How to Sell PLR Articles…10 Tips

Being a good writer is not enough to make money online. If you have an ability to write unique and informative content, you can sell it on the Internet and can make money from writing.

Sell PLR ArticlesBut before selling your content, you should be familiar with the various categories involving web content. One of the categories that will help to make money online is to sell PLR articles.

PLR means private label rights. When these PLR articles are bought, they can be published on multiple platforms. They can be published together in the form of an eBook or can be published in the form of one large article.

From the Internet marketer’s view, these articles are useful for building website content. These PLR articles are actually pre-written articles on various niche keywords. These articles are sold to numerous clients. Once these PLR articles are bought, the buyers can publish them with their own name on their websites or blogs…

The benefit of selling a PLR article is not about establishing a firm foothold in the online freelancing industry. As a writer, you can enhance your writing ability and you can become an expert writer who can write on any topic.

Since the purchase of PLR articles is so prominent, with small efforts, you can attach a bunch of PLR articles on a single topic. Unfortunately, there is no direct procedure to sell your PLR articles on the Internet; you have to optimize your PLR bunch in such a manner and market it that it finds repeated buyers.

How to Sell PLR Articles

The following tips will help you in optimizing your PLR articles and sell them in the online marketplace:

1. Set up a PLR site:

a. Appropriate site name: PLR site name should be uniquely identifiable according to PLR topics. For instance, you can develop PLR sites for every niche keyword you want to target.

b. Proper Research: Before putting any PLR package for sale, proper research on PLR stores is essential. Research includes how PLR articles are written, what are the general rates of PLR packages and what are the marketing strategies adopted by top PLR marketers.

c. Website Platform: Most of the PLR websites are set up on a WordPress platform. Using some online themes for PLR sites can be a good practice.

d. Setup a download manager: Setting up the download manager on a PLR site can be an expensive option but provides a worthwhile output. This download manager will help in downloading PLR packages easily after clients purchase them. Setting up a direct download option is important for PLR business.

2. Writing PLR articles:

Writing PLR articles is a time consuming process. However, the best part is that a bunch of, let’s say, 10 PLR articles can be purchased by an unlimited number of people. Thus, if you note the cost of writing a bunch of PLR articles, the money accumulated after their sale is much more than the original writing cost. PLR business is hugely profitable. Web based PLR articles should have all these points:

  • Good keyword research
  • Short paragraphs
  • Subheadings throughout the article
  • Bullet points &
  • Informative content      

3. Flexibility in topics:

Having numerous topics in PLR article bunches is good enough to sell them in the market. Buyers are always on the lookout of multiple articles on the same keyword niche. But as a writer, you cannot limit yourself with one particular niche. You have to keep on experimenting with various topics. Thus, flexibility with topics is beneficial while writing PLR articles that sell.

4. Entering into PLR business:

Entering into a PLR business needs so much expertise in writing. PLR articles are generally content for single websites and are needed to be written in bulk. Thus, before selling your first bunch of PLR articles, you should be an expert in handling bulk orders from clients. This will help you in making repeated sales of your PLR articles in your writing business.

5. Setup PLR article pack:

After you set up your PLR site and download manager, now it is time to set up selling your PLR article pack. You should always set up an article pack as a single unit.

This can be done via bundling all article files into a single folder or by creating one pdf file for all articles. Also, the PLR pack should have the correct index of keywords used in the articles.

6. Deciding the terms and conditions:

As a PLR seller, you should decide your terms and conditions before placing your PLR products for sale. For example, you can fix the upper limit of the article package to 150. This means you will provide 150 articles in one package. However, your terms and conditions should not be hard to follow for the clients. It should be professional and should exist under the limit of acceptance.

7. Adopt proper marketing strategies:

Selling PLR articles is only possible if the proper marketing strategies are adopted. Placing free ads on websites, writing classifieds for your PLR services and other digital marketing options can help in the marketing of your PLR packages.

More likely, you can also put your PLR pack on various online auction websites. If you are an expert PLR writer, you can advertise your services as a qualified PLR article writer. Offering your services directly to the Internet marketers on various business websites and forums can increase your profits.

8. Provide uniqueness in PLR articles:

While keeping your PLR articles on the market, you should be aware about duplicate content checker tools on the Internet. Finding duplicate content in your PLR articles will not only cancel your deal, but it will also add a negative impact on the clients. You should always check your articles via some online free duplicate content checker tools like Copyscape. Instead of duplicating content written by others, you should always write unique content in your articles.

9. Make eBooks:

Selling the PLR articles cannot be possible quickly. Instead of waiting a long time to find clients, you can create an eBook of your article package and upload it on various eBook sharing websites.

These websites provide compensation for the eBooks according to their popularity rating, that is, the number of downloads for each uploaded eBook. This is another way of selling your PLR articles on the Internet and making money with eBook.

10. Enhance rewriting ability:

PLR articles are flexible to rewrite, but finally it depends on the writer whether he wants to rewrite his articles or not. In case of a bulk PLR article order, if you do not have enough time to write unique articles, you can rewrite them, but the rewritten content should be unique and should pass duplicate content checking tools. This is the easiest way to generate and sell bulk PLR articles online.

Where to Sell PLR Articles?

Updating yourself about a PLR business is not complete until you update yourself about the places where you can sell your PLR articles. It is vital to place your PLR products on the most used platforms of PLR online deals. Following are some platforms that help in dealing with selling PLR articles online:

Google – Google provides a facility to create your PLR site/s and helps to arrange traffic for it with its affiliate and other marketing resources. For this, you can also hire any SEO agency or can choose to display pay per click ads attached to your PLR site. However, you must have high quality PLR products.

Digital Point Forum – This is another good platform for selling PLR articles online. The best feature of using this website is that it doesn’t charge any cost for posting your items. Digital Point is the best business platform for all PLR beginners.

Warrior Forum – For the writer who wants to sell only one PLR package can use this platform. Warrior forum is very active with PLR users and people can easily find your PLR products even when you do not adopt marketing approaches.

These are some of the best platforms to sell your PLR articles and other packages. I hope this information will help you in finding the best deals for your PLR products.

Generating a huge income from writing is always been the top goal for various writers. Also, when they can directly interact with the clients to offer their services, they don’t have to pay extra money for the consultancy service providers.

Selling the PLR articles online is profitable only when you deal directly with the clients. All above tips and places will help you in getting the kind of deals for your PLR packages. Good luck!

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