Should Bloggers Use PLR Articles?

A blogger knows the demands of content developing on a daily basis. Of course, we are talking about those blogs that are updated daily and not those ‘once a week published’ blogs.

However, once in a while a blogger may run out of topics or simply may not find the time to write daily because of other factors involved in running an online business.

Here, PLR (Private Label Rights) content enters the picture…

PLR ArticlesTo simply explain, PLR articles are pre-written content that you can buy at wholesale price. For instance, a package of 50 PLR articles may cost you $10 whereas if you hire a ghostwriter to write 50 x 500 word articles, that is going to cost you minimum $500 at $10 per article.

I know what you are thinking…”Should I let go of my writer/s and buy PLR articles?”

NO. You should not do that. Imagine if all the bloggers in the world bought and republished PLR articles, wouldn’t every blog look the same? Moreover, there are serious questions about quality and word count. Once I bought 500 PLR articles for just $7 – they promised unique content and each article was 500 words.

The truth – each article was no more than 250 words and “uniqueness,” let’s not go into that! Yes, if you are buying PLR, you cannot expect “original” or “unique” articles but come on, there should be “some” quality at the very least. The time I spent editing one article and adding another 500 words to it was not worth $7.

For me, PLR was an additional headache and I realized that writing on my own is much better even if it’s time consuming and sometimes monotonous.

Now you will ask ”You are confusing me. Should I or should I not buy PLR articles?”

YES & NO, both! See, according to my own experience, PLR articles are good for submitting in article directories to generate traffic. However, not every article directory site will accept PLR. For instance, Ezine Articles have turned very strict, ONLY accepting original content. But don’t be disappointed…there are hundreds more out there…

Again, don’t publish the PLR content “as it is.” I have seen many of my blogger friends making this mistake. Like I said before, take one PLR article – – – either rewrite it completely or partially to make it at least 80% unique or if the content is “good” or “passable,” edit it as much as you can, add SEO keywords and expand a little bit.

Remember that Google has made it clear that blogs with high quality content will rank high in their search rankings…this means each blog should not be less than 500 words and the longer it is, the better…

Go ahead, buy PLR articles but from “trusted” sources. There is a friend of mine who runs 134 blogs, to be precise, in various niches and as you can imagine, content is a priority to keep the blogs well placed in search rankings. My friend buys PLR articles from a particular seller who sells them in only packs of 5 or 10 articles.

From my experience, I have learned that buying PLR articles in small packs is much better than going wholesale. This seller typically charges $5 for article packs with full rights to publish them as you wish and the content is A+.

I asked myself….”if this seller is such a good writer (or whoever is writing for the seller), why is the seller charging so less and giving away A+ content at a throwaway price?” The fact is the seller generates thousands of sales through those small article packs, which not only covers the writing costs but earns the seller huge profits…

Now, how does this concern you? As a blogger, you need lots of content. Instead of buying hundreds of PLR articles at low cost with NO quality, you can buy small PLR article packs at a little bit higher cost but with good quality content, which will lessen your editing and content addition time…

However, DO NOT DEPEND ON PLR ARTICLES SOLELY FOR WEBSITE RANKING…You have to keep on churning out original write-ups regularly. Use PLR content as “stop gaps” or during emergency times when you are not available to write posts…

Know of a good PLR article site? Please, do share…

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  1. says

    don’t publish the PLR content “as it is… that is the main point that everybody who buys plr should know they HAVE TO do.

    Private Label Rights allow you to quickly transform the content into unique versions of your own.

    PLR does come in handy if used correctly to save time and money not only for bloggers but for digital product creators, email list owners, squidoo page owners, etc …

  2. says

    What I’ve found works for me is to use the plr articles as research. If the articles are really top quality, then I may use them as is with minor changes to make them unique. Other articles that are of lower quality give me a good starting point to create an article of my own.

    I typically stay away from plr wholesalers and only spend money on quality original plr membership sites or content packages from reputable plr providers.

    Some of my favorite plr providers are: Tiffany Dow of PLR Mini Mart, Nicole Dean of Easy PLR, Alice Seba of All Private Label Content, and Melissa Ingold of Special Report Club.

  3. says

    that is something well explaining over the web, i searched for PLR and found this as best article among all, i havent used this method till now, will give it a try to few product based website of clients.

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