Landing Pages – One Specific Offer

Let’s dive in a little further on what Landing pages are and how they work…

The definition of a landing page: A focused offer page with only one call to action.

Landing PagesThis is also sometimes referred to as a “lead capture” page, which is adding the visitor to your e-mail list by persuading the visitor to complete one transaction.

You know what you want the visitor to do, and you don’t want them leaving without giving you their information.

– A newsletter sign up
– A membership site

Check out this landing page: 16-day eCourse “Create Your Own Income”

The focused offer here is to sign up for the newsletter only. To get the newsletter you have to enter your name and e-mail address. This is the only call to action on this page.

After the visitor has signed up, this marketer can stay in constant contact by email, recommending other products and services and providing value through articles, tips etc., and also marketing his/her own products and services.

Now there is a difference between a landing page, (again this is a lead capture page to get the visitor’s name and e-mail address to be able to send them information) and a web site, which is pages and pages of content with many links distributed throughout.

Example of website:

This web site displays pages and pages of content about coffee. Different blends of coffee, coffee makers… There is no specific call to action on any page.

Using a landing page, you have one chance to grab the prospect’s attention, keep them interested, feed into their desires and call them to action, known as A-I-D-A;  Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.


1. You don’t want the prospect to leave your site. You only have one chance to get their information.

2. The way you communicate your message will bring you success or failure. Make it as strong and compelling as possible, something the reader has to know more about and will give their information to get it.

3. You do not want any other links on that page. You don’t want the prospect to click off your page and go elsewhere. Chances are once your prospect clicks off your site, they probably won’t return.

When using a landing page, don’t try to sell the product or service. You want to sell the benefits of the product or service to the prospect.

You want your product to be unique and different. Ask yourself:

Which area am I different from my competitor?
– The price?
– The guarantee?

What can I offer my prospect that would specifically benefit them?

– Give away a free product such as an e-book, video series, audio
– Do a 7-part e- course training in your niche

Always keep in mind it’s all about your prospect…what’s in it for them, how will they benefit by signing up, and will your product or service ultimately solve their problem.

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    I’m all for videos and freebies. People prefer videos to sales copy anyway, its just more engaging. And they love getting something of value for free. This lets them feel in control of the sales process and in more of a buying mood for your upsale pages!

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