How To Increase Web Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

Blogging is said to be the first step towards the world of writing. Almost all bloggers have the yearning to become published writers.

How To Increase Web TrafficHowever, getting inside the world of blogging seems intimidating. Once you have crossed the first hurdle, it could still seem challenging to get to the avenues that can bring in the rush of visitors.

The one frustrating thing is not being able to see the rush that was anticipated of getting the first hundred visitors to visit or post on your blog. One can put forth all the effort and still not get the hundred people to visit…

On the other hand, there are others who have a blog and within a few days have more than a hundred visitors and start earning a decent amount of money from it, if not a huge pot of gold.

So what are the reasons which decide your blog’s destiny?

The main factor is to separate the haves from the have-nots… in this aspect is the adherence to a certain number of guidelines or ideas by the people who have that desire for hundreds of visitors to their blogs. The how to get traffic to your blog tips can be identified below…

Celebrity blog: It is easy for a celebrity to have a blog and get the first hundred visitors to his/her blog within the first few days of creating it. However, there are other tips and guidelines to follow if one is not a celebrity and still would like to get a whole lot of visitors.

Commenting on Blogs: Blog commenting is also a good way of attracting visitors to your own blog or website. This strategy works in a simple logical way. When you comment on a blog, you touch upon the spot of the brain (of the site owner) that compels him/her to check you out as well since you seem to be a bird of the same feather. And that way, you can have a guaranteed hit on your website from him/her.

Social Bookmarking: If you are one of those writers who have the knack of touching the right spots and getting the topics written on where people thrive, you have a surefire recipe to not just have a hundred visitors, but also maybe to make the first million bucks from your blog.

Twitter: Twitter is one of the newest phenomenas to hit the Internet. It is a social networking site that can expose your blog or website to a phenomenal boost of content and blog visits. You just have to use the right keywords and make the tweet that you post as interesting as possible for it to get a higher rate of click-through and that too just from the people who maybe searching. Learn how to set up a twitter account here.

Facebook: Older than Twitter is the Facebook phenomena. This site started as an intra net facility for the students at the Harvard University and has grown a million times over.

Nowadays, it is said that if you do not have a Facebook account/profile, you are nonexistent. Tapping the potential from Facebook users is easy. Just create a profile and use facebook marketing to spread the word to your friends about your website or blog. In no time, your website will have the first hundred visitors that you may have been planning for quite some time before ‘coming into existence.’

Posting on Forums: You can find community forums created on the World Wide Web related to absolutely anything that you can imagine. The Internet is a great place for like minded people to meet and discuss anything and everything.

The best part is that they are not limited geographically. Basically, one could have the hundred visitors from literally any part of the world as long as you have touched the right spot in their imagination.

Yahoo! Answers: Although Yahoo may have lost the search engine race to players like Google, it still has a substantial presence in the field of questions and answers. There could be a vast potential if you could either post a question or more certainly, if you have an answer to a question that not many have.

Squidoo: This website contains things which are genuinely generated by the users. It allows the user to create a page, which is known as ‘lenses.’ It is a page about what you can write confidently about. Once created, you can get hits when people type in keywords associated with the lens that is created. Creation of lenses here can open up a two pronged avenue for the blog owner.

Firstly, people, by using search engines, search for the keywords which are related to your lens. If these keywords are relevant enough in the search phrase, it can show up in the top search results. This can get you hordes of targeted traffic to your lens from the search engines which you can funnel into your website.

Secondly, Squidoo has a vast online community, which has over nine million visitors per day. This community keeps referring the website to find things that they want to have more knowledge about. So, obviously having a lens is a surefire way to get that boost in visitor hits to your website. Plus you can make money with squidoo from your lens.

Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is another surefire way to generate the number of unique visitors to your website. All one would have to do is invest the time that they would like to write an article. Then they need to get in touch with the best blog in the industry that your blog is more closely associated with and seek permission to write as a guest blogger.

It is rare to find website owners who will refuse the offer of receiving content that is absolutely free of cost to them. You could visit sites like and access their community to invite a blogger to post as a guest blogger. They will be more than happy to post content to your site.

Article Writing/Marketing: Promoting your websites by writing articles and getting them published to numerous article directories is not new.

However, it is a proven way to get people to sit up and take notice of your blog/website. This concept is similar to guest blogging. However, there is a difference wherein here you have to just write one article and you can increase website traffic for a long period of time.

Thus, it can be said that the creation of a blog is not the destination but the point of origin of this journey to the world of recognition and virtual fan following.

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