Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tools

Smart marketers always plan every affiliate program and implement it as astutely as possible. Affiliate Marketing ToolsWe bring you the top 10 affiliate marketing tools that “smart affiliate marketers” use in their campaigns and smile all the way to the bank! Don’t you want to belong in this group of smart Alec’s?

Affiliate Marketing Knowledge Lair

Before I tell you what the essential tools are for successful affiliate marketing, you should also try to avoid the 8 common mistakes that affiliate marketers make and adopt the following tips to build better affiliate program strategies.

Be Professional:

Professionalism in affiliate marketing is essential. You should establish a professional website for your affiliate programs.  Your website is your greatest asset; however, do not mix the affiliate market niches. For instance, trying to sell weight loss products and software on the same website is a very bad idea.

Be A Marketing Pro:

Affiliate program success always depends on your marketing efforts. The website/s associated with affiliate programs should be optimized with requisite marketing tools to generate traffic, track conversions and calculate revenues.

Generate a User Friendly Environment:

In order to retain an audience on your website, you must have a user friendly website which can be accessed easily. Make use of easier navigational features. Customization of a website according to the targeted audience is essential.

Be Mobile Active:

You lose a big opportunity to general affiliate sales if your website is not mobile optimized. If mobile technology is too much for you, hire a mobile SEO expert and transform the website into a mobile format. Make sure a payment gateway system is there too.

These are certain tips to practice affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

If you want to enter and become a pro affiliate, you should always look towards new developments in affiliate marketing tools. If you are searching for top tools to implement in your affiliate marketing program, here they are…

1. Spyfu:

Spyfu is a popular affiliate marketing tool because of its effectiveness in generating information about the keywords your competitors bought on Google AdWords. This tool also monitors your competitor’s activities for advertisement programs.  Marketers trust this tool highly because it helps in optimizing affiliate advertisement programs according to the targeted audience and thus, enhances affiliate marketing.

2 Wordtracker:

Wordtracker is needed when you want effective keyword research to generate traffic on your web page. This is a helpful tool for creating PPC advertisements and it is free for all!

3. Tracking202:

Tracking202 is a pay per click analysis tool used to auto-monitor and track every step of your affiliate program with detailed analysis reports. It integrates the affiliate program with collected data, which can be collectively accessible on top affiliate networks like Google AdWords and MSN AdCenter.

The best feature of Tracking202 is its keyword level tracking. This helps to know if the keywords will be profitable or not in the affiliate marketing campaigns.

4. Google Keyword Tool:

Google is the top search engine. Rarely there are marketers who do not use the Google Keyword Tool for affiliate marketing and sales generation. It provides a list of top searched keywords on the Google search engine.

This tool provides exact keyword analysis and is considered a highly effective tool to generate substantial affiliate income.

5. Stealth Keyword Digger:

The Stealth Keyword Digger works like any other keyword analyzer but it targets only the top paying keywords. Therefore, if you want to target a niche market and find out the highest paying keywords for that niche, use this tool.

6. Google Analytics:

Although it is not a tool made specifically for affiliate marketers, it is one of the best way to measure the effectiveness of on-site SEO. Google Analytics is the Bible of every newbie and experienced affiliate marketer.

7. SEO Quake:

It is a browser plug-in which works exactly the same way as other affiliate tools. It works on the Firefox and Google Chrome platform. SEO Quake helps in knowing the Alexa rank of websites and maintains your “Follow-up” list.

SEO Quake is the most effective tool browser plug-in affiliate marketing tool. It provides information about back links and helps in displaying your web page higher on Google search results.


Social networking integration is the most sought after marketing solution for online businesses. is the preferred tool used to post updates on all social networking platforms from a single point of service. Once you create a Ping account, link all social networks with Ping (there are more than 200 networks) and Ping does the rest every time you publish a new post. And don’t worry, Ping won’t send updates every time you post a new blog because it is considered as spam.

9. Google Optimizer:

Google Optimizer is the website customizing tool, used for optimizing business websites. It helps in customizing layouts; enabling SEO content and templates designs on various web pages. In other words, you use Google Optimizer to create an affiliate blog exactly the way Google wants it.

10. Site Build It:

Site Build It identifies niche products and builds optimized websites to drive traffic. It offers generous affiliate marketing features with its effective services.

These were the 10 useful tools for affiliate marketing. If you are spending time on building affiliate campaigns, make use of at least seven of them from the list.

Points to Remember:

  • If you are new to affiliate marketing, initially you will get affiliate programs offering less than 2% commission. Although this is a small commission, it will build on your experience and enhance niche market research capabilities and soon you will get higher commissions from affiliate programs.
  • Merchant websites never offers traffic. However, traffic leaks can happen if third party affiliate links are from Google AdSense ads and banner ads.
  • You should make sure that the affiliate program is enabled with a phone number tracking system.  This is necessary because in some cases, affiliates lose the commission if the referred client places the order via telephone. Of course, the use of this method depends on the product you are selling.

Keep the above three pointers in mind to fine tune your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Whether you are new to the affiliate world or not, try to experiment with newer strategies. It is easier to go the tried and tested ways, but who knows, what may work for me may not work for you at all. Hence, kick start new affiliate campaigns with these tools and make money.

Good Luck!

4 Reasons Why People Choose One Affiliate Over Another

Judy and Andrew, residing in the US, have been working as affiliate marketers for the last 10 years. In terms of experience and skill, both of them are similar. However, Judy earns about $5000 in affiliate sales per month while Andrew’s effort doesn’t give him more than $3000 per month.

A good $2000 difference is not to be taken with a grain of salt!

4 Reasons Why People Choose One Affiliate Over AnotherIf I ask why does Judy earn more than Andrew? Place the same situation in a wider context and the question becomes – Why would a buyer choose to purchase from affiliate ‘A’ rather than affiliate ‘B’? Knowing these differences will make a hell of a difference to your affiliate marketing business.

Here are few important reasons that can either skyrocket your earnings or take you down the broke road.

Brand Positioning

If you position the affiliate brand correctly, fifty percent of the battle is won. By brand positioning, I mean how you want new and existing consumers to perceive your product. Unlike the past decade, affiliate marketing is not about signing up for hundreds of affiliate products, posting a banner ad on the blog and raking in the moolah.

No, it’s a lot more than that. Any wrong step, you are doomed. Take the example of Nestle. In 2011, they came under social media fire when they asked visitors not to use an alternative version of the Nestle logo as it is “copyright infringement.” People were angry. Here is a snippet of the conversation:

You see, Nestle thought they were right by enforcing rules but the way they handled the whole thing spoiled their brand image and thus, spoiled their brand positioning.

As an affiliate marketer, you have to be conscious about the kind of products you are dealing with, that is, whether it is a product you want people to associate with your image. Position the affiliate brand, be selective!

Moral – Buyers are perceptive of brand positioning. You cannot take them for a ride.

State Facts

Do NOT cook up stories just because you want a particular product to sell. I know this is hard to follow especially when you know that by tweaking or cooking up a favorable story to appeal to the masses will ultimately give you better sales, try to refrain from it because when people will come to know how you misled them, you can say bye-bye to repeat customers.

This is the age of Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing. You mislead people, 100 people will know. You are honest with them, 500 people are more likely to recommend you. Which one would you prefer?

When you prepare the affiliate sales page, state the facts as it is. As you might have noticed on Income Insiders Free Guides pages, it states exactly what the product is all about – there is no exaggeration and hence, you get a better response.

Moral – Buyers want facts. How will “this” product help ME?

Persuasion vs. Exploitation

Both are tactics used by affiliate marketers to sell online. Which one should you favor – Persuasion or Exploitation? 90% of the affiliate marketers fail because they try to exploit people, that is, they wrongly maneuver them into buying a product.

Often times we have come across sales pages / offers where you are promised a “tell all” goody if you sign up. You sign up and come across another page that asks for money, a heavily discounted offer, to maximize earning potential with the elusive goody promised to you. Such multi-level propositions do not work anymore.

Consumers are clever to see right through it.

On the other hand, any experienced sales copywriter will tell you that you have to be persuasive to make affiliate sales. By persuasion, I do not mean stalking the user with offers or blasting their inbox with emails.

You should use persuasion skills while writing the sales page and related web content. Make the content relative for the readers so that they can associate with it. The user should think – “Let me try this out” or “I think this product will help me in my business” rather than “what nonsense is this page saying?” Getting the point?

Most skilled copywriters say that using words like fast – guaranteed – limited – testimonial – discount – sale – free and new trickles down the reader’s mind and perception, and motivates them to purchase.

Moral – Never exploit, use persuasion tactics.

Timely and Methodical Promotions

Affiliate marketing is a booming multi-million dollar industry where people are looking for honest marketers with solid opinions, and they are willing to subscribe to their list when they come across such marketers. This is the reason why the big shots of the affiliate world have thousands of people on their subscriber list.

Another reason why your affiliate marketing efforts do not show substantial results is because you don’t know when to promote and what strategy to follow. Every marketer has a strategy. While some feel newsletters convert well, others feel accurate reviews on blogs converts better.

This involves a bit of playing around. You cannot zero in on a specific strategy unless you try and test them out yourself. No marketing guru can ever tell you, “Okay, this is the best method for you to use”…no, they can’t. It all depends on your product, the time and the method.

For instance, research shows that people are most likely to open and read newsletters and/or blogs on Tuesdays or Thursday’s around lunchtime when their mind is off of their work. Of course, no marketing report has ever been able to suggest when the best marketing sales happen but for starters, research about sales during festive holidays, national holidays, seasonal sales, day-specific sales and others.

Moral – Develop a method and know when to promote. Don’t just follow others blindly.


Therefore, from the story in the beginning, Judy earns more than Andrew because:

  • Her brand / PR is better positioned.
  • She is honest about product benefits.
  • She does persuasive affiliate marketing.
  • She follows a method.
  • She knows when to promote.
What do you say?

Affiliate Marketing with Twitter: A Win-Win Trend for Affiliate and Merchants

In the last three months, Twitter has become a one-stop resource for affiliate marketers. I say this Affiliate Marketing with Twitterbecause I spend more than 2 hours a day on Twitter to watch the trend grow in front of my eyes and secondly, it is obvious that Internet marketers keep on tweeting about affiliate products all the time because they are seeing a good amount of conversion, believe it or not!

Affiliate Benchmarks and The Search Monitor states that social media is used 60%-70% by the affiliates and Twitter is used by 47% of the affiliates. In other words, an average of 120,000 tweets are sent by affiliates per week.

Affiliate Marketing with Twitter

Why is Twitter a preferred choice?

  • It is very easy to get started with Twitter.
  • It is free.
  • Affiliates do not need a large following to get noticed.
  • Affiliates can start tweeting instantly.
  • Tweets can be spread using hash tags, similar to keywords in a search engine.

Unlike other affiliate promotional methods, Twitter is easy to use because even without any following, you can reach a wide consumer base, unlike other social media and networking platforms.

How do you use Twitter for your benefit?

(1) If you are a merchant, you can hire an affiliate network or an affiliate manager to monitor tweets. This will involve monitoring the number of tweets sent daily and their conversion rate.

(2) To recruit affiliates, you need to find active tweeters with a strong content generation facility. To write promotional content effectively in 140 characters, this is no joke! According to The Search Monitor, 1,320 merchants used 7,194 affiliate networks on December 20, 2011 to send affiliate tweets.

(3) If you are an affiliate and want to earn commissions from merchants then you need to watch Twitter trends for a few days to know what kind of merchants are heavily promoted on Twitter and how. To get the competitive advantage, you can look for seldom promoted merchants with good products.

(4) Twitter is very good for both merchants who are interested in 24 hour deals or 1-day promotions. With thousands of tweets sent every minute, this is a great medium to earn instant cash. Of course, you need to make sure that your appointed affiliates are honoring your promotional copy and not tweeting past the expiry date.

Twitter Affiliate Marketing Trends

Twitter is not used by product merchants as it should be;, and are the most tweeted products, according to The Search Monitor. This proves that there is a lack of merchant diversity. In other words, it is a good opportunity for affiliates to start working on Twitter for affiliate promotions and also a good opportunity for merchants to make some sales through Twitter.

Secondly, one of the main trends, plus an advantage of using Twitter is the ability to create multiple profiles. One affiliate user can create multiple ids to get more merchant sale returns. In a survey released in November 2011, it was found than 75% of the affiliates had more than one Twitter account. There are 4 reasons why Twitter users create multiple accounts:

  • To re-tweet their own tweets
  • To get better conversions as an affiliate
  • To popularize their own tweets
  • To increase followers to the main account

5 Tips to Use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

(1) It is better not to directly tweet the affiliate link. If you maintain a blog, review the product or service, insert the affiliate link and then tweet the review link rather than the affiliate link. An affiliate product accompanied by a review has better chances of generating sales.

(2) Monitor how people are responding to the tweets. You can do this by setting up a RSS feed on the Twitter search, which will give you results containing both the @username results and those without the @username tag.

(3) Promoting an affiliate product works as a personal recommendation so it is best if you have used the product or service personally before tweeting about it. Your reputation will be on fire if you tweet products and services without using them and they turn out to be garbage.

(4) Don’t annoy your followers by giving irrelevant information and links. The tweet should be conversational in two ways – it should make the reader click on the link and then make the user read the content on the new page. All this begins with the tweet quality. Don’t just copy – paste the link.

(5) Don’t overdo the affiliate tweets. Sending 10 tweets every minute about the same product will cause you a loss of followers. Space out the tweets. Calculate the number of hours you are online, the number of hours you can spend tweeting, prepare the tweets before sending them out and then space out the tweets at every 5-10 minutes interval. Overdoing them will be considered as spamming.

Bonus Tip

(6) The affiliate product should be USEFUL for readers. Don’t become an affiliate of a product or service just because YOU like it. Your choices matters too but think from a third person perspective. Ask yourself – if this same product was offered to me by someone else, would I be interested in buying it?

These are the major 6 tips you need to keep in mind before starting your affiliate tweeting campaign.


Using Twitter for affiliate marketing is a positive trend. It is free to use and it is not time consuming either. Affiliates increase their opportunity to maximize commissions and merchants get an important source for increases in sales. In all, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

10 Insightful Tips Towards Affiliate Marketing Success

Becoming successful today isn’t that difficult, you just have to know what to do. Being successful with affiliate marketing is no exception, but you have to learn exactly what it is you need to do to succeed.

Affiliate MarketingThis article has plenty of tips you can use to get the type of success you want from affiliate marketing. If followed, you should reach your goals before you know it.

Learn as much as you can about affiliate marketing. Look up articles like this one on the web and digest all of the information you can. You probably want to write down all of the key facts and ideas that you think can benefit you, so get to doing research. Once you have a good idea of what you should be doing, create your own unique affiliate marketing strategies for success.

10 Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

1. Make sure that you’re dealing with products or affiliate programs that you can write and respond about. It’s better to pick a product you know a lot about as opposed to something you know nothing about– it just makes it easier to succeed giving you the ability to keep moving forward.

2. Get people interested in your products with good product descriptions. The more descriptive and benefit oriented of a given product or service…the better.

3. Get people to feel comfortable by being able to respond to the various questions they might have for you. Customers have objections. Being able to overcome their suggestions is half the battle.

4. Search the web and study the different types of affiliate options made available to you. There are many lucrative types to choose from. You can get paid as an affiliate per sale or per lead. Choose wisely to fit your goals.

5. You want to make sure you’re gaining the most profit as possible, so checking how much of a portion you get from helping to sell certain products or services as well as being comfortable with the terms of agreement, are key to being a successful affiliate.

6. Ask friends or experts in the field for advice either with your site or affiliate marketing strategies they might have. Constructive criticism is good, so don’t be shy to tell people what you’re getting into.

7. Having a site that is continuously updated and well maintained is key to having customers feel comfortable when they come visit your site. Make sure you’re on top of having a well managed site that doesn’t seem like a baron wasteland when people come visit.

8. Having good customer support can create great customer loyalty. Make sure you’re good with your customers and you answer all questions as honestly as you can, to the best of your ability.

9. SEOs are great for getting your site visible on various search engines. Make sure you check into good SEO options and see how you can create more exposure for your site.

10. Investing in advertising or tools that can assist you, like professional SEO company, can help you gain more profit in the long run. Don’t be afraid to invest in your business if you feel like it’s going to help you in the long run, just make sure you invest wisely.

You aren’t going to see success right away and you have to keep that in mind. A lot of people become frustrated when they don’t see success a few days after their site has launched.

Remember that it takes time to build customer loyalty. If you’re patient and practice strategies well though, you should have no problem reaching your long term goals.

Staying positive is key when you get yourself into something like affiliate marketing. When you become discouraged and give up, it only leads to loss of time – effort and money. Just keep your head up, look at the positives you’ve accomplished and try to improve on the negatives.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to become successful with affiliate marketing. The tips in this article will only help you if you apply all the information you learned, so do that and you should see success before you know it.

Top 8 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

To err is human. Yes it is true and so are the techniques and concepts created by man that are sometimes also error prone. Though affiliate marketing is a tremendous marketing source, there are some common mistakes that one commits in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing MistakesWith increased downfall in marketing, over-crowding of marketers in every niche, revenues and growth in recent years of business globally, there are certain issues which are the reasons behind this slowdown and one of the bigger causes are mistakes made in affiliate marketing.

Though mistakes done in affiliate marketing do not show any negative effects suddenly, the disadvantages are visible in the longer run.

Top Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Following are 8 affiliate marketing mistakes. Avoid them at all cost.

  1. Not Having an Effective Marketing Plan:

    Planning is the essence of success. You need to have an effective plan in order to accomplish anything. It applies in marketing also. Marketing is not and will never be an easy process.

    Today, with improved focus and high standards of customer services and customers being smarter than ever, one must have an effective marketing plan in order to produce a successful marketing campaign.

    Experts are hired for having a better and solid marketing plan. It is one of the greater mistakes done by both small and large businesses…not having a marketing plan.

  2. No Specific Target:

    The marketing for various products is done with keeping in mind the audience that you are targeting and expecting them to become influenced with your marketing. A marketing plan is completely based on the people you are targeting since every product is created for a definite class of people.

    There is no product which can fulfill the requirements of everyone. This is why different and specific audience targets are necessary for your marketing plan.

    First you define the audience and then prepare the marketing plan, and never should you deviate from the plan unless it is absolutely necessary and justified.

  3. Not Knowing the Competition:

    To know the standard and progress of your business, you have to compare business progress with that of the competitors. You have to know who has the greater visibility and brand value.

    Today, marketing is a specialized field and one must know with whom a marketer has to compete to make a business successful. It is one of the top 10 affiliate marketing mistakes when people fail to recognize their true competition.

  4. Wrong Selection of Products to Promote:

    The products you promote are sometimes not the easiest to advertise. Affiliate marketing is based on influencing people by explaining how a product can be useful for them.

    Thus, it is necessary to have a product where you can explain the key features with ease. Selecting inappropriate products for affiliate marketing is the mistake that various affiliate marketers make.

  5. Relying Upon a Single Marketing Technique:

    It is another major cause of a marketing campaign failure when it depends on a single marketing technique. It has never happened in the history of marketing that a company or organization has been successful with just one.

    Since there are multiple ways to approach an audience, it is mandatory to rely on multiple methods of marketing because relying upon one method will be risky.

    One cannot take risks with a marketing plan since it is the essence and the source of all the revenues you wish the company to earn. Therefore, using more than one marketing method will surely decrease the risk factor and give marketing a better chance to earn the desired results.

  6. Complete Belief that Affiliate Marketing Is the Get Rich Quick Solution:

    If you believe that affiliate marketing may make you rich very quickly is a big mistake. Affiliate marketing is a very good method to promote your products/services but you should remember there is no shortcut to success; therefore, behaving in such manner will only cause you losses.

  7. Failure to Provide Quality Content:

    One must have rich quality content on the website in order to drive lots of traffic. The ultimate objective of marketing is to attract more and more people and let them know about the services or products.

    Having quality content will increase traffic to your website that will make the work of affiliates easier and it can be done with SEO services. The SEO services are extremely helpful in improving search engine rankings and bringing more traffic to your website.

    The content is designed and written by expert SEO writers that make sure you publish quality content on your website or sales page.

  8. Not Giving Proper Care to Your Existing Customers:

    Affiliate marketing works towards bringing more and more customers but sometimes it may lead to losing your existing customers. You keep on giving over importance to your marketing campaign in order to acquire a future potential customer but it may lead to lesser care towards your existing customers who are the source of your current revenue.

    Thus you should not forget your current customers just to have an edge over your competitors acquiring new customers.

The above mentioned affiliate marketing mistakes is the reason behind the failure of many marketing campaigns. You must keep in mind the above mistakes in order to have an effective marketing strategy and you can become one of the successful stories of affiliate marketing.

This is why one needs to take optimum care while planning the marketing campaign and selecting your marketing methods and tools. It may surely be the difference between a successful and non-successful marketing campaign.

Have you made any affiliate marketing mistakes? Leave a comment…

5 Tips How To Recruit Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money these days. Several individuals have discovered how beneficial and profitable this kind of business can be.

Recruit AffiliatesBecause of that, Internet marketers are coming in droves into the affiliate marketing arena. There have been several claims of individuals making it really big out of affiliate marketing and the door is still open…

You too can decide to take a journey into affiliate marketing and earn your own piece of the pie today.

It is not only the affiliates that benefit from affiliate marketing. Even the person that is doing the affiliate recruiting is making a lot of money.

He has products he is selling and he invites several people to join and help in advertising the product. This will help him to make more and more sales than he would have made on a normal day. This way, he ends up making more profit from the sales of his product.

Learn How To Get Affiliates

Bits for web masters

Are you a webmaster with products and services to present online? How many affiliates do you presently have for your product? How much profit are you already making?

In case you’d love to increase the number of affiliates that you have, you need a step in the right direction. This will help you to increase your profit makings and ensure that you are financially strong.

There are certain facts that you need to take note of as you are making plans to recruit more affiliates to join your online biz.

The general look of your site

You need to understand something about affiliates. They are mostly people who are in a big hurry to make money online. They are not ready to “waste” their time in creating their own product.

Instead of ‘wasting’ their time on product creation, they would rather look around for an already created product and promote it. This is the exact pattern used…

In case your site and its affiliate registration procedure looks too long and cumbersome, the affiliates who are already in haste may not be willing to spare the time to register on your site as affiliate.

It would be better to make your affiliate registration simple on your site to make your affiliate recruiting a success.

Make your website clearer

When I say you should make your website clearer, I mean you should make the content of the website easy to read.

Apart from this, you should also make the website easy to navigate. If your website is not easy to navigate, you may never be able to get lots of affiliates to recruit on such a site.

Some webmasters may decide to place the link for affiliates at the bottom footer of their website or on the side bar.

However, you will probably get more successful in affiliate recruiting if you place your affiliate tab at the top to be seen immediately.

Explain what is in it for them

If you want to get successful in affiliate recruiting, “spoon feed” your affiliates as much as possible. It would be great if you decide to create a page especially for them in which you clearly explain what you have on your website and how they can actually benefit by participating in your affiliate program.

This will easily convert them versus not having any clear info on the issue. The affiliates will feel more convinced to participate in your affiliate program than when you had only placed affiliate links and an affiliate form for registration on the site.

Some of the things you should itemize on the special affiliate page are:

  • A link that will lead to your home page for easy navigation.
  • A link to your privacy policy.
  • Terms and conditions that surrounds the affiliate program.
  • All type of commissions that you will be paying per product and the frequency of payment.
  • The least amount that can stand as payout.
  • A good and detailed description of the product being advertised.

You can’t do it alone

If you really want to bring in affiliates to participate in any affiliate program that you have, it is very important for you to understand that you will not be able to do the work alone. This is to tell you that you will need the help of other established websites to get the appropriate number of affiliates.

Everyone may not be able to locate your website. But if you get the website submitted to affiliate directories, there is a very great chance of you being able to get a lot of affiliates clicking their way to your website and registering as affiliates.

Webmasters can help out

Established webmasters too can help out in advertising your product and making it more open to affiliates who are seeking to help with the advertisement.

These webmasters have been around online for quite a while now and they already have a wider reach. You can simply contact them by placing a link to your website on theirs.

Anyone clicking on their website may end up getting directed to your own website where you can make your products and your affiliate opportunity known to the visitor.


We hope you have learned one or two things that will help you to properly make your affiliate program known to willing affiliates who then can help you in promoting your products. If you closely put all the facts above into consideration, you stand a very good chance of actually making something tangible out of your affiliate recruiting exercise at the end of the day.

How to Use Affiliate Programs on Your Blog

The simplest way to explain Affiliate marketing is where a publisher (you) earns money or gets rewarded for helping a company by promoting (advertising) their product on your blog. Read our comprehensive outlook on affiliate marketing and ways to remain safe from affiliate marketing scams.

Affiliate Programs BlogThere are a number of types of affiliate promotions but the most common one is where the publisher earns a certain percentage in commission on a link followed by a visitor to another site, where they make a purchase.

One needs to have a popular blog to implement an affiliate program, as there is a little hard work involved in this kind of model to earn money online.

A blog has to have a good amount of traffic & a low bounce rate which makes room for effective implementation of affiliate programs.

One can follow many ways to advertise a product on a blog. There certain things to keep in mind before becoming an affiliate.

1. A good looking blog / website:

The moment a potential customer visits a website, it must prompt the user to stay there for maximum amount of time. An excellent, innovative feature that attracts the attention of a unique/new visitor helps in decreasing the bounce rate.

2. Good/interesting content

Well written, meaningful and useful content is the most important aspect of any blog marketing strategy. Unique content attracts new and repetitive visitors as well. The content has to be informative and has to have the flavor to trigger the reader.

3. Choose a right Affiliate program

One can choose any affiliate program on different schemes that suits the person as per an individual requirement. There are different models under an affiliate program. To start with, you have the following given options to choose from:

a) CPA Model
b) CPC Model
c) CPL Model

a) CPA Model: This stands for Cost per Acquisition. Here you will get paid off the acquisition being made from your blog to the destination site. The payment is made on each sale being made. One gets the payment on a commission basis.

b) CPC Model: Cost per Click is a technique wherein one gets paid on the basis of the number of clicks being made on the advertisement displayed on your blog. Cost Per Click technique works better for a blog which has good traffic and a high page rank or popularity.

c) CPL Model: This stands for Cost per Lead. Here the publisher gets paid for the number of leads received from the advertisement being displayed over the blog. The more the leads generated, more the commission earned on each lead.

Rules to follow while implementing an Affiliate program into your blog

1. Find a suitable Affiliate program

Take up Amazon Associates or Linkshare; there are many affiliate networks that one can find online. You can access an HTML code for the banner advertisement to be displayed over the blog.

2. Honesty

Be honest on posting content/review about the product you have affiliated with because readers are smart enough to judge whether the product displayed on the site is good enough or not.

3. Niche

Try targeting the same niche for implementing an affiliate program. For example, you have a blog on authors, find an affiliate program for books to sell through affiliate marketing.

4. Right target audience

What’s the target audience driving towards your blog? Is the advertisement being displayed focused towards the right target audience? Accordingly, choose the right product to market in a better way that helps in driving good results.

5. Usage of appropriate links

When you are posting a relevant topic on the affiliate client, try posting a link that helps in gaining visibility and to make a sale through your blog effectively.

6. Tracking

One has to track on how effective the affiliate program is on your blog. What’s the number of clicks one has received on that particular advertisement? How many of them have literally converted into sales etc…

As there are many ways to make money online, Affiliate Marketing is one amongst them. This technique has many ways of marketing a company’s product or services in an effective manner, which has been covered here.

There are also other various forms which we will blog about in the near future…

If you want us to add anything, kindly mention below.

Affiliate Automated Payday – Your Guide To Quick Cash

Affiliate Automated PaydayI love affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to make money without needing a product of your own. The problem is, who wants to wait around for a paycheck to arrive weeks later? Let’s get some quick cash fast!

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Women in Affiliate Marketing – 3 Success Stories

I am all for women equality and emancipation. Last time, we brought you an inspiring list of Successful Women Entrepreneurs Online, today we give you three stories about women who crossed all odds and became affiliate marketing champions.

Missy Ward

The co-founder of Affiliate Summit, VelociyNYCPress, FeedFront Magazine,,,, and and VP Operations of, Missy Ward is one of the most successful Internet affiliate marketers today.

Missy WardInterestingly, she didn’t start affiliate marketing out of her own desire or willingness. It was something she had to do when working with Global Travel. They asked her to launch an affiliate marketing program and she had to learn all about it if she wanted to retain her job! According to her, learning affiliate marketing involved a lot of trial and error method, and she worked her way backwards to learn all the marketing intricacies.

In her interview with, she surmises the growth of women entrepreneurs in the field of affiliate marketing. She delights seeing a larger percentage of women working their way towards a successful business. She encourages women to participate in affiliate marketing summits and get a chance to develop independent ventures.

Missy Ward also says that business should not be made gender-specific. Success or failure depends on the business idea. You need to test your idea to see whether it holds any merit or not. If your idea does not bring any return even after consistent efforts, its better to let go of it and start something new.

The future of affiliate marketing, she believes, will shine further through the use of social media promotions.

Personal Info: Behind the businesswoman Missy lays a much loved and cared family woman. In her own words: “I’m a mother, daughter, sister, wife, niece, aunt, cousin, friend, marketer, beach-think and die-hard AC/DC fan”.

Brittany Bankston

An ex-employee of AKMG Inc and, Brittany Bankston has a huge fan following in the affiliate marketing industry. Her online marketing experience began when she was in as a pending analyst.

Brittany BankstonShe confesses having no idea what affiliate marketing was all about but slowly, she began to interact with the best minds in the industry and picked up on basic business tips and strategies. She considers the affiliate marketing business a very lucrative venture if done the right way, that is, with perseverance and not considering it as a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme.

Right now, she is concentrating on several of her personal affiliate marketing projects. Bankston believes that her “I don’t care what anyone thinks” attitude contributed a lot in making her the self confident person she is today. Like Missy Ward, she too considers social media as the primary tool for affiliate marketing promotion.

Personal Info: She has a 7 year old daughter whom she absolutely loves and cherishes. Bankston works doubly hard to provide her daughter the necessary educational opportunities and brings her up as a fine intelligent young woman.

Tovah Simon

One of the brightest and passionate individuals in the affiliate marketing industry, Tovah Simon is the Vice President of Marketing at Walla Media. In 2008, she sold her construction company and decided to return to her educational roots, that is, advertising. But, realizing that print advertising is more of a dying medium, she decided to build her career in online marketing.

Tovah SimonThree years in the business and she is still trying to figure out what the affiliate marketing business is all about! Everyday is a learning experience for her and she feels thrilled at the fact that some of the best minds in the online industry have helped or is helping her to get where she wants to be.

She further thinks that for home based women, affiliate marketing is a lucrative business. It is something they can develop at home, without compromising their family responsibilities. Never make the mistake of taking your business for granted, says Simon. Keep on reinventing and expanding.

Personal Info: She loves photography, video games, catching up on movies and serves up a much needed dose of sarcasm sometimes!

Tell us your success stories….

Affiliates Making Money from ClickBank – Problems You Can Encounter

Internet’s largest digital product bank – ClickBank – started in 1998. With exponential growth in the last decade, ClickBank now retails more than 46,000 digital products and they have 100,000 ‘active’ affiliate marketers earning up to 75% commission on each product sale.

Making Money from ClickBank
ClickBank makes a sale every three seconds all around the world and according to them; more than 35,000 digital transactions are done every day.

Needless to say, ClickBank receives high amounts of traffic daily and not only this, the traffic converts into sales, which is the most important thing for an affiliate.

How Does ClickBank Work for Affiliates?

Creating an account is free of cost. You select products you want to promote through your website, using the ClickBank affiliate link and you are paid for every sale through your link, earning up to 75%. On a basic level, there is an immense opportunity out there to earn from ClickBank.

However, as a new Internet affiliate marketer, you will encounter certain hurdles along the way. Here we have tried to explain the major problems or issues you might encounter, along with possible solutions, wherever applicable.

Problems You Encounter

Not Choosing the Right Product:

It will help if you’ve had previous experience in marketing products online. Nevertheless, always remember that when you are an affiliate with ClickBank, you need to check the product’s ‘gravity’ before making your choice.

An uncountable number of Internet marketers have suffered losses in making money online just because they could not select the ‘product.’

There are three levels of product available – products with high saleability, products with medium saleability and products with low or average saleability.

It is very difficult to suggest which kind of product you should choose because there are a lot of factors you have to consider such as the market demand and consumer’s spending power.

But, as a new affiliate marketer, it is suggested that you select medium saleable products because as a novice, you may not find any success with high saleable products as there are other seasoned competitors high up the ladder. By choosing average or low saleable products, you will incur only losses.

Therefore, the safest bet would be medium saleable products. When you become a member and go into the user control panel, select a few products you are interested in and do a comparison check. Moreover, never select a product that offers commission below 25%.

Not Doing Correct Marketing:

If you want to see yourself among 100,000 live and active affiliate Internet marketers with ClickBank, you will create your own marketing hurdle if you get involved in ‘hit and run’ marketing.

Most affiliate marketers think online earning is easy and therefore, they look for the quickest way possible to earn money online.

Typically, people with such mindset will select a ClickBank product, advertise to send traffic to the landing page and earn a profit – this strategy is not faulty on the outset but when you do the math, you will see that by following this strategy, you are only getting one time customers and that too by investing lots of cash!!!

This is the wrong way, especially if you want to keep earning online for long term. Think like this – why would you want to blindly spend dollars to get customers and that too not for your own but for another company?

The ‘correct’ kind of marketing would be to follow a model that will bring in repeat customers without too much investment. It is much easier marketing to repeat customers that spend time creating new ones.

The preferred ClickBank affiliate marketing model would be to choose a handful of ClickBank products; create eBooks in the same niche and distribute it free of cost, embed a squeeze page in the eBook to send traffic to the squeeze page; capture leads coming to the squeeze page; set up an email auto responder with ClickBank products and see the profits grow in your ClickBank account.

Inability to Track Clicks to Publisher’s Site or Embed Deep Links:

ClickBank does not display what happens when a person clicks off your site and visits the publisher’s site. In other words, you can track consumers when they visit your site but when they follow your affiliate link and visit the publisher’s site, you cannot track what happens afterwards.

For instance, if you a promoting a software that offers a free download period, you cannot see if the person downloaded the software or if ClickBank sends a follow up mail when the trial period finishes.

Such kinds of systems makes tracking extremely difficult – you are not able to see how much percentage of traffic sent through your site has actually converted into sales.

Moreover, none of the ClickBank products will allow you to “deep link” directly to the FAQ, Testimonials and any other page of the target website. Your affiliate link will only directly link to the software’s home page – you cannot directly link to the download page.

Not being able to give “deep links” has its disadvantages – visitors may not be able to see the download link or find the appropriate testimonial. It is a fact that if a potential consumer is not able to see the information he / she desires, there is a chance that it will not convert into sales.

Inability to Directly Communicate with Publishers:

There is no feature in ClickBank that allows affiliate marketers to directly communicate with the product’s publisher. Suppose you are having some problems with the product or you need some information that the ClickBank support staff may not be able to provide, then where do you go?

It would have been resourceful if ClickBank had some kind of FAQ section for every digital product. Or a supportive mailing list would have been helpful.

Lack of direct communication between affiliates and publishers creates misunderstanding and problems, a stumbling block that only ClickBank can solve.

Confusing Payment System:

With ClickBank you “get paid on time, every time” and they provide every affiliate marketers with detailed sales reporting and accurate commission tracking but the biggest problem here is that your account should show sales from 5 different people before you can claim your earnings.

Not only this, out of the 5 payments, one should be done with Visa card and one from MasterCard.

Obviously, ClickBank may have initiated this for better security measures and to avoid fraud but it could have been done in another way as well. Waiting to claim your earnings is not right, especially if you are looking to use ClickBank to generate a few sales in a year.

Again, suppose that you could not make ClickBank a success and you want to close your account, which shows only 3 sales. You can close your account but you cannot claim any money as the amount gets forfeited.

Moreover, there is a “Commission Priority Rule” ClickBank follows. It means that “if a customer has visited a sales page on more than one occasion, as a result of following links supplied by different affiliates, the rule is that the last affiliate gets the commission.”

Does this mean that if the same customer buys the same product through two different affiliate links, which affiliate will get the commission?

Apart from this glitch, you are entitled to receive payments every week and direct deposit to your account is also available.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of highlighting these problems is not to dissuade you from becoming an affiliate with ClickBank. What we are trying to do is make new Internet marketing ClickBank affiliates become aware of the issues that you will encounter later on.

Feel free to tell us in the comments section about other problems, If any you’ve encountered with ClickBank.