How To Become a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are people who provide their writing services sitting behind the scenes in the publication world. These writers complete writing assignments for someone else and in return, they get paid. They also write books for others and if required, they also perform rewriting tasks on existing assignments or they can do translations as well.

How To Become a GhostwriterPopularity of the ghostwriting world and its success statistics cannot be obtained easily because publishers do not reveal whether the books are ghostwritten or REALLY written by the person whose name the publishing house prints on the book.

However, it is a fact that more than 60% of the total books published across the globe are actually written by ghostwriters.

Ghostwriters are hired to write documents, autobiographies for celebrities and also to write a variety of e-books. Some ghostwriters are also hired to write a series of books under one single name.

Authors and other people hire ghostwriters to explore their ideas and thoughts in a professional manner with relevant content. These ghostwriters are hired under the following observations:

  • What can ghostwriters write?
  • Is their ghostwriting ethical?
  • What other skills do ghostwriters need?

These are some general aspects which any ghostwriter needs to consider for being hired under any popular publication. Besides these, there are various other criteria which ghostwrites need to fulfill to be hired by any author or organization.

How To Become a Ghostwriter

To become a good and successful ghostwriter, you should know the following factors:

  1. Professional Writing & Portfolio

    To become a ghostwriter, the person should have adequate knowledge about professional writing. Moreover, having the writing ability is not enough; the person should also be able to complete writing assignments within a pre-defined deadline.

    To get a real experience of completing an assigned writing task within a deadline, the writer should find some short-term writing assignments and jobs available on job posting sites.

    Having a strong portfolio is very vital to becoming a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter can build a website to sell ghostwriting skills. For this, the writer should make sure that the professional website would include the writing price details and rates/assignment. Providing personal contact details of a ghostwriter is also beneficial for both the clients and ghostwriter.

  2. Attitude

    To become a ghostwriter, having a professional attitude is very important. From presentation to interaction with the clients, writers should be professional in every manner. Also, the ghostwriters should always be ready to give a demo of their writing abilities. It increases the ghostwriter’s confidence when the person gets various referrals and positive feedback from the clients.

    For better results, the writer should prepare the portfolio before any client asks the writer about his professional skills. A portfolio creates a strong impression on the clients and thus, it should be unique and impressive to the clients.

  3. Credibility

    Most of the time, ghostwriters do not receive credit for the work they have done. Either the publishing house or an individual’s name is published. To compensate, sometimes the ghostwriter’s name is included in the “edited by” section.

    However, most ghostwriters do not get any credit for their writing. Clients, when hiring ghostwriters for their book publication or for any other writing assignment, bound them that they will not get any credit as the writer or author of the book.

    The author doesn’t reveal that the particular book has been ghosted by any writer as it directly affects the book’s popularity.

    Although the ghostwriter gets paid for the work, the writer cannot expect any fame or popularity from their ghostwriting work.

  4. Niche

    Many ghostwriters write on a variety of niche topics; new ghostwriters should select some niche topics to target their writing work.

    They can choose topics of interest and on which they can focus until they get a few good reviews and positive feedback from readers. Once they get expertise on these niches, they can start adding more niche content in their ghostwriting portfolio.

    Selecting one niche in the beginning does not mean you are limiting yourself. You should always select areas of your expertise.

    For example, if you are a creative person, you should try to write fiction stories. Some writers love to write fiction blogs and articles and can try to write a series of comic books or fiction books. In short, you should be good enough to enjoy your writing; no matter whether you are writing blogs or books.

  5. Marketing

    Practicing word-of-mouth marketing of your writing skills can also be beneficial to getting a ghostwriting job. But, if you are looking to grow your writing business, you can also hire SEO agencies to market your service website in the freelancing environment.

    SEO experts optimize your website or blog and help in collecting traffic on your website. Once people will get to know about your ghostwriting services, they will surely consider your ghostwriting skills for their projects.

    It is not always possible that you will get a good ghostwriting project quickly. In between, you can submit some of your best articles and blogs on various online article and blog submission directories like

    Moreover, you can use marketplace websites like,, and others to market ghostwriting services. Most of the people seek ghostwriters to assign their books or documents projects for themselves.

    For this, they select a qualified bidder on their project by considering ghostwriting abilities. However, it takes some time for the ghostwriters to be hired for any project, but it is the most effective way to get a paid job in the ghostwriting industry.

    Instead of waiting for the big writing project, a good writer should always explore writing abilities on the Internet via articles and blogs.

  6. Getting Projects

    Finding the first ghostwriting project is not really difficult. There are various gig websites offering short projects according to your skills. In return, these websites take some commission. Most of the people, who have short ghostwriting projects, hire temporary ghostwriters from these gig websites.

    On the other hand, writers build their profile to get some smaller projects from these websites. Sometimes, clients demand demo work of your writing skills according to their guidelines to decide whether you can handle their projects or not. Some of these demo works are not paid while some clients provide demo work compensation.
    You can also get in touch with local and global publishing houses for ghostwriting work.

Are you ready to begin?

No doubt, ghostwriting is a highly accepted practice in both the online and offline writing industry, but some people believe that ghostwriting is deceptive.

However, it is not always true since ghostwriting is not about writing content solely by the appointed ghostwriter; the client or the author also provides their ideas, stories, thoughts and experiences to help ghostwriters.

The hired ghostwriters are only the professional consultants who provide their writing expertise to bring together and to organize all the information to produce a readable text.

I hope these ghostwriter tips will help you in turning your writing skills into professional ghostwriting. Always remember that as long as the stories are told, professional ghostwriters will in demand.

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