How to Make Money as a Graphics Designer

In today’s newspaper, there was an article which read, “I am a person who is good at suggesting logos to people for their organization and what shall reflect in their logo, will represent their organization’s functionality. However, I am not a good chap at drawing which haunts me a lot to think that I cannot make money by designing a logo.”

Graphics DesignerWhat can be made out from such articles is – there are guys who are creative but lack direction and knowledge about the world of computer graphics.

Our today’s subject of discussion is for such people who want to pursue their career in graphics and want to earn money with it.

Let us discuss in detail about what graphics is and how to pursue a career in it to make money as a graphic designer.

What is Graphics?

A basic definition of graphic says, “It is an art of creating and manipulating pictures on a computer to create a design that represents a symbol.”

According to the experts’ view, many people do not understand the difference between graphics and a drawing on a sheet of paper. People who have understood this difference and are innovative at designs, have already tasted success as a graphic designer.

With graphics, you can explain anything as an image – a company’s logo, a portrait, a symbol of sex, or a cartoon of your beloved one.

Graphics have a real power to express feelings and can earn you better than your regular nine-to-five job. As we move ahead, evolution of how to make money as a graphic designer will be discussed.

What is Graphics Designer

Keeping in mind what graphics is and what it can do, let us find out what is graphic designing and how one can become a graphic designer.

A graphic designer is a person who is good at his drawing and computer graphics, and one who can create logos, brands, company brochures, website designs or even cartoons with the help of computer software.

Then, what should be in a portfolio of a good graphic designer?

1. ‘N’ number of designed logos for different organizations.

2. Several website designs for different categories of websites.

3. Several company brochures designed for different companies.

4. A few brand posters for different brands.

5. If interested in cartoons, designs of several innovative cartoon characters.

Hopefully, the portfolio given above will help those interested to know what it takes to become a good professional graphic designer.

How to Learn Graphics Design?

If you are a newbie wanting to become a good professional graphic designer, it is necessary for you to innovate several categories of designs and for this, you also have to learn graphics design first.

Let me tell you, graphics design is not rocket science and learning the basics of graphics design does not take even a month’s time.

It just requires your interest – focus and your hard work, after which you can be a good newbie graphic designer who can get a few projects.

We will talk about ‘how to win graphics projects’ a little later in this discussion; now let us look at how to start learning graphics design.

In today’s world, the Internet plays an important role in almost all the inventions and as such, it is no different in the case of graphics design.

On the Internet, you will find many different software packages with which you can easily create any of the items mentioned above, and that too, free of cost.

The fees for learning graphics design is just your hard work and a few bucks for your Internet fees and that’s definitely worth it…

Once you download software on your computer, try out different features given and try to understand what they are doing by applying the features provided.

Once you have your fill, you have played enough, start your search about lessons to learn graphic design. While searching for lessons, you can search for a lesson to learn a particular design on particular software.

For example, if you want to learn logo designing on ABC software, search for ‘how to design a logo on ABC software.’

As the Internet is believed to be the mother of all knowledge in the present day world, you will find plenty of information about what you need.

Have you already downloaded those lessons? If yes, don’t just read it; use your computer and try to implement those lessons. This will help you in growing as a graphic designer.

On the Internet, you can also find software that has ready-made designs. All you need to do is add some thought to clutch those small designs to make a particular graphics design.

Creating graphic designs with such software is as easy as playing cards. You just have to know how to combine them correctly and you will be surprised at your results.

Earning Graphics Designing Projects

Now as you are thinking to go commercial, it is presumed that you must have already evolved as a graphics designer and have created a few designs…

These graphics designs are going to help you to earn commercial projects.

To earn graphics designing projects, you again have to hit the Internet and search for graphics designing projects.

For this, you need to register yourself with a few of the best freelancing websites where many clients come hunting everyday to find a graphics designer for designing their pages.

Clients put up a project on such websites for a user like yourself to grab and be creative.. So, register yourself with such websites and bid on some of the projects with the price you think would reflect your talents according to the details given.

At the same time, you can also build up your graphics designer portfolio with the help of few websites that would allow you to do so.

Now, even a kid can tell that you need to be member of a social networking website. And this social networking website will help you to bind the network of clients for you. How can you do it?

It’s as simple as putting up your portfolio or link of your portfolio on such websites or a community of such a website where a maximum number of people can view your work and profile and can award you projects if you fit their requirements.

I hope this discussion will help you in understanding how you can evolve from a “wannabe” to a professional graphics designer and pursue you career in graphics design.

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    i am computer graphics designer, So also working part time job. other time i very free. i think that time some things do can get extra income… i very satisfy for my occupations.

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    Graphic Designers have a lot of work opportunities. They can also work at the comfort of their own home and dictate their own pace and time when working.

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