How To Submit Your Article To Article Directories Video

Article marketing is one of the most traditional and very popular traffic generation techniques used by leading online marketers today.

How To Submit Your ArticleTo get your articles viewed by interested readers, you really need to submit your articles to article directories; websites where users submit unique articles that are categorized and represent a specific niche.

If you have written a valuable – unique article, an article directory will release it for free…

Distributing your articles through many article directories has the benefit of increasing your business’ credibility in your niche as well as attracting new clients.

In this Income Insiders video, “How To Submit Your Article To Article Directories” this is what you can take away…

  • Get additional free training if needed
  • Choosing a category and sub-category
  • Creating your title and summary
  • Importing your article
  • A valuable set of recommendations to apply
  • Inputting keywords
  • Why the Author/Sig box is the most important
  • Previewing – Saving draft to edit and submitting final draft

Special Note: Here’s a link to the Top 50 Article Directories by traffic and pagerank for you to take advantage of.

Submitting your articles to article directories will get you noticed as an expert in your field, plus, supply you with traffic and backlinks.

How To Submit Your Article To Article Directories Video

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