5 Simple Blogging Tips to Apply

Blogging is the essence of the Internet marketing industry. Generating a secondary source of income through blogging has been a popular “make money online” method in the last few years.

Blogging TipsFor most of the experienced writers, blog writing looks simple since we generally take it to be an act of writing on the web where there are no restrictions and where you have a maximum amount of freedom of expression.

But please remember that the basic idea is not that you should write just anything that you like but instead as a principle, you write it for the world to read it as your creation with lot of expectations attached – Right!?

That is – any damn writing that we do, we expect people to appreciate it and we also wish to suddenly become a very popular writer. Isn’t that a reasonable expectation? No, it’s not…

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Blogging is more than just mindless scribbling of thoughts you suddenly conjured up…

No, for serious bloggers, this is a full time job where you have to put in hours of labor to actually write something worth reading.

The blog may work really well for you to merit appreciation from other popular bloggers. If you desire your blog to receive high search page rankings, start following a few simple principles, given below.

Before writing on your own, sit back and analyze this – why do you go to someone’s blog, read it and keep reading it?

Is it that someone has forced you to do so – obviously not. You would agree with me that you read a blog only when you find it well written, to the point and above all, interesting and completely informative about a specific topic you want to know more about.

Actually all good articles/blogs are the result of many built in features which would have made them a worthwhile read for you!

Here are 5 simple blogging tips that might help you to start a good blog or if you have already started blogging – to improve it.

Prepare for writing

Writing of any kind requires solitude, along with a few good ideas and the devotion to create a good piece of content.

Here, let me point out one thing – some people are not good in writing or even if they are, the desire to rank high on Google, which demands regular blog posting, often creates a position where the blogger has to hire outside help.

Now, over the years, I have felt that farming out content writing tasks to a group of writers who promise to charge less and provide quality work does not work out in most cases.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. They lack experience.
  2. Their writing lacks edge.

Moreover, when you are hiring a content writing company, many writers will be given your project and it is a given fact that every writer has their own unique style which cannot be replicated.

As a result, your blogs will vary in quality. They might give you 10 blog posts daily but are they always worthwhile? Most of the time, the answer is a resounding NO. Further, you have to spend more hours correcting them and making them better and correlating them all into one voice.

For example: Take Income Insiders. Casper’s posts have a distinctive style all his own, very technical, while Joni’s posts are completely different, more emotional…

To avoid all these troubles and uncertainties, the best option is to write yourself or maybe contract an individual writer to take charge of your blog while you deal with the blog marketing. This way the authorial voice of the blog remains intact.

Whether you are a blogger yourself or a contracted individual writer, the four points below will help you prepare for writing. .

  • Start writing only when you have thought about the subject thoroughly.
  • Do try and discuss with someone near you or you know personally just to make sure that the idea that you are getting at is worth sharing.
  • Always generate some kind of a draft or sketch on how the blog could be presented.
  • Lastly, please try and set your own mood – that is, find yourself a comfortable place and environment – away from noise and disturbance – which should help you to concentrate well on the task.

This initial rehearsal will trigger your thought process and you will definitely be able to write a better blog. Practice the above four steps every time you intend to write until it becomes habitual for you.


After all, writing a blog is a creation – so to say, an art work. So be creative also.

You must undertake the task with an artistic attitude. Develop the blog with attractive words and phrases here or there, or create sentences artistically by twisting the flow of words.

The aim should be to make your reader feel that you have made a genuine effort to frame this blog for him/her, and not otherwise – that it gives a bad impression of a diary note being posted as blog, which unfortunately, many of us do inadvertently. Avoid being excessively casual in putting across the matter.

This blogging tip has another dimension. You must also be innovative in expression. Put across your ideas one by one, substantiating it with enough backup material. One must feel as though you are slowly sailing him/her to some conclusion, so very convincingly.

Remember to present your ideas tactfully! Remember, you are not releasing an order for others to follow; instead, it is your view point that you are sharing with strangers and want those people to understand and appreciate you.


You must never try to duplicate or copy anything while creating a blog. If one does it and gets noticed even once, the readership starts diminishing menacingly.

You were willing to put your own ideas into your creation, which is how you had set yourself writing. Right?

So why repeat what others say unless it is an attempt to second an idea or writing for raising a voice in support of someone else’s expression or remarks. Simply avoid repeating.

Frame something unique that is different and original. Even dare to argue and contradict a statement or version, if you would want to do so.

Let the world know, that thinking your way about a particular subject is also possible. So remember that this blogging tip of adhering to your original expression will bring you maximum readership.

Small is appealing:

Blogs should not be long – drawn out text matter, which would otherwise give an impression that you have written a chapter of a book.

Small blogs, crisp blogs and to the point blogs are most liked by the readers, unless the topic is such that it warrants a longish debate or discussion.

Nobody has time to read your long write-ups.

Also, it may not be easy for you to keep writing as beautifully as you had started out all the way until the end… you may make your blog boring, forcing the reader to click off the blog page.

Moreover, when the blogs are long, it is good to break them down into sub-sections.

To put this blogging tip briefly, ‘write short and sweet’ – that must be the rule.

Right language:

The command on language is a must. Perhaps, there is no need to give this blogging tip. You know it.

Whatever you write, long or small, sarcastic or humorous, your expression needs to be written in good language throughout.

A blog has no meaning if the language is poor. Do not think that your readership targets are those people with poor language skills.

On the contrary, aim at writing blogs expecting that many people do have perfect grammar and vocabulary and would read your blog.

Remember that if language is poor, people will neither understand what you want to express, nor will they stay on your blog. You do not want that! So try and keep improving your grammar.

The above discussed blogging tips are there to help you create a good blog. There could be many other things like – selecting relevant topics, making the blog interactive and others, but please remember – you have to be an artist first and you select the object to paint later, so we shall come to other tips for blog creating in the future.

Besides, be patient, add the capabilities one by one – slowly. That will make you a perfect blogger one day…

Don’t you think it is time to start?

7 Common Mistakes in Writing Blog Posts

As we know, blogging is one of the successfully proven ways of not only managing to get a huge amount of traffic but also leveraging it into sales, that is, revenue.

Writing Blog PostsBarring few unenlightened ones, there will not be any company in the world that does not know the power of blogging. Blogging is a great way to spread the word about your business products or services.

However, as our title for this discussion mentions, blogging is an art and not everyone can write a ‘winning’ piece. The rules of writing a blog is much similar to those used in writing newsletters and Ezines; however, there are certain fundamental differences.

Keep in mind the 7 common mistakes in writing blog posts detailed below that you are likely to make… and improve your blogging style and presentation.

Not Making Your Blog KISS-able:

Making your blog KISS-able means to “keep it short and simple.”

Your blog content should be scan-friendly, that is, your blog should impress and engage the reader. There is no point in publishing a 2000 word post on travel every week or publishing 200 words on a historic subject….what I mean is whether your blog is KISS-able depends on the topic / subject you are dealing with.

Do not keep dragging on the subject…say what you have to say…keep it short and crisp so that the reader can scan it quickly. Ideally you should publish posts daily or on every alternative day rather than following a weekly posting schedule.

Not Making Your Blog Valuable:

Don’t write or publish mundane content. Be up-to-date with latest trends about the subject you are dealing with. There is no point in spending time writing posts that have no relevance because it won’t get any substantial readership.

People do not have hours to spend on your blog. If you don’t have anything relevant or valuable, you can share others blog content but they should be relevant to your business.

From the financial point of view, a blog with good rankings and traffic based on the published content will have high saleable value in the future.

Not Making You Blog Reader-Centric:

This is very important…you should write the blog posts keeping your readership in mind and not blindly jotting down whatever you like. Of course, your interest matters too. Without your interest, you cannot write anything but your primary consideration should be the reader.

Suppose you sell Darjeeling tea online…your blog should be mostly about the various Darjeeling teas in its various seasons, with links to the order/purchase page…this writing will connect with the audience in a better fashion than babbling out the history of a particular Darjeeling tea variety…Getting my point?

Nobody is saying history is irrelevant but will that history sell your teas? NO. Choice of content is the main area where most bloggers go wrong. When writing a piece, ask yourself – Will you be interested to read what you have written?

Not Editing Your Stuff:

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing your blog content or getting it written by a ghost writer, the point is to edit, edit and edit…BEFORE publishing it. Let me relate a personal experience.

In the initial years of my writing career, I joined a reputable web content development company. As a starter, they were paying me a decent amount but soon I noticed that some of the articles were not being paid for in the current pay cycle but carried forward to the next month. Mind you these articles were already published! I asked them the reason.

Their so-called “Editorial Department” replied saying those withheld articles were being reviewed because of typos and grammatical errors…I was flabbergasted. What was the editorial department doing before they published those articles? Can you believe me if I say that it was part of their company’s policy to edit the blogs after they are published??? Why? I don’t know.

Anyhow, my point is never publish blogs before editing and proofreading them. If you are lazy, hire an editing service provider.

Not Providing Sufficient Links:

What are the other purposes of blogging? Good SEO and link building. Linking your blogs with other credible sources will help to build your reputation and position you as an expert in the chosen field. Also, by linking, you are saving your reader’s precious time and they will thank you for that!

Links offer the readers valuable information and when other blogs link back to you, you can create a trustworthy network of associates. Google maintains that link building is important for website ranking so you cannot afford to ignore it.

Not Using Enough Keywords:

Unless your blog is about a subject on which quality material has not been written before, you stand a good chance to rank higher in Google keywords even though you may not make it too keyword-centric.

However, if you have tough keyword ranking competition then you have to use a good percentage of keywords distributed uniformly within the blog.

Recent trends suggest that using long-tail keywords are good for blogs. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the blog should not be too much concentrated with SEO keywords. Doing so is futile because Google will likely rank it as spam.

Not Making the Blog Conversational:

A blog should be a mixture of formal and informal communication depending on the chosen topic or subject. For instance, a blog on fashion should be written in a formal matter; similarly, a blog on archaeology should not be written informally.

Feel the pulse of the subject you are writing about….the blog should connect with the audience…especially if you are writing about topics like Internet marketing. Conversational blogs are known to get better readership sustained over a long period of time.

What is the mistake you did? DO share with us….

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