Major Hang-Up: “You’ll Never Make It!”

First off, I want to let our loyal Income Insiders readers know that we will be adding a section of “live” interviews from people all around the world-asking what their biggest “hang-up” was and what they did to overcome it.

Major Hang-UpSo, Joni here too kick it off with what was once my “biggest hang-up.” (of course I wasn’t going to record myself, so I’m writing it instead)

When I first had the notion-dream that I wanted to start a career on the Internet, boy, you would of thought I had just grown a third eye or something…

My Parents: “Joni, what do you think you’re doing? You don’t even like the Internet!”

My Husband: “I’ll trust your decision, but you’ll never make it.”

Past Co-Worker: “Those are all scams Joni. My Brother-in-law lost thousands of dollars trying all that crap. Forget about it.”

Another Past Co-Worker: ” Well, if you make it big, let me know and then you can teach me. Until then, I’m staying here even though I hate it and I have talent to really make it somewhere else.”

Friend:Really…good-luck because you’ll need it! haha!”

Brother: If people made money online, everyone would be doing it. You don’t know anything about all that stuff.”

Neighbor: “Get real…making money online isn’t possible. You’re just crazy.”

Sound familiar?

You know…I’m not sure what it is. Are people so fearful of taking a risk – changing their circumstances – jealous?

Let me tell you…I was vulnerable to begin with. I just had to quit a job I loved due to illness, needed to help my husband pay the bills but more importantly, I knew I had to do something rather than sitting around collecting disability…not my style.

Deep down I knew there was something out there for me in the online world. I just had to learn it, just like any other new job I started…

  • brokering raw plastic materials
  • operating a 35 ton dump truck
  • becoming a kidney dialysis technician…

…all major jobs I knew nothing about. But I learned and excelled at every one of them. This was no different.

I knew I could do it…it was just a matter of mapping it out, finding mentors to help me get where I needed to go.

These people seemed to let me know “politely” that I would fail EVEN before I got started.

Comments such as these from people who should of been supportive really jerked my chain.

Now, I could of allowed myself to continue on out of spite…”I’ll show all you guys!” But I chose not to. I’m doing this for me. So…

When I published my first online newsletter, those comments started to dissipate shortly after.

Now I’m not saying this newsletter was making me a ton of money because it wasn’t. I made a lot of mistakes, the template I used leaves a lot to be desired, but I was helping people. I felt really good about that. I took action.

The feeling of accomplishment was nothing I’ve ever experienced before. To this day, I have about 12 issues and still get a few subscribers here and there. (I haven’t spent much time on it for quite awhile and this was over 5 years ago)

My point here is this: No matter how many people want to squelch your dreams, take it with a grain of salt. It really doesn’t matter.

To this day I still hear a little laughter in the background but the difference is… guess who’s laughing now?

If you’re curious about my first project, here’s a link.

In closing…just smile when someone gives you their opinion in a negative way. Let it go. This will only hurt you.

Remember, this is about you…your dreams and your purpose.

If they choose to continue on belly-aching about hating their job, not making enough money and wondering how you’ve become so successful…oh well!

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