How to Use Networked Blogs for Marketing on Facebook?

The popularity of Facebook remains undisputed. With a page rank of 10, its one of the most visited social networking sites in the world.

Networked BlogsThis site can be one of the best places for marketing your products and services. We can do this just by using an application which is offered by Facebook itself. We can create a page for our brands or services then we ask our friends on Facebook to promote it further, which will enhance readership and website traffic.

The application we are talking about is Networked Blogs. Networked Blogs by Ninva is used by millions of bloggers to syndicate their blog/s and create a community of like-minded bloggers to share content.

How to Use Networked Blogs for Marketing?

The first thing to do in using Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook is to create a Facebook page for your product or your business.  To do this, you’ll have to go to an option of creating a page, which is available on the home page of Facebook. This is an impeccable way of promoting your business by putting detailed and relevant information about your products and services.

Creating a page for your business does not require a Facebook user to be your friend to follow your blog. Once the page is created, anyone on Facebook can read it and follow it…

After creating a page, write a blog post about your business. To look more professional on the Internet, buy your own domain from any hosting service. But if you are a small business owner, you can initially start on the Blogger or WordPress platform. Choose the features of the blogger application like templates or you can download a template that suits your business. Choosing the right template is really important to give a professional appearance to your blog visitors.

After a blog is created properly, now it’s time to reach out for audiences who can help you in expanding your business. There are many people who are also writing blogs on Facebook about their business. Reach out to them but don’t go to those users who are dealing with same nature of work as yours.

Search for complimentary bloggers. If you are manufacturing some products, then associate yourself with those bloggers who are interested in your product and is interested in promoting them.

Networked Blogs comes in handy here because its features allow you to search, add, follow and communicate with chosen bloggers. This will help both of you in expanding your business with the Networked Blogs apps on Facebook.

While using Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook, request your friends, family members, and your colleagues, to help you in expanding the readership of your blog.

Ask them to promote it so that it can reach to most of the people on the social network because if your brand is good, many people will become interested. The trick is to get the word out. Some people can also help you in promoting your blog simply by commenting on it.

Be cautious about spamming; don’t spam users with your products. Just be yourself and allow the people to understand your business on their own. Interested people will automatically come to your page and share their views with you.

When using Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook, you should regularly keep posting information about your products to keep people aware about the changes and new additions in your business to get free traffic from facebook. You can post updates like discount offers or contests and others, which can further enhance your chances of getting a business opportunity on Facebook.

But then you also have to be a little careful – don’t show unnecessary information to people because once your image gets stamped as a spammer, it will become very hard to get your page followed.

You can give life to your business page by adding photos, vibrant looks and exclusive information about your product and service.

Use videos to show people how your firm looks and what your business environment is. Your page should look unique and in line with your work; it should not give confusing information about what you do.


Don’t use Networked Blogs on Facebook just for selling your product or services. It’s not meant for that purpose only and it will also not work for you.

Besides this, it’s also not good for your page and blog because if the people start to ignore it, you’ll certainly lose the chance of promoting your product on this social networking site.

Facebook is for interacting with your followers. So interact with them properly and brief them about your product and services; don’t try to sell your products and services forcibly over there.

Also, don’t forget to post links on your page regularly for your followers to visit. Moreover, your blog should be social media optimized for you to know how many people are ‘liking’ or tweeting your content.

The interested users will certainly go through your links and they can also promote it to enhance your chances of being viewed by thousands of new eyes in just few days. You know what popularity means when you are already in the minds of several people and they know what you are up to.

Use a correct number of keywords in your blog; don’t overuse them, as it can become a spammy type of an article or a particularly advertising one. Always remember that while using Networked Blogs on Facebook, we should interact with our customers and clients.


These are some of the most important ways to use Networked Blogs for marketing on Facebook. You can customize all these steps as per your requirements.  

Take as much care as you can when posting any information. The social networking sites like Facebook can be a tremendous tool for marketing, only when it is used properly and carefully.

Are you using Networked Blogs? Let us know…

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