I Don’t Just Remember 9-11. I Never Forgot It.

It’s a little weird for me to hear people say, “I remember this, this and this about that day, 9-11.”

I guess it’s because I never forgot this, this and this about that day, 9-11…

Before the awful, disturbing, devastating images were brought before my eyes,
this is what I never forgot;

I Don't Just Remember 9-11. I Never Forgot It

  • Where I was.
  • What I was doing.
  • The deafening sound of silence.
  • How crystal clear and beautiful the day was.
  • What America’s reality turned into in a matter of minutes.
  • Co-workers desperately wanting to leave to be with their kids and family.
  • Feelings of uneasiness in my chest.
  • Not understanding.
  • Emotions of hatred against this unseen enemy.
  • Going into question of “Why?” What the hell did we ever do?

After watching the news coverage and seeing the destruction – the hell – the murder – the pure agony, this is what I never forgot;

  • Watching suffering people jumping to their death.
  • Destruction everywhere, fires of hell, the choking smoke.
  • People seemingly running nowhere.
  • The raging overwhelm.
  • The genuine helplessness.
  • Fearing there was much more to come.
  • Harboring more hatred.
  • Connecting with family – friends and neighbors somewhat huddling together to feel safe.
  • Listening to the death count rising by the minute.
  • Being numbed by the horrific images plastered on TV.
  • Wanting to do something/anything to help.
  • Breeding even more hatred against these freaks that did this in the name of love –
    peace and their god.
  • Feelings of nausea watching celebrations/dancing taking place on the streets by such a perverted group of people.
  • Still not understanding.

The days that followed 9-11, this is what I never forgot;

  • Buckets placed on every other street from firefighters and policeman asking for contributions.
  • Whipping out my wallet to help fill them.
  • Praying for all the people involved in this New York/American tragedy.
  • Realizing how those evil – poor excuse for human beings tried everything in their power to take away America’s innocence.
  • Watching the best of humanity surface while watching the worst.
  • The comradery of Americans no matter where they lived.
  • Americans being more patient and loving towards one another.
  • Pulling together as one nation, defending what is ours and no one elses.
  • Watching the fear of many twisted into some kind of sick conspiracy theory.
  • Feelings of pride that our President and Mayor took complete leadership.
  • Admiring all the heroes who sacrificed their lives to help the others.
  • And a lot more which I’ll keep to myself.

But take a good look at us now…

These grotesque terrorists on 9-11, got one hell of a major rush that day that they have ever felt, watching intently as so many innocent American lives were being completely torn apart and destroyed.

However, not as big as the rush they’re probably experiencing today as their destruction still continues…we are ravaging each other.

Whether it’s just taken this long to fester or what, I don’t have that answer but I feel that day started some kind of vengeful or a hatred ball rolling among us…not towards the 9-11 slimy monsters where it belongs.

Think about all the unnecessary hatred and pure bullshit surrounding us 10 years later;

Racism is back in full swing – everyone is defending some kind of right they think they have regardless of who it may hurt – you want to sue someone… go ahead. It’s the norm.

We have a government that disregards what the American people want, even though we put them there, but hey, so what. What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. People kill – steal – beat each other nearly to death like it’s nothing. Just another day.

And the most disturbing is that “God’s Presence In America” is evaporating into thin air, right out of our site.

And all these conspiracy theories? You got to be frickin kidding me. Why do some feel we need an excuse? They hate us. They desperately want to kill – annihilate as many of us as possible. It is what it is…but again, some Americans are mistrusting their own people.

Do you realize these maniacs are laughing their asses off just by watching us? And yes, they simply love taking all the credit and glory for disrupting our way of life watching feverishly from their tiny – filthy holes they call home.

We now are giving these loathsome – sleazy worms more power than ever. We are giving them exactly what they want. And that’s better than all the virgins they could ever acquire in their heaven that they talk about. The prize, the end goal…killing us to get to them.

America has changed so much since that day. Our hatred is snow balling in a horrific fashion faster than any technology that has ever or ever will be created.

Does anyone agree that it seems we are turning on each other? What are we becoming? Well, it needs to stop.

And for those of you who have decided you hate and want to bash America OR for you, the paranoid conspiracy theorists out there, you need to go. Get out of our way. Leave the rest of us loyal – hard working – compassionate Americans alone to never forget the truth of what happened that fateful day; the lives lost and the loving Americans who did everything in their power to help.

God Bless all the Americans who lost their lives, their families, all the firefighters, policeman, friends, families and strangers who pulled together – stood together, defending what they know to be true…

And our troops. THE best the Global world has ever, ever seen. They were ready to fight for our freedom on a moments notice, defending me – you – your kids and your families to this very day…

The worst of humanity meeting the best of humanity…something I don’t just remember, but what I never forgot.

Here’s a wonderful song that I feel depicts 9-11…We finally did get Bin Laden since this was recorded and I hope we get the rest of those twisted bloodsuckers before I am laid to rest.

My last thought…

Always remember to fully honor our beloved American heroes that helped and gave selflessly and are continuing to do so as I’m writing this to save the rest of us Americans… They all must be placed high on a pedestal…

We are so much safer 10 years later because of them all.
And to them let me say…I don’t just remember.
I truly never forgot or…ever will.

Your comments are welcomed here…

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  1. Jose says

    Well said. I share most of the same feelings and thoughts as you have so well written here. Keep getting the word out there, it is the most influential people who we need to have the loudest voices.

  2. Dawn says

    I can remember where I was when the world stopped turning. Yet I also remember what the world was like before 9/11. Somehow we have to find a way to get back to it. I nearly lost a good friend of mine to that devistation. She and her husband were on their way into work. They were late and witnessed the first plane crash. I feel for those that lost their loved ones that horrible day. They say with time comes healing. It is time to heal this nation and move on with our lives. We will never forget that day but we need to heal and move on. I know am going to take alot of flak for what I said but it is the truth.

    • says

      Dawn, I agree with you…our nation does need to heal and move on.
      There’s nothing wrong with pointing that out. But there’s also nothing wrong with pointing
      out that our nation seems to be going in a totally opposite direction than healing…

      Hatred seems to be forefront these days everywhere you turn leaving no room to heal
      at least not in a healthy fashion.

      And now with the new – current threats that just have been reported, I feel it will be harder than ever to heal
      especially if an attack is carried out successfully.

      And don’t worry about getting any flak…it happens to the best of us. 🙂

      Thanks for posting and God Bless

  3. says

    This was very touching Joni. When 9/11 happened, I was just 13 years old..I remember the day coming home from school, switching on the news and seeing the ‘live’ coverage on Fox News. I was too young to understand what was happening…This incident is reminiscent of the brutality of terrorism for me…and it definitely shaped up my understanding of humanity as it is today…I envision a world without barriers of caste and racial lineage. I understand these barriers are all in the mind…Just for a handful of people who have no value for human lives, our lives are embittered…

    • says


      Being only 13 years old, it must of been a little scary to see the brutal images on TV while not fully understanding or grasping them…

      Always remember there are so many really, really good people still fighting for their morals, values
      and freedoms no matter what side of the world your from.

      You have a long wonderful future ahead of you both professionally and personally. Don’t let fear
      stand in your way. Just keep moving forward and believe in yourself. Carry that confident personality on top
      of your shoulder my dear so it’s never out of your site.

      God Bless!

  4. says

    Amen Sister,

    I remember that day, where I was, what I was doing and how the news got to me. Yep the days events did change the world, families, friends, loved ones and how we do things today.
    I recently received an email, one of those forwarded ones but the first part of it was touching when it started off with
    I was there on the 86th floor with my hand on your shoulder when you were calling your wife to let her know you loved her and the kids and would not be coming home tonight. I was there when your wife answered the phone as she was fixing the kids breakfast and helping her to be strong…

    Joni I think many have healed and yes we are better prepared in the event an act like this happens again. It’s not that we take a day to remember but should be in the back of our minds daily. Not about the horror and BS inflicted but for the families, friends and hero’s who left behind families with an empty place at the dinner table.

    It is sad how the media focuses on the horrible part only to bring back horrible feeling for those who lost loved ones. Why not focus on those who have been taken and the wonderful memories of them and not the who, what, when, where and how did it make you feel questions. I’m sure we all have the same feelings about that day but those feelings should be gone and replaced with feelings for those who left us and those who lost. Feelings of remembrance of that person, what they did, how they made you laugh, made you feel important, how much they loved you. Keep their story alive!

    Make it GREAT!

    • says

      Excellent comment my dear Darrell!

      I’ve been watching some of the coverage displayed on TV this morning and
      I do have to admit, there were phenomenal stories being told ABOUT the people who lost their lives.
      Most of the media anchors really were trying to keep the memories alive about those lost…at least for today. Hurray for them!

      And I love the idea about replacing those horrid memories with the remembrance of each person and what impact they had on others lives.

      One thing I noticed for me personally was when I saw President Bush place the wreath at the Pentagon today, and found out he’d be at ground zero tomorrow, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, pride and safety. His leadership and courage is a part of what our government lacks 10 years later. Knowing he’s a man of God and how sincere he was and still is leads me to believe we can all feel that way again, hopefully someday soon…

      Just my thoughts!

      Thanks for posting…:)

  5. Mike P says

    Now tell me why you don’t think it was conspiracy because there was that one small building that went down with no reason. Just curious to hear you explain that since you seem not to agree with any 911 conspiracy theories.

    • says

      Hi Mike,

      One small building heh? Do you realize the insurmountable impact those 2 planes had on everything around them?
      I can’t believe more buildings didn’t collapse…just the heat alone for Pete’s sakes. Do you realize how heavy those planes are and the amount of fuel they were carrying? And then to be rammed into skyscrapers? I’m sure you’ve seen the explosions…

      Think about it. If 2 big jet airliners hit 2 huge buildings in your neighborhood, you don’t think your house would shake to the very foundation of it? Hell yea it would…than add the heat from the combustible fuel…then the 2 buildings fell, creating even more turbulence…metal beams, chairs, tables, steel, glass, etc. being thrown probably as far as the eyes could see. Look what happens when you have just a small earthquake? Shit shakes, falls off the walls, roads crack and buckle…The latest earthquake in Va. was felt all the way up the east coast…

      Tell me you’re not buying into that …

      Also, how could our government talk all those people into leaving their families, friends, kids and parents to go blow themselves up? Would you? For what? Not only that, but to keep it hush hush – top secret?
      And not one person freaked out at the last minute?
      Not one soul has ever come forward saying it was all planned…not one person or family member..,and then, to synchronize all of them on 3 planes? Yea, right…

      I think it’s a complete disgrace and all that does is dishonor all who lost their lives and their families, kids and friends left to pick up the pieces.

      It’s just wrong.

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