How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music for Free?

Animoto is a new software that can automatically produce beautiful, well orchestrated and totally unique video from photos, video clips, and music. It is really easy. It takes just three basic steps to get the job done with Animoto.

How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music at Animoto

How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music for FreeChoosing an image: You can synchronize it with your other accounts on the web such as Facebook, Flikr, Picassa, Photobucket and SmugMug so that you can easily get your desired images whenever you want in the blink of an eye. You may add text and also emphasize on some images that you prefer to change and choose.

Adding life via music: The second step in the process of making videos is choosing the music piece that you would want to incorporate in the image.

You can either choose from your own mp3 collection or upload from Animoto’s vast collection that gives you access to hundreds of thousands of songs spanning across genres, singers, albums and discographies.

Adjusting the video to your palate: The third and the final step is the customization of your video with the help of a few simple settings.

Having accomplished that, you are done with the process. It is that easy. You can even share your customized video on Facebook or YouTube. You can share it on your personal blog which will enhance its follower base and may even earn it a substantial amount of revenue in the long run.

Other features to create beautiful Animoto slideshows with music

Unique and Unparalleled: The Animoto software comes with a host of different features that makes this a one-of-a-kind and also a state of the art software that can greatly enhance the value of one’s profile on any of the websites described earlier. This value addition can help the owner of the page earn a lot of brownie points on a host of counts.

Easy Sharing: Sharing of videos is easier with Animoto. The videos can be shared not just on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr and email as well but also with the Animoto enabled free iPhone App.

One can also embed Animoto videos on their website or blog with a single line of code, unlike videos from other sources which need some pretty long codes to be written for the video to embed.

Unique Styles: The style of the video will determine its look and feel. Each Animoto video is unique and never replicated thanks to the Cinematic Artificial Intelligence that analyzes the intricacies of particular images, video as well as music.

The ideator controls the type of effects or the background as also the transitions whilst selecting a video style. Some styles are abstract, while others could be themed for a special festive occasion like birthdays, weddings or festivals or even a particular time of the year.

Music can be the defining component of any video. To make a video subdued, one can choose to insert slow or soft music whereas a louder or a faster music clip could change the tempo and pace of the video. Animoto can presently give you access to thirteen different genres.

How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music for FreeThe Animoto videos can come in any size. From the 360p videos that can load quicker and are just perfect to 720p videos which will look stunning on any screen since they are high definition videos.

At the core of the Animoto magic is the Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology. This technology thinks like a human director and editor. And possibly without too many retakes.

Depending on the images chosen by the owner, it can adjust the music accordingly. Hence, it is guaranteed that no two videos are the same.

Animoto Pro will make it very easy to use. This will never let the clients and customers even get inkling that the process of making the video was so easy.

This will be possible only because the vital information will have been white labeled. White labeling simply is hiding the entries and credits that go on the screen at the end of the video clip or short movie.

After all is said and done, Animoto enabled video will surely be the most talked of software by all the people present. It will truly be a heart warming experience.

Animoto slideshow maker is good when one wants to import photos from Flickr or SmugMug to create animoto slideshows with music.

However, this can be problematic since it does not work if you have a collection of more than 300 photos in the library.

A good alternative is to export all of them from your local iPhoto library and subsequently download it into your system or upload it into the Animoto software. It has an easy, professional look.

You can use video clips and not just photos. However, there are many who wish to make it longer than 10mins.

Animoto isn’t an impressive mixing tool for creating visual presentations. Also, you have negligible control over how the finished product will come out to be.

However, it is surely a fun way to make a video with pictures and music and sharing it among friends.

The default version is low resolution. Although, 1024 pixels wide/ tall should be good but it seems low for a high-quality video.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to every website tool. Some of the advantages of Animoto are the ability to create any video you would like and utilize music from your library or from the library they have provided for you. It gives you different designs to choose from and some of it is free as well.

The disadvantage of Animoto is the fact that when you sign up in order to use the site, the procedure takes 7 days and responds if you can use it or not. But it is still evolving and getting better day by day. So, we give Animoto a thumbs up.

You can make stunning marketing videos like this one to promote your product or website

Or… you can make a personal video with pictures and music like this one with my dog Teddy to share with loved ones.

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