Mobile SEO – How Are Mobile Platforms Changing SEO?

Mobiles and Smartphones are definitely the trend changers. With the advancement in mobile Internet technology in the last few years, browsing and accessing Internet via mobile has grown exponentially.

mobile SEOIn fact, websites that are not optimized for the mobile platform are losing their potential traffic. In contrast, websites can be accessed via mobile are now trying their hands on mobile SEO!

Getting Started with Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO process begins with defining the website on the mobile platform.  For this, marketers need to design an optimized site for mobile access. CSS or the cascading style sheet is the customized mobile platform especially built to optimize website content.

Effective Mobile SEO Practices

Rapid increase in mobile Internet usage facilitated marketers to promote products and services online via SEO strategies.

Searching on the Internet via personal computer and on mobile are very different approaches. While typing searches on the Internet, the traditional keyboard is more comfortable than Smartphone’s keyboards. Although, it is a user dependent technique for getting quick search results, if a marketer provides optimized content on the websites and proper internal webpage link building, SEO via mobile can definitely receive positive feedback.

Aspects Related To Mobile SEO

  • Voice search:

Most of the Smartphones have speech to text facility. This demands good content optimization and effective speech recognizing keywords instead of normal keyword analysis. Practicing mobile SEO with this yardstick can help marketers in generating income from mobile SEO.

  • Image Search:

Effective SEO services are those which can generate quick solution to user’s queries. Google Goggles helps in generating quick responses to searched queries in the form of web images.

  • Global Accessing:

Mobile SEO provides web access functionality even when the user is traveling. This shows that mobile web is in its infancy and a potential platform for Internet marketers. Mobile SEO is likely focused strongly on that category of audiences who are constantly traveling and need information quickly and effectively through their Smartphones.

  • Geo-targeting:

Search results fluctuate more on mobile devices as compared to desktop search results. Most of the free geo-location applications are therefore provided with good navigational functionality for locating search results.

  • Sociability:

Most of the mobile web users use the Internet to socialize. If the SEO marketers do not include the social media users, mobile SEO will not be effective. Mobile SEO marketers focus on providing comfortable social media coverage too so that the users feel connected.

  • Quick SEO Response:

As compared to the SEO targeted audience accessing the Internet on their desktops or laptops, the mobile SEO efforts provides a quick response to the marketers, resulting in better ROI. Whether it’s about searching online hotel reviews or for flight inquiries, users prefer to set their searches on mobile as compared to desktop searching.

Problem with Mobile SEO

Various mobile websites use user agent detection for redirecting people to mobile domains:

1. URL

2. m.

These domains display website content in a well optimized format suitable for small mobile screens. Problem of duplicate content arises because same content exists on both the URLs. This results in decreasing the website ranking in search engine listings.

Also, managing two URLs for the same website is sometimes difficult for marketers. Local SEO marketers have to attach two links in their mobile content – this can be a bad SEO practice for marketers.

Blog Optimization for Mobile

Blogs are the most important part of search engine optimization. Blogs on mobile Internet should be optimized enough so that it can be compatible with different mobile operating systems.  Also, the blogger should understand that the search terms for blogs are different on desktop and in the mobile web environment. A research on easily type-able keywords is therefore, a vital aspect.

Considerations with Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO needs to be well optimized to enable faster loading, table-less structure, clear images and easy searching. It also needs more researches and innovations to build a lucrative and stable mobile Internet campaign for online marketers. Some other considerations are:

  • Websites should not be complex enough for mobile use.
  • Mobile websites should not contain high graphics and massive content.
  • Website should be easily accessible with minimum restrictions.
  • From content uploading to downloading, everything should be mobile compatible.
  • SEO experts should make sure that the websites are not just compatible for search engine listings, but also compatible according to the mobile device.


Mobile SEO is taking over the traditional desktop SEO. However, there can be various future innovations in this field. For example, GPS location data can be utilized for search queries. It might be possible that mobile search engines will begin using GPS data automatically to provide search results quickly.

Use of applications for retrieving web information might be the next innovation for mobile SEO. All these researches and innovations will surely provide a great support to mobile search engine optimization.

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