How To Register a Domain Name Video

This 1st video is the kick off to our completely free of charge – most popular Internet marketing training videos we will be sharing with our Income Insider’s readers…so let’s get to it…

How To Register a Domain Name Video

How To Register a Domain NameYour domain name is considered to be your address on the worldwide Web.

Potential customers need to know where to go to find the information that you have to offer in a specific niche; whether it’s info on dog training – lawn care – pottery designs or making money online…and you need an address to send them to.

In this video, How To Register a Domain Name, you’ll basically be taken on a tour of

You’ll be able to watch step-by-step…

  • How to make sure the domain name of your choice is available
  • How to put in the required information to purchase your domain name
  • How to skip over the additional offers that Go-Daddy shows you if you don’t want them
  • The privacy certificates that are available for you to choose from
  • How to add it to your cart for check-out
  • What to expect after the purchase has been made

Looking back on registering a domain name, it does seem quite easy.

However, for someone that has never done it before…it can be a little difficult because of all the extra options provided to you by GoDaddy.

If you have to watch it again, do so. This way you’ll get the hang of it for the next time you want to register additional domain names.

Watch How To Register a Domain Name Video

Note: If you need assistance on how to choose a domain name, please refer to our post…
4 Hot Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Be on the look out for our next video, How To Choose and Register a Web Hosting Provider…

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