How to Create a Squeeze Page?

Squeeze page, also known as a landing page, is a highly targeted direct marketing strategy where you, the marketer, get to create a list of highly potential subscribers. The squeeze page came into prominence after consumers started getting wary of disclosing their email ids to unknown subscribing lists.

How to Create a Squeeze PageA typical squeeze page will consist of a form asking for the name and email id of the user, a privacy policy statement and the benefits of becoming a subscriber.

You need to create squeeze page because:

  • You want to create additional leads for online business
  • You want to create a list of subscribers for future follow-ups
  • You want to generate more sales
  • You want to give value to your customers

Most online businesses need to create a squeeze page, but how do you go about that?

How to Create a Squeeze Page?

See our list of 3 free squeeze page tools to help you create the best squeeze pages:

1. Squeeze Page Builder (

This is a free squeeze page builder site which uses flash technology to create stunning squeeze pages. You can get access to 100s of flash web design templates, they are search engine friendly, you can upload any kind of media, you can drag and edit easily and finally, there is no downloading or necessary programming.

You just need to sign up for free, customize, publish and manage.

2. Instant Squeeze Page Generator (

This tool from Robert is 100% free. There is no catch! Once you sign up, you get to access the whole system instantly. You have a point and click wizard that will optimize the squeeze page in a fraction of a second. There are high converting templates professionally tested by online marketers. You have access to original graphics; moreover, you are given access to a list of high end products that you can become an affiliate of and promote.

Finally, you don’t have to spend a dime on free digital product hosting and delivery.

3. The Best of WWW (

They have this special Instant Squeeze Page Maker where you just have to fill out the relevant details – headline, image file, text, and sign up form, privacy note, select the text color, and sales page URL and out Pops your squeeze page in minutes.

Moreover, you get the Master Resale Rights with this tool absolutely free of cost. This means you have the permission to sell the software on your own and keep 100% of the profits.

Finally, if you want, you can embed a special code too with the squeeze page so that the page won’t be visible to people who have already subscribed previously.

Another Squeeze Page Option:

If you don’t want to use the tools given above or any other tool that you find online, you can then use three popular and free resources – WordPress, Weebly and Yola!

Of course, you need to be an HTML expert, that is, you have to be a techie expert to use these free blogging platforms and turn them into a squeeze page or a landing page.

I think that using free tools are more advantageous because you don’t have to struggle too much with the techie aspects. You just fill in the relevant details and you are done!

Top 5 things to include in a squeeze page

  • A killer headline
  • Eye catching graphics
  • List of benefits
  • Call to Action
  • Auto-responder Code
  • Privacy Disclaimer

Does a squeeze page help in SEO?

Before the Google’s Panda update (February, 2011) and Farmer update (June, 2011), the squeeze pages usually ranked higher in search engine results but with Google intensifying the search engine, the squeeze pages begin to be ranked lower as they were mostly considered as “spam” because of their lack of content.

Hence, online marketers like you should concentrate more on developing a squeeze page with relevant content so that your search engine rankings are higher and stable.

One way of creating a content-rich squeeze page is to add a “blog” at the bottom or you can create a mixture of squeeze page and a linear sales page, which means that you get to place the opt-in form, videos and bullet points on the front and give your product / service related information at the end.

Don’t forget the privacy statement…

As I have been enforcing in my previous blog posts, don’t forget to mention the privacy statement and legal disclaimer. The earlier one is necessary as you need to assure the subscriber of complete privacy. The later one displays to the subscriber that the results of the “product/service” will vary depending on the user.

To conclude, the squeeze pages are a killer online marketing tactic. Take any Internet marketing expert and you will see how many subscribers lists they have been building over the last couple of years.

An easy way to start – select your niche market, create a squeeze page and capture leads.

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