Raise Your Intensity – Raise Your Income

Have you ever met someone whose demeanor just dripped with complete intensity? This person seemed bigger than life… so much as you hung onto every word they were saying – you wanted more of it – you’re truly drawn to it?

Raise Your IncomeThis person radiates so much confidence – joy – success – life… and all the best it has to offer.

When you come across someone like that, it’s as if it makes YOU feel powerful in your own way doesn’t it?

This person created instant inspiration in you, a light yet powerful feeling washed over you to push yourself harder to make your dreams a reality. You felt excitement, motivation and felt you were ready to take on anything…

Well? Why can’t that person be you that others are so drawn too that initially sparks that instant feeling of taking on the world?

It all starts with making a commitment – growing your confidence and be willing to pay the price…

Chris Leader, President of Leader’s Edge Training spells it out in this way;

“Good is the enemy of great.
Where do you find the commitment to rise above the average?

No-one enters this industry with the lifelong dream of being mediocre. We all have dreams, goals and aspirations, but sometimes we lose steam along the way.
You can achieve anything you set your mind to, but only if you are willing to pay the price.

This video tip tells a story of someone with huge potential who never achieved the success he was capable of until he found the motivation to give it his all.

The question is, have you reached your full potential?

Watch this short video tip to find out how raising your intensity will increase your sales.”

Take note at the end of this short video on how this guy’s demeanor changed because of what he accomplished.

Now this tip is something to really take to heart.

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  1. says

    Great story. There are alot of Johns amongst up. As Les Brown puts it, ” we are only operating with the tip of what we are capable of achiving” Cheers.

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