How To Research Your Target Audience For Sales Copy

Before you even think about writing a piece of sales copy, put an ample amount of time into researching your target audience. Research is definitely the key ingredient for crafting a winning sales letter, landing page or any form of direct response copy.

How to Research Your Target AudienceResearch can be overwhelming and somewhat tedious, but once you have all the ammunition needed, you’ll discover who your model prospect is and what your competition is doing.

You need to pull from many resources- plenty are found right here on the Internet. Take the time to do as much research as possible. It’s that vital. The more you’re able to resonate with your ideal prospect the better you’ll be able to write a sales piece directly to them.

Find out everything you can

Business owners are way too busy running the day-to-day operations and frankly tend to “be in love” with their product or service, focusing mostly on the features. Prospects don’t really care about that … they want to know how your product or service will solve their problem or fill their immediate need. Your focus needs to be on the prospect and what’s important to them.

This is where your value as a copywriter shoots through the roof. If you can find the hidden elements the business owner overlooks, that one piece of information very well could be what seals the deal.

1. Know the product:

What are the applications of this product? How reliable is the product? What are the features and benefits? Which benefit is the most important? How is the product different from the competition’s? Which features are exclusive? Is the product economical and efficient? How does this product solve the market’s problem? Is the product readily available? What sizes and models are available?

2. Know whom you are selling to:

Gender, age, location, income, desires, motivations and problems. What benefit is the most important? What is the biggest need right now? How is the problem affecting him/her today? What are the objections he/she has about your product or service?

3. Know your competition:

Always check out the web sites and landing pages of your competitors. How do they present the product or service? What words are used to grab your attention . . . or not? How is it formatted? What areas in the copy are strong or weak? Does the call to action motivate you to buy? What kind of guarantee is offered? Study and zone in on areas where your product or service is better.

5 resources to get your research started:

Online Discussions-Forums:

Forums are an excellent way to capture information about prospects in your market. You can sit back and read posts on different topics others are discussing, what questions, objections, what’s irritating to them and what their main concerns are.

Google/Yahoo Groups:

You can find just about any group in your market to swap ideas, ask and answer questions. Always pay close attention to how your market audience speaks. Applying their “lingo”while crafting your sales piece enables you to resonate with the audience building trust and credibility.

Read Articles in Magazines and Newspapers:

See what kind of information and value others are writing about and pay attention to anything news related to your market. Your creative juices will start to flow, allowing you to develop your own ideas.

Online Newsletters:

Signing up for free newsletters is a great way to observe what your competition is doing; what kind of information is provided as a subscriber, what bonuses are given away. Check out their
E-mail format, subject headlines, promotions, how many you’re receiving and study them.

Company Information:

Depending on the industry and product or service, copywriters request information directly from the business owner; sales letters, brochures, catalogs, market research, testimonials and featured articles about the company. The more information you receive… the better.

Go through your materials thoroughly and jot down any unique ideas or interesting facts.

With all the information you’ve acquired, now you’re ready to organize and craft your sales copy.

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