How To Create eCovers With Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, an industry standard image editing program created by Adobe, allows users to edit existing photographs, create new graphical images and work with almost any existing image files.

How To Create eCoversAdobe Photoshop is not free, but does come with a free trial for all potential customers.

In this video, How To Create eCovers, you can easily design professional E-Covers for your digital products to sell online.

You can add all sorts of cool graphics and text…your imagination is able to run wild!

How To Create eCovers With Adobe Photoshop shows you things like;

  • The plugin you need to install first
  • Adding graphics and text
  • Saving the initial file in PSD format and the reasons why
  • Making changes or additions
  • Saving it to the web
  • Viewing in your browser

Adobe Photoshop is used in photography – design – videos – objects – eCovers and creating effects…

This is a pretty cool tool for those of you who fit the creative type!

How To Create eCovers With Adobe Photoshop

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