Social Networking Making a Positive Change

In earlier days, the computers were hailed as ‘world changing technologies’ and it was hoped Social Networking that email would bring about a revolution in communication.

Some said that the Internet would eradicate any form of national boundary. All these took place and there were some partial changes, but the world did not change overnight, it only became a little bit different.

In hindsight, all these things did bring about a change but it was never that catalyst that would actually transform the face of the world.

However, it seems that social media is actually changing the world. It helps to connect people and brands, empowers consumers and brings about revolutions in countries where it is needed.

Politics Re-invented

Recent studies have found that social networking is actually encouraging young people to get involved in politics.

Twitter had good impacts on the Iran elections and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. More and more people are getting involved in politics and they feel that they can make a difference.

The Huffington Post is one of the most popular blogs on the web and is mainly political in nature. Social media is enjoying a growing influence in politics and the same sentiment was echoed by the UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

News Travels Fast

People are no longer interested in passive messages. They now get news through the social network and then this news is passed onto others. By this the others understand – what we are interested in and what is important to us. You may call this gossip but this is news to users on social networking sites like Twitter, Digg and Stumbled Upon.

Marketing Flux

Marketing and advertising have embraced the power of the consumer and makes a serious attempt to engage in conversations.

Earlier these two aspects were part of the mass market channels that the industry relied on. It had a more wider reach but very repetitive. Now marketing and advertising have a smaller reach and engaged in people-centric activities. People say that advertising is dying but we believe that it is only changing form. The consumers today have more power and more choice.

Child Literacy

There is no denying the fact those children who have reading habits are usually better at reading and writing. Believe it or not, they do get motivated to read and write by participating in online blog posts and putting up status updates.

A recent survey has established a correlation between the child’s involvement in social media and his overall literacy. To put it more bluntly, social media has helped our children to become literate.

Influence on World Events

Social Media is associated with many world events. The overthrowing and subsequent removal of the dictatorship in Egypt was only possible due to Facebook groups and large scale online protests.

There have been many instances when important world events had broken out on Twitter even before it has been announced on CNN or reported by respectable papers like The New York Times.

Social Media will continue to be a driving force. As long as it is being used in the proper way, Social Networking will strive to change the way the world functions.

Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and gadgets. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a gaming chairs. These days she is busy in writing an article on steam support.

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