facebook sealed a deal with Skype and just introduced the video chat feature but what Google + did is far better because you can actually see and speak with others without worrying about quality as Google has enhanced its processor speed and video chat quality which is much better than what Skype can manage at this time. You can create your Hangout zones through Google + profile page, invite friends and chat away!
  1. It’s a Top Search Engine Company – Google is a brand. Period. It can stand alone on its own without getting involved in other third party groups. The fact that it has merged with other online companies to widen their productivity and connection shows its brand power. Google has experience to challenge any competitors. Introducing Google + solidifies its online brand.
  1. Google + Games – Are you bored with Farmville and FishVille? Those are decidedly games for kids. If you want a stress buster at the end of the day or something to churn your mind and help you concentrate better, head over to Google + Sparks. Here you can find stuff you are interested in easily, right from fashion to music… you just place your search and Sparks will send stuff related to your interest.
  1. No Advertisements – This might change in the future but as of now Google + does not have any advertisements while Facebook has lots of them. Facebook, even though it is free, looks more like a business platform day-by-day. It maybe possible Google will start placing ads as well, but as of now, it is perfect. Google + is also thinking of intruding a business page for users where, I think, all the advertisement placements should be directed.

These were your 10 reasons why Google + is better than Facebook. Google + is in the beginning stages so we all have to wait and watch how it really performs.

Moreover, the usability of Google + is still a bit restricted because not many people are switching from other social media sites to Google +. Everyone is waiting – waiting to see what Facebook is going to do to sustain the Google + effect and what Google + will do to attract more social media users.

For all our Facebook loyal fans, wait for our next segment on reasons why Facebook is better than Google Plus.

What are your thoughts on Google + and Facebook competition? Share with us below.

8 Easy Ways on How to Get More Facebook Fans

If you are a business person, you must be interested in advertising your products. What is a better solution for it than Facebook? The most incredible feature of this social networking website is that it offers you an opportunity to create a fan page.

How to Get More Facebook FansYou are not required to add the people on Facebook to communicate with them. All you have to do is create a fan page, and you will be automatically connected with the group.

How to Get More Facebook Fans Free?

You need traffic to get more fans on facebook. Following are some useful tips…

Invite Your Facebook Friends

The first most logical step is to add all your Facebook friends to your fan page. You may expect them to hit the “like” key if they really appreciate your effort.

It doesn’t take long to “like” a product or a comment. Once your friends do so, it is most likely that the friends of your friends may visit your fan page too.

In this way, the chain will start to build up, and you will manage to get a huge amount of traffic to your fan page. You may regard this plan as the viral marketing strategy.

Make the fan page as attractive as possible so that people get fascinated by it immediately. Facebook is a popular platform nowadays; there is no better option than to use it to your benefit.

Link your Fan Page to other social network accounts

The second step to follow is to connect your fan page with all your accounts on the other social networking websites.

One of the most famous social media networking website in today’s world of technology is Twitter, and if you are lucky enough to have a lot of followers on Twitter, you can actually lead them back to your Facebook fan page. You can either tweet about your page or add the link to your fan page as the major URL in the setting regarding your Twitter account.

Attracting YouTube Community

This is another amazing option for you to increase the count on your fan page. Like all the YouTube celebrities, you are recommended to invest in a good video camera, so that you can make videos regarding your products and fan page whenever you want to. It will increase your chances to get the finest response from the YouTube community.

Attention-grabbing contests

Arrange a contest for the visitors to increase their interest in your fan page. Make it as interesting and informative as possible. This is one of the most effective marketing strategies to find facebook fans. It is most likely that you will witness a drastic increase in the count of the members on your fan page if you offer a decent prize for the winner.

This is one of the reasons behind the increase in the fan pages on Facebook. This option has been used by most of the people having fan pages and found it equally successful every time.

Attract external subscriber bases

Contact people through emails and other sources and invite them to join your page. Go through all the places where you have a digital presence and make sure you call all the individuals on your contact list.

You may add the fan page link to the sidebar of your blog. You can add that link to the emails you send out every day.

Facebook may serve you as the secondary source to attract people to your product or blog. If you have your own blog, and you want to siphon people, you just have to follow the above strategies and get traffic. Once you get enough attention, you can lead those individuals to the place where you want them to be; it can be your own personal blog or website.

Fill in the page with fresh content continuously

Fresh content is one of the most significant features of a quality page. If you want to retain the number of current members along with the new ones, you have to offer them something fresh and new every time. Therefore, the key is to update the page on a regular basis. If your content is appealing, you can get an incredible response from the people using Facebook.

Utilize Facebook Widgets

It is pretty simple to set up a widget on the Facebook Fan page. You will have to create it from the admin page of your fan page.

Once you set up a widget, all you have to do is to add it to your blogs, websites, and other digital accounts that you have. This is the eye-catching and colorful display of your Facebook page that will keep people engrossed. It will also make it pretty easy for the users to click on your page and like it.

Other alternatives

You can buy targeted advertising on the remarkable platform of Facebook. It will surely help you to make your page eye-catching to get more targeted facebook fans.

You can use your offline sources to encourage people to join your fan page. It may be through newspapers, magazines, television, etc. There is a great chance to get mind-boggling traffic in no time by running promotion campaigns.

Make sure that all the visitors and users become a fan of the page during the process of promotion. You can hire a manager regarding community managing to make sure that your page achieves nonstop growth opportunities.

Offer new products and services to your fans first whenever you come up with one. You can buy an ad, including Google’s ads. It will drive the traffic toward your page for sure.

Encourage the members and fans of your fan page to mention their membership during interviews of other similar activities. This will increase your facebook fans and the popularity of the page. Always try to finish your press release with the revelation of the link of your fan page every time you send one out.


If you follow all the methods to get more facebook fans, we are sure that you will start to see results. However, it is not necessary to follow all the instructions provided by us. You can choose the ones that you expect will increase facebook fans and work the best for you…