How To Create a Domain Redirect Using GoDaddy Video

What does redirecting your domain mean?

Domain name redirecting or forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain name’s visitors to a different website.

Domain RedirectThis is another alternative way of masking your affiliate links by using domain redirects.

Masking prevents visitors from seeing your domain name redirect by keeping your domain name in the address bar of your Web Browser.

There are many reasons why this tool is a “must-know” about if you are into Internet marketing. Below are a few of them;

– Many affiliate marketers promoting other people’s products, use this service so that no one can tell that the link is actually an affiliate product.

– A user might misspell a domain name for example, “ could be misspelled or mistyped as

Often times people will also register the misspelled version of the domain name and re-direct it to their correct location. The reason being, you’d be missing out on the traffic of the people that have misspelled your domain name.

– You may want to change the domain name of your website or you may move your pages to a new domain. By re-directing a domain name, incoming links to an outdated domain can be sent to the right location.

This works well if other sites haven’t realized that there is a change or from bookmarks/favorites that the users have saved.

As you’ll see in this video, How To Create a Domain Redirect Using GoDaddy masking a hop link from Clickbank is a great way to shorten the link but more important, there’s no way to tell that it’s ultimately an affiliate link to a product you’re promoting.

In this video, we are using GoDaddy to show you how redirecting a domain name can be done fast and easy.

Watch, How To Create a Domain Redirect Using GoDaddy Video

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