How To Use Jing Screen Capture For Website Screenshot Video

With all the different ways we can communicate these days, it’s no wonder why “Jing” is becoming quite a popular fun – simple and easy tool to use for both personal and business reasons alike…and the best part? Jing offers a free version for anyone to download and use.

How To Use Jing Screen Capture

What is Jing?

Jing, developed by TechSmith Corporation, is a computer software program used to share images or movies with others on the Internet.

With Jing, you have the ability to capture an image or video, a graph or a map for example…

Jing users can upload the captured image file and can be shared with others; in an instant messenger, websites or using a social networking site like Twitter, My Space or Facebook.

Here’s just a sample of what’s shown in this Income Insider’s Video, How To Use Jing Screen Capture For Website Screenshot:

  • What you need to know about downloading Jing
  • What’s needed to install before downloading if using Windows
  • What the Sun Icon is
  • How to capture an image or video
  • Using the tool bar provided for text – colors and more
  • Different options to share your file
  • The url feature

Jing records in high resolution and is free…although, Jing does have a paid version “Jing Pro” for $14.95/year offering additional features.

Jing provides really cool benefits for their customers. Make sure to read their tutorials to learn more on how jing screen capture or jing video capture tools can help you in your business.

Ready to watch…How To Use Jing Screen Capture For Website Screenshot Video?

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