Money Making Websites – You Be The Judge

There is an old saying…‘Seek and thou shall find.’

There are hundreds of websites that can give you advice on this topic. And there are many people who can act as consultants on this subject…

Money Making WebsitesThe unprofessional ‘wannabe’ consultants will tell you how to run your business without having one of their own, …so be careful when choosing.

Of course there are thousands of money making websites that lead to millions of ways of making money online.

However, it is not as easy as is always professed. Even this path takes some hard work and dedication on the part of a person who is looking to turn that dream into a pot of gold.

Whether it is making money working from home with affiliate programs – blogging – freelancing – making money with eBay – online surveys – GPT programs or… other simple ways to make money fast, there are thousands of companies that have the same or similar avenues to make money online and the working from home opportunity

Many of them promise the stars and entice people with low cost packages.

The words that they use are so designed that you are forced to make a decision at the spur of the moment.

And the reason is that they do not want to let you go. Chances are, you won’t be back. In the end, it is such companies that promise you the riches that actually walk away rich themselves.

Earning money online is no different and not any easier than making money offline.

You have to go through a lot of strife to get that genuine opportunity. On the way, one could end up kissing a lot of frogs in the quest to see which of them turns into a handsome prince or the beautiful princess.

Here are some possible ways that one can make money from and what you may be faced with:

Affiliate Programs: Making money selling other people’s products without actually canvassing is how easily it can be put across.

However, to have an affiliate site linked to your blog or website can also prove tricky if the link is a farce or if you have a site or a blog with less followers. Learn how to use affiliate programs on your blog.

Getting paid to surf: The ads which are posted on the net are quite enticing to the people who want a piece of the pie.

The ads show people talking to you from their own personal yachts, or getting off private jets.

However, they could be the scamsters that want you to jump on that bandwagon, while very persuasively they have just emptied your pockets…

Selling Photos: There are sites that allow you to upload your favorite photos and when someone clicks on it to download it, you get a percentage of the share.

This seems to be a good and genuine option.

However, there could be copyright issues. So, you have to be extra careful not to put up for sale a picture that may be either too generic or one in which you do not have a copyright to.

Mystery Shopping: Well, this is as close to reality as you can really get.

Mystery shopping is really an offline job where one has to actually go and shop in the brick and mortar shops, restaurants and whatever else there is.

There are some companies that are in it not to make you rich but skimming you out of your money.

The genuine ones do not charge you money to join and they are accredited by a governing body that regulates the mystery shopping business.

EBay and Craigslist: These are really one of the most originally authentic ways to make real money online and fast.

The only drawback in this kind of a way to make money is sometimes the long wait to get your things sold or wait till the auction is over…patience are needed when turning ebay marketplace into a second income source.

Designing Logos: If you have that creative frame of mind and can virtually blow life into words and pictures, this is the right option for you.

With the right amount of creativity and perseverance, one is bound to hit the jackpot. It could help your cause if you have the knowhow or get on board with a friend who has the knowhow of designing logos.

Online Surveys: Online survey companies are a dime a dozen on the Internet. They promise to pay a handsome amount to the person taking the survey.

However, more people tend to get disqualified from the survey at any stage while taking the survey. It could be a genuine way to filter out people.

You never know when the screen or the pop-up comes on saying you are not qualified to take the survey or that you do not fit the age group or something to that affect so you may ask yourself is earning money from online surveys legitimate or just a well planned scam?

Designing T-shirts: Similar to designing logos, designing T-shirts for any event or company can be a rewarding experience and can get your creative juices flowing also.

Reading Emails: Getting paid to read emails is also something that could be dicey. There are companies that promise to send you hundreds of emails everyday which will help you earn a decent enough amount.

Unlike taking surveys, reading emails may not have the built-in eliminations.

The amount paid to you per email could be paltry. And also your inbox could be clustered and filled with spam mail.

Reviewing: Getting paid to review is a great way to make a living or a killing on the net. There are companies that will send you either products to review or books and you can get paid for writing reviews.

Also, you can review movies and theatre plays. The pay is not much. But it could get you there. In fact, even this could be done either online or offline.

There are a thousand more ways to make money online. Each and every way is filled with the genuine as well as with fraudulent companies.

Experience is the only teacher and you are your own best guide and judge.

Just proceed with caution…

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