Press Release Principles – Free How To Write A Press Release Guide

Don’t Let Press Releases Intimidate You. Follow These 6 Simple Steps. Examples Included!

How To Write A Press Release
If You Think That Creating a Press Release Is
Difficult – Intimidating – Or Out of Your League,
Think Again . . .

Follow These 6 Easy Steps
and Build Your First One in No Time Flat . . .

Yes. Press releases are one of those Internet marketing aspects that many beginners are scared to death to dive into . . .

I’m not sure if it’s because when we hear the words, “Press Release” we instantly think of Radio – Television – which means lots of exposure that we’re not quite ready for or what, however, let me say that more than likely, this will not happen for you overnight.

So put your fears to bed and let’s move forward. Acquire some knowledge of how to write a press release and press release format before we do anything else.

This is what I have for you;

  • A short video explaining what is a Press Release
  • 6 Easy Steps to build a Press Release
  • A PDF defining these steps
  • Sample of the Press Release format
  • Free PR Directories to submit your Press Release
  • My first “stab” at a Press Release for you to view (2008)

Go on and check out this how to write a press release guide. It’s totally free . . .

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