How to Create Your “Vision Statement”

Hi Guys, our topic today is creating a “Vision Statement”…your vision of how you want your life to be; financially, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What is a “Vision Statement?”

Defines the way an organization or business will look in the future. Vision is a long-term view, sometimes describing how the business would like the world to be in which it operates. For example, a charity working with the poor might have a vision statement which reads “A World without Poverty.”

What Do You Think Your “Vision Statement” Will Look Like?

Ask yourself this question: If nothing would change for you in the next 5 years, would you be okay with that? Where you are now would be where you are 5 years from now…

How to Create Your VisionFor me, I wouldn’t want my circumstances to be the same. I have a lot of improving to do.

But for all of us the word “change” is very difficult… it’s the unknown and simply uncomfortable. That’s a major “hang-up” for many. But to have your circumstances be different in 5 years, changing is exactly what has to be done.

Since being involved with the Internet business world, one question I’ve heard asked so many times is, What Is Your Vision Statement?

I’ve seen this in e-mails, heard this in mastermind groups, in coaching sessions and from those Marketers and Authors who have made it in the “big leagues.”

Mapping out and creating their “Vision Statement” is one thing I’ve discovered very successful people all do.

I personally never really given that question much thought. This is such a simple concept but contains so much power. You want success? Well then, map it out and make it happen.

I was asked to write my “vision statement” for a contest that I had entered with the mentoring program I was enrolled in.

Simply writing on paper how you want your life to be is really an awesome exercise to do for yourself. While I was writing down all my thoughts, I couldn’t believe all that was coming to the surface…things I didn’t even know I wanted to accomplish. It makes you think about what is important to you and you’ll be amazed at what you learn about yourself. Plus, it was actually fun letting your imagination run free for a moment.

Below is a copy of my first “vision statement” for you to view. I have since changed some things – deleted – added and made it more detailed and stronger. Things will change whether you like it or not. So you may as well make positive changes, right?

Don’t let the fear of change hold you back from the important things in your life that need improving or goals you have you think you cannot achieve. You can.

Focus on what’s important and just start writing. Post it somewhere so you can easily read and read it again and again. You don’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to.

But by focusing on the things you want to change and the goals you want to accomplish, reviewing this every day, will give you inspiration – determination and build your momentum going forward.

And remember, this is for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

“Joni’s First Vision Statement, 2009”

“My vision is to express my open mindedness, determination, strong work ethics and positive attitude by continuing to learn new things that aren’t comfortable. Always being committed to myself to never ever give up my dream and keeping upbeat when things don’t always go my way or as planned.

To be able to have the free time to care for my parents in their last years, contribute financially to my entire family who’s been through hell and back, spread my financial independence to my favorite charities “Eyes for the Blind” and also “Dream Farms, Inc., a local therapeutic and recreational horseback riding program for terminal and chronically ill children.

Within five years I will play a major role in both these programs, both financially and volunteering my services. I envision myself to be a key player.

My newsletter will be very successful, reaching thousands of sick and disabled people, informing them, making them smile and laugh, but most of all, contributing to their overall better quality of life by inspiring them to find their passion and make that passion a reality financially, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically.

My character “Joe Jobber,” who I’ve placed as the co-founder of my newsletter (and partner in crime) will come out with his own line of products and/or write a set of children or teen books.

I will have a whole series of audio and video products targeted to my niche to help with transforming the sick and disabled to strive for a better quality of life. I will use every ounce of inspiration I have to change the way people think and feel about themselves and find ways to speak to whoever is willing to listen to me.

I will continue my education in copy writing while growing my copy writing business in educating the Internet beginner on how to write their own effective and compelling copy.

I will strive to work on my personal growth. I will stay as healthy as possible, God willing, so my vision can be fulfilled to the best of my ability.

Within five years I will be bringing in a six-figure income to fund my dreams, goals and charities.

I will always remember where my roots are, continually thank those who make an impact in my life and walk with me along my path. I will always stay grateful for everything that has been given to me and count each and every one of my blessings every day.”

Since I wrote this back in 2009, many circumstances have changed. Some better; working with Casper on Income Insiders – writing sales copy for professional’s all over the globe etc. Some not so good; My Dad has passed away – not enough time spent on my newsletter etc.

But all in all, my updated “vision statement” is brighter and stronger than ever…but I’ll keep that one secret for now 🙂

Go ahead, try mapping out your vision statement and see what happens…leave a comment below.

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  1. Andrea Woolf says

    Hi Joni,

    I love this post, particularly how you shared your personal journey through the process of creating a vision statement!

    I appreciate the depth and heart of what you’ve written here. You obviously have given this subject a lot of thought and it’s great that you’re sharing your knowledge with others. You’re truly making a difference in the world. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    To your magnificence!

    • says

      Hi Andrea,

      Thank you so much for your uplifting words. You know, I think entrepreneurs have a special
      way of thinking. We all love to help each other…and you just helped me! If only one person
      gets something out of our posts, then I think we made a difference. That’s our goal here!

      You have a great day, and I hope you return many times to Income Insiders!

  2. Tabatha Hehn says

    This post is highly informative.Recently i discovered your website and possess been reading along. I was thinking I’d leave my first comment. I don?t know what to express with the exception that I have enjoyed reading.Many thanks for nice info. It’s ideal for me. Are you able to give me some more information with details.

    • says

      Hi Tabatha!

      What kind of details are you looking for? The reason I’m asking in this reply post is that maybe other
      Income Insiders readers would like to know also.

      I could add a post answering all your questions…if that would be alright with you.

      But yes, absolutely I’ll give you more details as best I can.

      Have a great day!

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  4. Jesusa Proehl says

    I’m still gaining knowledge from you, I like your website though nonetheless it could possibly be better.

    • says

      Well I’m glad you’re gaining knowledge Jesusa. That’s what we’re here for.

      So…do tell how we can make this better. We love suggestions!


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