How To Figure Alexa Rankings Video

What is Alexa Ranking is a resource for people to gather different statistics and information about websites. For example; use Alexa to learn how popular a site is, find new sites, who owns a specific site, etc.

Alexa RankingsAlexa is a company that measures web traffic on almost every website on the Internet through their increasingly popular toolbar plugin. So your Alexa ranking basically shows how much traffic your website gets as compared to other websites with a lower rank representing a higher visitor count.

Also, Alexa is a great resource if you’re looking to size up your competition… gives you access to information such as;

  • Traffic Stats
  • Search analytics
  • Audience (age, education, etc.)
  • Reviews
  • Linking sites

Now if you’re using it to look up your competition, you’ll learn…

  • Traffic Rank will show how popular the site is compared to yours
  • Search Analytics will show you which terms your competition is using to get traffic.
  • Audience will show you what kind of visitors your competition is attracting.
  • Clickstream will show you where your competition is getting traffic from affiliate programs and partners.

In this Income Insiders video, How To Figure Alexa Rankings you will be taken through a short demonstration on the features Alexa offers.

You’ll also learn how to install a Search Stats SEO toolbar for easy access.

Watch Now How To Figure Alexa Rankings Video

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