10 Tips to Create the Best Facebook Fan Page

Create Facebook Fan Page

Facebook has become one of the most visited sites by several people of different ages. Thanks to the person who invented it – Mark Zuckerberg. People create fan pages on Facebook for many purposes. It helps in roping more traffic to your website. This is one good way to promote business and sales. In short, Facebook can be used as a major tool in improving your business and an easy way to communicate with your customers. If you have just started your business or running a … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Facebook is Better Than Google Plus

facebook google plus

Facebook.com or plus.google.com...which is easier to type? Obviously facebook.com! This is the smallest example that's enough to define how Facebook is a better option than Google Plus. No other brain battle can get more intense than the world war between Google Plus and Facebook. USA Today, the most popular newspaper of the U.S.A.surveyed 20,000 users of social networking sites and found that 84% of these users use Facebook. Even though the survey took into consideration … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Google + is Better Than Facebook?

google plus vs facebook

The Google Plus is the final nail in the coffin for Facebook. Google Plus seems to have fulfilled the only lacking factor for Google Inc. – its own social networking platform that can compete with Facebook. While researching google plus vs facebook for this piece, I came across several user comments hailing Google as the ‘undisputed power’ or ‘undisputed giant’ online. Well...it might be true! Come to think of it, Google now owns the largest advertising revenue sharing … [Read more...]