Traveling Your Way to a Better Blog

Chances are, you enjoy blogging. At least you did at the start. While some people blog as a profession, most of us start them out of passion. Why is it, then, that blogging often turns into a chore? After a while, at least for some bloggers, it feels like something we have to do, rather than something we want to do.

Has the passion really dissipated?

Better BlogNo, in all likelihood there are a number of factors that go into blog dissatisfaction that have nothing to do with passion…

It might be the staleness of comments discussion, or even a traffic plateau. Most commonly, though, we grow bored with our blogs because it feels as though we’re spinning our wheels.

Nothing feels fresh any more. Thankfully there are ways to combat that feeling.

A change of scenery

I’ve found that some of my freshest content ideas come immediately following a vacation or business trip. That is, those are times when the juices flow.

I can usually bank a few weeks’ worth of content on all of my blogs. The ideas sometimes come while I’m on the trip, sometimes while I’m on the airplane, and sometimes immediately afterwards. But whenever they came, they coincided with times that I’d been on the road.

Changing the scenery, apparently, did change my mind. Being away from familiar dwellings inspired something in me. That is, it seems as though my blogs had grown stale, because my environment had grown stale.

After talking to many more people, particularly work-from-home types, I found many similar stories. Getting out of our comfort zones apparently gets the creative juices flowing after they’ve gotten stagnant.

The great news is that traveling doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Simple trips can suffice. You can also find useful purposes for travel, so you can combine your best interests. Here are the two ways I’ve traveled, much to my benefit.

To the surprise of some, none of them involve a tropical beach…

Traveling to get away

A vacation? Perish the thought. There’s too much work to be done. While many of my office dwelling friends get three, four, or even five weeks of vacation per year, I’m lucky to get but one. It’s one of the few drawbacks to working for a start-up, and working from home. With constant pressure to grow our sites, it’s tough to get away even for a week. Yet, as outlined above, getting away is still important. The best way I’ve found to reconcile these issues is to take frequent mini vacations.

The key here is to completely change your surroundings. I live in a mostly urban area, so these mini trips are to the land of small towns and trees. Lots and lots of trees.

Friends of mine who live in small towns like to take their trips to New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., or other fast-paced, populated areas.

The overall point, though, is to find stimulus that you simply cannot find at home. That will get the creative juices flowing again.

Of course, over the years it has become more difficult to create an all new environment. After a while, vacationing in small towns gets stale, too. Still, there are all sorts of adaptations of this. For instance, I’ve taken to seeking out a car rental as far in advance as possible (as to keep the cost as low as possible — you don’t want to book a rental car just a few days before you need it). You can also choose an uncommon destination. Have you ever been to a beach town in the winter?

It’s surprisingly relaxing.

Again, the overall idea is to take a day or two off work, overlap with a weekend, and completely change the scenery. The new stimulus will inspire you and get you back on track.

Traveling with a purpose

While traveling with the sole purpose of changing the scenery can be helpful, it’s even better to combine this with a professional purpose. As I noted above, it didn’t matter whether I was vacationing or traveling for business. Either way, the ideas would start flowing. So why not take the opportunity to grow professionally?

For anyone who works on the Internet, there are dozens of helpful conferences every year. Affiliate marketers have a number of conferences that have long track records and are run by successful people. There are general blogging conferences, and there are niche blogging conferences. There are also industry conferences – tech bloggers will find plenty to their liking here.

Conferences give us a chance to expand our social networks. Surrounded by people with similar interests, it’s hard to walk away without a ton of new address book entries.

Conferences also provide a great opportunity for a face-to-face meeting with people we’ve met online. Twitter can be great for conversations, but there’s so much more to a physical connection.

Additionally, conferences provide many educational opportunities. Panels and keynotes feature material from some of the most successful people in any given field. These speeches and panels can give us ideas that we can apply to our own sites. That is, conferences provide a veritable treasure trove of ideas. Those ideas spur the mind, which helps us keep things fresh.

Time was, traveling was an expensive, time-consuming process. But now, with the Internet and travel agencies, it’s quite simple. We can use cheap travel for many purposes. While going to a conference or other industry even helps reconcile our professional and personal needs, a simple trip away from home can do the same. There are plenty of opportunities to do so. When things are feeling stale and you need new stimulus, a short weekend trip can provide weeks, even months, worth of solutions.

Joe Pawlikowski edits several blogs across the web, including his latest project, A New Level, which addresses issues for at-home workers (and whatever else he’s thinking about).

Top List of Ping Sites for WordPress and Ping Plugin for Easy Management

When using WordPress for building a website or a blog, the unavoidable thing you need to have is a WordPress ping list. You need this list if you want to receive the best exposure for the website or blog because through this list you can notify many services that you have published a new post.

List of Ping SitesIts importance doubles when you are in the habit of publishing quality posts daily and even more when you have just started with WordPress. You need all the exposure you can manage.

By default, WordPress does have a limited set of ping options. Currently, is set as the default option. What you need to do is add the list of ping sites mentioned below to your WordPress ping list.

Where to add the list?

  1. Login to WordPress
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Writings tab
  4. Scroll down and you will see space for adding ping list.
  5. Copy paste the list below
  6. Click Save

List of Ping Sites

What happens when you ping?

When the ping services updates the readers of a new post, various background processes take place instantly which are instrumental in getting the blog indexed quickly and obviously, responsible for bringing a huge amount of traffic. Therefore, whenever a ping is sent;

1) The websites receiving the pings adds the blog on their directory, giving you one-way links.

2) Some websites will feature your blog in the updated blog list.

3) Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will start to crawl your blog faster and index web pages.

4) Faster indexing means faster traffic.

5) WordPress and check update services to know whether you have updated anything on the blog and if you have, the scripts move the blog to the top of the list or they place a link indicating new content.

6) Getting listed on is no less than a dream come true. With thousands of unique visits received by Technorati, you cannot imagine the possibility of receiving an insane amount of traffic from them.

Pinging – A Major Flaw

Until now, pinging has been very goody goody, right? But stop right there! Because there is a major drawback of pinging, that is, whenever you make edits to your published blogs, the edited or revised blog keeps getting pinged too.

So suppose you make 15 edits to one blog in a span of 30 minutes, then the blog will get pinged 15 times. Repeated pinging will get the WordPress sites banned from ping services.

Use pinging with caution. Either you have to be very sure about the blog content before publishing to avoid edits or use this WordPress plugin.

Ping Plugin

During my research and experience, I have come to realize the Max Blog Press Ping Optimizer plugin is one of the best you need to have to get rid of the flaw.

It is a free plugin (requires one-time registration) and has the following features:

  1. It will not send unnecessary pings while you are updating an existing post.
  2. It will send only one ping about the published post. Future edits are not repeatedly pinged.
  3. Previously, the default WordPress pinging use to send pings even while you were scheduling the blog posts. However, with this plugin, you can schedule without this headache and the posts will be pinged only once, after they are live.


Pinging is no doubt a powerful tool to get your WordPress blog more traffic and fast indexing. Take note of the above flaw and use the plugin to avoid it.

PS: if you come across any ping sites that require manual submission, please do not ping a post more than once within 24 hours.

7 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins for ‘Contact’ Page

If you leave aside Home pages and website content or posts, what is the other important thing Best WordPress Contact Form Pluginsnecessary for a website or blog? It is the ‘Contact Us’ page. As we had previously told you in 6 tips to create an impressive contact us page, it is an often avoided page and some even splash one up just for the sake of it.

However, if used wisely, the Contact Us page becomes the first point of connection between a business and a prospective client.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

We have prepared a list of the top 7 WordPress Plugins for Contact pages.

Note: Those who are using free WordPress hosting cannot install Plugins. Only paid WordPress sites can install unlimited Plugins.

1. Custom Contact Forms [Download]

Author – Taylor Lovett

LinksFAQ & Installation

Features – The author claims that this form will surpass the popularity of Contact Form 7. Some of its features are:

  • New dashboard to display the recent for submissions.
  • New re-designed and file upload fields, with the option to include CSS and JQuery.
  • Instant translation to various languages.
  • Unlimited forms and fields creation.
  • Each form can be optimized with different email addresses.
  • Develop error pages for display when the form is filled incorrectly.
  • Non-English characters can be easily used with UTF8.

Best Use – Business websites and landing pages. Businesses that receive lots of queries daily should use this plug-in.

2. Contact Us Plus [Download]

Author – Abenari

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – This contact plug-in is displayed on the top right side of the WordPress site. It is in the form of a button, which when clicked will display the form. After you install it, you have to visit website, create an account and adjust the setting, and you will get access to all the users whoever fills out the forms on the website. Some of its prominent features are:

  • There is no need for captcha because the plug-in is spam free.
  • When any person submits the form, a direct email is sent as a notification.
  • Since the form is in the form of a pop-up, there is no need to leave the existing page.
  • You can add innumerable number of fields and text boxes.
  • The form is supported by foreign language and a list of visitors is available to the website administrator.

Best Use – Bloggers and small scale businesses.

3. Contact Form 7 [Download]

Author – Takayukister

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – The Contact Form 7 is currently the most downloaded contact form ever. Here you can create multiple contact forms and customize them accordingly. The form has CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and Ajax-powered submitting. Other features are:

  • It’s supported by more than 35 languages. Visit the download link and you can see the list of languages in which the form can be used. If your language is not mentioned and you have a language pack, please contact the owner to bundle the pack into the Form.
  • It’s fully secured, that is, it prevents spam mail.

Please read the full FAQ manual for detailed information.

Best Use – Any kind of blogs and businesses.

4. Slick Contact Forms [Download]

Author – Remix 4

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – This contact form plug-in works as a widget after installation. You can use the widget to add contact information on every web page or even multiple forms on a particular page. You can use the widget control panel to set the various input labels and validation texts. Some of its features are:

  • The form can be either set as a drop-down button, floating, sliding tab.
  • You can include short codes to add text links in the content to open or close the form.
  • If a specific email address is not set, all the form submissions will go on the default WordPress id.
  • You can optimize the method, text, width, location, offset, floating speed, animation speed, and the skin of the forms easily on the widget section.

Best Use – Both blogs and businesses.

5. SEO Contact Page [Download]

Author – Expert Business Search

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – Businesses that need to spread their contact details all over the website without manually placing every link should use the Local SEO Contact Page plug-in. When you install it, you will be asked to adjust the settings, which will include contact numbers, social media images, social links, payment methods, hCard format, vCard format, business name address, Google map, QR direction code and lots of other details. These details are then populated automatically on the entry contact page. Some of its features are:

  • Setting up payment and hours of operation options.
  • Ability to embed Google maps and directions.
  • Ability to associate email, fax and phone numbers easily..
  • There is a single short code contact page.
  • The admin settings are very convenient to use.
  • You can add all you social media network accounts easily.

Best Use – Professional self-employed sites and major business websites.

6. WP Highrise Contact Form [Download]

Author – Marcan

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – It is a very simple form which you can use to install on any page or blog. All you have to do is sign up with and the form submissions data will be sent on the preset email Id and stored on the Highrise account. Its features are:

  • You can add various text box options like company name, email, phone, fax, and others.
  • Every form submission will be notified via email.
  • You can set calendar tasks and the form will send you reminders to complete the tasks.

Best Use – Suitable for bloggers.

7. Simple Contact Form [Download]

Author – Gopi R

Links – FAQ & Installation

Features – This is an AJAX based WordPress form which is installed on the sidebar. The plug-in is integrated into the Email Newsletter plug-in provided by the same author, in which the admin of the WP site can send newsletters and mails to those email ids received through form submissions. Its best features are:

  • Integration with Email Newsletter plug-in; you don’t have to create a separate contact list of people.
  • There is CAPTCHA to avoid spam and installation is easy.
  • There is no need to refresh pages as it uses AJAX.
  • You can choose the email id where the form submissions will be sent.
  • It is in the form of a widget on the dashboard so you can add any amount of text.

Best Use – More suitable for bloggers.

These are the best wordpress contact form available today. If you come across other contact form plug-ins, do let us know!

Top 10 Blog Directories of 2011 and 2012

Top 10 Blog DirectoriesDo you have an interesting blog of your own? Well, now it’s time to think where to place your blog where it will be easily visible to all the Internet users and therefore, getting your blog ranked high in the search engines.

Every blogger wants his or her blog to be one of the top listed blogs in the search engines. For that, you will have to index your blogs with a good and well-known blog directory.

Top 10 Blog Directories

Given below is the list of top blog directories of 2011 and 2012.

1. Technorati

Technorati was created by Dave Sifry and launched on November 2002. This top active blog search engine and blog directory has been indexing more than a million blogs by 2008.

Technorati tracks the tags included by the bloggers. These tags are beneficial in categorizing the search results in this blog directory bringing the current ones first. This leading blog directory also provides rating to each blog’s authority. has bagged the SXSW 2006 awards for its Best Technical Achievement and Best of Show. It was also termed as one of the “2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies” by Lead411 that was founded in 2001.

As of November 2011, the Alexa ranking of Technorati is 1,076.

2. BlogCatalog:

It is very easy to get your blogs indexed with this directory without any great effort. The blogs and sites are categorized based on what your blog is about. There are several bloggers who are active users and happy with this blog directory.

BlogCatalog can bring more traffic to your blogs and help to rank your website in a good position. All the bloggers who have their blogs posted on BlogCatalog recommends others to use this blog directory which has an excellent and attractive website design.

All you need to do is to login and submit your URL to

3. BlogGlue:

There are millions of blogs indexed here helping to achieve a huge amount of traffic to your blogs. BlogGlue not only works as a Search Engine Optimization tool but also as a social networking platform, helping millions of users to share their ideas and promote their companies to the present and new audiences. connects the bloggers with the new audiences who have blogs that share similar things with the other’s blogs. It specializes in attracting traffic to your blog through social networking. Here the bloggers help each other by promoting their sites.

4. Blogarama:

If you want to attract more traffic to your blog and develop its popularity, you should consider Blogarama to index your blogs. This blog directory is one of the top listed blog directories chosen by several bloggers.

If you are interested in indexing your blogs with Blogarama you should go to their website and create an account by filling out a small form and hit submit. You will very soon see a good response from the audience. Visit for more information.

5. BlogHints:

This is a big blog directory that approves only blogs and not websites. When you are submitting your blogs, you can choose the category that matches with your blogs and get them indexed on There are free listings such as Featured listings, Regular listings, and Reciprocal listings. But for this, you are required to have a Reciprocal link.

When you are submitting the URL of your blog, you will have to provide the title, URL, and a short description about it and provide META keywords and META description of your blog. The BlogHints staff reviews the submissions made by the bloggers before approving them.

6. Bloggernity:

This blog directory has several thousands of blogs indexed and many more are getting indexed every day. This site is becoming much popular than it was before with more number of new bloggers submitting their blogs on Bloggernity. Unlike BlogHints, Bloggernity does not require reciprocal links for free listings.

You can go to their website and look for their recent news, entertainment and other issues related to their website. You can also take a look at the new bloggers who have indexed their new blogs to become familiar with this website.

7. Bloggapedia:

This is not only a blog directory and search engine but also a social networking site for the bloggers that allows users to connect with others and share ideas and views.

Bloggapedia has special categories that provide good searching results with the keywords that you have entered with the search engine. It gives easy searching for all the users.

You can go to their website and create an account and sign up to submit the URL of your blog and get it indexed quickly.

8. Blogadr:

Blogadr is one of the good blog directories chosen by bloggers to post successfully and drive more traffic to their blogs. You can add your blog to by providing some information required by this website and choose a category that is relevant to your blog.

Once you have filled out their form and submitted, the reviewers of their website will get your blogs listed if all the information is correct and does not contain any spam. You can index your blogs on this well-used blog directory for free.

9. GetBlogs:

This blog directory has more than 25,000 blogs indexed with them. This directory is reviewed and edited by their group of people. There are around 16 main categories and over 167 sub categories. You should choose the appropriate one that is relevant to the content of your blog.

Take a look at to view different blogs that have been indexed categorically which is easy to search for a specific blog. You can submit your blog in this directory for free and get more traffic to your blogs.

10. Ontoplist:

Ontoplist is one of the popular directories that approve blogs as well as websites. There are extra features available for free for all the bloggers who submit their blogs and websites here.

One good feature is the analytical tools that help in checking the progress of your blogs which will be helpful for the bloggers to improve their blogs to attract more traffic. You can also submit your new posts on your blogs and mention about it on Facebook and Twitter by using the ‘Auto-Feed Blog’ feature.

If you are a writer and interested to post your articles, you can promote your writings on this website. You can also share your interests and views with the like-minded bloggers that you will find on


There are several more popular blog directories that are useful in creating huge traffic to your blogs within a few days.

For best results, you can submit your URL to as many blog directories as possible to drive as much traffic as possible to your blog. All you have to do is to choose the best ones for your blog to become popular.

Which blog directories are your favorites?

Top 15 Bloggers in the World

Calling ourselves the best bloggers of the world is not enough. Although, being awarded as the top blogger of the world is what most of the bloggers’ wish, but being a top blogger means taking on a lot of responsibilities.

Top BloggersIt includes providing relevant and informative blog content, holding your readers loyalty for a long time, getting excellent feedback from readers, building a huge visitor network and adopting the most powerful blog marketing strategies. Consequently, the majority of bloggers could not become the top bloggers of the world.

Generally, blogging is a great hobby for those people who love to explore their thoughts, ideas, information and experience and share it with the world. And when the blogs are visited by millions of readers and achieve top ranking in the search engine results, they provide huge earnings for respective bloggers and some of the blogs are sold for millions.

After collecting some useful information regarding ‘how to become a successful blogger?’ and various aspects which bloggers need to consider, I believe that successful blogging depends on the following contributions:

1. Blog Setup (20%) – It includes blog formatting, maintenance and updates

2. Blog Content (30%) – It refers to the researched content and relevancy of information

3. Blog Promotion (50%) – Applying suitable blog marketing and social promotional strategies

All these aspects are good enough to become a successful blogger.

Following are the list of people who have properly made use of many successful blogging strategies and acquired the topmost place in the list of best bloggers of the world:

Top Bloggers in the World

1. Michael Arrington

Arrington began his success story by working as an associate lawyer of O’Melveny. Afterwards, working in the technology field, he enforced his experience and hobby of writing on the Internet.

He is the publisher of the famous blog ‘Tech Crunch’. According to Wikipedia, Tech Crunch is worth millions of dollars if Arrington chooses to sell it and Alexa Ranks his ‘Tech Crunch’ at 355. Initially Arrington was obsessed by ‘silicon valley startups.’ He used various advertising processes to provide good ranking to his blog. With banner ads and text advertising, Tech Crunch has become the top earning blog of the world. Nowadays, he has a team of 45 bloggers, exploring and publishing huge information about technology.

2. Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore in 2005 introduced the blog named ‘Mashable.’ Today, this author empowers a team of 30 members. His blog is read by more than 10 million readers every month and considered as the most profitable blog on the Internet. Mashable is a well-known example of potential earnings via blogging. Today, this blog is followed by 2.4 million fans on Twitter and 249,000 fans from Facebook.

His blog covers all social media happenings. After 6 years of launching Mashable, its Alexa rank is 278.  The blog is well centered on the social media and Cashmore is known as the biggest geek of the world.

3. Mario Lavandeira

Mario Lavandeira’s first blog was ‘Perez Hilton’ which was introduced just after Cashmore’s blog ‘Mashable’ in 2005. Today, the blog catches 1.2 Million visitors every month across the globe and earn approx $20,000 per month, according to Wikipedia. Perez Hilton is a collection of Celebrity Gossip and enhances its earning by juicy gossips amongst celebrities.

Mario believes that writing blogs is quite easy as compared to his past dream of becoming a Hollywood actor. He, therefore, founded his new talent of riling up gossips and various controversies in Hollywood and publishing them on his blog. Today, he counts in the top bloggers of the world. Every day he posts around 25 to 30 blogs and gets various featured events and talk shows.

4. Timothy Sykes

Earlier, Sykes had to suffer huge losses in his businesses and these happenings frustrated him a lot. But, today, he is a financial writer in AQL Finance which got him featured on various business News channels. Also, he starred in popular TV show, “Wall Street Warriors”.

What were these sudden changes? How he achieved huge success after his unexpected business losses? All these queries can be solved with single name, ‘Blogging’. Yes it is!

Blogging is the most efficient way of earning for most of people. Sykes entered into blogging and wrote his first blog ‘Timothy Sykes’, which was based on his business failure and the lessons he learned from his business losses.

With the successful response of his blogging efforts, Sykes earns most of his revenues through small advertisement investments. Tim Sykes has written more than 2300 blogs till date and provided various stock tips for generating money from stock exchange.

5. Collis Taeed

Collis Taeed’s first blog was launched in 2006 with the name ‘Freelance Switch’; today he is the owner of Tuts Plus Corporation. His blogs cover tutorials and tools on designing. He was a German web designer and turned to blogging to teach people about web designing online.

His web tutorials are globally appreciated. Collis is one of the top earners via blogging; his blog covers huge traffic. His team undertakes various national and international projects related to web designing and tutorials.

6. Jake Dobkin

Calculating the monthly revenue earned from blogging, Jack Doblin, with the monthly compensation of $110,000 is at 6th position in the list of top earners and bloggers of the world. His blogs covers 4 million page views per month. He mostly covers NY life and events in his writing at Gothamist. That’s why more than 80% of visitors belong to New York. This integration provides a great enhancement in his earnings.

7. Matt Marshall

He is the owner of Venture Beat and earns thousands of dollars per month from blogging. Marshal started his blogging career in 2005 by highlighting facts and information about Venture Capital and startups.

Marshal was a journalist before he started blogging. Later on, he tried his luck in online journalism and successfully achieved a place in the list of top bloggers of the world.

8. Gina Trapani

No doubt, Gina Trapani earns more than Matt Marshal, but Marshal has more visitors on his blogs as compared to Gina’s blog ‘Life Hacker’. This blog is all about software tips and downloads. The main source of earning for Gina is through blogging and is known as the best tech writer on the web.

9. Tucker Max

Tucker Max blog is the result of quite interesting incident. His blog is related to his drunken exploits, which is beautifully described via blogging. Consequently, the blog is attracting millions of internet users every day who are interested in reading some unique incidents and interesting exploits. Also people love his writing style.

It is just because of Tuckers blog that the author published his first “highly entertaining and thoroughly reprehensible” book with The New York Times.  Due to this, the blogger has earned millions of dollars and was acclaimed as the best seller for weeks. Nowadays, he is busy in writing his upcoming book, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”.

10. Gary Vaynerchuk

He was the co-owner of a wine shop in New Jersey. Gary Vaynerchuk started to post some video blogs related to wines and started an online wine resource. Today, he has converted his efforts into a million dollar business and also established a personal brand.

11. Josh Marshall

Marshall started blogging via ‘Talking Points Memo’ blog in 2000 at the time of Florida election recount. He was a politics lover and started sharing his thoughts and experiences on the web. He was quite inspired by Mickey Kaus, who was also a political blogger at that time.

Josh Marshal also played an important role in exposing the scandal on dismissal of the US Attorney who was politically motivated by administration of George Bush.  Thus, the blog ‘Talking Points Memo’ covered huge traffic and even today, it has millions of visitors and fans. Nowadays, Josh has become a popular columnist in ‘The Hill’, a Washington DC newspaper.

12. Darren Rowse

As a hobby, Darren Rowse started writing blogs online. After one year, he tried his efforts in affiliate and advertising programs on and earned huge money quickly. Afterwards, he started professional blogging on ‘Making money from blogging’ in his blogs.

All these efforts provided him huge success and fame. He was also awarded ‘the Best Web Development Weblog blog award in 2006’ for ProBlogger. Today, Darren is the co-author of ‘ProBlogger’ and he also founded a blog ‘’ based on Twitter Tips.

13. Jeremy Schoemaker

Shoemoney was the first blog of Jeremy Schoemaker when he was not financially strong to establish any business setup. He began blogging on some e-commerce sites to earn some money; later on, he started and sold it for millions of dollars.

Fortunately, he was considered as the most impressive blogger of online advertising ever. Today, he continues to launch his adventures on his blog site, which provides him huge fame, handsome earning and a successful placement in the list of top bloggers of the world.

14. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is the author of famous blog ‘4 Hour Work Week’. He is a neuroscience graduate who provided innovative options and effective advice on how to approach situations in many ways. He is a blogger who gets huge traffic on his Web Pages and is a well-known personality in the blogging world.

15. Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin always tries to provide some new and conservative viewpoints in her blogs. She is not only a commentator on FOX News Channel, but also a regular guest host of O’Reilly Factor, which itself is a most popular IT books publisher in the world. Malkin earned huge income from her blogging and provided various blogs on public speaking.

To conclude, blogging has been a great platform to earn huge money by sitting at one place. Blogging has also become the door to success for various bloggers. Today, blogging is not just a money making machine, most of the people try to attain fame as well as success in the writing industry via blogs and articles. All these top blogs and bloggers are not only the top earners via blogging; they are also achieving lot of fame and success in writing industry.

While collecting resources for the ‘top bloggers list of the world’, one more interesting fact is noticed. You will surely be amazed to know that most of the bloggers from this list are not only top earners, they are also entrepreneurs. This helped them in getting exactly what fame and success they expected from their blogging.

What other blogger would you add to the list?

Top 15 FREE Blogging Platforms

Out of all the launches on the Internet in past years, blogging is the most interesting one. Blogging is not only a medium for people to write their personal viewpoints but also an engaging media to channelize current news and information.

Blogging PlatformsWith the introduction of the dot-com era, most of the organizations have established their private websites where they post blogs related to their business products and services for active business relationships with their customers. This strategy is known as professional blogging.

Blogging can be personal too, where bloggers can create accounts for free, publish their own blogs and create a small community of active readers.

Various online service providers are making free blogging platforms available, which allows a blogger to post blogs on these blogging websites without any charge.

Moreover, these free blogging platforms also allow a user to make money online through online marketing.

The Top 15 list of FREE blogging platforms

All of them have similar features. Choose the one which suits you best.

1. BlogSpot or Blogger (

Blogger offers free blog posting feasibility to share your thoughts online. was started by Pyre Labs and when the service became a huge success, Google acquired it and gave it an extension. Today, Google’s is a widely used free blogging platform in the blogosphere.

Every newbie blogger is advised to use as a way to explore and know how to create a blog. It provides various tools and control interfaces to help new bloggers in posting on This free blogging website offers various widgets, templates and money making opportunities via Google AdSense. The new Beta version makes ceating a blog much easier.

2. WordPress ( is another hugely popular free blogging platform where people can run their blogs via the WordPress blogging software. This software is also supported by various other hosting websites. That’s why WordPress blogs can be easily transferred to any other hosting website, if needed.

WordPress platform is mostly used by professional bloggers like Income Insiders. People should also be aware about the rules and regulations of free WordPress, which strictly prohibits that the users cannot place any ads and affiliates programs within blogs. In other words, you cannot syndicate Google AdSense with free WordPress. Keeping this consideration in mind, you can post numerous blogs on this free blogging website.

3. Tumblr (

Tumblr is the next top ranked free blogging website which provides a micro-blogging service. Micro-blogging is actually an act of posting short messages on the web which is just like the ‘tweeting’ feature on

Tumblr is very easy and a user friendly website, but it doesn’t provide some advanced features like knowing visitor statics which the other free blogging platforms provide. Blogging content on this website is limited to 140 words, however, a user can also insert videos and images related to the blog.

4. Life Type (

This free blogging website is based on the integrated media management system.  It supports plug-ins, provides well-designed templates and auto spam filter facilities. It enables XMLRPC interface to remote designing and editing blogs. It is an open source blogging platform which allows a user to create and update the blog without paying any charges.

5. Posterous (

Posterous or Posterous Space is an improved blogging platform which also supports social networking tools and services. It is a well-known blogging platform developed by Posterous, Inc. It provides various innovative services like email by post and free webhost extension. It allows blogs to use its domain.

6. Live Journal (

It offers both free and paid blog hosting services and is the well-known platform for blogs and journal postings. It offers various beneficial services for its users around the globe. For example:-

  • It releases notes and provides compensation for the site downtime.
  • You can express yourself to the world by uploading your profile pictures on the website.
  • It provides style updates of your journal with various stylish themes.

Within a few years, it has established a huge user loyalty on the web. Today, has more than 19 million blogs and journals on the web.

7. Movable Type (

Movable Type is the next source of free blogging. It was introduced by ‘Six Apart,’ which is a well-known software company known for creating Movable Type blogware. Movable Type, just like WordPress, offers self-hosted packages without any cost.

On this free blogging platform, people can post numerous blogs and can also publish their content pages just like they publish on WordPress. The most beneficial service of Movable Type is that the user can create multiple accounts on the website without any restriction. Besides this, this website also supports syndication with other hosting platforms like The Huffington Post, Boing Boing and The Line Blog.

8. Bravenet ( is not only a free blogging platform, but is also a free hosting provider as well. One of the interesting features of this free blogging website is that it provides 1.5 GB monthly bandwidth for every user and along with this, users can enjoy 50 MB storage on the website absolutely free.

To acquire services, a user has to create an account with and install its blogging software. The website platform also provides various free website components and tools on the web. Just dragging these tools on your site, you can enjoy these amazing services without any need to pay even a single cent.

9. Terapad (

Along with free blogging, provides various beneficial services. These include:

  • Latest Web 2.0 features
  • Customized domain name
  • Internationalization and Accessibility
  • E-commerce and Shopping cart
  • Control on website design
  • Inbuilt website optimization services

Besides these, it also supports CMS features in the blogs. The only disadvantage of this free blogging platform is that it allows various unwanted free ads on either side of the blogs. If a user wants to restrict these free ads from the webpage, the user has to buy a paid package of $14.15 per month.

10. Xanga (

Xanga was initially a fun hosting website where people shared books, images and music with the world. Today, it is a platform that supports free blogging. Although it is free, its premium and plus version allow various publishing features, huge bandwidth, free blog storage space and numerous design options. The website provides its private domain for its users.

Xanga domain is secured with WHOIS protection in which users cannot access contact details of others. However, this beneficial service can be available to users only after paying $10 per year.  Xanga provides a user friendly environment on the website and provides various free tools to customize and post blogs on the website.

11. Weebly ( is a very popular free website platform among those people who want to create their free website on the web and want to share their blogs with the world. Weebly allows you to make free webpage and blogs with just a few simple steps.

Along with this, users are gifted with various stylish themes and free widgets to decorate their blogs and websites. The best feature of Weebly is that it doesn’t restrict users with bandwidth usage and lets them create their customized domain name with extension. Most of the bloggers prefer these days.

12. Tripod (

Tripod was launched by Lycos search engine. It is a free web hosting website which provides free blogging facility with appropriate content management system. Tools and software under Tripod are stream-lined but are not available for open source. They are easy to use and helpful in generating some fabulous templates for the website.

As compared to other free blogging platforms, Tripod provides huge storage space nearly around 20 GB. However, with the monthly permissible bandwidth of 1 GB, users have to adjust their blogs covered with various free ads, until they purchase the pro version of their account.

The best part of Tripod, which I admire most, is that the website allows great add-ons to use on free websites and blogs. These add-ons allow users to add various featured categories on the website. Out of all add-ons, most preferred add-ons are:

Columns: It allows users to define the structure of their blog content and helps users to locate their content on the webpage with ease.
Table Tool: It adds tables with contents on the webpage and customizes webpage in an easy-to-read format.
Besides these, you can also add some widgets like Facebook, Google, PayPal, and Twitter to provide featured facilities for the viewers.

13. Squarespace (

Squarespace is a free blogging website which supports closed-source CMS. The website allows some great features like:

  • IPhone app on the website
  • Social media integration
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Tool transfer facility between free hosting platforms

Squarespace allows various other great facilities with huge bandwidth space. Users can enjoy these services by opening a 14 day free trial account on the website. If the user wants to upgrade these beneficial services, the user can purchase them for an affordable $8 per month.

14. Text Pattern ( has been built on PHP and MySQL platforms. Like WordPress, it also allows CMS features in blogs and provides multiple languages browser-based interface. It allows:

  • Direct follow interface – “just write”
  • Fast, intuitive content editing
  • Fastest conversion of text to XHTML
  • Easy uploading and editing of images on the web has varieties of plug-ins and designed templates in its open source community. It avails “human Web text generator” for text formatting of normal texts into web content. The website is well-designed for those people who are not properly schooled on Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

15. Drupal ( focuses on webpage content management system and allows free blogging on its platform. CMS of Drupal is free but users need to host their blogs on their own websites. Drupal provides a large template library for web pages and easy installation facility.

The website is very easy to use; people can upload or download its core files on their hosting accounts and can create MYSQL database. Drupal provides huge categories of modules and plug-ins which allow users to add and update various functionalities on their sites, for example, image gallery, private messaging and others.

Before choosing one or more of these free blogging platforms, users should not forget to consider its pros and cons. Each one of the above service providers has their advantages and disadvantages.

Out of these 15 blogging platforms, most of them allow manual and free blogging facilities for the users. Keeping apart the cons of these websites like free services for a limited time period, trial bandwidth package and limited free storage space, these websites provide a way to create web identity for the users and allows them to share their blogs with the world.

These free hosting platforms are available with various widgets and add-ons to connect user blogs with the social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.  Considering all such aspects, it is worthwhile to claim that free blogging platforms are good enough to generate a user web identity of useful content and information.

Which free blogging platform do you prefer?

Top 15 Web Hosting Platforms

Operating Systems: It is the operating system of a computer that establishes the coordination between hardware and software. In order to make optimum use of your resources you need to have an operating system. Operating system works as a medium, between computer hardware and user.

Top Web HostingInstructions given by the user in order to fulfill the desired purpose are handled and explained to hardware resources by the operating system.

Now for home usage the most commonly used hosting programs are Windows offered by Microsoft.

Web Hosting Platform: Web hosting programs require different types of operating systems different than those for normal usage. The purpose of general windows operating system is to perform normal user tasks but unlike these, a web hosting platform is required to host a website; therefore, special web hosting systems are used.

In order to choose the best web hosting platform, you need to have a general awareness towards the technologies used with the web hosting programs.

Normally web hosting platforms not only need an operating system but also web server software is also required in order to render the pages of different websites active. IIS or internet information services and Apache for all platforms are the most popularly used web server software.

Top 15 Web Hosting Platforms:

Following is the list of the top web hosting platforms today commonly used all over the globe for hosting websites…

1) Hostgator (

It is one of the better web hosting platforms that can be accessed at the monthly cost of 4.95$. Offering unlimited data space with any number of emails and no limit over bandwidth, it also offers features like reseller hosting, unlimited domains, CPanel and WHM manager with unlimited MySQL. It has been in service for international customers for the past 9 years. It has an amazing script installer. It has been ranked among one of the best web hosting programs.

If you decide to go with HostGator hosting plan, we’ve got you covered with our special hostgator coupon codes just for Income Insider’s readers. Use hostgator coupon:
1centincomeinsiders to get your hostgator hosting for 1 cent,
hg25incomeinsiders to get 25% off any hostgator hosting plan or
newhgincomeinsiders to get $9.95 off!

2) Blue Host (

Though it’s not free, there is a small general monthly fee of 6.95$ but you can enjoy it with the offered cost of 3.95$ and get unlimited benefits. It has been rated as the world’s tenth best and one of the most rapidly growing web hosting platform. It is the best PHP host with its newer version. It is a responsible host and the support staff with Blue Host is quick. It provides you access to SSH and regular and fast access to your account. It offers you unlimited space, emails and bandwidth.

3) Host Monster (

It is another popular web hosting program with a monthly cost of 7.95$ but can be available at the special rate of 3.95$. It also offers unlimited emails, bandwidth and space. It has been in the competition since 2005 and it is a widely used web hosting platform globally. It offers unlimited website hosting features, PHP hosting of websites, features like spam protection and runs extremely faster with CGI. It also offers refunds anytime and allows SSH access. It has average hold time of little less than 2 minutes.

4) Network Solution (

It is another top web hosting platform offering some excellent features. It is an old dog in the webhosting industry; it has been here since 1979. It charges $3.99 monthly to use all the features. Just like other Web hosting services you are offered unlimited space with emails and bandwidth. It offers domain name registration and has real people employed for solving customer problems rather than a virtual automated staff. It serves a wide range of organizations from large to a smaller scale. It offers its users hosting of 3 domains, greater plans and services for bigger traffic on the website, business services like SSL and merchant.

5) IX Web Hosting (

It is a comparatively older web hosting platform. It has been in the business since 1999. The cost of using IX Web Hosting is $3.95 at offered rate and $6.95 normally. Unlike other web hosting platforms it does not offer unlimited emails and has a limit of 3GB space. Though it offers unlimited space for other features and also unlimited bandwidth. With this webhosting platform, you can host unlimited websites. It also provides a 7 days free trial. It is equipped with newest PHP and MySQL. There are add-on services also available with this. You are also given an option to upgrade to a higher plan.

6) JustHost (

JustHost has been around since 2002 offering various special features of web hosting. It allows the users unlimited space, bandwidth and email. It offers a three year plan but the monthly fee is 4.95. It has features like unlimited website hosting and you can have a free domain forever with JustHost. It has PHP5 web hosting and also offers toll free customer support. Speed of 400GB per second is tremendously great. You are given $50 free ad credits for your website. It also offers anytime cancellation and refunds.

7) GreenGeeks (

It is comparatively a newer giant in the industry of web hosting but has become popular due to the feature it offers to the customers. It has been offering web hosting services from 2004 and the services provided by GreenGeeks are at the monthly cost of 4.95. With GreenGeeks you can host unlimited websites. You are given unlimited space, bandwidth and email space. Latest CPanel, MySQL and PHP are available with GreenGeeks.

8) SiteCloud (

Starting last year, SiteCloud has made its place among the top 15 web hosting platforms. Costing just 5.95 per month, you are offered some top class features with SiteCloud. It offers unlimited GB space for users and unlimited bandwidth with unlimited email space. It is the first web hosting service provider with load balanced. One will never get suspended. Hosting of unlimited websites is offered with SiteCloud.

9) EasyCGI (

EasyCGI cost you 7.95 per month. It doesn’t offer unlimited email space and bandwidth. MySQL, latest PHP and data centers are offered at 4 sources. It also offers in-house support and outsourcing is not what you will find with Easy CGI. It also offers free ad credits for premium users.

10) HostUpon (

HostUpon was started from 2001 and has been constantly providing web hosting services. It offers very affordable rates and services are most convenient. It offers 30 days money back guarantee to the users. SSH access, faster PHP, CGI and unlimited space, bandwidth and unlimited emails are some of the key features of HostUpon.

11) HostClear (

It has been constantly providing excellent web hosting services for the last couple of years. The cost you will have to bear with HostClear is 19.95 per month. It offers you unlimited space. Bandwidth offered is also unlimited with HostClear. It provides a money back guarantee to its users and also offers reseller support.

12) InMotion (

It is an award winning webhosting provider and has been in the industry for quite some time. With ever increasing number of people using the Internet, reliable web hosting platforms are required more and more every day. Therefore, it creates the need of a better web hosting websites. It requires a monthly payment for using InMotion Hosting.  It uses CPA commission and offers tracking of software. It also offers faster PHP with unlimited space and emails with bandwidth.

13) SuperGreen Hosting (

One of the best features of a web hosting platform should be no restriction over the space and SuperGreen Hosting Offers unlimited space, bandwidth and emails. It charges 19.95 per month. Just like other web hosting platforms, you are offered a money back guarantee. You will discover ease of use with SuperGreen Hosting because of the features it offers. Greener servers consume lesser power in comparison to other general web hosting servers which makes the use of SuperGreen Hosting extremely convenient to use. Plans offered by SuperGreen are one of the biggest today. All the superb features offered by SuperGreen can be enjoyed at a very affordable current rate on offer, that is, 3.95 monthly.

14) IPage (

IPage has been awarded as one of the top 15 web hosting platforms in the year 2010. Services offered by IPage are very affordable since one only has to pay 3.95 per month in order to enjoy the benefits of many great services and features. You can enjoy unlimited space with IPage. Transfer rate is superb, and emails and bandwidth is also unlimited when you are using IPage. It offers Green Hosting. You can use the Drag and Drop function of site builder to create fabulous websites.

15) FatCow (

FatCow has also been among the top 15 web hosting platforms in recent times. With FatCow, you are offered some great features. It runs on faster PHP and the transfer rate is excellent. You are given unlimited space in order to make the best use. Bandwidth and emails are also unlimited with FatCow. You will be charged 4.67 per month in order to use the benefits of using FatCow services. It offers 100% wind power and there are various online store building tools.

Selection of the Best Operating System for Web Hosting:

There are various operating systems used for webhosting like Windows, UNIX and Linux. They all have their pros and cons. With Windows, you will enjoy easier management of server. Windows operation system is used because of its easy to use environment.

Click and Point and extremely user friendly graphic user interface (GUI) makes it the first choice. Though there are definite advantages of using Windows but one of the bigger cons is its expense in comparison to other OS. It ultimately increases the cost of web hosting.

Another problem is that portability with Windows is extremely difficult. If you are looking for an operating system for your web hosting platform which is easy to port and switch in other OS then you should not consider Windows.

Other disadvantages with Windows are the security risks that is normally not a big problem with other operating systems available.

If you are looking for an operating system for web hosting server, you must have a look at what UNIX offers you. It is considered as the father of all current operating systems. It is one of the most reliable operating systems available today. It supports the hardware offered by IBM and Sun Microsystems. Thus with the UNIX system, you can work with a tremendously longer period in comparison to others especially windows OS and that too without any memory or security leak.

However, with UNIX too its expensiveness is the biggest problem. Maintenance and configuring UNIX is also highly complicated… thus it requires experts.

You may also consider Linux operating system for web hosting since it does not have a higher cost as that of Windows and UNIX. It offers you great reliability and performance has been constantly greater. But the disadvantage one has with Linux is that it’s too complicated to configure and maintain.

The mentioned website hosting platforms are those which are popular today. Though there are some other well known web hosting platforms available, they are now not used frequently.

Share with us your opinions below.

Top 20 Blogs of the World

A blog is not only for sharing family news or a way to share thoughts; it now approaches business and shares everyday information to the world.

Top 20 BlogsWhile creating any blog with the purpose of sharing information, a blogger needs to have expertise and passion in creating blogs which has enough potential, both content-wise and technically, to stand apart in a huge battle of blogs seen today.

There are only a handful of blogs today which rank at the top in search engine results. These handfuls of sites are the ones where readers rush to… first thing in the morning.

Before I write my list of the top 20 blogs of the world, I tried to find some certain essential tips to situate your blog in the top 20 blog’s list.

  • Blog content is the primary part of the article and therefore, it should be informative enough according to certain selected and relevant keywords.
  • The blog presentation should not bore the reader. The blog title and blog content should be best fitted to each other.
  • Sufficient information in a limited word count is good enough to generate good rankings for the blog. You don’t need to write a lengthy thesis, unless required by the topic, to rank the content higher in search engines.
  • Readers always wander to the best informative blog according to their keyword searches. Giving your readers keyword-centric content without compromising the original intent of the blog impresses readers a lot.

Now, let’s find out which blogs have achieved the top on the Internet.

Top 20 blogs of the world chosen by online readers

TechCrunch []

It was launched in 2005. Initially it was only a blog about the dotcom start-ups in Silicon Valley, but with the tremendous response the blog started receiving from visitors, it has become the most visited and influential blog on the Internet.  The blog was based on the technology updates of 2005. Readers have highly appreciated this effort and today TechCrunch has acquired its domain and converted into a website which provides its readers the latest technology updates.

TechCrunch was written by Michael Arrington. The blog now holds the top rank in technology-related search engine queries and Arrington is now in the list of the 25 most influential people on the web.

Gawker []

Nick Denton launched Gawker in 2002 and is a New York based blog of ‘snarky’ commentary about media. Earlier, its fascination was on the gossips about Anna Wintour who was a Vogue editor. But this set a tone for amassing huge readership of movers and shakers on the Upper East Side. Within months, Gawker got more than 500,000 views per month. Today, this blog is considered among the top blogs of the world.

Treehugger []

Treehugger has attracted 1.7 million web users in the first month. It is a consumer blog with the mission to bring sustainable lifestyle to the masses. It is at the 3rd position in the world’s top blogs. Today, it has various staff and a team of 43 writers from various backgrounds. These bloggers generate 40 new posts everyday in more than 8 categories, ranging from travel and fashion to science and technology. In the beginning, this blog was created as a MBA assignment in the year 2007, but with the successful outcome in a short period of time, it is now earning huge income from its sponsorship.

Beppe Grillo []

Beppe Grillo is at the 4th position in the most visited blog category. The blog title is defined on the name of its writer, Mr. Beppe Grillo, the famous Italian comedian as well as a political commentator. He was infuriated by financial scandals and corruption plaguing his nation, which acted as a motivational factor to start his own blog as a means to educate the masses.

This blog requests users to declare independence and to help people of Germany in fighting corruption. The main motto of Grillo is to put an end to sycophancy and bring in a government through innovative initiative that will actively engage itself in developing Germany.

Students for a free Tibet (SFT) []

This blog is dedicated to protest online on the platform provided through Student for Free Tibetor SFT. It was globally acclaimed by student networks from various universities which helped the participants to actively campaign for a free Tibet.  Most of the students in Tibet got arrested for posting on this website and after they were released, they blogged about their experience of living in exile. These experiences, read by millions, helped the movement to gather momentum. This blog nowadays gets more than 100,000 hits in one month.

Holy Moly []

This UK blog has attracted 752,000 visitors last month by its innovative and creative blogs on celeb gossip. Holy Moly is an established resource for news readers and is popularly known for its daily famous slot ‘News from the Molehill.’

Go Fug Yourself []

Fug is the contradiction of ‘ugly,’ but these three words practically helped in growing the entire fugging industry. On this blog, celebrity styles or elegance are written about, and it is made sure that the bloggers Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan “fugged” the celebs fashion styles.

The Offside []

The Offside was written by Bob after getting a tremendous response from his World Cup Blog in 2006. This blog covers every action from the football world and explores it globally. It gathers news and videos of every national and international football tournament and promotes various match reports and highlights to the world. The Offside is considered as the best soccer review blog of the world and the most relevant in the services it is offering.

WoWinsider []

WoWinsider is the blog about the most popular multiplayer game on the Internet ‘the World of Warcraft.’ This blog covers more than 10 million paid subscriptions and provides information about how to control avatar in the game. It also explores information regarding facing the monsters, building skills and performing quests. The best part of this blog is that it also reports about outside rumors and developments.

AfterEllen []

AfterEllen performed an irreverent look on media representation for lesbian communities. It was introduced by the lesbian pop-culture leader Sarah Warn in 2002. The name of the blog ‘AfterEllen’ gives a nod to the most groundbreaking moment of Ellen DeGeneres when she came out on her famous TV show, Ellen in 1997. After this, bisexual and lesbian women started moving from margins on primetime TV shows. The blog analyzes every aspect of their life and shows how they are actually portrayed. Today, the blog is the most viewed website for the lesbian community and is highly appreciated worldwide.

Petite Anglaise []

The popular book on British shelves, ‘In Paris, in love, in trouble’ has been beautifully described on the Internet by Catherine Sanderson in her blog Petite Anglaise in 2004.

This blog was highly appreciated worldwide and especially by those people who followed her way of life in Paris. It was a blog about the writer’s life and her strained relationship with her love. The blog covers plenty of drama in a year of relationship which had broken up and also about the time when she got a new partner who wooed her on the web.

Chez Pim []

Chez Pim is attracting millions of people everyday. The blogger, Pim Techamuanvivit has tested and tried a lot of food from restaurants to street food zones and taken their samples. In this blog, she posted her thoughts and food images and shared them with the world. In her blog, she provides various recipe suggestions, various cooking equipments and others to add more taste to the food. The blog is greatly loved by the people. Pim is not only famous on the web; she also enjoys global coverage in media through her recipes and interviews in the New York Times.

Basic Thinking []

The blog has been rated as the 12th most popular blog in the world. It is presented with the tag line ‘Mein Haus, Mein Himmel, Mein Blog’, written by Robert Basic from Germany which means ‘a blog, which no one has blogged before.’ Basic Thinking provides information regarding technology odds and ends. All the latest technology updates and their pros and cons are available on this blog. The author has a team of 12 people to cover every news and happenings in the world of technology. Basic Thinking has tied up with top technology based companies of the world to syndicate its content. All these companies provide happenings about their companies to publish on the blog.

Engadget []

This blog provides all the latest news, rumors and updates on all kinds of gadgets available. It is the most viewed and popular blog on electronics and gadget items. People can find images of their favorite gadgets and can see their reviews on this blog. Engadget was written by Peter Rojas and it was awarded the best Web Blog in 2005. The blog is now authorized by Weblogs Inc. and attached with numerous sites and RSS feeds. It publishes in almost all popular languages like Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Jezebel []

As compared to all other best blogs of the world, Jezebel is the newest. The blog aimed to become the most viewed women’s magazine and it succeeded very quickly. The regular views on the blog worldwide have given it a huge amount of traffic and fantastic feedbacks from the viewers. Today, Jezebel offers the best female oriented writing on the Internet.

Gaping Void []

Hugh MacLeod, while working as an adman in a small company, had started doodling acerbic and surreal cartoons on the back of business cards. Afterwards, he started this practice on the Internet by creating a blog ‘Gapping Void.’ Luckily, he got fabulous response from the people across the globe and this blog enjoys the 16th position in the list of world’s famous blogs.

Jonny B’s Private Secret Diary []

The 17th most popular blog of the world is ‘Jonny B’s private secret diary.’ It was launched in 2003 to catalogue the rocks and bowls lifestyle of the men living in the depths of the rural Norfolk. This blog describes the tales of scary nights at village pubs and fortunes of local bowls team. Its fan page on Facebook has attracted a loyal band of readers…

Chocolate and Zucchini []

The author Clothilde Dusoulier, when asked about the fact behind her blog name ‘Chocolate and Zucchini,’ beautifully described that ‘the zucchini illustrates my focus on healthy and natural eating… and the chocolate represents my decidedly marked taste for anything sweet.’ This is a cooking blog which was appreciated worldwide and soon became a full-time career for the author. This blog is a mixture of views on gastronomic Paris, bilingual writing and a conversational description which pulls in thousands of readers everyday. With its success, the author wrote various books and blogs to establish a dream career as a food writer.

Crooked Timber []

This blog is a combination of political and academic writing which evolved its way into a huge discussion forum, after its conception in 2003. It has the combination of various intellectual blogs and has 16 members across Europe,Australia and the US. The blog and its associated website built themselves as an intellectual powerhouse on the web.

Dirtydirty Dancing []

Dirtydirty dancing is not an informative blog nor any story based blog, but still the blog received 900,000 hits in its first month. Why? Actually, this blog has some pictures and relates a few funny incidents which happened on the author’s birthday party. After this initial start, the blog now helps various youngsters to celebrate their birthdays with such kind of fun. Most of the ideas to enjoy at the birthday party have been written on the blog. The blog is a huge hit with pre-teens and teenagers.

These are the world’s most popular blogs. Generally, people prefer them just because they love to spend a good amount of time on the Internet by reading new and exciting information. However, to achieve top rank, it is not necessary that the blog should be only informative; it should be capable to hold the reader’s attention.

Another thing is that if you write blogs without any expectation, they are preferred the most. If you only think about earning money from blogs, you may not be able to succeed. The essence lies in your passion to write and share exclusive information with the world. A user should find your blog exciting and unique. The more people like it, the more it will spread.

If you really wish to get numerous hits on your blog, you should be able to provide information in your blogs which the reader wants. Only this factor can help you in making top rated blogs and maybe your name and blog will be added to this million dollar blogs list!

What is your favorite blog? Let us know…

Top 10 FREE WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

What are WordPress plugins?

Top 10 WordPress PluginsPlugins are add-ons or extensions applied to a set of software components, extending the abilities of a larger software application. A plugin will help third party developers to extend the main application, help add new features and also allow separation of a source code from an application because the software licenses are incompatible.

In other words, plugins are those applications that will enhance your website/blog.

Here we will give you a list containing best wordpress plugins, which are mostly suitable for your blog.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

1. All In One SEO Pack – It is a MUST HAVE plugin on your blog. Anybody who doesn’t know the ABC’s of SEO can instantly download it free of cost, install it on WordPress and see the SEO working its wonders. For $39, you can purchase a pro-version also with unlimited license. Both the free and the paid one are allegedly the #1 Most Downloaded WP Plugin. The All in One SEO Pack creates meta-tags automatically, allowing you to pre-define other meta-tags and meta-titles on the blog page.

2. WordPress SEO – Supposedly the competitor of All in One SEO Pack and much better software, the WordPress SEO plugin has been developed by Joost De Valk of With this plugin, you need not use HTML sitemaps and/or Google sitemaps. Also, with this plugin you can enter the Meta values for Bing Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer and Google Webmaster Tools.

3. Share This – This plugin is the life and soul for social media promotion. Its flash-based user interface and its compact nature makes it different from other social media plugins. You can choose the social media sites to include and customize it according to your preferred appearance, color scheme and others.

4. Theme Tester – If you have a money making traffic laden blog and you decide to update it with latest themes, what you will usually do is put the site on “maintenance mode” while you change the theme and other settings. This means loss of precious traffic, affiliate clicks (if any) and loss of money. But if you install the Theme Tester plugin, you need not put the blog under maintenance mode. The present design works as usual while the Webmaster tries out new design/s. Your readers will see the previous design while the Administrator customizes HTML, CSS and other components. Once you are done, you activate the new site without worrying about losses.

5. CommentLuv – Blogging and commenting go hand-in-hand. While some comments are downright spam; others are well thought of and in-depth comments. These kinds of comments coming from other bloggers do deserve a link back to their blog. How do you do it? You install the CommentLuv plugin. What this does is it extracts the latest blog post from the RSS feed of the commentator and displays it right below their comment!

6. Akismet – The Akismet plugin is now a standard plugin for all WordPress accounts, whether free or paid. The plugin differentiates between spam and real comments and shows it on your dashboard. However, it is software nonetheless and it can sometimes mark a real comment as spam. Therefore, keep monitoring those spam comments on your blog. If any comment does not seem like spam, mark it as ‘not spam’ and post them.

7. Broken Link Checker – Unless you are using the ‘Digi Link Doctor’ plugin, you do not need this free plugin. The Link Checker does scheduled scans on your blog, checking any broken links and notifying you of the same. Since Google and other search engines believe in improving user experience, leaving broken links on a site can seriously disturb this experience. Run the Link Checker once a week and fix the broken links, if any, ASAP.

8. Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer – If you are an Amazon affiliate, you definitely need this one. This plugin has been designed to help Amazon buyers localize their need. For instance, a buyer from UK will prefer to buy Amazon products from the site and not from the US site because it saves shipping costs. By using this plugin, you can specify the country-wise affiliate ids. When a user wishes to purchase, the user will be directed towards that Amazon site that is in their locale. The plugin uses the IP address of the user to make this decision.

9. FD Feedburner – Syndicating the RSS is an often overlooked setup. Bloggers don’t realize the need for RSS and how it can help create a list of RSS subscribers using their favorite RSS software. If you are not using the Google Reader, you can use the FD Feedburner from WordPress.

10. SEO Smart Links – An ideal plugin to develop internal linking on your blog. The SEO Smart Links identifies phrases and keywords in your posts and comments, and links it with other posts and pages on your blog. Internal linking is an important part of global SEO development. If you want, you can create a separate list of keywords and corresponding links so that when those keywords show up on your post, the matching URLs will be automatically posted.

2 Bonus WordPress Plugins

11. WP-DB-Backup – This plugin is necessary to backup your database. You can schedule the plugin to update database tables and email it as ZIP file on a scheduled basis. This is necessary to protect your information from any technical goof-ups.

12. Simple Tags – This plugin is used with WordPress 3.0 and 3.1. Here you can do tags management, edit mass tags, add auto tags, and receive tags suggestion from Alchemy, Zemanta, Yahoo! Term Extraction API, Local DB with AJAX request, Tag the Net and OpenCalais. The plugin is compatible with FCKeditor, TinyMCE, WYMeditor and QuickTags.

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16 Most Successful Blog Sales – Success Stories of Multi-Million Dollar Blogger

It is a well known fact that every person who puts up a blog and wants to tell the world his or her story through that blog is actually trying their hand at being a writer some day.

Blog SalesHowever, what if they can make millions without being a writer of whatever subject that they hold so close to their heart?

Well!! How can that be possible one would ask.

Naturally, running behind the clock and then living paycheck to paycheck will not make that distant dream get anywhere near to being realized. Or will it?

Of course it will if one…

…and finally selling the blog to an investor or a company that will turn the pot with gold inside and turn it into a pot that is covered in gold and has some diamonds studded in it.

Okay. This sounds all so gleefully optimistic and of course utopian also.

However, there are so many blogs that were setup with the minimal investment and finally sold for a fortune.

How about you trying your hand at creating your very own blog? Who knows…maybe your name and blog will be added to this million dollar list!

List of Most Successful Blog Sales

Here is the lowdown on the different blogs that garnered some astounding amount of sales.

Blog Sales This website was founded in the year 1997 and finally sold ten years down the line for a whopping $100 million. It had a daily worth of approximately $ 27,937.

Originally founded by Chris Sherman as Unified Gamers Online, they rechristened it to UGO Networks. And even this name was later changed to Online Underground. Eventually, Hearst Corporation bought it over for a $100 million.

Blog Sales

Fotolog: Fotolog website was founded in 2002 by Scott Heiferman. However, just three years later, it started facing problems. This happened because the servers could not handle the pressure of the numerous visitors and the members of the site.

The website presently receives 20 million unique visitors every month. It was sold to Hi-Media Group for a neat sum of $90 million.

Blog Sales

Consumersearch: Founded in 1999 by Carl Harmann and Derek Grew, they also held a privately owned corporation. With a daily average worth of $11,301, it was finally sold at a princely sum of $33 million.

The then buyers were later themselves bought over by the New York Times, which first ran the story of the sale of Consumersearch to

Blog Sales

TechCrunch: TechCrunch is a well read and famous website publication. It has a firm rooting in the technology and the gadget niches. Michael Arrington founded the blog in the year 2005.

And it was such an exhilarating fact that he created a site in just five years that was filled with such valuable content that AOL bought it over for $30 million.

Blog Sales

PaidContent: Founded in the year 2002 by Rafat Ali and later sold in the year 2008, it was a website that had a daily update of not just news but also views and analysis. It had a daily average of $13,698.

Since Rafat Ali was a journalist by profession, this blog came naturally to be his best bet venture and a natural progression to his personality. Eventually, Guardian Media Group bought over his blog for a sum of $30 million and he is still associated with the blog as an editor.

Blog Sales

Tatter and Company: Tatter and Company was founded in 2002. It is also known as TNC and was founded by Chang-Won Kim and Chester Roh. It was itself a blogging platform for the bloggers in Korea and even now is the same. Google’s decision to buy the blog came as no surprise when they paid $30 million to the entrepreneurs three years ago.

Blog Sales

Ars Technica: In 1998, Ken Fisher founded Ars Technica and quickly gained prominence as a blog of authority for the technology industry.

It had an authoritative presence since it provided a great amount of news and sometimes reviews on the niche of their choice and preference. Conde Nast Publications bought the blog in 2008 for $25 million, ten years after it was founded.

Blog Sales Weblogs was created in the year 2003 and sold two years later to AOL. Conceived by Brian Alvey and Jason Calcanis in 2003 and funded by Mark Cuban, it was initially put together for professional readership. They had many other websites running parallel. As a matter of fact, there were at one time nearly a dozen websites. Eventually, AOL purchased the blog in 2005 for a sum of $25 million.

Blog Sales In the eight years journey from being founded to being sold to Six Apart in 2007, this website enjoyed a unique position amongst its users since it was a virtual community where users could maintain a blog or a digital diary thanks to their free open source server technology. And that was not all.

They had the software that would enable users to easily create blogs and online diaries. They even allowed users to have polls, calendars and guest bloggers. It was eventually sold for a sum of $25 million.

Blog Sales Founded in the year 2006 and sold within a short period of two years, it merits being at the top of the list since it made a cool killing within just two years.

John Wu created this blog that was filled to the brim with credit card offers as well as personal finance advice and interest rates to its customers. Bankrate eventually bought the website for a super price of $15 million and now has a robust team of finance professionals which has prompted the watchers of the space and the company to wait and watch where the company is going.

Blog Sales

Deadline Hollywood: This blog started as a column in a Los Angeles weekly by Nikki Finke. Basically, the column was designated to be an entertaining and informative column bringing the best lifestyles from around the world of glamour and glitz that is epitomized by Hollywood.

She also had some exclusivity woven around by writing about the rich and the famous. When it was famous, she decided to take it to the online world. Called ‘Deadline Hollywood Daily,’ it was so popular that the Mail Media Corporation bought it from her for a $14 million deal. And these days, it is known just as

Blog Sales

Celebrity Baby Blog: With an approximate daily value of just under $6900, Celebrity Baby Blog is as the name suggests…about famous babies. Because of the celebrities being the current trend of the time and also due to her website witnessing a steady stream of visitors, she managed to sell the blog at an eye popping price of $10 million from Times Inc. It is certainly not bad for a blog based on babies. The name of the blog has been changed to

Blog Sales

Tree Hugger: Graham Hill, who is an environmentalist entrepreneur, who knew how to use technology to his advantage, managed to sell the blog to Discovery Communications for a tidy sum of $10 million in the year 2007.

Blog Sales

The Consumerist: Also developed by the Gawker Media Group, this blog has been doing quite well. Nick Denton and Lockhaart Steele, both were ranked quite high in the Gawker Media Group. They eventually decided to sell the site to Consumer Media LLC when an offer of $7 million proved too good to be true.

Blog Sales

World Hum: A highly regarded and also award winning magazine style blog was created by Jim Benning and Michael Yessis. Both were obsessed by travel and decided that the blog would be an outlet for their passion.

They had various sections, like the how-to section, the question-and answer sections, which were the best places to travel, etc. Eventually, they sold the blog to the Traveller Channel as they were given an offer of $6 million, which was good enough deal to haggle with.

Blog Sales

Arseblog: Although the name of this blog sounds outrageous, it is a blog that is put up for the followers of the English football club, Arsenal FC. The blog owner was made an offer which he couldn’t resist and walked away with $5 million. Ole ole purchased the blog and has since names it as OLE OLE.

It just shows the world that not all blogs are sold for even a fraction of these costs. However, what is needed is tenacity and the ability to be at the right place at the right time.

The most prominent amongst all the blogs listed above who started small and ended up laughing all the way to the bank shed a lot of blood – sweat and tears that made the original owners the money that they made selling the blog. Not all blogs maybe sold at such amounts. But then not all blogs have such substance either.

Behind the success of these blogs, there are reasons and hard work, which made these blogs a money spinner.