LeBron James…On the Offensive?

If you’re like a lot of sports enthusiasts, watching what’s happening on the basketball front has millions of viewer’s minds under somewhat of a spell . . . they can’t seem to get enough. Not only the love for the actual game but all the drama surrounding it.

LeBron James On the Offensive?I read a clip from the New York Times, N.B.A. blog yesterday of LeBron James poking fun at Dirk Nowitzki, playing game 4 with a 102 fever . . .

I can’t understand for the life of me, why he would stoop so low. Maybe it’s just me…

In our society, when a person is on top of their game, career or whatever, the person is totally glorified. That person tends to speak well – is polite – the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So why then would you want to jeopardize your perfectly- polished reputation over something so ridiculous and uncalled for?

LeBron James has totally offended the Cleveland Ohio fan base he once had complete control over and now, is he trying to shift the focus off of himself by making snide remarks about another player of the game or does he feel he can get away with it unscathed because he’s LeBron?

I’m not sure – but all it shows me is a person who is definitely lacking in character and values which he seemed to possess at one time. I think his immature tactics seems to reconfirm what his once loyal followers are still thinking today.

Unfortunately, this isn’t anything new in today’s society; if someone gets caught doing something wrong, or if someone is personally attacked, human nature kicks in – and we either fight back to clear our name or blame someone or something else for causing the situation.

2 Additional News Examples:

Weiner: His twitter account was hacked don’t you know . . .

Casey Anthony: Her parents and brother are the real culprits . . .


Anyway, these stories got me thinking on how well (or not) we take responsibility for our money back guarantees we offer our customers…the backbone of every business.

If you’re selling a product or service that you truly think is top-notch because you created it – spent long hours sweating over it – spent lots of money and poured your heart and soul into it, just because you love it doesn’t mean everyone else will . . . surprised?

There will be those people who won’t take the time to actually use your product/service – find it too time consuming – not enough bang for their buck or just not good enough etc., but will say what a flop it is. That would ultimately be a personal attack on you, wouldn’t you agree?

However, by getting upset at the customer who’s looking for their refund will only make you look unprofessional just like LeBron . . .

Remember, not every product and service is for everyone. Yes, you’ll spot the tire-kickers who just wanted something for nothing which can be very irritating. But that’s just a part of doing business.

The majority of people have good intentions of using the product/service and if they want their money back because they felt it didn’t work for them, well hell, give them a smile and live up to your guarantee…as soon as possible. Don’t make that transaction difficult for your customer.

Hurling around insults won’t help a damn thing but chisel away at your character and professionalism which . . . can also go along way by word of mouth.

Such remarks won’t get you more customers anytime soon . . . or followers such as in LeBron’s case in my opinion. Being offensive will always come back to bite you.

Being professional is what you want your customers too see in any given situation and, if treated well, that same customer might come back and try another product you’re offering. And, even spread a good word on your behalf about the way it was handled.

While we all have the freedom to say whatever we want, we also have the same freedom to choose our words and reactions.

Let’s choose them wisely when doing business.

If you’re selling a high quality product or service, you shouldn’t have many problems at all. Keep your head up no matter what the situation. Stick to your core values and you’ll have many, many happy customers.

And as far as LeBron? Better luck next year. . .

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