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I’ve always been a “people” person since I can remember, although I love my quiet time also. I love to make others laugh and too laugh as well – I like to debate a good subject – I like to inspire and I really care to hear other people’s stories.

Joni Up Close...Many business Internet sites out there seem to stop short on getting to know the actual person who is behind the site for whatever reason . . . which sometimes probably isn’t such a bad idea.

But I want my loyal readers not only to learn how to create income for themselves, but also to learn what I’m about.

I’m a regular person who has had lots of struggles, failures, ups and downs but many blessings . . . more than I can count or probably deserve.

I’ve been told more times than not that my story inspires people. Not sure why, but hey, if what I’ve been through can help someone else, I’ll be happy to pass it on.

So this category, “Joni Up Close,” will be about my story and how I landed here, and just thoughts and feelings to share to get you more interactive.

Some of what I’ll be posting you might be able to relate too, others, um . . .  maybe not so much.

But I feel it will be a nice detour once and awhile from all the business tips and strategies Casper and I are laying out for you here at Income Insiders.

I have nothing to hide when it comes to what we are teaching here. Casper and I have been through the same things you’re going through right now . . . or soon will be.

So, with that being said, check in from time to time and read “Joni Up Close” and get in on the conversation. I’d love to read your comments and your stories too.

Joni Up Close next post: Trials and Tribulations – The Beginning of My Very Discouraging Road

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