Super Tuesday – Take-away for Internet Marketers

If you’ve been following any of the political candidates running for President here in the last several months like I have, (although much is extremely negative) you may have noticed some of the more positive aspects if you looked hard enough…

Super TuesdayJust by observing these guys, it showed me that they all have the “live your dream” vision down pat while displaying what it takes to be successful. These attributes conveyed will actually give you what you need to start or continue an online Internet business.

The more I watched and studied President Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, the more I realized how similar they all are ONLY in correlation to pursuing their dreams.

Take Super Tuesday for example. Many people thought that by now, Mitt Romney would be the Republican candidate of choice and the rest should take their licks and go home. But not so fast…each of the candidates came back from the trenches at least one time throughout this campaign. Why? They don’t give up for one. Their shear determination to keep pressing forward has gotten all of them where they are today.

It’s their dream – vision and purpose…

Can you say that? Have you been so determined to start or continue your online business with as much zeal as these guys?

Listed below are some of the characteristics they all share and that you can use for your business blueprint. If you can master these six attributes, you’re well on your way too not only being successful but also living a truly awesome life . . . or maybe even running for President someday!

1) Passion:

“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.” – Benjamin Franklin

This is one of my most favorite words. Just the sound of it packs a punch! If you have “passion” for something, you know how strong an emotion it can be. It drives you crazy – you crave something – your enthusiasm shoots through the roof . . . passion is the main driving force behind any successful person. When you want something so bad, you’ll do just about anything to get your hands on it or accomplish it.

2) Vision:

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” – Napoleon Hill

Most if not all successful people literally map out their unique vision of what it is they want to accomplish or where they are headed both personally and professionally. By creating a vision statement, not only can you clearly see that line you’re running toward – but it locks in your focus and motivational abilities to finally reach it.

Deep down, we all have a dream . . . something we’re extremely passionate about. This is your personal blueprint in helping you reach your desired destination.

3) Goals:

“In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.” – Author Unknown

Without listing or writing down specifically where you want to go or what you want to accomplish, you’ll be lost and probably headed in the direction of “no-where-land.”

Setting goals gives you the opportunity to change whatever you don’t like and to improve yourself, whether its changes in your business, your current job or simply yourself.

Setting goals is a great way to strive to do more – to do more better and pump up that enthusiasm to carry you forward.

4) Dedication:

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”– Harriet Beecher Stowe

Devote everything you have in you to achieve the purpose you’ve set for yourself, no matter what it takes to get there. With your life running on warp speed, this sometimes can be difficult. But if you truly believe in yourself and your goals, dedicating the time and energy it takes to become successful in accomplishing whatever it is you want, should manifest itself pretty easily.

5) Persistence:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” – Calvin Coolidge

You must be determined to continually work on your goals and toward your business every day if you truly want to make it. It is a lot of hard work but if you keep gnawing away, piece by piece, this soon will become a habit, a part of your life.


If you’re looking for the keys to success, this short list is a must to unlock your dreams. Sure, it takes a hell of a lot more but without them, you’re taking a stab in the dark.

So the next time you get to see the candidates in action, try and recognize the positive features within each of them. It’s amazing what you can learn no matter what position you take politically…

Apply them in your personal life and business and see what happens!

What other ones would you add to this “must have” list?

Are You Feeling The Love?

Happy Valentines Day to all!

With all that is going haywire in our world today; protesting – violence – drug abuse etc., why don’t we take some time and love one another for a change…

Feeling The LoveLove is the strongest emotion of them all when released. It’s also the greatest commandment. Love does conquers all.

Unconditional love is even better. Take animals for instance. You can reprimand, yell, forget to feed or even hit a dog or a cat and ten seconds later…they are on you licking your face and desperately wanting to please you as if nothing ever happened. No matter what you seem to do to them, they always love you.

So if humans are of a higher intelligence than animals, what does they say about us?

Are we self-centered? Are we loving the wrong things like money – power – drugs – alcohol instead of each other?

Love was the driving force of why God created the heavens, earth and everything in it.

We all were created to have different opinions, morals, values and ethics. However, all of these virtues seem to have been slowly dividing us and making us angry at each other instead of coming together, loving one another.

The older I get, the less and less it seems love is NOT front and center anymore. And it’s weird because we all want it – we all need it and we all would die for it.

So hows come many of us aren’t feeling it?

Today being Valentines Day, let someone feel your love whether a child, a parent, a spouse or even a neighbor. If each one of us would release it, wow…we’d all be feeling it now wouldn’t we?

In tribute to one of the greatest performers in my life time, please listen to the song, “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Share it with someone you love today…

Christmas Spirit…Will YOU Catch It?

The older I get the more I’m aware of what Christmastime means for so many…controversy.

Every day I hear of someone else who is offended by a tree – a saying – a nativity scene, a Christmas cartoon, etc. I find it to be rather hypocritical because those who are crying about their rights being taken away are taking away the rights of everyone else. Hmm, imagine that.

Anyway, I’m very sick and tired of the entire charade.

Christmas SpiritSo instead of complaining about those who are offended, (let them wallow in their own self-pity) I choose to focus on the “real” meaning of Christmas; a time for giving…not receiving. A time for miracles to transform one’s life forever, not just this time of the year.

A time for opening your hearts and letting the light in, opening your eyes to witness the beauty of the surroundings and witnessing all the joy on the children’s faces and opening your ears to hear the sounds of singing, bells and laughter that only this time of the year brings to us.

A time for feeding a needy family down on their luck right now. Giving presents to children who wouldn’t have anything otherwise. Donating a Christmas tree to a family who can’t afford one. Stopping at a nursing home and chatting with some of the residence.

You know guys, these things we take for granted are so easy to share and give away to those less fortunate than us. And oh the joy it will bring to you is priceless. If you’ve ever done any of these things, you know exactly what I’m talking about here. There’s nothing like it.

But don’t stop there…do it all year round and you’ll soon see the transformation in you. You will be a changed person forever, and so will the people you shed your light upon.

Below are just 12 “little” things you can do all year round to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and the love in your hearts;

1- Talk to a stranger for a minute

2- Flash a “BIG” smile at someone

3- Make a sad person laugh

4- Help an elder carry groceries

5- Call an old friend

6- Say a meaningful “I love you” to someone who desperately needs to hear it

7- Spend extra time with your kids

8- Encourage someone

9- Let someone bend your ear for an afternoon

10- Give away an item you love to someone who needs it more than you do

11- Cook a dinner for someone who’s sick

12- Thank God every day for all of the blessings he’s shed on you and your family.

Below is one of my favorite Christmas songs I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

Let’s not forget all of our American troops and their families this season who have given the ultimate. Thank you!

From our families here at Income Insiders, we wish you and yours all a very Blessed Merry Christmas. We love you!

Please leave a spirited comment below!

America Falling Apart…Yet Another Reason

This was sent to me by a very close friend who was more than outraged after reading and viewing this picture. And I have to agree, not only does it totally outrage me but it’s actually so very twisted that words really can’t describe it.

I don’t for the life of me understand why everyone thinks America owes them…

I’m a natural born citizen and I’ve never felt like I was owed anything from our government. Quite the opposite. I guess people have the impression that they can demand anything and everything including housing – food – healthcare, etc. and get it.

However, that’s not even the worst part of what you’re about to see. These people then turn around and threaten…yes threaten us if we don’t bow down and give them what they want. “We Will Shoot More Police.”

Right now, I’m really at a loss for words. I’ve never seen anything so arrogant – brash – condescending and so undoubtedly UNAMERICAN in all my life. And those adjectives don’t depict by any means of how I really feel. There are NO words…

I sure as hell don’t want neighbors such as this guy that’s holding the sign. Not around me, you, our families and especially our children.

Below is a copy of what I received. Take a good look at this. A really good look. Honestly, it just blows me away…Let me know your thoughts…

America Falling Apart
Click on image to enlarge
Why isn’t this person with the sign
we will shoot more police” being arrested?
If you can look at this picture, read the sign and
DO NOT Pass this on . . . SHAME ON YOU!

Take a good look at the sign he is holding!

Ok, all you pushing for illegal immigrants’ rights…. Here is one of the Reasons we have a problem with it.

We are the ones that will have to pay for the welfare of these immigrants, depriving all of our natural citizens!!

“Give us what we demand or we will shoot your loved ones.”

This is only one of the several reasons the U.S.A. Is falling apart.

What Is Thanksgiving…Really?

In today’s society, I’m wondering what people really think about what the holiday “Thanksgiving” means. It’s not about the pilgrims anymore. Just ask any kid and they’ve probably forgotten or have never been taught about the history except by traditional – moralistic parents such as mine.

I don’t anymore. Is it “politically correct” to teach our kids the real meaning of Thanksgiving? Or…has that been one of those things thrown out with the nativity set and saying “Merry Christmas?” You tell me.

While there are many traditional values that go along with Thanksgiving; turkey – stuffing – football etc., that really doesn’t define Thanksgiving either.

What Is ThanksgivingFor those Income Insider’s readers that follow us, you all know that I have a problem with the direction of our country…and world. Thanksgiving is probably not any different.

I’m sure just like any other holiday with special meaning, there are people somewhere on this planet that will be offended for whatever reason…that’s just the selfish world we live in.

So this post today is all about what the real meaning of Thanksgiving should be about…at least too me.

What Is Thanksgiving?

You know, I’ve actually heard people say they have nothing to be thankful for. How in the hell is that even possible? Really?

I give thanks each and every day for stuff most probably don’t even think about. While it may sound stupid to some, I actually am thankful for things like soap – water – hot coffee – lights etc.. Because without them, well, life wouldn’t be very comfortable I guess and in addition…how many people around the world do not have the luxury of these small things?

So…my answer back to the so called people who say, “I really don’t have anything to be thankful for, my life sucs” I ask them this:

  • Did you wake up this morning? Because some people didn’t.
  • Do you have a Mom or Dad? Because some of us don’t.
  • Are you in the hospital having life-or-death surgery? Because some are.
  • Do you have a roof over your head – clothes on your back and shoes on your feet? Because some don’t.
  • Is your belly full? Because some aren’t.
  • Are you going thirsty? Because some are.
  • Do you have a car or other transportation? Because some don’t.
  • Do you have a husband – wife – girlfriend – boyfriend? Because many are alone.
  • Do you have eyes too see and ears to hear? Because many don’t.
  • Can you talk and express yourself? Because some can’t.
  • Are you walking from place to place? Some can’t.
  • Are you enjoying all the freedoms God gave you? Because some aren’t.
  • Are you warm? Because too many are not.
  • Do you have a family? Many do not.
  • Do you have a job? Because lots do not.
  • Do you have children? Not everyone is blessed with them.
  • Are you happy and content? Because many are depressed and anxious.
  • And this list can go on and on and on…

However, the real meaning is this; If it wasn’t for Jesus Christ dying on the cross to save us, we couldn’t be thankful for a whole lot. So keep that in mind this Thanskgiving day, would you?

And it shouldn’t be just on Thanksgiving day that we remind ourselves of all the blessings we truly have. Make an attempt to be thankful everyday.

So. Here’s my challenge to ANYBODY: If you think you have nothing to be thankful for, leave a comment below and tell me about it. Seriously. I’d like to hear it.

But here’s the kicker: If you seriously think you have absolutely nothing to be thankful for….well, you just blew it.

If you can leave a comment, you can read and type…and many people cannot. That’s something to be thankful for!

I’d like to wish everyone a very safe and happy Thanksgiving, especially our fine troops and their families. God Bless You!

Leave a comment about what Thanksgiving means too you…

The Shoes Your Wearing Don’t Make the Man

In my younger days, I spent a lot of time in my room listening to music. Partly because I loved it so much but probably more important (looking back) it was an escape from being sick all the time.

The Shoes Your WearingI couldn’t always do the things that most kids were doing so I would put on my headphones, drift away and dream…

But one thing I realized; music, like laughter, can really cure many things. You can lose yourself in the words, adapting them to your life and current state of mind.

Some people like country – opera – hard rock – christian or rap, however, it doesn’t matter what your choice is. You can relate to the words – the tempo or both…but music can change your attitude, the way you see things or sometimes have a lesson you submerse yourself into that can even be a life changing event.

I have solved many of my problems listening to music since I can remember. Too me, it’s as if it was a spiritual kind of thing for lack of a better phrase.

I took many song’s words and adapted them to how I was feeling at that instant…

So what does this have to do with business?

Well, sometimes your first impression of someone is the point I want to bring home…

I knew of a guy who whenever I seen him was wearing a dirty – ripped up old t-shirt, jeans and gym shoes that looked like he had worn for many years. Too me, he was just an “average” man, working very hard for a living trying to make ends meet.

Until one day…I asked him where he was employed. My first impression was that he worked in a factory doing manual labor, working his tail off…

Yes, he did work in a so called factory. However, it was his. He owned it. This man with the ripped up – dirty shirt was actually a millionaire, doing what he loved creating wooden products from planters to a variety of wall decor.

You’d never know he was loaded…

I guess my point here is that when you meet someone for the first time, you just never know. The guy in the 3-piece suit could be in debt up to his ears, although the way he’s dressed screams money, while the dirty – jean wearing guy could have more money than you ever would dream possible.

Let’s now bring this post back to the music and lessons we can all learn;

Clint Black’s music video, “The Shoes You’re Wearing,” depicts the sentiment of what I’m posting…

The shoes you’re wearing, don’t make the man.

Just remember these words the next time someone approaches you in business offering you an opportunity. It honestly doesn’t matter what shoes he’s wearing…it’s the value of what he’s all about.

Don’t be quick to judge a man by the way he’s dressed…you might just miss that golden opportunity someday by doing so.

Recommendation: Listen to music when you can, really comprehending the words of the songs. There are hidden life lessons embedded that we can all learn from both personally and professionally.

“Keep your eyes opened – keep your mind free – there’s no telling what kind of man you can be…”


How has music helped you? Leave a comment…

Life’s Little Irritations…

Hello Income Insider’s readers!

Today I want to share a quick – personal story with you all about a little irritation I can’t seem to move passed…(I know, silly…)

Lifes Little IrritationsAnyway, I have an 11 year old neighbor boy who really has been through the ringer since his short life on this earth.

I won’t go into the details, but trust me on this one.

He’s an only child and let’s just say he doesn’t have much.

My husband and I have helped him from time to time with money – food – clothes, etc..

He came riding up our drive this past week on his bike which had no back tire and the actual metal was cracked in half. I couldn’t believe he could safely ride that thing on the street.

In a panic, he told me he needed $50.00 for a new bike he saw at a nearby store. Mind you – he didn’t ask…he told me that’s what he needed.

I proceeded to tell him I didn’t have that kind of money laying around just to give away to him. Well, he started to cry a bit.

One major detail:

This kid knows everything about everything and he can do anything better than anyone else…you know, a snot nose in my opinion. Believe me, we’ve had our moments.

So I got to thinking; Okay. To an 11 year old boy, your bike is everything. So I made him a deal…

I told him if he’d do some odd jobs around my house, work for the money, I would buy him that bike.

It felt good to me to be able not only to give him something he desperately wanted, but I was teaching him if you want something…it doesn’t come free.

It was a deal but he said the store only had one bike. I figured at $50 it wouldn’t last long.

It was supposed to be a beautiful weekend so I thought I’d just go purchase the bike and surprise him on Saturday with it for him to ride. I was so excited, feeling like I was making a difference in his life…

He came over after school that next day, ready to work. We started talking about the bike – the color – the make…guess what? It wasn’t the bike he had seen.

I was devastated. However, the bike I bought was really cool. I thought for sure for a kid who didn’t have much, he would absolutely love it. Any kid would.

Feeling like I should show him before he started to work, I uncovered it in the garage for him to see.

His reaction?

He started to cry and told me that was not the bike he wanted. AND…this one was junk!

My heart fell to my feet…at first. Then, I got pissed.

I was trying to tell him that sometimes in life you have to work your way up…right or wrong, that’s what I was taught. I was also taught to say thank you and appreciate things people do or give you.

But I didn’t get either one. In fact, he rode off on his dilapidated bike like it was my fault I didn’t get to the store sooner…

I didn’t see him at all that weekend…

Tuesday he shows up at my door wanting to work for a different bike he had seen. Let me say we had a very – different – short conversation…

He proceeded to tell me as he was leaving that “staring at a computer screen all day isn’t work”…nothing like manual work like he does.

Talk about high blood pressure! At that point, all I could do was tell him to leave…

I guess the moral of this story is that there are times in our lives when we choose to get involved in other people’s lives not knowing what the impact will be if any.

I hope years from now he will look back on this with a different set of eyes, realizing what a snot he really was.

Also, for parents; Do your kids a favor and teach them the value of appreciation and gratitude. Start young until they learn it and live it. They will carry that virtue throughout their lives both personally and professionally…

Not everyone is kind-hearted, but for those of us who are, we might think twice the next time…I know I already have. However, I will still pray for him that he learns a few of life’s lessons before it’s too late.

Please leave your thoughts below…

Visa Mastercard Scam…Yet Another One

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really, really sick and tired of all these scams that pop up every time I turn around.

Visa Mastercard ScamAnd I’m not just saying that too blow off steam. My Mother-in-law got taken for $15,000 last year from one of these no-good, rotten conglomerates that have nothing better to do but to feed off of the elderly, scaring them into submission, using their grandchildren as the targets.

If you ask me, these people all need shot…

And just yesterday I was talking with my credit card company because a recurring deduction was not being taken out. They informed me that a no-name company overseas was attempting to add some kind of charge to my account that was not authorized.

I say “kudos” to my credit company for flagging my account and putting a hold on it until the situation was rectified. Yes, maybe a little bit of an inconvenience at the moment but hey, I like an honest company that is looking out for me for a change.

This is the third time this has happened to me in one year and the year isn’t over yet.

Working from home, when that telephone rings – my guard goes up…

Anyway, I guess there’s a new “Scam” out there that I wanted to make sure all of you knew about so I’m forwarding it on to you all.

This one is pretty creative; they have your info. All they need is your security number that is on the back of your card and if given out…they’re good to go.

Here’s what they do so PLEASE, be aware…

Visa / MasterCard FRAUD

Royal Bank received this communication about the newest scam. This is happening in the Midwest right now and moving.

This one is pretty slick since they provide YOU with all the information, except the one piece they want..

Note, the callers do not ask for your card number; they already have it.

This information is worth reading. By understanding how the VISA & MasterCard telephone Credit Card Scam works, you’ll be better prepared to protect yourself. One of our employees was called on Wednesday from ‘VISA,’ and I was called on Thursday from ‘MasterCard.’

The visa & mastercard telephone credit card scam works like this:

Person calling says – ‘This is (name), and I’m calling from the Security and Fraud Department at VISA. My Badge number is 12460, Your card has been flagged for an unusual purchase pattern, and I’m calling to verify. This would be on your VISA card which was issued by (name of bank). Did you purchase an Anti-Telemarketing Device for $497.99 from a marketing company based in Arizona ?’ When you say ‘No’, the caller continues with, ‘Then we will be issuing a credit to your account. This is a company we have been watching and the charges range from $297 to $497, just under the $500 purchase pattern that flags most cards. Before your next statement, the credit will be sent to (gives you your address), is that correct?’ You say ‘yes’.

The caller continues – ‘I will be starting a Fraud Investigation. If you have any questions, you should call the 1- 800 number listed on the back of your card (1-800-VISA) and ask for Security. You will need to refer to this Control Number. The caller then gives you a 6 digit number. ‘Do you need me to read it again?’

Here’s the IMPORTANT part on how the scam works – The caller then says, ‘I need to verify you are in possession of your card’. He’ll ask you to ‘turn your card over and look for some numbers’. There are 7 numbers; the first 4 are part of your card number, the last 3 are the Security Numbers that verify you are the possessor of the card. These are the numbers you sometimes use to make Internet purchases to prove you have the card. The caller will ask you to read the last 3 numbers to him. After you tell the caller the 3 numbers, he’ll say, ‘That is correct, I just needed to verify that the card has not been lost or stolen, and that you still have your card. Do you have any other questions?’

After you say no, the caller then thanks you and states, ‘Don’t hesitate to call back if you do’, and hangs up. You actually say very little, and they never ask for or tell you the card number. But after we were called on Wednesday, we called back within 20 minutes to ask a question. Are we were glad we did! The REAL VISA Security Department told us it was a scam and in the last 15 minutes a new purchase of $497.99 was charged to our card. We made a real fraud report and closed the VISA account. VISA is reissuing us a new number.. What the scammers want is the 3-digit PIN number on the back of the card. Don’t give it to them. Instead, tell them you’ll call VISA or Master Card directly for verification of their conversation..

The real VISA told us that they will never ask for anything on the card as they already know the information since they issued the card! If you give the scammers your 3 Digit PIN Number, you think you’re receiving a credit; however, by the time you get your statement you’ll see charges for purchases you didn’t make, and by then it’s almost too late and/or more difficult to actually file a fraud report.

What makes this more remarkable is that on Thursday, I got a call from a ‘Jason Richardson of MasterCard’ with a word-for-word repeat of the VISA Scam. This time I didn’t let him finish. I hung up! We filed a police report, as instructed by VISA. The police said they are taking several of these reports daily! They also urged us to tell everybody we know that this scam is happening. I dealt with a similar situation this morning, with the caller telling me that $3,097 had been charged to my account for plane tickets to Spain , and so on through the above routine..

It appears that this IS a very active scam, and evidently quite successful.

Income Insider’s readers, you need to be vigilant…let others know about this. The more knowledge we gain and share about these sleazy people, the less successful they’ll become…

Looking out for our loyal subscribers is what Income Insiders is all about. We help you make money and we also want to help you keep it!

Know of any other scams? Please, let us know so we can be informed and pass it on…

A Better Way to Win a War in Afghanistan

Hey Income Insider’s readers…

I saw this joke, (actually it may work) and I had to pass it along to our followers.

A Better Way to Win a War in AfghanistanFor me personally, anytime I get caught up in different – uncomfortable situations or things are tanking for me, I turn to humor.

I’ve been doing this as far back as I can remember. A good joke or two or a funny story seems to break up the day and relieves that negative energy that seems to looms like a dark cloud over our heads sometimes.

Life is hard…times are tough…but there isn’t any reason not to take a quick break from our daily activities and laugh. Simply laugh.

Well, I’m here to tell ya that I’m about to turn the ripe (young) age of 50, and this joke says it all… Just ask my husband!

So read this, laugh and let me hear your comments…
And guys, we feel your pain…can you feel ours? I doubt it! LOL!

A Better Way to Win a War in Afghanistan

Brought to you by

Take all American women who are within five years of menopause – train us for a few weeks, outfit us with automatic weapons, grenades, gas masks, moisturizer with SPF 15, Prozac, hormones, chocolate, and canned tuna and drop us (parachuted, preferably) across the landscape of Afghanistan, and let us do what comes naturally.

Think about it.

Our anger quotient alone, even when doing standard stuff, like grocery shopping and paying bills, is formidable enough to make even armed men in turbans tremble.

We have had our children. We would gladly suffer or die to protect them and their future. We would like to get away from our husbands, if they haven’t left already. And for those of us who are single, the prospect of finding a good man with whom to share life is about as likely as being struck by lightening. We have nothing to lose.

We have survived the water diet, the protein diet, the carbohydrate diet, and the grapefruit diet in gyms and saunas across America and never lost a pound. We can easily survive months in the hostile terrain of Afghanistan with no food at all!

We have spent years tracking down our husbands or lovers in bars, hardware stores, or sporting events—-finding bin Laden in some cave will be no problem.

Uniting all the warring tribes of Afghanistan in a new government? Oh, please…. we have been planning seating arrangements for in-laws and extended families at Thanksgiving dinners for years—we understand tribal warfare.

Between us, we have divorced enough husbands to know every trick there is for how they hide, launder, or cover up bank accounts and money sources. We know how to find that money and we know how to seize it…. with or without the government’s help.

Let us go and fight. The Taliban hates women. Imagine their terror as we crawl like ants with hot flashes over their godforsaken terrain!!!

You gotta love us women!

A Caution Worth Sharing…

Hey Income Insider’s readers, Joni here…

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel a little claustrophobic with all the unnecessary stuff that our society is throwing up and expecting us to catch; from the economic downturn to political correctness to my point of this post…protecting ourselves from the “lunatics.”

CautionYa know, I hate even giving those kind of people a title…it’s just an excuse to get away with whatever they want; murder – rape – robbery – beating up our seniors etc.

Do they not have anything better to do than to terrorize us? Get a frickin job! Oh…that’s right. There are none according to these people. They don’t want one OR the government is helping them NOT to find one.

They’d rather flex their puffy muscles and fantasize about some hard ass that takes what he/she wants with no regard to the rest of the world…and then act on it.

What is happening to the so called “rational” person? Seems to me that everyone is freaking out to some extent. I even sometimes feel more anger than ever, and I’m a lover not a fighter.

But for some reason, these people need to feel vindicated for what they have or the lack there of, which pisses the rest of us “good” people off.

Lately, I’ve been talking to people all over the world and I’m hearing the same thing. “ I feel like I could just punch someone, or even worse, kill someone.” And they have no idea where this rage is stemming from.

Part of it stems from the irresponsible direction our society is going today, with no accountability for anything.

What is right is wrong, and what is wrong is right. The rest of us can’t comprehend that turnaround…

Just look at the news (which I really should shut off) for example after example…

Football. Guys are swinging to the death over a rivalry of what team they’re rooting for. Are you serious? These people have way too much time on their hands if you ask me. I love football (the Pittsburg Steelers) but for God’s sakes, I sure wouldn’t beat a Cleveland Browns fan to a pulp or almost to the inch of his/her life. It’s just a game. That’s all.

People, we need to get a grip. Now! Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Now.

So, what got me fired up?

I receive emails everyday about the warnings we all need to heed to and actually, if you’re not a strong personality…it could really throw you over the edge.

Now I’m not stupid person or anything and I know “wicked – vicious” idiots have lived in our backyards from the beginning of time.

However, in today’s society, this trend is getting more prevalent and stronger on a daily basis.

Take all the shit happening on the Mexican borders? If that isn’t frightening, I sure have no idea what is…

So all my Income Insider’s readers, here are 2 warnings to listen to. I’ve never heard of either of these so I wanted to pass them along to you.

And guys, this is more pointed at women, but you need to make sure your guard is up also. Most men carry more money than women, so don’t think your not a target. You are.

So below is a copy of what I was sent, and please, let everyone know.

It’s time we stop these frickin losers dead in their tracks. I’m sick of always looking behind my shoulder. We ALL have better things to do in this world.

Final thought: Take this seriously…you just never know. Protect yourself and the ones you love.

Warning # 1



While driving on a rural end of the roadway on Thursday morning, I saw an infant car seat on the side of the road with a blanket draped over it.

For whatever reason, I did not stop, even though I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head. But when I got to my destination, I called the Canton PD and they were going to check it out. But, this is what the Police advised even before they went out there to check….

“There are several things to be aware of … gangs and thieves are now plotting different ways to get a person (mostly women) to stop their vehicle and get out of the car.

“There is a gang initiation reported by the local Police Department where gangs are placing a car seat by the road…with a fake baby in it….waiting for a woman, of course, to stop and check on the abandoned baby.

“Note that the location of this car seat is usually beside a wooded or grassy (field) area and the person — woman — will be dragged into the woods, beaten and raped, and usually left for dead.

If it’s a man, they’re usually beaten and robbed and maybe left for dead, too.





Please talk to your loved ones about this. This is a new tactic used. Please be safe.


Some knew about the red light on cars, but not the 112. It was about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and Lauren was driving to visit a friend.

An UNMARKED police car pulled up behind her and put his lights on. Lauren’s parents have always told her never to pull over for an unmarked car on the side of the road, but rather to wait until they get to a gas station, etc.

Lauren had actually listened to her parents advice, and promptly called 112 on her cell phone to tell the police dispatcher that she would not pull over right away.

She proceeded to tell the dispatcher that there was an unmarked police car with a flashing red light on his rooftop behind her.

The dispatcher checked to see if there were police cars where she was and there weren’t, and he told her to keep driving, remain calm and that he had back up already on the way.

Ten minutes later 4 cop cars surrounded her and the unmarked car behind her.

One policeman went to her side and the others surrounded the car behind. They pulled the guy from the car and tackled him to the ground.

The man was a convicted rapist and wanted for other crimes. I never knew about the 112 Cell Phone feature, but especially for a woman alone in a car, you should not pull over for an unmarked car.

Apparently police have to respect your right to keep going to a safe place.

*Speaking to a service representative at Bell Mobility confirmed that 112 was a direct link to State trooper info. So, now it’s your turn to let your friends know about 112.


Unbelievable to say the least. However, best to be informed than not.

Any thoughts? Leave it below…