How To Make a Zip File Using Secure Zip Video

What are Zip Files and why do people use them?

Zip files (.zip ) are single files, sometimes called “archives,” that contain one or more compressed files.

How To Make a Zip FileIf you wish to send several computer files to someone, it is best to compress or zip it into one single .zip file. Doing so also allows you to compress the file size and make it easier to transfer.

Zip files save time, space and makes downloading software and transferring e-mail attachments faster.

Typical uses for Zip files include;

  • Distributing files on the Internet
  • Sending a group of related files to an associate
  • Saving disk space

There are many different kinds of Zip File programs to choose from, some free and some paid.

For this how to make a zip file video, we’re using Secure Zip, a paid service but it does come with a 30-day free trial.

Watch How To Make a Zip File Using Secure Zip Video

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