Sending the Wrong Email…Very Funny

Hey Guys, hope all is well.

Today I wanted to share a quick funny story with all of you that you probably can relate to…

wrong email addressHave you ever sent an email to the wrong person? I know I have…panic stricken, you send another email telling that person to disregard the first, back tracking and apologizing like never before, especially if it’s personal.

I know of people that have sent a personal message intended for one person and what they ended up doing is sending it to their entire address book!


What an awful feeling when you finally realize that you hit that “Send” button and now it’s too late! Oh shit! I didn’t want to do that!

Well in today’s funny story, this is a classic in my book.

The weird thing is this actual email went along with the “unintended” recipient’s rather unbearable loss of her husband.

Please click the link below and read the short story. It’s a must read to put a smile on your face and know that you’re not alone in doing something as stupid as this!

Let this be a lesson to all of us to pay more attention to what we’re saying and to whom we’re saying it too…and for heaven’s sakes, don’t hit that “Send” button to quickly!


Wrong Email

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