Price Disclaimer Protect Affiliates From FTC Issues

Are you an affiliate marketer and would like to continue your smooth sailing money making affiliate marketing venture?

Price Disclaimer Protect Affiliates From FTC IssuesIf you know anything about, ‘Federal Trade Commission’ (FTC) then these three words are enough to make you pay attention to what I will reveal below.

Careful consideration of all is sure to determine the success of your affiliate marketing program.

Basis of the info

It has been in the news for some time now that the plan of the Federal Trade Commission is to bring some measure of regulation to the whole blogging and affiliate marketing system.

This plan is still in the offing and there is a great expectation that it is going to come to light within a very short period of time – all the more reason why any sensible affiliate marketer should quickly have a reasonable solution to the whole issue before he or she is met unexpectedly.

Any hesitation on your part may end up costing you your entire affiliate marketing system.

Who are those that will be affected?

If you are one of the affiliate marketers that have paid endorsements on your affiliate webpage, you may be affected by the regulatory action of the Federal Trade Commission.

If you are one of those that display links to your website on your affiliate webpage, you too will surely be touched by the wave of change that is about to sweep the affiliate marketing world.

Bringing about a change to the existing system of things on our sites may actually look like a herculean task. But we still need to bring about some solution to the challenges so that we will not end up under the ax of the Federal Trade Commission.

One of the reasons the Federal Trade Commission will touch (or torch) some affiliate websites is when you do not place a price disclaimer on your websites.

There is an 84-page document made available by the Federal Trade Commission on this issue.

In this document, the Federal Trade Commission tried to explain the purpose for the purge and those that will be affected by it. Who knows, you too may end up being among those that will be affected if you do not make the necessary move to include a price disclaimer on your affiliate website.

Those who live in the United States may largely be the ones affected by this new regulation from the Federal Trade Commission.

Protective power of price disclaimer

With a price disclaimer on your website, you will be highly protected from any mishap. With the price disclaimer, you are simply informing the person visiting your website that makes any purchase that you are not guarantying one hundred percent performance of the product he or she is buying.

This will then show the affected person that he or she should not in any way expect to have a complete solution to the problem at hand simply by making use of the product being bought on your website.

Have you visited any Forex trading websites before? It will be clearly stated that the free Forex signal or the Forex trading product you want to buy may really give you one hundred percent dependence.

This is the exact kind of info that the Federal Trade Commission wants the affiliate website owners to place on their websites.

This will help to prepare the mind of the client for any eventuality that may occur in the course of making use of what you have to offer online.

The use of testimonials

The Federal Trade Commission must have gone through testimonials on several websites indicating how miracles happened in the course of making use of the product bought from that particular website.

It had also been discovered that not all the users of such products had been able to get the same measure of results from the same product.

As far as the Federal Trade Commission is concerned, the testimonials may as well pass for fraud. It may be self-written by site owners.

The concern of the Federal Trade Commission is not for the site owners to remove testimonials or change the contents of testimonials.

The main concern is for the site owners to clearly indicate that it is not every body that uses the product that will end up with same result.

Same protection for cigarette makers…

Any time you read the last two bottom lines on a cigarette advert in any public place, you will clearly see the warning that is placed below them.

This helps protect the company making the sales from the Federal Trade Commission and its ax.

This is the exact scenario that is being proposed for every other kinds of online affiliate marketing business.

If you want to get adequately protected and you don’t want to be labeled as being fraudulent, the Federal Trade Commission expects you to place a bold price disclaimer on your website.

How true are the endorsements and testimonials?

This is one of the reasons why the Federal Trade Commission would rather prefer affiliate site owners to place price disclaimers on their website.

It had been discovered that several website owners only put falsified claims on their websites all in the name of catching the attention of buyers to persuade them in taking action.

This is considered as not being good enough as far as the Federal Trade Commission is concerned.

In order to show the Federal Trade Commission that the claims on your websites and the testimonials you have splattered all over the place are true and reliable, you will need to place a price disclaimer on the site.

In case anyone tries the product and does not have the same result that was advocated on the site, you will be fully covered.

Since none of us will like the idea of striking out our testimonials, we might as well make a move to get them well protected.


The ball is in your court. You will do yourself a world of good if you add a price disclaimer to the content of your site.

You will be saving yourself a lot of heartache and headache in the process. You will also be able to protect your online business from being axed by the Federal Trade Commission.

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