5 Simple Blogging Tips to Apply

Blogging Tips

Blogging is the essence of the Internet marketing industry. Generating a secondary source of income through blogging has been a popular "make money online" method in the last few years. For most of the experienced writers, blog writing looks simple since we generally take it to be an act of writing on the web where there are no restrictions and where you have a maximum amount of freedom of expression. But please remember that the basic idea is not that you should write just … [Read more...]

3 Business Blogging Mistakes and Their Solutions

Business Blogging Mistakes

Research study by HubSpot.com shows that companies who are active on their blogs generate 55% more visitors, 434% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links as compared to companies that do not blog. It is true that many small and medium businesses have taken to blogging as a promotional activity; it does not however mean that they are doing it all right. Below you will find three blogging mistakes often made, knowingly or unknowingly, along with their possible … [Read more...]