How Should You Announce Your Blog?

After completing the first steps of blogging, that is, putting up a blog, writing good content on it, making sure that you told your friends to check it out… what is important to someone who wants to be seen in blogging circles and not be just seen around as another young Blogger?

Announce Your BlogRead on for the answers.

Participate: By participating, it means that the new blogger go and post suggestions on other veteran blogger’s sites. And keep posting comments on other bloggers’ sites which may have similar tastes, likes or even opinions, etc.

This is captured immediately by the veteran bloggers on their RSS feeds. And then they would decide to at least take a look at you…

However, if your blog doesn’t have enough and meaningful content for their sake, then there is not even an outside chance to attract any visitors.

Using an email with a press release announcing a blog tells them nothing more than your starvation for attention and how you aren’t sure how to get it. In addition, press releases don’t demonstrate anything more than a new blog in cyberspace.

Set Up a Feedburner Account: Feedburner, a web feed management provider which was purchased by Google, allows you to manage your blog’s RSS feeds. It also provides tracking data and makes it easy for you to allow email subscriptions to your RSS feeds that will increase the number of subscribers to your blog significantly.

Make Sure It’s Easy to Subscribe to Your Blog via RSS: RSS simply means Really Simple Syndication. This is literally like subscribing to your favorite magazine. Only the feeds are synchronized automatically to your blog and not delivered to your mailbox. And the best part is that one doesn’t need to be technically proficient to achieve this.

Register Your Blog with Blog Search Engines: There are search engines that are dedicated to searching for blogs. Therefore, it would be a great idea to register your blog on a couple of these search engines to start with.

Submit your Blog to Blog Directories: Similarly, it can also be helpful if you can research the net for directories that list blogs and submit your blog to these directories.

Twitter: With the world tweeting about their likes, dislikes and general opinions, it would be a good idea if you can start tweeting about your blog on this social networking site.

The power of tweeting and re-tweeting seems to be phenomenal which can lead to your blog being subscribed too like crazy.

However, it is advisable to not overdo it since your followers can be bored of the same re-tweets and may even result in you losing them.

Instead, it will be a big help if you tweet about new things or new perspectives that will keep your subscribers and followers interested and happy.

Facebook: The rise in popularity of this social networking phenomenon is evident and out there for all to see and be inspired by.

Even an individual account and regular Facebook updates can spiral an account from oblivion to a success story. It can do the same to your blog when you have enabled RSS synchronization with the blog that you want to market.

Friendfeed: Friend feed is another tool that can make your blog go viral. The simple fundamental of this site is that when you have something to share, you post it on the site and invite your circle of friends to take a look at it and if they like it, spread the word around.

It would be quite evident to the well informed that there was no mention of email notifications in this article. The reason for this is that email notifications for a newbie blogger are unnecessary in the first few days. The email notifications can begin when there is an increasing list of email subscribers.

Moreover, some bloggers feel that email notifications are no more useful and they more often land in the receiver’s spam box.

Nevertheless, email notifications are not absolutely obsolete or totally passé. They are as important as RSS Feeds. Just that instead of flying your airplane of success on autopilot, you will have to fly it manually.

As social media marketing keeps gaining more ground by the hour in today’s world, it is important for you to make the best use of it. Tools like Twitter and Facebook have proven to be the ‘nextgen’ platform for marketing and it becomes important that you keep this is mind.

With the above steps in place, it may take lesser time for your blog to really make an appearance on people’s searches and result in more hits to your blog.

This automatically means that companies and search engines will swarm to you for advertisements to appear on your blog. This in turn could mean better money flowing into your account on a regular basis.

What do you think? Leave a comment and tell us…

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