The Song That Radio Stations Are Banning

diamond rio song banned

Hey Income Insider's readers...I have a little radically debated song I'd like to pass on to everyone. I feel this song depicts the true American way, not what we've been viewing from our TV's lately, (referring to our government living in their own flippin dysfunctional world.) Those in Washington are a million miles away from the American people in which they supposedly have taken an oath to protect, serve and uphold our values and morals on our behalf. They have no clue on … [Read more...]

Entitlement? What’s Wrong With This…

entitlement 2011

Good day to all our Income Insider's readers... Today's post is let's say... a little spicey - dicey - controversial, but well worth your time. Taking a quick break from your rigorous day-to-day activities isn't such a bad thing... So kick back and read this. It should make you think. I received an email from a friend today and felt the need to post it for the simple reason that I wanted to see the reaction of what people such as yourself, really think about this issue … [Read more...]

Fathers Day and Daughters…

Fathers Day

I wanted to write this post for Fathers Day, 2011 . . . the first Fathers Day without my Dad because I’m absolutely sure that there are daughters all around the globe missing theirs also . . . whether it’s the first or 31st one without them . . . it just doesn’t matter. They are missed and loved each and every day that goes by . . . Since I lost my dad just a few short months ago, these are things I like to think about that “My Dad, the “Greatest Dad Ever ” taught me . . … [Read more...]

Trials and Tribulations – Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Hey guys, Joni here continuing on with what seems to be somewhat a bummer of a story, but I assure you it starts picking up... After I made the decision to quit working in the outside world, I indulged myself in some much needed rest and soul searching. What now? How can I still be productive without panning off the government? I knew I could file for disability due to my brain aneurysm but didn't want to go there. Call it being stubborn or not considering myself to be disabled - I … [Read more...]

We Got Screwed Sale!

We Got Screwed Sale

Hey Income Insiders probably find that headline to be a little bit curious, right? Well stay with me here because I’m going to explain where I used that very same headline offline...for our garage sale! Here’s the scoop: My husband and I own a property rental. We had a great couple living there for almost 3 years. Didn’t have any problems for the first two, but we started noticing they were getting behind on their rent - wouldn’t answer our phone calls and … [Read more...]

8 Simple Tips for Computer Maintenance

Tips for Computer Maintenance

Something very simple and quick today for Income Insiders readers... Keeping your computer running at it’s optimum requires a little housekeeping just like anything else in life... Your computer system will be more reliable - faster and will keep all the complex mix of hardware and software working together rather comfortably. Here are 8 handy computer maintenance tips for you to apply: Tip # 1: Upgrade your virus protection (which usually runs automatically) and install … [Read more...]

The Secret…Really?

The Secret

Here’s a quickie here for you today... I’d like to know from you what your thoughts are on  “The Secret.” Is this actually something that works if you put forth the effort? Seems like there’s a whole bunch of controversy over this; it’s something, it’s one of the oldest laws given from way back when, it works for me, it doesn’t work for me and so on... I’ve been looking into this for quite sometime now and I simply find it fascinating! I’ve … [Read more...]

Would You Walk By?

inspirational and motivational stories

I have always loved inspirational and motivational stories, mottos and quotes. I find them to be filled with timeless lessons for me to learn and share with others. Below is one of those inspirational - "make me think" kind of stories. After reading this short story, I questioned myself...would I walk on by? Hopefully, if I ever encounter a situation such as this, I wouldn't just walk on without doing or saying something. Why? Because the appearance of this man could be me … [Read more...]

Take a Second and Just Laugh!

Take a Second and Just Laugh!

I don't know about you but for me...I love to laugh! It breaks up the day, it places an instant smile on my face and it just makes you feel good. All of our schedules can become very hectic-working, kids, aging parents, grocery shopping, yard know. So for me, when I get a chance to have a good belly laugh, man I take it. Not only does it relieve stress but also kicks up your immune system. Yea, I'd have to agree that laughter is the best medicine... I would … [Read more...]

Trials and Tribulations – Coping With Life Challenges

Trials and Tribulations - Coping With Life Challenges

So now what? You know, coping with life challenges can affect you in different ways...either by being a victim to them- becoming bitter and angry or, coping in a positive way-becoming more determined, self reliant and ultimately happy. Honestly, I had to dig in, pull my boot straps up and start all over . . . and that's what I did. I chose to cope once again in a positive way. After quitting my job as a Kidney Dialysis tech, I landed a job in a completely different field...(I … [Read more...]