Earning Money from Review Me

Usually, many of the larger companies have their products and/or services judged by other web sites or blogs thus gaining from not just the traffic, the viral nature of reviews, but also valuable feedback from those sites while new market players find it difficult to advertise about their products, given the amount of money that they may have to spend in doing so.

Earning Money from Review MeReview me is a site that has writers employed to review products of the companies that are registered with them. That goes a long way in sending traffic to their clients’ websites. They also claim viral buzz and invaluable feedback that their client stands in good account.

There are two factors that make ReviewMe.com a popular mode of earning for writers and a method to gain better exposure.

Review Me The Advertiser Friendly Solutions

Smaller companies find it time consuming and expensive to create, prototype and bring their products in the market which can result in bringing sales to their websites and company.

Review Me enables gauging of product demand and feedback right at the stage where prototyping is done. This helps in creating an environment where creating and testing ideas is done at a faster pace.

It is a known fact that most of the people generally ignore advertisements placed on websites or the ones that are inserted as pop-ups are quickly clicked ‘close’ so that they can skip to the main show, which is the site that they want to visit.

Review Me reviews are able to override this problem since they do not look like normal ads that are seen all over the web. Publishers can get more mileage out of their reviews and thus also stand to have a better eyeball view ratio. This delivers more attention ratio than the conventional advertisements.

When products and services have greater value, there is a tendency of the advertisement getting generic and therefore boring, which ultimately could lead to a totally ignored advert and ultimately resulting in just expenditure for no logical end.

Reviewers from Review Me can help companies overcome that hurdle since they review sites that they like and which will certainly be of interest to the reviewers themselves.

This way of functioning guarantees a foolproof way of getting more for every ounce of effort that has gone into creating the website and putting it together.

The problem of trying to connect with bloggers so that they visit your site and getting a review from them can be a daunting task because of the sheer volume of emails or posts that should be generated.

Also, it is a time consuming effort with little result. The bloggers themselves could be offended if they take this kind of ‘reminder emails’ to be some sort of spamming activity.

When the authors at ReviewMe choose to review your site, they could be more inclined to review your site more meaningfully and with more insight which gives more value for money feedback to the site owners.

This also translates into less work and working smart since you do not have to go after hundreds of bloggers to get eyeball connections for your website.

Advertisers are empowered with an ability to manage the filtering levels that they have on the targeted campaigns. This feature of a filter campaign has been inbuilt into a number of options, such as pre-deciding a minimum page rank and Review Me rating, as also excluding domain names. This solution helps to increase individualized control of targeted campaigns for advertisers.

Customers can login and change their preferences if and when they feel that they could get better results by changing some or all of the preferences that have been set previously.

ReviewMe.com aims to be totally ethical in its modus of business operations. Therefore, they guarantee a refund of the unused funds equivalent or proportionate to the amount of review that was not utilized.

Another important facet of the ethics driven business practices of Review Me is that the advertiser is not allowed to write more than one review for the same campaign.

Also, they do not have a rule of thumb of advertisers having a positive review each and every time a review is done on their site. It is this feature that encourages websites to receive feedback on a product or service cheaply and with no loss of time.

Pricing: The reviews of the blog marketplace are priced as a fee that is charged one time per review from each of the individual blogs. Pricing is reached upon by studying the reach of the blog that has to be reviewed. The better the reach, the higher is the blog’s price. Reviews are charged a one time fee per review.

When advertisers plan on ordering a campaign, they can choose the campaign to be either recurring or non-recurring. In addition, they can also choose how many reviews will be posted within the campaign. And they have the flexibility to predetermine the length of the period that the campaign could run.

Thus, it can be rightly concluded that an advertiser, whether a big corporation or a small one branch operation, can easily profit from the unique advantages that Review Me can offer to the advertisers.

Earning Money as a Website Developer

What is a Website?

As you are aware, the Internet has provided a really good medium for the world to come together and most importantly, to reach out to anything or any place in the world.

Earning Money as a Website DeveloperBut at the same time, you cannot ignore the contribution of the Internet websites as well because websites function as an interface for stimulating direct and indirect communication between people.

For example, take YouTube.com to see videos or Facebook.com for social networking or Wikipedia.org to get valuable user-generated information about any subject whatsoever.

What are these YouTube.com, Facebook.com and Wikipedia.org? They are different websites which provides you with a medium to find and assimilate information available on the Internet in one place, a singular knowledge repository, which is often used by people to provide valuable content to readers and earn money in return.

So what exactly do you understand about a website? Let me explain. Website, as a term, can be used to define various core software processes that are merged or brought together to create ‘websites’ as we see them.

According to media reports from January this year, there are more than 10 million websites existing in our world and many more must have been added while I was writing this blog.

If you notice, there exists at least one website for every kind of business imaginable on earth, from safety pins to machines, from holy content to adult content, there is a website for each one of them.

Now let us proceed to the most important point of this blog, that is, “Earning Money as a Website Developer.” This blog is useful for two kinds of people:

  1. People who do not even know how to develop a website and want to earn money as website developer.
  2. People who know how to develop a website but do not know how to earn money as website developer.

We will explore how people from both these categories can earn money as a website developer.

First, let us take people from the first category and deal with their basic issue about learning the website development process. Look, it is not really hard to develop a website. There are a few skills which you need to have to become a good website developer.

Moreover, it can easily be instructed as well. But, if I start explaining how websites are developed, it will take me one entire article to explain it. However, to economize the spatial constraint, I can definitely instruct you about what you can do to learn about website development.

Instructions on Learning about Website Development

In order to learn how to develop websites, first thing I would suggest is to just look at a few websites on the Internet. You can look at any website or especially the ones which you like the most. While having a look at them, notice these points:

  • How good they are designed?
  • How easy are they to use even for a new user?
  • What is the flow of the website?
  • What kind of pages do they contain?
  • What special category of websites do they fall under?

These are pretty basic and useful points for any website developer who wants to develop either a simple or a complex website.

So, I would recommend remembering them while learning and negotiating deals with clients. These questions will not only help you in learning but aid you in knowing what kind of website/s the client wants. Best is to bookmark a few chosen sites from which you want to learn designing.

Now, let us look at how you can start developing a website. First of all, read a few tutorials about website development on the Internet.

Some of these tutorials come free of cost while others are paid. Nonetheless, these tutorials provide ample knowledge for newbie learners.

There are few website developers whom you can contact to mentor you through the process. However, such mentoring services are not advertised as much as one would like so I guess, you have to search online.

Finally, there are various professional’s out there that teach website development courses. Locate a reputable one and join it. Most of these professional courses range from 3-months to 1-year courses.

Once you are done with your learning, you need to practice developing a few simple websites before you go out as a professional website developer.

For a simple practice, there are many different websites out there that provides you basic structure and flow of a website and you just need to add content in order to prepare a website.

To start with, you can take help of such websites and can develop a few simple websites that will give you needed professional confidence. Once you gain confidence and experience, you are ready to promote yourself as a professional website developer.

Earn Money as Website Developer

Now that you are promoted to the level of a professional website developer, you fall under the second category of people who already knows how to develop a website; therefore, from here we can discuss the means to earn as a website developer.

Most professional website developers begin to work as an online freelance website developer.

Two – three days back, I was on Yahoo reading an interesting article on how the Internet creates jobs for every job lost by people working 9 to 5. It is the balancing act of our economy. If you are currently unemployed and looking for a means of sustenance, this industry could be your calling!

So where was I…yes, first, you can try your hand at freelancing. There are no set up costs, you need an Internet connection and a good technical mind.

Secondly, you can create freelancer accounts on various freelancing websites like Freelancer.com and Odesk.com where freelancers can bid on projects (mostly outsourced) and the winning bidder is chosen on the basis of experience and price offered.

Most freelancers, disregarding their status from developing or developed countries, make the mistake of charging pennies for their professional service. This, you can say, is the downside of competition.

When you begin to charge much less, you can get many clients but would there be job satisfaction? No. People who are charging $800 for setting up websites with fewer clients are much more satisfied. My point – charge what you deserve! No more, no less!

As you begin to create websites and gain considerable experience, you can ask past clients to write feedbacks or testimonials for you.

You can also get their permission to present their web links in your portfolio. If you work consistently and devotedly for 3-4 years, you can stop freelancing at some point and open your own website developing business, hiring other freelancers to work for you.

Moreover, as an independent freelance website developer, there are ample social marketing opportunities to promote your services. Establishing contacts through social networking sites helps in allowing different people to look at your creative work portfolio.

This way, you will be able to establish yourself as a professional website developer and will get ample amount of projects to work on and finally, fulfill your aim of earning money as a website developer.

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7 Lifestyle Changes For A Home Based Internet Marketer

If you are Internet savvy, you’re well aware of the number of hours people spend online…searching for information – chatting up with friends – uploading pictures and downloading movies and music.

7 Lifestyle Changes For A Home Based Internet MarketerNow, imagine the number of hours that most Internet marketers spend working to create their income and sustaining it to support their lifestyle…

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Internet marketers spend anywhere between 8 and 16, 17, 18… even more hours a day online.

Wouldn’t you agree this rigorous schedule could hamper one’s family and  lifestyle?

So, to maintain a balance between your home life and home based marketing business, read the 7 helpful tips below…

1. Have Fixed Waking and Sleeping Hours

As a marketer, you’ll probably not start out with fixed working hours, especially when you are beginning to set up the business.

Your entire day is spent in emailing, telecommunicating, setting up websites, developing promotions and what not!

In fact, if you plan to work globally then you need to take into consideration the working hours of the other clients and team members, living in different time zones.

Now, assuming your office is in your home, you can easily be online on your laptop 24-7, talking to clients and dealing with other businesses. But is it really feasible? Is this lifestyle suitable for your health? Keep in mind your other duties, your family and most importantly, yourself.

Otherwise, within a short period of time, you’ll begin to feel the pressure, get  stressed out and experience frustration over working those long hours.

You can become drowsy all the time and feel like throwing yourself on the couch for few hours of sleep! Prolonged stress also reduces business productivity and let us not forget creativity.

Therefore, the best way is to fix specific sleeping and waking hours. Depending on your lifestyle, set up a daily schedule and most importantly, follow it.

Also, keep in mind that it is necessary to spend a minimum of six to eight hours every night for sleeping. (Yea, right!)

You’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. In the initial days, adhering to a new sleeping pattern may seem difficult but give yourself 10-15 days to try it on for size. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Spend Quality Time with Family

Spending all your valuable time working is not possible when you have a family that also needs your time.

The time you spend on Internet marketing and management should not clash with the time you are supposed to devote too the family; even though you are working from home. (I am stressing this point over and over again so that it becomes etched in your mind).

Try to wrap up your work by six or seven pm and spend the rest of the evening with your family. Or if mornings or afternoons is better scheduled time with your family, synchronize that time and put it aside on a consistent basis.

Now, some people think that managing a business from home is all the more beneficial but where “time” is concerned, it can spell trouble.

How? As a home based marketer, you will be inclined to spend more hours at ‘work’ than ‘in home.’ So the time you should be spending with the family gets spent on your work.

By the time this is realized, your family members have already begun to withdraw and are not trusting your words, creating a bit of unwanted tension.

If you are a home based Internet marketer, treat it as you would offline work. Maintain a separate working space and fix work hours as you would in a “coporate” office.

Separate specific work and family time. Believe it or not, if family life gets disrupted, it seriously impacts our work in a negative way…

You can’t concentrate on work, become frustrated and business starts spiraling downwards.

Therefore, maintain a healthy relationship with family and create a balance between the two – it undoubtedly helps in the long run.

3. Keep Work and Home Life Separate

If your wife, husband, kids, parents, sisters and brothers – anyone who lives with you – is not interested in the work you do even remotely, it is important to keep your work and personal life separate.

Discussing work issues at home may not be welcome. Many friends and family members have no clue of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Of course, this is a generic statement. There can be exceptions where your family members are eager to know about your daily work or business. In that case, you can discuss it with them but it is also necessary to be judgmental about what information to share and what not to.

But you have to consider another dimension. When the online Internet marketing business is home based, there cannot be much distinction between work and family life.

Apart from maintaining some kind of balance between work and home life, the distinction is necessary for another reason – to keep the business outside the influence of family members.

In other words, when you are discussing business with family on a daily basis, it’s human nature for others to start commenting or advising about the business.

Initially, you may welcome this but after a while, this may irritate you.  Uncalled for advices is not welcomed by everyone. Worse is when “what other people say” begins to cloud your judgment about your business.

Therefore, keep the work and home life separate. Seek advice or consultation when required; otherwise, believe in what you are doing.

4. Eat a Good Diet

A healthy diet is the door to a healthy mind and body. In the marketing business, the working hours are so erratic that one loses track of several other things, such as your diet.

Now, why is diet so important and how does it impact the business productivity?

Of course, diet is important, just like all of the other tips listed above and below. A good diet refreshes your mind and keeps your body healthy – a prerequisite to run a successful business.

With all the business pressures, it can be taxing for the mind and body. So, just imagine, if you have an erratic lifestyle and diet, how would you normally try to replenish your body’s resources? By eating pizzas and burgers? By eating all the fried unhealthy stuff? By eating canned foods?

Eating prepackaged and unhealthy food lowers your metabolism and weakens you from the inside. The process is extremely slow; it might take years to actually show the symptoms of unhealthy diet in your body.

The question is – can you afford ill health? No matter how wealthy you are, bad health should always be kept at bay.

So again, no matter how hectic your marketing business is, make sure to have four meals daily. Start with a healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks, and finish it off with a light dinner.

As a result, you won’t feel hungry, your mind is wholly concentrated on the work and thus, your business productivity is not affected.

5. Physical Exercise Is A Must!

Like a healthy diet is a necessity for the well being of your mind, physical exercise is a necessity to develop a healthy body. This is essential even more because the marketing business is home based.

You do not have to commute anywhere; there is no typical ‘running around’ that happens in office. All you do is sit at your work station and work on your computer. This is an example of sedentary lifestyle.

Sooner or later, you may notice a change in your weight especially… which no one wants.

To solely run a business, you need to be healthy. And well being does not only come from a good diet but by physical exercises as well. Take up a gym membership, do cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, running, and any other exercise you feel like. In fact, researches have proved that doing household chores helps a person to keep in shape.

In short, what is implied here is that never make your lifestyle sedentary. The kind of physical exercise needed depends on the work establishment – home based or non-home based.

When you are setting up your business, much of the time is spent traveling or in other words, you are active. But when the business is set up and running smoothly, it is human psyche to just sit back and relax. There is no harm in relaxing but keep your body active, and this can only be done through physical exercises.

Without a healthy body, you won’t be able to handle the demanding nature of the marketing business. As a result, the business will slow down, projects won’t be completed on time, clients will be dissatisfied, and business productivity reduces – all this because the business owner is not agile enough; not a sensible reason to lose business for!

6. Meditate!

Using power yoga and meditation are two examples of great stress busters. Meditation relaxes the mind and eases all the tension. It is normal to feel stressed and frustrated over certain business matters. With the amount of complications our modern lifestyle throws at us, stress has become a perpetual syndrome.

Therefore, meditation or power yoga once in the morning for 10-15 minutes helps a lot. Not only is meditation an excellent stress reliever but it also helps to build focus and concentration.

Ideally, this is how you should go about meditating – get up in the morning, freshen yourself, sit in an open or empty space (preferably in the direction of the rising sun), and meditate for 10-15 minutes.

If you do not have any idea on how to meditate, buy a book or CD to read and watch how meditation is done. Proper posture is essential in this; otherwise, it will have negative effect.

Make sure your surroundings are quiet and you are not disturbed by anyone. By creating a physical and mental balance, meditation increases business productivity.

A sense of satisfaction and fulfillment dawns on you and the experience of getting rewarded for the work accomplished helps to slingshot productivity upwards.

The more you practice meditation, you develop a better self and that change is clearly visible in the work you do. You are self – motivated, composed, relaxed, devoted, and committed to your work.

Meditation builds a sense of reassurance and equips you to handle problematic situations in a calm and composed manner.

7. Love Your Work and Yourself!

It is important that you actually love the work you are doing. The purpose of being an Internet marketer should not be solely based on materialistic gains.

Yes, it is a major part but it should not engulf your life completely. Be ethical and follow certain rules and regulations while running the business.

You should love yourself. Don’t get “consumed” by work. Devote time to yourself as well. The idea is to create a harmonic balance between your work and home life. When both are controlled, you”ll find yourself feeling more energetic and happy.

An online marketing business is a lucrative source of income, provided you build the right contacts and are aware of the know-how of running the business in a productive way. Like any other business, this also requires discipline, management, commitment, and devotion.

Divide the 24 hours in sections and assign each section to a particular task, and avoid overlapping working and home life together. Little changes in lifestyle and management practices go a long way for efficient business productivity.

The 7 suggested guide points will help in taking a step forward in organizing each business day for optimum utilization of time both for work and family.